We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Free Kitchen and Ice Cream, Too

I Scream For Ice Cream!

In honor of their 30th anniversary and as their way of saying "thanks for your business", Ben & Jerry's is offering a free cone on Free Cone Day, Tuesday, April 29.

Baskin-Robbins is dipping up .31 cent scoops on 31 Cent Scoop Night, Wednesday, April 30.
They are also donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and ask for your support as well. What a great way to help out and enjoy a great treat and time with the family.

Dream Kitchen Contest

To keep ice cream night going at home, don't forget that Wednesday, April 30, is the last day to enter Sears' Kenmore Make-It-Spectacular Sweepstakes. The prize consists of a $27,500.00 custom kitchen makeover by designer Eric Cohler.
You can enter at Kenmore.com/kitchens.

Good Luck!

spoil yourself,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Open Letter to Home Depot....

Beware of Home Depot's ONLINE SPECIALS!!

On April 4, 2008, I placed an online order for 5 lamps that were marked "ONLINE SPECIAL".

They were all different lamps, with the exception of 1, which I placed an order for 2, making my total item order 5.

One particular lamp was on sale for almost 90% off the regular retail. It was a lamp that retailed for over $250 and it was on sale for under $60!

In all, my total order, without the discount, came to almost $800.00 with shipping. After the "sale price adjustment", my credit card was to be charged $135 and change.

WOW!! I was so excited for the bargain that I had just "happened upon" while looking for something totally different on the site.

My fiance is a flooring installer/sub contractor and has a contractor's account with Home Depot, so you can imagine the amount of money his company spends there daily. (I will tell you it is well into the thousands of dollars monthly.) We also shop there at least bi-weekly, for home improvement and gardening items for personal use.

After ten days of my original order, I received an email stating my entire order had been cancelled. I was livid. I immediately called Customer Service and was promptly told that is was something to do with my credit card. (i.e. card co. denied). This is before the rep checked my order number, only going on the information that I told her the email said my order was "cancelled". (i have a very GENEROUS credit limit on my credit card and it is paid in full monthly)
After the rep looked up my order number, she informed me that one of the lamps was no longer in stock. Okay, well why not ship the remainder of the order? We do not do that. ??? I have ordered from many stores that ship the remainder of my order if something is no longer in stock or back ordered. Does Home Depot not want to make a sale just because one item is not available? I don't think so.

Mad, angry, upset, does not begin to describe the feeling. So now, that it had been 10 days since my order, none of the other items were available. I suppose not at the price they were listed for. I have a suspicion that they were never in stock to begin with.

The rep asked me what she could do to compensate. I replied, reorder the lamps for me. "I can't do that"
Okay, substitute items of price and likeness. "I can't do that".
In other words, there was nothing she could do.

I do not know if I was more mad that I did not receive my lamps or the fact that the Customer Service rep took it upon herself, without any information, that my order had been cancelled due to my credit card being declined. (Which it was not). Also, I did not receive an apology for this Rep's observation on her behalf without knowing any of the details before hand.

I know it was not the Rep's mistake in cancelling my entire order, and she did seem to be somewhat sincere. It is the fact that HOME DEPOT had her hands tied as well in what she could to to compensate me for the mishap.

HOME DEPOT, if you read this, I would like to be contacted and hopefully have this matter corrected.

My fiance spends a great deal of money with you and is contemplating doing business elsewhere.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What's in a Number i.e.: How Safe is Your Child's Water Bottle?

I had a blog sitting in "draft" that I had started over the weekend about the safety of plastic water bottles. The ones that advertisers, t.v. talk show doctors, and "Greenies", (that I happen to be as well) just last year, told us to run out and purchase for our children, and ourselves. The reason? To cut down on purchased bottled water and for recycling purposes. I had started the blog after washing all of these reusable bottles that my kids and I use. Some could be placed in the dishwasher, some could not. I wondered "why". So I started researching. I came across BPA. This is in the plastic used to manufacture these bottles. And IT IS NOT GOOD.
Now, all of this information is all over the news, on television and in several articles, so I sort of feel cheated, that they got the jump on me. But I am still posting the blog that I did the research on.

The blog sitting in my draft column is dated April 10, 2008. For one reason or another, I didn't finish editing, I had a radiation treatment, and I didn't get it posted. On April 15, 2008, the National Toxicology Program’s (NTA) Center for the Evaluation of Risk to Human Reproduction released its draft report summarizing research about exposure to bisphenol A, or BPA.
This comes amidst Canadian media reports that Canada’s government is considering classifying BPA as a dangerous substance. This classification is dependant upon a research summary expected to be released later this week.

What is BPA?

Bisphenol A, commonly referred to as BPA, is a chemical found in polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic, also known as plastic #7, is the plastic used to create many food containers, including baby bottles and water bottles. It is known to mimic the hormone estrogen and previous studies have reported findings that exposure could cause neural and behavioral changes.

Originally, these numbers represented recycling, and which container to use, depending on what type of plastic the product was made of. We are now hearing that numbers 3, 6, and 7, are the numbers in question. The catch here is, the bottles that "greenies" ran out and bought have mainly 7's on them. Certain baby bottles have at least a "3", and some have a "7". A "7" is considered to be the worst.

What is a parent to do? What do all these numbers mean? I will attempt to break it down, but there is a great site my title links back to that defines everything. (but keep reading my blog first)

Aluminum water bottles are becoming very popular and many manufactures now offer their own version. Common places to purchase them, besides the Internet, are at sporting goods or outdoor enthusiasts stores. As with any unfamiliar product, investigate the brand in advance. There has been one recall in October of 2007 for high lead levels in the paint on the outside of the bottle.

Soon after US and Canadian governments released current research about potential dangers from BPA bottle manufacturers and retailers begin changing or removing products.

Controversy continues as to whether the levels of bisphenol A (BPA) found in recent research, studies are harmful to humans. While governments and concerned citizens debate the level of dangers, companies that produce the bottles and retailers who sell them are acting. In the past week several companies have announced voluntary action plans.


As of April 23, 2008, no company has publicly announced a recall of bottles. Many, however, are responding to public outcry and consumer demands for BPA-free alternatives. Some baby bottle manufacturers produce glass bottles, and a few already have BPA-free alternatives to both bottles and sippy cups. Sports bottles can be found in metal, but most plastic versions are still produced with BPA.

Action Plans

Though this is not an exhaustive list, the following companies have publicly released their intentions to meet consumer demands for BPA free products.

Playtex announced its intentions on April 18. Playtex already has a line of BPA-free infant products, and will change the rest of their products to BPA-free by the end of this year. To reinforce their intentions, Playtex is also distributing one million free samples of Playtex® Drop-Ins® Original Nurser Systems.

Wal-Mart announced its plans shortly after Canada announced its upcoming ban on BPA products. It immediately stopped stocking baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles and other containers known to contain BPA in its Canadian and US stores. The company also stated it will phase out all products containing BPA by early 2009.

Toys ‘R’ Us, (including its Babies ‘R’ Us chains), also announced its plans earlier this week. In light of growing consumer concerns they are phasing out all baby bottles and other feeding supplies that contain BPA by the end of 2008.

