We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, October 15, 2010

Casey Anthony Phone Logs / Communications (Texts, FB, MySpace) Phone Records

Phone Internet Communications -Facebook

There are a great deal of entries in the phone logs. The messages are either incoming or outgoing between Facebook, Myspace and Yahoo Messenger.
This will be starting with Facebook as that is where Tony first met Casey.

The number shown in the phone records shows the person’s id through the last 3 digits.

113 Troy B.
116 Kristine
123 Amy H
129 Drew Heyman
132 Derek Key
159 David Barrows

132665187 6/6 20:58:29 incoming

Amy Huizenga (Orlando, FL) wrote at 10:10am on June 7th, 2008
I love you too… I didn’t mean to scare you! I was scared… and it may be new car time

132665123 6/7
10:10:29 incoming
10:11:28 outgoing
Kristine wrote at 10:13am on June 7th, 2008
Cute profile pic, Casey. =) Just dropping by to say hello =D

132665116 6/7
10:13:07 incoming
132665123 6/7
10:18:04 incoming from Amy
10:18:29 incoming
10:26:15 outgoing
10:32:00 incoming

132665123 6/7 
10:34:36 and 10:34:39 outgoing
10:47:54 incoming

Most notable following this exchange is a lengthy interaction with an instant messenger friend, ID 1110440104.

132665117 6/7 23:20:41 incoming
132665118 6/8 00:46:35 incoming
132665118 6/8 00:47:35 outgoing
132665119 6/8 21:44:47 incoming

Amy Huizenga (Orlando, FL) wrote at 2:56pm on June 9th, 2008 Not on phone
thank you for that

Amy Huizenga (Orlando, FL) wrote at 3:17pm on June 9th, 2008
dude… the one before that is him with his hand on my ass

132665123 6/9 15:17:37 incoming

Clint MrOrlando House (Full Sail University) wrote at 11:23pm on June 9th, 2008 Not on phone
Hahaha GO DAWGS!!! and yes its facebook official!!
You’ve just been smack-talked!
To smack-talk back, find your team and add the application.
You’ll be able to smack talk on all your friends’ walls to your heart’s content while spreading your school spirit!
Created with Georgia Football Fans

132665186 6/12 10:53:05 incoming
132665115 6/12 15:19:39 incoming
132665123 6/12 17:12:36 incoming

Amy Huizenga (Orlando, FL) wrote at 5:12pm on June 12th, 2008
It would have to have something to do with remembering to be good… I’m coming out of this thing too easy. So I told my uncle we’d try to be there by 9. He goes to work at like 4am… so nine was late for what he started with. I do however have to get to my house at some point either late tonight or tomorrow morning to get my license plate and check book. I should be out of work hopefully by 11:30. Whatever is easiest for you. If we do it in the morning we should probably try to get out of here by like 6:30ish at the latest. But we should totally miss rush hour in both towns and just be on 95 during that part. Gimme a call!

132665122 6/14 20:47:14 incoming
132665122 6/14 20:47:40 outgoing repeating 2-way chat until 21:54:13 incoming. TL calls 1hr later.
132665122 6/15 20:26:41 incoming
132665122 6/15 20:28:37 outgoing followed by a text to TL
132665122 6/15 21:09:41 incoming
132665122 6/15 21:10:16 outgoing followed by texts to and from TL 5 minutes later.

(*TL=Tony Lazzaro from this point forward)

Robert Kovacs (UF) wrote at 11:20pm on June 15th, 2008 Not on phone
sweater vests couldnt survive here
You’ve just been smack-talked!
To smack-talk back, find your team and add the application.
You’ll be able to smack talk on all your friends’ walls to your heart’s content while spreading your school spirit!
Created with Florida Football Fans

Robert Kovacs (UF) wrote at 11:06am on June 16th, 2008 Not on phone
i saw ur little i-promote box, im guessing u can hook it up then lol, maybe ill be back in town next week for the rest of summer, ive never been but if ur there im sure its good

iPromote is an advertising service that charges per click plus $5/day. Did Casey pay for this?. http://www.ipromote.com/support/

132665187 6/16 16:53:33 incoming in the midst of the flurry of calls trying to contact her parents. 
There was a private message from Myspace earlier too.

