We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: Nancy Grace Friday 1.30.09 episode video

Nancy Grace covers pre-trial hearing held Friday, including the motions filed by Casey Anthony's defense team,mainly, the motion to recuse the prosecution, which was denied. Nancy also discusses Baez's motion for access to the crime scene, which he was granted as soon as law enforcement and CSI concluded their search, only to have Baez not accept the invitation at that time. A few weeks later, Baez filed a motion for access to discovery of the crime scene, including photos, x-rays, and autopsy photos. Judge Strickland granted Baez access to the photos and media discovery at that hearing with an order that the media would be contained on a secure internet server when sent to experts over the internet. At Friday's hearing, Judge Strickland once again granted Jose Baez access to the crime scene itself. Baez claims he has been unsuccessful in contacting the property owner to access the property on his own.

Baez filed a motion on behalf of Casey's right to waive hearing appearances. Judge Strickland denied the motion, and Casey was ordered to appear at the hearing Friday. The court said "it would use force" if Casey made attempts not to appear in court.
The majority of the show was spent analyzing Casey's "makeover and wardrobe" from her court appearance.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Nancy Grace courtesy: HLN/CNN

Casey Anthony Saga; Dr. Phil's Interview w/Jesse Grund and Drew Peterson's "Future" Fourth Father-in-Law, 1/30/09 video

Dr Phil "Behind The Headlines: Casey Anthony and Drew Peterson"

Apologies again for lapse in posting. I'm still kicking chemo's ass, but it's giving me a run for my money...keep your bets on me, though...LOL

Hopefully, the wait was worth it. I am posting for you the Dr. Phil episode from Friday 1.30.09 which includes Dr. Phil's interview with Jesse Grund AND the father of Drew Peterson's fiance. Nancy Grace and Lisa Bloom, as well as others experts join Dr. Phil on this episode.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

Dr Phil courtesy: CBS/King-World; Harpo Productions

Nancy Grace appears courtesy HLN/CNN; Lisa Bloom appears courtesy TruTV

Friday, January 30, 2009

Casey Anthony Hearing Update: Judge Strickland Denies Baez's Motion To Compel Texas Equusearch Documents

It is now being reported that late this afternoon, Judge Stan Strickland denied the defense's motion to compel Texas Equusearch's records. These records contained information on previous searches, including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the searches, as well as any articles that may have been found during the searches.

Mark NeJame, who once represented the Anthony family, is now representing counsel for Tim Miller, and Texas Equusearch.

Mark NeJame was present at the emergency hearing held today 1/30/09 to counter the motion filed by the defense.

Jose Baez Yet Another Press Conference; Irony of Lamar Lawson's Hispanic Civil Alliance Endorsement

Jose Baez and his client, Casey Anthony

Jose Baez holds yet another impromptu press conference. Baez discusses Casey's appearance and rambles on about the case.

If Casey's appearance is irrelevant to the case, then why did you go to all the trouble to have her dressed professionally? Stop whining Baez and go work on the case. You got what you wanted, you wanted the media attention. You have become another media whore in this entire horrid affair.

Baez seems to be getting better at dealing with the news media than he is performing in court. I, as much as anyone, want Casey to get a "fair trial". Baez, who himself, wanted Casey dressed and not in her jail garb, brushes off questions from the media, as they are paying too much attention as to what Casey is wearing. Jose, take some advise, shut the hell up and prepare your case. I for one am tired of seeing your face and hearing your voice spewing the same garbage each time the microphone is in your face. Your ramblings do you no justice.

I find your comments earlier this week regarding your being the first Hispanic lawyer to defend a case of this magnitude remarkable. You are wanting a pat on the back with one hand and with the other one of your motions today (Motion to Recuse)concerned comments you supposedly made regarding Lawson Lamar and his election, and that you feel were reported to the Florida Bar by the prosecution.

The irony is, stated clearly on Lamar's website, Lawson Lamar won the approval of the Hispanic community by the endorsement of Lawson Lamar by the Hispanic Civil Alliance of Central Florida on Tuesday, July 29, 2008. Clearly after Baez signed on as defense counsel for Casey Anthony.