Government Response

In Canada, all retailers are responding to a government ban on all BPA products that was announced on April 18. Though some companies, such as the Forzani Group, Hudson’s Bay and Canadian Tire Corp. anticipated the government ban and began removing BPA plastics earlier, all retailers in Canada are now expected to remove baby bottles and water bottles known to be produced with BPA.

The US Government stands behind the statements by the American Chemistry Council. They acknowledge that there is a negligible risk, but that risk is too small to initiate a ban or recall of products. However, they have also called for further scientific research.

Now, what do you and your family want to drink your water out of? And why is our government acting like there is nothing wrong? Again.....


The Washington Post

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Taking a Mom Day today. For your enjoyment, I have selected a "few" of my many favorite pictures. No story, just random pictures.

I hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here. Hope you all have a great day!

Tail of two Kittehs.........


Swingin' on the porch.........


SpoiledChild1....gettin' funky


SpoiledChild2 my tomboy with nail polish. :)


And one day, not far from now, they will walk away, one last time.
Hopefully, they will return, wiser, thankful, and with the qualities and morals
we have tried all these years to instill into them.
We will know we did our job.
And everything will be good.



spoil yourself today


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Flash Drive, Virtual Assistant, and a New Blog

From the Blogosphere:

Win One of 5 SanDisk Gator Cruzer 4gb Flash Drives:

Go to career and kids to enter.

'5minutesformom' is looking for a Virtual Assistant. If you, or anyone you know is interested click here.

Joy, from "Be the Weight you Want", tackles "Diet Cheats" and also takes on some of the more popular diets and diet fads.
You can catch her insightful blog here.

Have a great evening everyone. More posts and pictures tomorrow!


Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing today for Earth Day? You can do several things or just one thing to make a difference. Make sure you include your kids! Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Plant a tree, a bush, a garden or even some herbs or flowers in a pot
The girls and I did this yesterday.

Spend some time outside - on a hike, a walk, at the park - enjoying each other’s company, appreciating nature, and picking up any garbage you see.

Designate an "Earth Hour" every week where you turn off your lights in the evening for one hour to save electricity. We do this once a week where we go for more than an hour and play a board game, or go for a walk outside.

Talk with your kids about water consumption and how turning off the water while brushing teeth helps conserve it.

Encourage all family members to take shorter showers or consider filling up baths with a little less water.

Change your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs to conserve energy and encourage the kids to turn off lights/TV when they aren’t in use

This is the only Earth we’ve got, let’s show her some love.

For more information about Earth Day, visit Earth Day 2008.

Giveaways, Mulching and Teeth

It is so beautiful outside this morning! My meds are actually working today and I feel more than half human. I hate the days that keep me confined to the bed and under the blankets. I start to feel....icky.

But for the past few days, I have felt wonderfully well, thank you.
It rained over the weekend, so there was not much outside time. I was just itching to get out there. I sat with Daisy longing out the window, now knowing how she and the other animals feel. Only glass holding you back from the outside world.
As we sat, I brushed her, and then I noticed it.
On the floor, beside the chair, her TOOTH!!
Mai puppeh lost a tooth!
Quick, Twitter the Puppeh Tooth Fairy!
I have always been a cat person, and still have a cat.
This tooth thing really bothered me. I had never experienced any animal losing a tooth.
After a call to Pet Dr. McDreamy, I was assured that everything was fine.

Puppeh Smile

Puppeh Tooth Fairy left Little Jacs Bil-Jac, Daisy's fav-or-ite.
I am suspicious though, I found another tooth a few minutes ago. Hmmmm.....
Yesterday, after homework and all the school gossip of the day, the girls and I worked outside in the yard. We re mulched--is it re mulched if you are adding more mulch to existing mulch-or just mulched either way? Anyway, SC2 loved getting her hands dirty mulching with me. I let SC2 broadcast the turf builder, while I plucked the already present dandelions out by the root.

SC1, stood there with perfect mani and held the garden hose. Okay, I don't know why she was doing that, but that was her contribution and I didn't knock it.

SC2's Glads are starting to come up and she is soooo excited.

Baby Glads


Hope you had fun checking out these photos.
Now head over to Kettle and Cup to sign up for Marye's great blog giveaway!
If you love tea, as I do, Marye's blog has a plethora of all things tea. I always find something interesting each time I visit, which is daily.

Enjoy your day and spoil yourself in it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mega Meltdowns May Cause Twitter Fever

Ok, all the rage now is Twitter. I didn't want to hear about it, or know about it, purposefully. After mega meltdowns about creating MySpace pages and Facebook pages and the like, my tween/teen daughters, you know them as SpoiledChild1 and SpoiledChild2, came to me with many a conversation about some new web gadget that everyone has.......... I'm sure you know the story, but if not, I'll fill you in.

One given day in my own little world, my beautiful daughters come to me and I just know it is to hug me and kiss me and thank me for bringing them into the world. They want to know how I am feeling and how my day has been. Um, no.

Conversation went something like this:

SC1: "But you have your Blackberry, your blogs, your website, and EEEEVVERRRYYYTHIIIINGG. You won't let us have nothin'."

SM: " I said when you are 16, we will talk again about MySpace but not until. There are "people" out there......

SC1: "Yeah, we want to talk to those people."
SC2: "Yeah".

SM: (about to have a nervous breakdown) "NOT THOSE KIND of people!"
SC1: "Our friends, we want to talk to our friends."
SM: "You talk to you friends at school everyday."

(this same conversation played out numerous times before they got their own cell phones.
Only then I could add "You can call your friends from the house phone for free.")
I love that line!!

SC1: "EVERYONE has it!
SM: "Maybe EVERYONE's Mom has room for two more."
SC2: "She's gonna say no." (She's very intelligent for her age...11)
SC1: "You never let us have anything!!"
SM: "I guess my love is not enough because I do not want something to happen by you talking to someone who is not who they say they are."
SM: "We have had this discussion before and you know the answer."
SC1: "uuuuumppph" (you know that teenage sound that you really can't put into words but makes your blood curdle when you hear it)
SC2: "Told ya."

SC1, deafted, yet again on the subject, almost marches off, then slows it to a quiet, but fast pace. SC2, stands grinning. She lives to see her sister defeated, unless she is somehow involved, and is defeated, too. This instance, it did not matter either way, she was there for support for either side.

Last night, after hugs and kisses with the girls, they finally were in bed. The dogs walked, The cat fed, my washer going full speed, I sat down to read my email and some blogs.

Then it happened.

I Twitter'd!

Get your Twitter or click on my title above.
Follow me.
Let me know,
and I'll follow you.

You can also click over on the Twitter Widget over there on the right.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Snackers

Take off your watch, strip the wall of its clock, switch off the blinking time display on your computer, and you can still pinpoint — practically to within nanoseconds — when 3:30 rolls around. How do you do it? Your stomach tells you, of course. Stuck in that seemingly interminable stretch between lunch and dinner, your stomach wants a little something. You could find a bag of M&M's or Doritos, wolf it down without even tasting it...and then get the urge all over again in half an hour. Or you could follow these commandments for snacking. You already know that thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Good & Plentys, and thou shalt not kill a canister of pizza-flavored Pringles. Here's what else you need to know — and chew — to get you through to supper.