132665123 6/17 16:36:13 incoming from Amy

followed by an attempt to reach 1-954-478-9899 at 17:20:53, nearly an hour later. This is the first of the two times I see this number. It is a cell serviced by Omnipoint Miami E License, Llc, Ft. Lauderdale, one of the places Casey said Zenaida had connections. I read somewhere that a couple of bloggers called LE to alert them to the Dora-Zenaida myspace and were told that the IP address used was from the Southern Florida area, the same general area as this cell phone. She didn’t get an answer so could it have been a disconnected phone? She does nothing else on the phone until 3 hours later when she sends TL a text. This number is called two other times. (Thanks to Damagdpets for pointing that out.)  The others were both on June 27, the day the car was abandoned. The times were 13:51:11, 6 sec. And 13:51:41, 96 sec. So, the phone isn’t disconnected. Either someone picks up but hangs up on her and she calls back, talking for a minute and a half or she gets a recording, hangs up then calls back and leaves a message.

There are a large number of hours without phone activity from the evening of the 16th through the 18th, very unusual.

 She was near Amscot with the 1st ping on the 17th. She was at or near TL’s at 11, back to the Amscot area at 14:18. She appears to be heading home and stays there until 16:05. There was a great deal of activity on both computers during this period so she could have been transferring photos and the video of Caylee onto the laptop.

When this facebook message comes in she is hitting a tower very close to Blanchard Park. The tower is between Anthony Rusciano, the ex cop, and Jesse Grund, and near the Hess gas station where Tony put gas in her tank, at 18:31. (See doc pg 2371)

Chris Stutz believes this is the same day that Casey visited him for a couple of hours in the afternoon, driving Tony’s Jeep. She was trying to call  TL 16:05 but he didn’t answer. She sent him a text at 20:38 which is the only other phone activity she had done since the attempted call to the Ft. Lauderdale number. If she actually visited him in the afternoon and not evening, I don’t see how it could have been 2 hours or longer because she hit the tower too far from him, near Blanchard Park, only an hour 15 min. after pinging near her home.
Since there were 3 hours with no pings from 5:23-8:23, I’d have to say this is the time period that she visited him. So why did they swap cars on this very important and unusual day? Why was she at or near the park before going to Chris Stutz’s house? That isn’t on the way. She went by his place then backtracked. Who was she calling with a Ft. Lauderdale cell, possibly while she was at the park? Why would TL go all the way over there to put gas in her car? Calling this number and being at the park would fit the 2nd story, that Caylee was taken away from her at the park. Could she have left her with someone on the 16th and was supposed to meet at the park to get her and this is where she tried to call her, finding the number had been disconnected? If that had happened though, Chris S is where she went to feel safe, not TL.

The neighbor, Brian Burner said it was either on the 17th or 18th  he saw Casey’s car backed in and she borrowed the shovel.

If it was the 17th, she would have had to trade for Tony’s car after leaving there, between 4:05 and 5:20, unless Brian Burner is mistaken. He said she had the shovel about an hour but on the 18th she was in the home area less than an hour so I’d say it had to be the 17th for the shovel. Her phone hit the tower very near Chris Stutz on the 18th so that may be the more likely day she visited there. But if so, she only stayed a very few minutes, then headed back toward TL’s.

132665124 6/18 14:11:30 incoming preceded and followed by a text to and from TL
132665125 6/18 16:15:45 incoming preceded by an 81 sec call to Lexus, followed by a 71 sec call from

Maria Kissh in Jacksonville, another town mentioned by Casey. Here we have the only person that has said a harsh word about the quality of Casey’s mothering.

132665132 6/19 14:27:55 incoming, preceded and followed by a call from and texts to/from Matt C. Another call to Lexus follows at 16:20, which seems to be her pattern for the short time Lexus is called.

Derek Key wrote at 2:27pm on June 19th, 2008
thanks! what have you been up to lately?

132665113 6/19 21:02:02 preceded by text answering Sean Hickey, TL’s partner, followed by a call home shortly after. Sean also has a Ft. Lauderdale number, issued by Nextel.

Troy Brown (Orlando, FL) wrote at 9:02pm on June 19th, 2008
I wish I could attend, seeing that it’s right around the corner from me now but I gotta work tomorrow night. But maybe after work, how late is it going on for?

132665159 6/20 19:07:03 incoming preceded by a text from Jeff H and followed by her replying to FB

David Barrows (UF) wrote at 7:07pm on June 20th, 2008
What’s in it for me?

132665159 6/20 19:12:28 outgoing to David Barrows, responding to the above, -- followed by a call to 850 area code, Ronald Westenbarger ATT cell Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.-- I’ve also read that this is Rob at Arden Villas, the apartment Casey set up a viewing for she and Amy.

132665126 6/21 18:40:38 incoming preceded by a myspace friend request, followed by a Myspace Private Message.
132665127 6/22 00:16:39 incoming preceded by Jesse G, nothing following for 9 hours.