My thoughts are what does the Hispanic Civil Alliance think of Baez's statements and that he has brought this action against the State's Attorney and the prosecutors on this case?

The article from Lawson Lamar's Blog can be read here

I hope the State of Florida does not need to spend a vast amount of the tax-payers' money for prosecution of such an heinous defendant. However, I do hope they pull out all the stops in order to see that justice for Caylee is served once and for all.
If not for Casey and her egregious ways, this case, as well as Caylee, could have been put to rest several months ago. I surely hope the fact that Casey, while incarcerated, not once, but three times, continued to elude investigators' pleas for her assistance in finding Caylee's body. The entire time Caylee's remains lie, although bagged, yet openly, in the Florida heat, enduring 100 degree plus temperatures, not to mention Hurricane Faye, and numerous bouts of heavy rainfall. Yet, all the while, Casey remained quiet regarding the location of Caylee, giving only the "Zanny the Nanny" kidnapping theory. While investigators and prosecutors built their case, Casey utilized her jail time placing commissary orders of beauty products, name brand water, chocolates and snacks, paid for by donations from people who seem to have a slight bit of empathy for her. Casey has had more money deposited into her account by men and women following the case than her own family.

Although I am for the death penalty, I feel, at times, that sentence would be "an easy out" for Casey. On the other hand, I do not think she has feelings that would hinder her days in prison. I think that Caylee would, if not already, become a distant memory to Casey and something that Casey had nothing to do with period. Casey would more than likely obtain her GED, and proceed to study college courses, possibly gaining a degree. With that said, I feel the death penalty would be sufficient in this case. I think we will have to wait until the trial begins to see what the defense presents and if Casey has the ability to exhibit any morality and true feelings of what has happened. As we saw Friday at the hearing, Casey still has the ability to laugh and smile at the smallest of things. I know in the depths of my heart, if I lost a child, it would be forever and a day before I could muster a half smile, not to mention a laugh.

Casey Anthony: Update on the Emergency Hearing Held Friday 1/30/09

A judge on Friday denied a motion from Casey Anthony's defense attorneys to remove prosecutors from her murder trial but ruled that the defense team can inspect woods where the remains of her slain toddler were found.

VIDEO: Anthony Hearing / Part II / Part III

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony In Court

The motion alleged that someone in the prosecutor's office in Orlando filed a complaint with The Florida Bar against Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, in an effort to interfere with her right to effective counsel. The motion also alleged that the complaint was an attempt to taint a potential jury pool and that the case should be taken from the state attorney's office in Orlando and given to the Office of State Attorney General.

Circuit Judge Stan Strickland ruled there was no evidence that Anthony's rights had been violated.

Anthony attended the pretrial hearing after the judge this week ordered her to appear at all hearings dealing with evidence and witnesses.

Caylee's remains were found in December by a utility worker in woods near where the toddler lived with her mother and grandparents. Anthony has claimed that a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee.

Forensic experts on her defense team have been wanting to examine the woods where the remains were found for weeks, but the property owner has been uncooperative, Baez said. The judge gave the defense team permission to examine the crime scene.

Baez told the judge that he intended to seek a change of venue because of the publicity the case has generated in Orlando. No formal request has been made yet, and both the defense attorney and prosecutor in the case said in court that the trial won't take place until later in the year.
"We want her to have her day in court," Baez said after the hearing. "She is innocent and wants her day in court."

The judge also denied a defense motion to force a search and recovery group to turn over records related to its search for Caylee's remains. Texas Equusearch organized hundreds of volunteers to search areas in Orlando, including an area near where Caylee's remains were eventually found. The defense request also sought records on the volunteers.

An attorney for the search group, Mark NeJame, called the request a "fishing expedition" and told the judge he didn't have jurisdiction to issue a subpoena for the records because the search group was based in Texas, not Florida. None of the volunteer searchers were in the exact spot where Caylee's remains were found, NeJame said.

Casey Anthony: Emergency Hearing Uncut and Images From Court

I must not have been the only one who couldn't tell she had on her JIP's (jail-issued pants) That Casey, always the fashionista, even in jail.