1. Fix Your Own Food
Even if you need to be tied to the mast of your shopping cart to get past the tempting call of those cellophane-wrapped, curlicue-topped cupcakes in aisle 5, you must resist. Most ready-made snacks are low in vitamins, nutrients, and protein and high in calories, fat, sugar, and sodium, which can inhibit the body's retention of much needed calcium. (Sports and protein bars are a shining exception.)
2. Eat a Balanced Snack

A pear instead of Reese's Pieces — you think you're being so virtuous. And you are to some extent: That pear is largely carbohydrates, but the ideal slow-burn snack has carbohydrates, protein, and, of all things, fat. Carbohydrates are metabolized first and deliver their calories fastest — just ask anyone who has binged on a handful of Jolly Ranchers, felt a sudden and frantic spike of energy, and suffered an equally sudden crash. Say, for example, you grab a quick snack of saltines, which contain refined-flour carbohydrates: As soon as they're in your mouth, the enzymes in your saliva go to work. In about 20 minutes, the carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which peaks in your bloodstream, turning down your internal hunger alarm. Unfortunately, in about another 20 minutes, that glucose is completely burnt out or stored up, so the alarm starts ringing again. Fruit, which has more fiber than crackers, will take slightly longer to metabolize. To prolong the satisfaction, you need to add in protein and fat (they often go hand in hand), which take longer to metabolize. So eat that pear with a chunk of cheddar or some low-fat yogurt and you'll be set for a few hours.
3. Snack to Maintain Weight

Snacks can keep you from getting fat. There it is, even though it's the opposite of what your mother spent years nagging you about. According to a recent study in Scotland, eating snacks helps you control both your appetite and your weight, because when you don't arrive at the table famished, you're less likely to speed-eat, overeat, or just sit there emptying the bread basket into your gullet as fast as is humanly possible. (Another theory is that eating more frequently burns calories, because digestion requires energy, at least briefly.) Most women need about 2,000 calories a day, including snacks. Ideally, you would have five mini-meals of 400 calories, but that's not realistic. (Imagine riding roundup to get everyone to the table more often than you already do.) What's recommended is the traditional "big three," only slightly down-sized, plus two well-balanced mini-meals.
4. Keep Stress — and Hunger — In Check

You may recognize the symptoms of stress: fatigue, lack of concentration, short temper...a minivan floor littered with candy wrappers and sundae cups. According to a study from the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London, students ate more snack foods and fewer fruits and vegetables when they were under pressure. What triggers a stress case's need to feed is the hormone cortisol, say researchers at the University of California at San Francisco. Cortisol is released during physical or emotional stress, and that increases one's appetite for carbohydrates, especially sweets.
5. Once a Month, Allow Yourself More

Is it that time of the month? Women are most likely to binge or overeat in the two weeks prior to their periods if they've ovulated (most women on the Pill do not ovulate). Menstrual flow is triggered by the secretion of progesterone, which is thermogenic, or calorie burning. Thus, without so much as lifting an extra three-pound weight — or finger, for that matter — your body burns more calories than it does during the rest of the month and your hunger kicks in to compensate. In a study at the University of British Columbia, women ate an average of 260 extra calories a day when they were ovulating.
6. Crave Calcium and Shun Sodium

You need to start reaching for the right white stuff — the milk bottle instead of the salt shaker, calcium instead of sodium. The recommended daily allowance for calcium is 1,000 milligrams, and most women don't come close to getting enough. What's more, the more salt you eat, the less calcium your body retains. For instance, one 3 1/2-ounce bag of cheese puffs contains 1,000 milligrams of sodium, which will cost you 20 milligrams of calcium, something an osteoporosis-prone woman should think twice about.
7. Drink Lots of Water

You've eaten lunch. You've already scarfed your snack. And all you want to do is curl up and take a nap. When you find yourself lacking energy like this, make your way to the water bottle and down a glass. Studies have shown that fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration, and when you're run-down, it's easy to confuse thirst for hunger. Airplanes, cars, and office buildings are especially arid and climate controlled, so you may need to make a concerted effort to drink even more water than you usually do. And, as you know, that should be eight eight-ounce glasses every day. Now, get chugging. I love, absolutely love the new pre-packaged water add-ins. They come in virtually every flavor imaginable and are just the right amount for the size water bottle you have. They come in fruit flavored water, fruit tea flavor, and white and green tea flavored to mix with the water. They contain zero calories, or, at the most, 5, and no carbs, and no sugar. Many now are geared to holistic health, such as antioxidant, immunity, energy, metabolism, etc. Whatever they claim to do, I love them. My favorite for about a year has been Crystal Light's White Tea Blueberry.

spoil yourself,

Spoiled Sundays

It’s spring at last, and you’re itching to hit the open road. But all that yellow pollen is making the family sedan look like Big Bird on roller skates. By the time you’ve wrestled the chamois from Rover (loath to relinquish his favorite chew toy), excavated the bucket from the basement, and located some suitable detergent, you decide to just wait and go for a drive in the rain. Another option? Save time by storing a basic car-wash kit in a bucket in the garage. Here, you’ll find what to stock so you’re ready to drive into spring in style.

Another thought that came to mind was "Another Mother's Day Basket"

You can find a pretty metal pail at any crafting supply store. You can also buy a galvanized one from a major hardware center and have the kids decorate the outside with waterproof paint, i.e. hand prints, sponge dipped in paint and blotched all over the can in different colors. You could also alternate between sponge blotches and handprints. Use your imagination. (and your child's)

You will need a galvanized pail to do this, or a Rubbermaid-type pail, large enough to wash the vehicle and to place goodies inside.

Inside, place in fancy paper:

Window and All-Purpose Cleaner
To remove finger smudges (and dog slobber).

Vinyl Protectant
For the dashboard.

Car-Wash Shampoo
Because dish detergent strips away wax and protective sealants. Plus, a bucket to make your soap suds in.

Tire Cleaner
For the wheels.

Lamb’s-Wool Mitt
For applying car-wash shampoo. Also, a tire sponge and a synthetic chamois for drying. And when you’re done? Use a hose to rinse everything off.

Car Wax
Even though you don’t need to wax after every wash, it’s good to have car wax handy for the times you do.

Car Air Freshener
You can get these at auto supply stores but Yankee Candle sells some in their best scents and they last a long while! No imitations!!

Mom and kiddos will have a blast hosing down and washing the car the next time it is dirty and it will be time well spent with each other.

Another great gift idea!

Spoil yourself


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Special Giveaway..Do not miss out!!

Co-blogged in ca-hoots with SpoiledChild1

Originally Written by Susan @ 5 minutes for mom.
Reprinted with permission

You will be wanting to spread the word, or the blog, about this fantastic giveaway. Even if you do not need this product, it is an amazing invention for someone with a disablity for it lets them enjoy the ability to ride a bike.

Since the Caboose is a completley unique product, most families who could benefit from owning one, unfortunately, do not even know it exists.