John Azzilonna (SUNY Cortland) shared a link at 12:25am on June 22nd, 2008 Not on phone
hah youuuu!!!
Source: flickr.com
These are some Fusion photos

132665113 6/24 16:50:01 incoming preceded by a text from Amy H, followed by aborted 11

Troy Brown (Orlando, FL) wrote at 4:50pm on June 24th, 2008
i leave for a week and i dont know what the hells going on in orlando.

132665128 6/24 19:33:33 incoming preceded by a call home, followed by 3 calls from TL, 30 min.
132665129 6/25 14:07:29 incoming preceded by a call to Amy, followed by a call to Cindy’s cell.

Drew Heyman (Orlando, FL) wrote at 2:07pm on June 25th, 2008
yeah everythings looking good on this side ..we just picked up the flyers which look amazing !! we havent figured out how to get em on facebook yet but once we do ya’ll will see em ..how everything lookin on that side ?

From here forward there are no more that show on the phone records, indicating that she turned the alert feature off, while still having myspace and IM coming in. Why would she just shut off Facebook?

Stephanie Lazzaro (Suffolk County, NY) wrote at 10:20am on June 26th, 2008 Not on phone
hey! thank youuuu :)
you should try and make the trip up to NY w/ Anthony!

Vanessa Proskey (Valencia) wrote at 6:11pm on June 26th, 2008 Not on phone
hey hey, i’ll be @ latitudes for my friends birthday then after that i have to go to my boyfriend’s grandma’s house behind rollins for the last ever party before it is sold this weekend.

Ricardo Morales (University of Tampa ) wrote at 1:57pm on June 27th, 2008 Not on phone
Matt and Susan will be here so we are definitely doing something. Maybe beerlympics, maybe somethin else.

Cameron Campana (Full Sail University) wrote at 5:27pm on June 28th, 2008 Not on phone
haha yes!

Jamie Lynn (Orlando, FL) wrote at 7:15pm on June 28th, 2008 Not on phone
Hey girl hey….. so i heard your not open July 4th…? I was all excited to party again… haha…. I think i’m done with the contest I won once, that’s all i needed… lol

Jon Lorentz (Orlando, FL) wrote at 3:25am on June 29th, 2008 Not on phone
No plans actually…

Jamie Lynn (Orlando, FL) wrote at 3:02pm on June 29th, 2008 Not on phone
Thanks girl ya me too!! Definitely let me know if you have anything going on for the 4th… I’m sure all of us would like to celebrate with you… If we think of anything we’ll let you know… and you too let me know if you come up with any plans…

Jamie Lynn (Orlando, FL) wrote at 3:16pm on June 29th, 2008 Not on phone
BTW We came up with a new nickname for me…. RockStar!!!…. lol i’m sure you get it!

Jenna Prentice (Oviedo High) wrote at 10:32am on July 2nd, 2008 Not on phone
alright :] i’m glad i saw you on monday night your so much fun && your my new big sissy ♥

Cameron Campana (Full Sail University) wrote at 11:21am on July 2nd, 2008 Not on phone
ohio is awesome!! i dont wanna go back to florida haha

Christen Chrissy Johnson (Wayne State University) wrote at 2:48pm on July 2nd, 2008 Not on phone
hi! how r u? it was nice meeting u while I was in orlando, hopefully i will c u again!

Christen Chrissy Johnson (Wayne State University) wrote at 2:57pm on July 2nd, 2008 Not on phone
thanks casey! he is a good one isnt he!!! i miss my boo too!!! i will be back in orlando in august!

Stephanie Lazzaro (Suffolk County, NY) wrote at 9:53pm on July 2nd, 2008 Not on phone
haha aww don’t you worry, he is in good hands lol

Dan Howard (Cincinnati, OH) wrote at 11:25pm on July 2nd, 2008 Not on phone
hey casey….whats good darlin?

Dan Howard (Cincinnati, OH) wrote at 10:59am on July 3rd, 2008
your first osu game huh….time of your life. thats all i gotta say about that.
what did you get…tattoo wise? and tell tony i said howdy

Dan Howard (Cincinnati, OH) wrote at 4:51pm on July 3rd, 2008 Not on phone
late sunday night. im ready to get back in the swing of things. osu games are awesome. so much energy.

Jenna Prentice (Oviedo High) wrote at 1:13pm on July 4th, 2008 Not on phone
where the heck did you go last night?! it was crazy, my phone is in jamie’s car so i guess i’ll talk to you later about it all haha. hope you had fun :]

This is the night she went to the Lodge and Lee was looking for her. She made a lot of movements that night but seemed to be at the Lodge until closing time, then went back to Amy’s.