From WESH.com:

Anthony arrived in court in a gray suit, a contrast to recent times when she
arrived in jail garb. Before the hearing began, she smiled and motioned to
several people, but mostly sat without emotion. (Images From Court)

Related Content: Wrap Up Of Hearing /Raw Video: Casey Arrives In Court /Uncut: Casey Anthony Hearing/ Raw Video: Attorneys Discuss Anthony Venue Change

video and images courtesy WESH.com

Casey Anthony: Nancy Grace --Thursday 1/29/09

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

*UPDATE*Casey Anthony: First Look at Hearing Appearace 1/31/09

Casey has appeared in the courtroom for the hearing today. She first entered the courtroom in her schackles, then Baez had her removed then brought back into the courtroom, sans handcuffs and shackles....

Casey is wearing a light grey "business-type" blazer and skirt, with her hair pulled back. Above is a still shot from the hearing.

Casey's appearance was changed, according to Baez, due to "potential jurors" that may be watching these hearings and it is prejudicial against his client, regarding her appearance. In error, Casey was not wearing a skirt, but only a blazer with her county issued pants. On my monitor, at the time Casey sat down, it appeared to be a blazer and skirt business suit. I was also having my port cleaned for my chemo treatment and trying to nudge the nurse out of the way..LOL

Sorry for the "mis-information" and any inconvenience it caused anyone.


Baez has permission to search the crime scene where Caylee's remains were found.

7:51am CST From the hearing: Someone please, at the very least, send Baez a copy of "Black's Law"...... he has a long way to go...

7:55am CST: Linda Kenny-Baden states that the submission of the complaint regarding Lawson Lamar to the Florida Bar was not made until "Defense started filing motions for the best defense of their client"... "When in fact the comment was made back in October of 2008."...
Hmm, Linda, the majority of motions filed by the defense were not made until January of 2009.

8:05am CST: Motion to Recuse Denied.....Prosecutors will remain on the case. Judge Strickland advised Defense Counsel that this was a matter for the Florida Bar and he would not involve himself in the motion.
Change of Venue Motion was discussed briefly. Defense states that the trial may not start until next year and it would be premature at this point to file the venue change motion.
Brad Conway spoke briefly on behalf of George and Cindy Anthony asking Judge Strickland to make his rulings prompt and fair. Baez had also brought up the fact that NeJame who is now representing Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch was once representing counsel for George and Cindy Anthony prior to Brad Conway. Judge Strickland will have his ruling on the documents from Texas Equusearch that Baez is requesting, later this afternoon.
This is a short summary of the hearing. I will post video for those who did not have the opportunity to watch and synopsis of the hearing momentarily.

Casey Anthony Will Appear At Today's Hearing

Hearing will begin @ 8:30 am EST / 7:30 am CST and will be LIVE on WESH.com

Casey Anthony will appear in court for a hearing Friday morning.

WESH Orlando will livestream the hearing on WESH.com. The hearing begins at 8:30 EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

FOX 35 Orlando has livestream as well, now.

With no explanation, Judge Stan Strickland overruled a motion filed by Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, to excuse her from appearing in court.

Strickland is expected to address several issues at today's hearing, including the status of the trial date and the defense's motion to inspect the crime scene.

The state's motions that will be addressed include a motion to strike the witness list.

Another motion was filed on Thursday, this time by attorney Mark NeJame. He is asking the court to toss out a request to have members of Texas EquuSearch appear as defense witnesses. (Texas EquuSearch Motion)

Cindy Anthony had stated that she would attend the hearing, but has since decided not to attend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Casey Anthony Saga: Lies, Murder and Videotape

Part 1 of a 4 part series featuring a collection of clips from the Caylee Marie Anthony homicide case.

This series of videos focuses on the 'Anthony family perspective,' so to speak; therefore most of the clips presented are of Anthony family members directly, or, about a specific family member. The song 'You Are My Sunshine' is used as a theme for these videos for a variety of reasons, foremost because videos of both Caylee and her grandfather singing this song have been released to the public, but also because the world has become so attached to this little girl and the song fits well within this context. There are also other reasons.