As bloggers, we have the perfect outlet for getting products like these out there to people who are looking for them or items like them. That is why we are are doing this special giveaway.

We have been selling Caboose Trailer Bikes on our Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles site for the last year and the feedback we receive from our customers is phenomenal.

The Caboose lets kids and adults who have special needs finally experience the thrill of riding a bike.
We’ve heard from customers who have purchased the bike for family members who cannot ride a typical bicycle because of Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Blindness or a host of other reasons.

The message is clear – The Caboose Trailer Bike changes lives.

Hear what Meg says:

We are just so excited about the ‘Caboose’. We never knew anything like this even existed for handicapped people.
This is going to open up a whole new avenue for something that’s great fun and very healthy for us to do with Robert.
I don’t know who’s more excited about Robert’s new bike.
Last night my husband and I took Robert out to dinner and, as we were walking into the restaurant, he stopped to tell anyone and everyone about his new Caboose. He didn’t even know some of these people. He just walked right up to them and said, “I got new bike — a new big, big bike.” He was so funny and so cute — he’s definitely thrilled too.
I would back this product 100%.
My husband and I are thrilled with everything!!!”- Sam and Meg

Another customer wrote to tell us:

“I must say that when I showed my wife the Caboose trailer bike she said, “I don’t care what that costs, you buy it.”
Our son is a delightful 8 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy.
I can tell you he will LOVE this caboose. Thanks again!”

That customer and his wife were thrilled to discover that the Caboose bike is reasonably priced at $249.99.

As the exclusive, authorized retailer, we work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the cost of the bike is as low as possible while still maintaining the high quality expected and required from such a product.

And another said:
“The Caboose trailer is an awesome product. We searched and searched to find a product like this.
We went to many major bicycle dealers, all to no avail. We have a handicapped child (95 lbs.) who is unable to ride a bike himself. He loves this bike!
I have told many friends who have kids with the same issues, yet nobody has heard of a trailer that can accommodate up to 200 lbs. The other trailers we found held up to 80 lbs.
You have made one young man very happy! Thanks.”

The Caboose bike comes in two sizes: one for 5 to 10 year old children and another that fits children over 10 years old up to adults aged 95 or older.

(The bike is perfect for elderly riders.)

You can read more about the Caboose Trailer Bike here.

As we hear more and more success stories from customers who have experienced the joy of

family bike rides with the Caboose, we feel compelled to spread the word so that everyone can have the chance to ride a bike.

We are going to give away one Caboose Trailer Bike on Monday, May 5th. The winner will have the choice between the small or the large size.
Because we do not want to let anyone miss a single day of spring bike rides, you can go ahead and purchase a bike right now, and if you are the lucky winner on May 5th, we will simply give you a full refund.

We understand that often folks hold off purchasing an item during a giveaway waiting to see if they win it. So in this case, we’re offering to give you a full refund if you have already purchased yours.
Our store, Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles, is currently the only authorized online retailer of the Caboose Trailer Bike.
These bikes are extremely popular and we do run out of stock. In fact, at the time I’m writing this, we are waiting on a new shipment of the large size… it is due to arrive April 18th and we have a long list of backorders already in queue.
If you know someone who can benefit from a Caboose Trailer Bike, please do not delay. Place your order right away so that you don’t miss out. We currently have the small size for 5 to 10 year olds in stock and we are taking backorders for the large size for adults and kids older than 10. (It’s due to arrive April 18th.) You can still order the large size online, and we will NOT charge your card until we’re ready to ship the bike to you.
And remember if you are the lucky winner of our Caboose Trailer Bike draw on May 5th and you have already purchased a bike yourself, we will give you a full refund so that your bike will be free.
To be the winner, simply leave a comment on this post and tell us that you’d like to be entered in the draw for the Caboose Trailer Bike and if you have a blog, please link back to this post and to this Caboose Trailer Bike product page at our store. If you don’t have a blog, please still spread the word to your friends and communities.
If you do not need a trailer bike for a friend or family member, please still help by spreading this message.

Caboose Trailer Bike product page at our store.

Visit www.5minutesformom.com for more fun and information.


Spoiled Saturday

Happy Saturday to you all! Searchin' the web for what's coming up.....

Mother's Day!

It is right around the corner! I have the easiest Mother to buy for. She loves anything and everything! (Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.) :)

If you are looking for ideas, sites I have listed at right are great places to start. Also, you can make a themed basket. Those are always nice and I give them every chance I get because I love making them as well. (Like to get 'em too!) hint, hint, you know who you are!

Need ideas? Look no further. Spoiledmom is full of ideas for these gifts.

These gifts can be for Mother from Daughter, or Granddaughter to Grandmother.
These are going to be designed for the "older daughter" to Mother range, around 12 and up. We have some fantastic ideas for the wee ones and first mother's day presents on Spoiled Sunday, tomorrow. These will actually work for anyone and you can adjust the items to make them suitable for any occasion.

Here we go.

Beach Mom

Straw tote as the basket/container
Fill inside with
beach sandals,
seashell themed items such as:
picture frame, (with picture from last vacay, or Spring Break)
bathroom accessories
Tie a white or multi color scarf onto one of the handles

This is fine as is, or you can add something mom has been asking for.
For another idea.....tuck inside a small digital camera for capturing upcoming, unforgettable, don't-want-to-miss family moments on summer vacation.
Have one of the kids write on a piece of paper where the destination is and when you are going, and slip it inside as a "ticket".

Too Cute!

Flower Mom
Flower basket* as the container
fill inside with
gardener's gloves,
gardener's tools,
seed packets,
Gardener's knee board (to protect knees)
A candle scented like her favorite flower.

*A Flower Basket has handles that attatch at "the corners". The handle runs from corner to corner, not side to side of the basket. Almost as if on the diagonal. Your local florist should have them and if not, should be able to help you find where you can get one. Also, any long, shallow basket with a handle will work. The idea is that Mom takes the basket out to the flower garden to clip cuttings and place them in the basket "lying down" to bring back to the house for arranging.

Tomorrow and on the weekends until Mother's Day, I will be posting more ideas for a great Mother's Day.

Be sure to visit tomorrow for a special gift from me to you! (Mom to Mom)

**FYI: the sites listed at the right are for informational entertainment purposes only. This is not a "money making" blog. TRUST ME. Except for the Google ads, there are no per clicks, per clacks, or pur-chase money coming in to this household from this blog.)

Happy Saturday!

Spoil yourself,

Friday, April 18, 2008

Downs Syndrome Child Facing Jail Time

I came across this story while undergoing treatments yesterday. I was in tears and in utter dismay at what this mother must be going through.
It is hard enough raising a child with a disability. I can only imagine.
Having to endure the stupidity and ignorance of others is one thing.
Facing a criminal conviction of her son is totally insane and unjustified.
I am so mad right now I have no words. heh..

I have reprinted the story, but for the website and story click on my title above.

I would LOVE to hear your comments on this.