Sean Hickey (FAU) wrote at 11:13am on July 6th, 2008
me or tony? .. lol whats good. . hows everything

Jenna Prentice (Oviedo High) wrote at 1:02pm on July 11th, 2008 Not on phone
haha you knowww! i text you our master plan hahaha

Stephanie Kostakis (UCF) wrote at 9:50pm on July 12th, 2008 Not on phone
just a reminder…
i love you!

Shawn Jermaine Rossano Jarrett (Orlando, FL) wrote at 10:56am on July 13th, 2008 Not on phone
nothing grinding out here in miami… how u

Jenna Prentice (Oviedo High) wrote at 2:18pm on July 13th, 2008 Not on phone
yeah i’m tired too since i waited up all night for nothing GR! anyways idk what i’m doing, most likely sleeping :]

Jamie Lynn (Orlando, FL) wrote
at 3:51pm on July 13th, 2008 Not on phone
Hey girl!!! Ya i’m sick so it started thursday and thats why i felt like crap on friday and yesterday was the worst day!! Im recovering.. Thanks for the love!! xoxo

While there is a great deal of Myspace and IM activity, this is the extent of the Facebook entries.

FB friend 118, 122 and 159 are the only ones she replies to through her phone.
I notice many of the numbers are consecutive, ending 117, 118, 119 and 122-129.
But then there are a couple of large ones, 186 & 187.
If each friend is numbered, this would mean that she had 77 on her friends list, if they were numbered beginning with 110, or as many as 187.
Does anyone know how many were there before it went private?
I suspected FB friend 122 may be Tony.
This is where he said he first saw her and initiated contact.
But, if this is the case, if she only met Tony in May, would his number be that small?
Perhaps it is someone else but whoever this is, I noticed that communication from FB friend 122 quit on June 15.
I also notice during the time that Lexus is called, more FB alerts than would be expected are followed by a call to her mother or Lexus.
She only called Lexus for a short time after Caylee went missing and the calls were usually around 4pm.
Some have speculated that this is a mistake in the records and this is actually Gentiva but this isn’t the end of Cindy’s work day so it really doesn’t make sense Casey would call her around the same time each of those days.

Facebook comments have been selectively deleted. I would like to know the content of those comments and who they were from, especially 122. The comments that appear during times the alerts were coming to her phone, but aren’t shown on her phone record may be times that she was logged on to facebook on the computer, which might keep the phone alert from going out, not sure.

Between 6/6 and 6/24 it appears that comments were deleted from the following friends: 117, 118, 119, 122, 123(Amy 2), 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 186, 187.

A search for the 186 number brings up a recent thread saying the text was from Flynn Lives: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30508

I also found it at the Walgreen page so it might be a code for mass mailing.

On a facebook forum where people were asking how to shut off these phone alerts, a couple said they were receiving them with increasing consecutive numbers, one case being spam from Indonesia, but I know that all can’t work that way because I see that Amy’s number ends in 123 each time she commented.
The other thing that might be happening is that someone harassing her might create new accounts each time she blocks and deletes them. But, why did she delete Amy’s comments?

I have suspected that if a person took Caylee, they may have used Myspace, FB or IM to communicate with her.
Both MS and IM show up a great deal and sometimes show an interesting pattern or timing.

Myspace numbers are:
697720 friend request
697721 blog comment
697722 profile comment
697723 image comment
697724 private message
697725 event alert

I believe the Zenaida Myspace with the Dora pic was created shortly after 11:29am. If someone else took Caylee and created this Dora myspace they would use it to intimidate and bully Casey. If that were the case they would have to let her know it exists. Here is where I see that possibility.

Myspace alerts for 6/16
11:43 profile comment (anyone can leave a comment unless the creator sets it up differently)
11:52 profile comment
15:23 private message from myspace (anyone can send a message, even without being listed a friend)
15:35 profile comment
15:39 image comment

Following, are the seemingly frantic calls to Lexus and Cindy’s cell. Myspace is quiet until 6/17
12:40 private message.
2 entries after she attempts to call the Ft. Lauderdale number.
20:23 image comment
Could it have been a picture of Caylee?

Now, keep in mind that all the comments during the time Caylee was missing  in fact, the whole time she was dating Lazarro, have been deleted. So, we have no way of seeing what the profile and image comments were unless LE were to subpoena those files. The profile comment could easily have been a link to this new space and the image comment may have been left on an image of Caylee. Surely LE would consider any deleted comments and her private messages important evidence. There were a lot of myspace activity alerts coming in to her phone during the whole time the records cover.
Courtesy of ZubenElschemali

Remember Caylee

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