These videos do not represent a timeline of the case, rather, they were picked randomly and pieced together in a way that we thought fit what we were trying to present. Additionally, this video is not intended to make anyone appear guilty of any wrong-doing. Editing that leaves the viewer with the impression of unlawful activity by an Anthony family member is purely coincidental and unintended.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

courtesy NifterMedia

"I changed my mind on that, I never changed my mind on that."..Cindy Anthony
"That's not my granddaughter's body in my granddaughters(sic) car."..George Anthony
"I got arrested on a f'n whim today....oh my god, calling you guys, a waste, a huge waste."...Casey Anthony
"Even though Caylee is the best thing and the best mistake, she was a mistake, she was Casey's mistake."...Lee Anthony
"You never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away."..Caylee Anthony
The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping,
I dreamed I held you
Here in my arms.
When I awoke dear,
I was mistaken.
So I hung my head,
And I cried.....
From: "You Are My Sunshine"

Casey Anthony Text Messages -- Greta Discusses Casey's Behavior Behind Them

Greta discusses Casey's text messages from the last batch of released documents. The text messages cover the last few days before Casey was arrested.

Greta VanSusteren courtesy Fox News

Looking Back: Cindy Anthony's First Interview with Greta 7.21.08

Taking a look back to the early days of the case.

This is the first interview Cindy Anthony did with Greta VanSusteren. This must have been the last stop on Cindy's media blitz that day.

Before Greta has a chance to ask her first question, Cindy starts in by saying she is "running out of steam". Cindy does not want to "answer questions" because "she doesn't have the strength". When asked by Greta if Cindy has ever seen Zanny, Cindy replies she "has never seen God, but I know He is there". Greta also mentions the time line and Cindy dances around the question stating that she doesn't know about the timeline and can not think about it at that time.
Cindy continues to say she doesn't have the strength or the time "to answer stupid questions". She only wants to get Caylee's picture "out there".
Keep in mind, this is the beginning of the Cindy we have come to know. This interview was only 6 days after the first 911 call alerting authorities to Caylee's disappearance.
Near the end of the interview, in grand Cindy fashion, Cindy tells Greta that she is out of strength and cannot answer anymore questions, but if Greta wants "sensationalism", Cindy will collapse on to the floor, if Greta wants.

I find it fascinating to re-view these early interviews, hearing and seeing the inconsistencies as well as all of the "mistruths" Cindy has told and to watch her scurry to cover them up.

One last note, in this interview, Greta asks Cindy if Cindy has ever said that Casey has told her what has happened to Caylee. Cindy replies that she does not know and that "her words have been twisted in the media". In the later interview with Greta, where Greta interviews George and Cindy inside their home, Cindy states that she, in fact, does know what transpired with Caylee and she cannot reveal what she knows. (I am posting a link to those videos in the sidebar.)

Another video: "Cindy's Interpretation of "Close to home"

Cindy Reveals Why She Missed Her Court Date with Casey: 8.4.08
Also includes Phil Keating on location in Orlando

CSI returns to Anthony home after initial search 8.6.08

Greta VanSusteren courtesy Fox News
Studio B w/Shepard Smith courtesy Fox News

New: George and Cindy Anthony: "Not Sure of Casey's Innocence" : Nancy Grace 1.28.09

Nancy Grace Wednesday 1.28.09 episode

There is a direct link between the Winnie the Pooh blanket that was found with Caylee Anthony's remains and the Winnie the Pooh bedding at the Anthony home. The plastic toy horse that was also found at the crime scene matches other toy horses at the home as well. Experts discuss the 12x5 area of disturbed soil in the Anthony's back yard and how it pertains to the case. This area of soil was found by investigators during the first search of the Anthony's backyard after Caylee was reported missing. The fight that occurred on Father's Day night between Cindy and Casey is also analyzed.
Nancy discusses these revelations as well as George and Cindy's about face in an upcoming People Magazine article in which they both state that "they are not sure of Casey's innocence...at this point".

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

Casey Anthony: People Magazine to Feature Caylee Cover and Article With Revealing Details

People Magazine's 2.9.09 edition features
Caylee Anthony on the cover and a feature
article on the case and latest developments.