From the Daily Mail:

How can my son be racist?, asks mother of Down's boy charged after playground spat with Asian girl.
Until recently, Fiona Bauld thought her 18-year-old son Jamie had not fully grasped the gravity of the situation he found himself in.
It brought her solace that her child, who has Down's syndrome and the mental age of a five-year-old, hadn't fully comprehended the charges of racism and assault against him, let alone begun to contemplate the consequences.
But one night shortly after Christmas, as the family watched TV, Fiona realised to her horror that Jamie was not as oblivious as she'd hoped.
A scene featuring a prison appeared on screen, at which point Jamie said quietly: "I don't want to go to jail, Mum. Please don't let them take me away." He then burst into tears.
"I rushed over, put my arms around him and told him everything was going to be fine," says Fiona.
"All through this nightmare I've done my best to put on a smile and act normally around Jamie, simply to protect him from everything that was happening. But that night, as he sobbed in my arms, I wasn't sure everything would be OK.
"My worst fear was that Jamie would be taken away somewhere that I wouldn't be able to protect him. I said: 'Jamie, you're not going to prison', but I found myself in tears, too."
When Fiona - who lives in Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, with her husband James, 46, a telecommunications contractor, and their daughter Stephanie, 17 - uses the word "nightmare" she is making no understatement.
Hers is a situation so ridiculous it would be laughable, had the potential ramifications not been so serious.
Her story also serves as a disturbing example of how extreme political correctness can allow minor of incidents to be blown out of all proportion.
The events which have brought her such anguish in recent months begun with what was effectively a playground spat between two individuals with special needs.
It soon escalated into a seven-month criminal investigation that could have resulted in Fiona's son being hauled before a court and left with a criminal record.
Last September, Jamie - who is 18 but cannot even tie his own shoelaces, needs help on the lavatory, mustn't be left alone in the house and still relies on his mother to tuck him up in bed at night - had an altercation with an Asian girl of a similar age, also a pupil at the special needs department of Motherwell College in Lanarkshire, where Jamie is a student.
Put quite simply - girl irritated boy, boy pushed girl and told her to go away. Then, girl responded by telling her teacher.
The two were sent their separate ways and their parents informed about the falling out.
Given their mental ages, it was no more significant than a playground spat between two five-year-olds. That should have been the end of it.
Instead, a notice was placed in the local newspaper - it is not known by whom - asking for witnesses to a "racial assault" at the college on the day in question.
Whether this notice led to the police investigation, or whether the family of the girl contacted them directly is still not clear. Either way, just over a week later, Jamie was charged with racism and assault.
It was an insane example of overzealous political correctness; a local zero-tolerance policy on racism taken to its extremes without any common sense being applied, let alone consideration for the unusual circumstances of the individuals involved.
After months of stress and fear, the Baulds' ordeal came to an end yesterday when, in a remarkable climbdown, the Crown Office issued a formal apology to the family for any distress caused over the past seven months.
All charges have now been dropped, but this, says Fiona, is not enough.
Not only have they encountered confusion, red tape and a lack of compassion in their dealings with the Scottish legal system, they are left fearing that Jamie will forever have a blot on his reputation as a result of being charged at all.
"Our family has been put through a terrible ordeal over nothing," says Fiona. "It is utterly ridiculous that the authorities brought adult charges against our son, who was not only innocent, but clearly unable to comprehend why he was in trouble.
"For instance, when the police arrived to interview Jamie, he welcomed them with a big smile and a handshake. As they read him his rights, he said thank you for coming to see him, and agreed with everything they said."
Those with Down's syndrome often agree with whatever they are told simply to please other people.
Fiona continues: "I said: 'Do you realise he doesn't understand what you are saying?' while the police officers shifted uncomfortably and admitted they had no training in dealing with anyone with special needs.
"But the official process had by then swung into action. From that point on, it seemed there was nothing my husband or I could do to halt it."
It's clear that Fiona dotes on her son. Not only is she frequently tearful as she recalls the past seven months, but she describes how she happily gave up her career in hairdressing to become Jamie's full-time carer.
It was, she says, the only thing she could do given the circumstances she found herself in.
"We had no idea before Jamie was born that he had Down's syndrome, and we were told the diagnosis when he was just 24 hours old," she recalls.
"At the time, I was deeply upset - to the point where I had to be sedated. But that passed, and if I'd known what I know now, I wouldn't have given two hoots about the diagnosis.
"By the time I fell pregnant with his sister, my attitude was that if she has Down's syndrome too, then that's fine by me. I adored Jamie, and didn't wished things had been different."
Raising Jamie has, nonetheless, been far from an easy task. He has suffered from respiratory and bowel problems, which have seen his parents spend weeks sitting at his hospital bedside.
On two occasions - when Jamie was ten months old and when he was four - Fiona and James were told to prepare themselves for the worst.
"Hospitals have become a second home to me over the years," says Fiona. "I've spent weeks - months even - at Jamie's bedside. But I've always seen him as a fighter, and no matter what the doctors have told me, I've always known I'll be bringing my boy home again.
"Thankfully, he's always proven me right, refusing to give up even when doctors said there was no hope."
Since reaching his teens, Jamie's health has improved and Fiona has watched her son blossom.
"Jamie has got through school, and is now doing a life skills course at Motherwell College, which makes me burst with pride," she says. "He has friends, he's sociable and chatty.
"He's a very loving, kind person. He dotes on his sister, and if she is out, he refuses to go to bed until she gets in."
Indeed, so placid is Jamie, says Fiona, that he steadfastly refused to respond to the provocation of a year of severe bullying at secondary school.
"One boy really started picking on Jamie when he was about 14, and made his life a misery," says Fiona. "He punched him in the face, kicked him on numerous occasions, ripped his clothes and even smashed his glasses.
"Jamie used to come home and tell us he couldn't hit this boy back because they were friends. My son simply has not a got a streak of violence in him, and is so laid back that we always joke that he's horizontal."
With this in mind, Fiona was instantly doubtful when she heard Jamie was being accused of hitting the girl at college. She wasn't, however, surprised to hear a dispute had taken place, because her son had already complained of the girl in question.
"Before this incident at college, Jamie had told us on a couple of occasions that this girl kept following him, staring at him and putting her face really close to his without saying anything," says Fiona.
"We told him just to ignore her, and she'd soon get bored.
"Then, on September 4, we got a call from the college saying they'd had a falling out and Jamie had hit her. I talked to him, and he was adamant he hadn't hit her, but had pushed her away when he was eating lunch.
"I didn't take the event lightly at all - Jamie was meant to be staying with his aunt that night, but I grounded him, and we took away his Playstation for a few days, too.
"I believed him when he said he hadn't hit her, but I'm not a lax parent and I don't make allowances because of his disabilities. I wanted to make it clear to Jamie that falling out with students and pushing other people was not a good thing."
The family went away on holiday, putting the incident behind them. But on their return, they were notified by the college that the girl's family had contacted the police, who had taken it upon themselves to question other students and staff at the college.
They now wanted to talk to Jamie about allegations of racism and assault.
"I have to say, at first, the whole thing was so ridiculous I didn't take it that seriously," says Fiona. "That said, I was really annoyed about the racism part of things. Jamie is far from racist. He doesn't even realise the difference between skin colours.
"But the college said the police were coming to interview Jamie and I thought: 'OK then, it won't do him any harm.'
"I still wanted to be sure Jamie understood he shouldn't have altercations with other students, and I thought a visit from the police would help him fully grasp that fact."
However, the police interview a few days later, Jamie was charged with racism and assault.
"I was panicking and saying it was crazy, that Jamie doesn't even understand things like upstairs and downstairs, whether a door is open or shut, but Jamie stood up, shook their hands and said: 'Thanks very much'," says Fiona.
"My husband and I didn't know then that we should have insisted the officers return with someone specialised in dealing with people with special needs, or perhaps we could have stopped the entire thing there and then."
The officers, says Fiona, were pleasant enough and advised the family "the case probably wouldn't come to anything".
They said they would explain to the Procurator Fiscal (a public officer in Scotland who prosecutes in petty cases) that Jamie had Down's syndrome.
They revealed that the girl had also admitted to scratching her own face - either to her family or to police officers.
But shortly after the visit, a letter arrived from the Procurator Fiscal saying the authorities had enough evidence to charge Jamie.
2That was when all hell broke loose for us as a family," says Fiona. "I read the letter with shaking hands, and I was crying my eyes out. I phoned the Procurator's office five times and asked if they knew Jamie had Down's syndrome, but no one would talk about the case with me.
"I went to the police, and no one there seemed to know what was going on. I would have been able laugh at the total chaos and incompetence were it not for the fact that I knew that, at 18, Jamie is technically an adult.
"I was genuinely terrified that he would end up in the dock on trial for something he didn't do."
During December, Fiona asked the family lawyer to write to the Procurator Fiscal's office explaining the situation. They did not receive a reply.
"We tried to carry on as normal, but I felt as though we were living on borrowed time, and Jamie was going to be taken away from me," says Fiona.
"It was as though there was an axe hanging over our head the entire time. We were living with this terrible sense of foreboding.
"The lowest point came when we were watching the prison scene on TV and Jamie started crying. It broke my heart because it made me feel as though I'd failed him.
"My natural instinct as a mother, especially a mother of a child with special needs, was to try and protect him from everything around him, and here he was, sobbing his heart out because he was so frightened."
It was only a fortnight ago - seven-and-a-half months after the initial incident - that the family received a brief letter from the Procurator Fiscal saying he would not be proceeding with the prosecution. There was no apology.
And despite the Crown's official apology yesterday, Fiona still feels that they were the victims of "political correctness gone mad".
A spokeswoman for Down's Syndrome Scotland is also horrified by the case and called for better handling and understanding.
She says "I've never met anyone with Down's syndrome who was racist. This incident should have been contained within the college. It has been very badly handled."
Next week, Jamie is due to return to college, and his mother thinks it is likely that he will forget the happenings of the past seven months long before she does.
"Jamie has said he's happy it's all over, and he is back to being his usual sunny self," says Fiona.
"At the moment, I still feel like a nervous wreck, and I'm determined to speak out because I want the people in official positions to think twice about what they are doing, and apply common sense to unique situations like these.
"But at least we can start to get on with our lives again. Last night, as I tucked Jamie up in bed, he asked me once again whether he was going to jail.
"This time, I was able to tell him that no, he definitely, definitely wasn't."

credit: Daily Mail

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I started Chantix last year. I started having wild vivid dreams that would awake me. I was told I was screaming at the top of my lungs. My Dr. told me that it could be related to the "cocktail" of Chantix (prescribed by my family practitioner) and my cancer meds (by oncologist) I am a former nurse, and made each Dr. aware of each med I was taking. Nonetheless, I came straight home and looked up any adverse reactions. At the time, I remember not finding anything about the "vivid dreams". During a conversation with my neighbor, she revealed she was taking Chantix. (We were both chain smokers, visiting each other at night, sitting on the porch , puffing away, drinking tea, watching the kiddos and the dogs play) We had talked about quitting on several occasions. Especially me, since my cancer has mastisized. I didn't know until that night she was on Chantix. She was getting a head start on me because she thought it would be harder on her, she is about ten years older than me, but I have been smoking longer than she.
I quit cold turkey with I was pregnant with both girls the moment I found out I was preggers with each. For the entire nine months, I never lit up. I never had the urge nor the desire. I suppose it was the fact that I was now responsible for two people's lives. However, after each was born, I always lit back up. I have quit several times since their births, the longest being for about a year and a half.
I don't know if the "dreams" are a fluke. I have spoken to several people who have them. If they are tolerable and you feel like you can quit smoking, go for it. That is the best for you. It feels so good to be able to take that big deep breath. No more hacking and coughing every morning. No more inhalers.
I also found Wellbutrin worked great (piggy-backed w/Paxil) about 5 years ago. I stopped smoking and lost weight, too. I really liked the Wellbutrin. that was when I quit for the longest. After the death of my spouse, I lit up and started again.
Congrats to all who are doing well on or off of it.
Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for you and your family.

Would like to hear what others have experienced on Chantix or Wellbutrin and your stories.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Breakfast, Good Morning

Breakfast is an important meal, the most important, truth be told.
A good breakfast gives kids a good start for their day, whether it’s for school or play.
It is especially important this time of year during TCAP, (our state mandated Performance Test).

One of the first offers of advice from the principle and the teachers is for the students to get a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast.

Parent Center offers some suggestions for kids’ breakfasts in ten minutes or less:

* Granola bars
* Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
* Oat bran muffin
* Fruit
* Orange-banana smoothie
* Very berry smoothie
* Fruit salad
* Waffles with berries or bananas
* Cereal with milk
* Instant oatmeal

Do Put Your Eggs In A Basket........

My daughters also enjoy an "egg in a basket". A comfort food my grandmother used to make me. It has great protein and fiber and jump starts the brain early in the morning. It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. Served with fruit, it is a warm, fast breakfast, and something you can call "homemade".

Egg in a Basket*
(this is for 1.. my girls usually can eat 2 each)
*SpoiledMom's "Nannie's" recipe

1 slice of whole grain bread

1 egg

dash of salt

butter or margarine (I use margarine due to using a higher heat to cook the egg) you can also omitt if using a nonstick pan. The butter adds extra flavor and helps brown the bread.

small glass (like a juice glass)
You can make up to four of these in a larger, fryer pan, or do one at a time in a small skillet.

1.Heat skillet or griddle to medium high.

2.Put 2 tablespoons butter or margarine in skillet.

3.Using glass, open side down, and like a cookie cutter, cut out a
"hole" in he center of bread. (don't toss away circle cut-out, this is going to be your "toast")

4.Place bread in skillet w/butter.

5Allow butter to coat bottom side of toast and brown slightly.

6.With spatula, turn over bread. ( you may need to add more butter or margarine as needed)

7.Crack egg and place in cut out hole in bread while in skillet.

Maintain a med-high heat.
add more margarine, if needed.

8.Butter cut out circle and place in skillet.

9. After the egg inside the bread starts to set, flip over with spatula.

10.Allow to cook until desired set of yolk. Add more butter if needed,

Sprinkle with dash of salt before removing from pan.

I allow about 5-7 min for light medium well. Gives enough "runnage" for dipping toast. LOL

I serve this with fruit like bananas, grapes, orange slices, cantaloupe and juice or milk for balanced quick breakfast the kids love.

Once at a slumber party I made these the next morning for all the girls. Afterwards, I got calls from mothers asking how to make "these freakin' egg in a basket's" LOL (secretly lovin' me some Susie Homemaker-self) LOL... My reply, "OH those....They're soooo easy!"

With all the prepackaged breakfast foods out there it is easy and quick to get something down our kids in the morning. But sometimes, I like to put a little extra love into it, and let it stick with them all day long.... spoilage : )


some material via Parent Center

take time to spoil yourself,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dr. "Phil-Good" No More

I am pissed. No, not because it is Monday. Not because I had to do my taxes today. I'm pissed at Dr. Phil.

I am sure you have heard about the teenage beat-down that took place in Florida. If not, read and see it here.

I'll wait... or, if you already have knowledge of the story, I'll continue...

Today we hear that Dr. Phil is yet again in the psychologist hot seat by getting involved in yet another headlining news story.
It seems Dr. Phil's producer posted bail for the "ringleader". The girl that lives with her grandmother, where the beat-down took place. Also the girl, who's mother, on the Today show, wanted to "make it clear" that SHE (the mother) has custody of the girl, not the grandmother. According to public records, legal documents show temporary guardianship was given to the grandmother. Mom can make it to the Today show. My question is where was Mom during the beating and where was Mom during court proceedings. She is MIA in the clips I have watched of the court proceeding from the city's local TV stations.
All we have is poor Grandma crying and wondering how poor Mercedes is going to post bond. The bond amount is too much for them. Do they not own their own home? If I were Grandma, I wouldn't put mine up either. Again, where is MOM?
What would really happen to little Mercedes if she had to sit in her cell until the next court date? Paris came out fine. But that is apples and oranges.
I truly feel for these parents. I pray that I never have to walk in their shoes. I pray I have guided my daughters onto the right path for them to make the right decisions in life. I pray they know they can turn to me in time of need. The thought of them sitting in jail is horrifying to say the least. I really can not imagine. I do know that if my one or both of my daughters had been accomplice to this type of situation, and they were facing the same outcome, I honestly do not know what I would do. I want to think that a few days in that cell would scare the hell out of them. I have much experience with tough love, but not with my children. Would having the ability to bail them out help or hinder them. How can I tell them everyday that I am here for them and then leave them behind bars when I could rescue them and not follow through. What is the right answer?

Dr. Phil gives up his "Get Out of Jail Free" card

I'm sick of Dr. Phil and his good 'ol boy ways. I am from the South and at one time, was an avid viewer. The entertainment reporters are talking about how he stepped over the line with Britney Spears and now, with this story. Dr. Phil claims his Producer "took matters in their own hands" by offering to post bond in return for story rights for a show. Do you think it will get cancelled like that of Britney?
Dr. Phil's producers, if they just had to have this story, should have been there for the parents of the girl who was beaten unconscious, left with temporary vision in her left eye and partial hearing in her left ear. But that would not have made for good TV. From a few of the shows I have watched recently, the guests seem to have become Jerry Springer-ish. As if they had just a few too many morals to make the Springer show, so, they went across the lot to Phil.

Instead of watching the show, I want to put my time and effort into educating myself and my children against "mean girls", drugs, peer pressure. I want to teach them the reward of having good character, a good education, being a good friend, and a good daughter.

Dr. Phil has been quick to jump on the bandwagon with the headlines lately, and it has gotten him into trouble. Today's youth has become desensitized and demoralized. Dr. Phil isn't going to save us. We have to save ourselves.

I think we are forgetting one of his first, attention getting, taken from the headlines shows, that, after a handful "exclusives", updates, and empty promises, he never "solved"......Natalee Holloway.

I wonder if Beth is starting to feel a little exploited?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spoiled Sunday

Cool New Way to Research
co-blogged in ca-hoots with spoiledchild1 (who stumbled upon this "rockin' site")

Do you subscribe to your favorite websites? Do you know that some people believe that subscriptions in readers may be things of the past?
One of the stars of the web, Guy Kawasaki, presents a compelling way to more efficiently scan the top headlines from the top blogs, categorized by topic.
The newest member of his many innovative websites and it's name is Alltop.
What’s up with the name? In Kawasaki’s words, Alltop compiles all the top stories from around the web in about 50 of the most sought after categories (e.g., moms, dads, politics).

This means you will easily stay current and know what everyone’s talking about in whatever topics you find most interesting or relevant to your life. It also helps out the kiddos with researching new material for homework, reports, etc.

The home page is very uncluttered and bright. It has eight main topic headings (work, living, people, interests, culture, geekery, good, and news), making the site great for experienced surfers, as well as casual novices.

Visit Alltop
I will be suprised if you are not hooked.
Make sure you share it with the kids, if they haven't already shared it with you.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spoiled Saturday

co-blogged in cahoots with Spoiled Child1 and Spoiled Child2

Odd and Strange..... But Interesting

Ever wondered what makes up the grimy residue that coats your computer keyboard?
According to intensive research by AOL, it consists of bits of fingernails, hair, insects, vegetables and the odd cornflake crumb.

And as if that isn't enough useless information for one Saturday afternoon - here's some more.

It is estimated that the millions of US online households accumulate over 138 tons of this stuff every year.

Thus, AOL has teamed up with fast food outlet Domino's Pizza "to put a halt to the ever-growing mound of filth in and around the nation's PCs".

The two companies sent a sample of one month's grime to a random Scientific Laboratory.

The major identifiable components, and their percentage of the total weight of grime are listed below.

Corn Flakes 15%
Baked sweets 15%
Noodles 7%
Vegetable pieces 4%
Leaf 1%
Pencil lead/shavings 1%
Staple 1%
Finger nail 1%
Tape/plastic 1%
Insect 1%
Foil 1%
Hair 1%

Time to get out the canned air.............

Quick Cleaning Tips:

Your mother/mother-in-law/super-mom friend/(insert any other title), is dropping by unexpectedly. (But did call to say they were 15 minutes away) What do you do?....

Fake it!!

Mask pet/cooking odors:
In a small saucepan, boil nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peels.
Cheat: Buy dried orange peel in spice section to keep on hand.
Fake it: Light a candle

Sink overflowing but dishwasher is full.
Fake it: Put dirty cups and silverware in a stockpot and put in an inconspicuous place. Unload dishwasher and clean up after the visit.

Dirty bathroom.
Use cleaning wipes to wipe down bathroom vanity. Put out a full roll of toilet tissue if needed. Make sure shower curtain is closed.
Cheat: Put out clean hand towels.
Fake it: If hanging, put the side of towel facing the wall toward the outside.

Clutter around the house.
Fake it: Walk around the house with a basket and put everything that is not in its place in the basket. After the visit, put everything where it belongs.

Spoil yourself!


partial credit to AOL/Real Simple

Friday, April 11, 2008

From Barbie to Reality

Presidential Barbie
photo by flickr

This is the year, we, as women, can make a change. Not just a change by voting, but a change by voting for the Woman. If we all band together, we can have the first female President in history. It will not just be a "Barbie" dream. It will become a reality.

Our daughters and grand-daughters will SEE that it is possible for a woman to become whatever she wants to be. Even President of the United States of America. The mere fact that Hilary is campaigning is amazing in its own right.

My daughters see Hilary's progress and her determination and fight to erase what was once "an all boys club". Sure, at 11 and 13, my girls do not know about the REAL concerns of the war, hard working people losing their jobs due to their employer moving overseas for cheaper labor, taxes, and minimum wage. But they see a woman, a woman like their mother, standing up for these "things" their innocent ears overhear in their mother's conversations. I want them to understand. I do teach them. By talking, by actions, and by listening to them.

I want a better world for them. I vote. I take them to vote with me.

I want the world to be here for them. I do my part. I teach them to recycle. We decide what we can do as a family to go green.

I grew up in a world of no war, no worries of a parent losing a job. Nor did I have to worry about an absent parent as well. Now, this is common place in a lot of children's lives.

In military families, one, or both parents, may be absent fighting the war.

The parent that loses their job may also be absent because they have to commute longer to and from new employment.

If a parent loses their job, they may often be "absent", mentally and emotionally, due to stress and worry over finances.
They may also spend relentless hours seeking out other employment.
They may perhaps have a feeling of failure.
This can, in turn, lead to separation or divorce and a broken home.
I am sure we do not realize how many latch-key kids there are in our schools.

Yes, our daughters need to see they can overcome. They are capable of achieving whatever they desire. They can dream and dream big.

"Red or blue", "right or left", or down the middle, teach your child.
Knowledge is power.

Wouldn't you love to one day say, "My daughter is the President"?

Whether it be followed by a company name or, " of the United States".

Here are some websites to get you started:

Girl Scouts of America: http://girlscoutsusa.org/
League of Women Voters: http://www.lwv.org/
Vote 411: click on title or: http://www.vote411.org/
League of First Time Voters: http://www.firsttimevoters.com/


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blog Blah Blah

Hello again, Just Daisy, Starbucks Frappe and Moi on this quiet Saturday morning. Before the hustle and bustle of Spoiled C and C2.

It's been a few days since last post. Had the blogging blahs, but sometimes I guess that is why we blog. To get the blah out. Or, to get out something so exciting you could burst blog.

Mine, however, is Blog Blah.
Rain, Rain, Go AWAY! Here in the Tennessee Valley we are up to our eyeballs in rain. We were in desperate need due to the drought of last Summer, but enough already. My SAD is returning! It has just been one of THOSE weeks. New meds from dr. and they are making me more tired than already. Don't know how long I will be able to handle these. Found out I'm going to start radiation, again. Then, our other dog, Roxie is hurt again. Oh, and the fridge.
It's just like they say, when it rains, it pours........

As mentioned in previous posts, my fridge has been out for over a week now. You never really know how well you have it until something breaks. I know we are all appreciative, but when something goes out, something major at that, we always say "how would we live without it"?
Well, we are right now!!! LOL

On the bright side, my refrigerator was finally delivered after 13 days. Yes, 13 days, 2 repair men and 60 dollars later. And, it was under warranty. Four years old at the end of this month. No, I do not celebrate appliance birthdays. But despite the blog title, or maybe hence the title, I am Not a perfect mom. I do have receipts of all major appliances and major purchases, along with their manuals and receipts in a folder where only I know the location. Doesn't everyone?

My absence has been due to doctors appointments and I have had the tedious task of getting everything back in order. Mundane things such as restocking the fridge. Why, oh why? It looked so pretty all empty..... sparkling glass shelves and that fresh "new fridge" smell.

Starbucks stash (gotta have it)

scratch 'n sniff....new fridge smell......

At least we were lucky, we have a dorm fridge upstairs in the media room. I have an older fridge in the basement along with a new stand-up freezer. It was just daunting going up and down the flights of stairs with my hip deterioration (read: cancer). But, spoiled child and spoiled child2, were good to help out.

After all the inconvenience, it finally arrived. I love the freezer on the bottom. I highly recommend it. Tons of space. And, it's Energy Star rated.

Well, time to go re-stock the fridge.............with caffeine.



Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update to last post

Sitting here with my morning Starbucks Frappe, I went back to check the Push Play that I was reading last night on Shine.

For some reason, the article has been removed from the urls in my last post. ??!!! hmmm
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There really are some interesting articles on the Shine site. And I feel I will frequent it for research.

I just thought the idea of little 2-3 year olds sitting around for 30 minutes or more while mom and dad shagged was sort of, well, I don't know. Uncouth.
I am entitled to my opinion. I am not the perfect mother. My title says so!
I have Sunday quickies, or Monday, Tuesday, etc...you get the picture.
But we did so while the kids were asleep. We just never used the t.v. as a babysitter.
Now, they know if the bedroom door is closed, wait until we come out. Respecting our privacy is being taught. It also holds true with each of the girls and their own rooms. If one of them is in their room doing homework, chilling, or just watching tv or on the phone and their door is shut, we have taught them to not just barge in on the other.

To each his own and whatever works for you then that is what you have to do to spend a few alone minutes with your partner.

Also, I am sad to say, I think I am a little perturbed at the fact that I don't fall into the 25-32 demographic anymore....


Just Push Play

In case you haven't heard, Yahoo, has started a new search engine, Shine .
It is geared toward the 25-32 year old female demographic. I thought I would surf over and check it out. It has a nice layout. Simple interface, and some interesting features.
What I found were articles on Money, Fashion and Beauty, love+sex, Home, Parenting, Food,Healthy Living, and everything Britney in Entertainment.
Something that caught my eye in a matter of seconds was in the love+sex section of the site. Seems the new fury of young parents have something they call "push play". Now, this could come to mind a plethora of images and ideas, but it is actually what it says. Plopping your child down in front of the t.v. and "push play" so mommy and daddy can get their groove on.
Videos are also listed with running times for suggestions. Any mother knows that a child left alone can magically do anything in the mere blink of an eye. I have seen horror stories on t.v. of children left alone "just for a second". I know that romance is important in a relationship, but is it worth 90 minutes of "Rattatouille" and endangering your child?
Even the 30 minutes that the author, Jason Avant, suggests is the point that his son gets ancy. During that time, a child that age could get into a wonder of danger, just from exploring. We mom's know what toddlers do when they know no one is looking. Wait a second, website-"Shine"; "new search engine for Women". Author of this lovely post, "Jason Avant". No wonder we are talking about plopping toddlers down in front of movies to get a quickie or as Shine calls it "push play".
A man's perspective on a website search geared for women. Hmm, I call that some sort of brainwashing, but you decide for yourself.
I, however, use my awake time to spend with my children, making memories and wearing them out so that they promptly go to sleep on schedule. Yes, there are some nights that everything doesn't run quite so smoothly. They do, however, eventually go to sleep and I have all the time in the world, until I pass out, to have romantic time.
I also do not have to worry about knocks on the door and interruptions.

Would love to hear your feelings on:

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