This issue of People Magazine will be available on newsstands Friday, 1.30.09.

As I have previously reported, the Winnie the Pooh blanket that little Caylee's remains were found wrapped in and a plastic toy horse found at the crime scene have been reportedly linked back to Anthony home.

People Magazine's 2.9.09 issue delves into the evidence found at the crime scene, especially the Winnie the Pooh blanket and toy horse, as well as other items recovered.

The article also reports on the Anthony family background and volatile relationship as well as other developments in the case thus far.

Also included in the article is George's state of mental health last week, when he checked into Daytona Beach's Hawaiian Motel:

From the People Magazine article:

On Jan. 22, George Anthony – whose daughter Casey, 22, is scheduled to go on trial in March for the murder of her daughter Caylee – was found by authorities in a Daytona Beach, Fla., motel room after sending suicidal text messages.

To get a sneak peak at the cover and the article:

READ HERE: People Magazine: Caylee Cover and Article

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: Baez Files Another Last Minute Motion--Involving Jesse Grund

Breaking News:

Again, in yet another last minute filing, Casey Anthony’s defense team filed additional new motions in the case.

Attorney Jose Baez wants all of the fingerprint-related evidence and any DNA reports that show Casey’s former fiancĂ© Jesse Grund was not Caylee’s Father. Baez is also requesting material regarding the decomposing hair that was found in the trunk of Casey’s car.

In addition to Baez's motions, the Orange County Corrections Departments also filed a motion. It wants clarification about when Casey Anthony is required to attend court hearings.

There is an ongoing dispute between Baez and Judge Stan Strickland on Casey attending hearings on the case. Strickland previously ruled that Casey Anthony is ordered to be present at all hearings concerning her case. Baez filed a last minute motion Tuesday, stating Strickland's ruling interferes with Casey's right to waive hearing appearances.

Strickland is holding steadfast to his ruling for the time being, stating that he sees this as an attempt for later appeals. In fact, after the case is concluded, and if Casey is found guilty on charges, an ineffective assistance of counsel, or IAC, could be filed immediately concerning this matter.

This story is just breaking and the motion is not available at this time. When it becomes available, it will be posted.

Funeral For Caylee At Jail Only A Rumor

Reports started circulating that the Anthony family was planning to hold a memorial service for Caylee at the Orange County jail so their daughter, Casey, could attend.

Due to her criminal charge status, Casey is not eligible to leave the premises to attend her daughter Caylee's funeral. The same daughter that Casey is being charged with first degree murder of.

Reports swirled Tuesday that plans were in the works to hold the funeral service at the jail so that Casey could grieve along with her family. In order for Casey to attend a funeral service at another location, Casey would have to petition the court in order to obtain special privilege to attend the funeral service. Even then, she could be denied due to her pending charges. As of this posting, Casey nor her attorney, Jose Baez, has filed any motion on the matter.

Despite some reports, a jail spokesperson told WFTV today, that no one in the Anthony family has ever asked to hold a memorial there.

Even if they did, the jail spokesperson said, the answer would likely be "no." It's against jail policy.

Again, due to Casey's charge, she is ineligible to leave the premises without special permission from the court.

Casey Anthony Saga: State Drops Investigation of Baez--PR Firm Lashes Out At Media

From WFTV website: (original story by WFTV Baez and Black refers to is below)

Baez PR Firm Issues Scathing Release After State Drops Investigation
The following release was emailed to WFTV by Press Corp Media on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 27, 2009:

The Florida Bar made the right decision by throwing out the absolutely ridiculous whining complaint by the State Attorney - just as with this communication Press Corps Media was solely responsible for a Media Release offering the observation that the only reason a grand jury was convened (at the time that it did) was because of the elections this past November. The State Attorney knew very well that attorney Jose Baez never made such a statement, but also knew that Press Corps Media is not under the thumb of the Florida Bar, so they decided to try to attack a totally innocent individual. Mr. Baez didn't deserve that, just as he hasn't deserved the filthy personal attacks by various media.
Orlando Channel 9 is the Poster Child for the "Deterioration of Journalism" and it's not surprising to see that station so quickly bury a POSITIVE story about Mr. Baez on their web site, but other media outlets are not exempt from their negative reporting, and shameless personal attacks.
In our 34 years of working with attorneys on high pressure cases, never have we witnessed such disgusting media conduct, and as Press Corps Media continues its proud work in behalf of The Baez Law Firm on Casey Anthony matters, all we can hope for is that reporters and News Directors try to remember that ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM is what was taught in journalism school, not blood-thirsty ratings. You have a child's life lost, you have another young adult life awaiting a serious trial, and you have a loyally dedicated and smart attorney that all deserve consideration and respect.
Thank you,
Todd Black PMK
Original Story Ran By WFTV News 1/22/09:
Eyewitness News has uncovered details of two investigations by the Florida Bar Association into Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez. One involves how Baez advertised himself and the other deals with making false statements against public officials.
Casey Anthony's defense team has sent out dozens of media releases throughout the case and some include accusations against the state attorney and prosecutors. Sources tell Eyewitness News it may be a violation of Florida Bar rules and now Jose Baez could get in trouble with the Bar.
VIDEO REPORT: Baez Under Investigation/BAEZ SPEAKS: Complains About Media Coverage
The Bar has confirmed it has two open investigations. The first involves Jose Baez's PR firm, Press Corp Media, run by Todd Black. In the past, Baez's spokesperson has released statements to the media about State Attorney Lawson Lamar and prosecutors.
In one release, it states, "Lawson Lamar is facing tough opposition and having a missing baby is a perfect springboard for free commercial time." Another release states, "The prosecution has manipulated and shamelessly used the media in the reporting of false distorted … evidence."
Sources told Eyewitness News officials are looking into whether or not Baez violated a rule that states lawyers can't make false statements about judges or legal officials.
The second investigation deals with Baez possibly violating advertising rules, where he claimed to have more credentials and experience than he really did.
The two complaints are in addition to an informal complaint made to the State Attorney's Office. Sources told Eyewitness News there are allegations that Baez maybe using entertainment deals to fund his defense team.
On Wednesday, Baez denied that (watch full press conference).
"To be honest, I have been a target of numerous complaints," Baez said in an early evening news conference Wednesday. "They're just people's wild accusations and the Florida Bar has to investigate them."
WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said, if the Bar found probable cause, Baez would probably only receive a letter of advisement. The spokesperson for the State Attorney's Office would not confirm or deny if the complaint came from them.

Casey Anthony Saga: Baez Files Motion to Recuse-Wants Prosecution Removed From Case

Jose Baez files a last minute Motion to Recuse the Prosecution from the Casey Anthony case.

**Update to previous story**

Casey Anthony's defense team has filed an emergency motion asking the court to throw prosecutors off the case (read it).

Casey's attorney, Jose Baez, filed the motion, a "Motion to Recuse", Tuesday night accusing the prosecution of violating Casey's 6th Amendment right to counsel of her choice.

The motion stems from the fact that someone in the State Attorney's Office made a complaint to the Florida Bar Association about Jose Baez. Baez says the complaint violated Casey's rights.
The defense is accusing prosecutors of trying to taint Baez with complaints to the Florida Bar and interfering with Casey's defense.

Jose Baez' emergency motion, that was filed before the Orange County courthouse closed, says the state attorney's complaint was egregious and prejudicial.
Baez wants the judge to put prosecutors on the stand to answer his questions.

Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says it's not going to happen (watch raw interview).

"In this particular case, not only did the State Attorney's Office have a right to bring this to the Bar's attention, it had a duty," Sheaffer said.

Baez also wants the judge to order prosecutors to produce all communications involving the complaint.

"Like two school children out in the playground having a fight with one another, tit for tat," Sheaffer said.

Since the motion was filed so late in the day, there has been no response from the State Attorney's Office or from the judge.

The Florida Bar cleared Baez for his public relations firms' remarks about prosecutors. His public relations firm would not comment on the emergency motion.

Click to see the motion in PDF format.

VIDEO REPORT: Baez Files Motion

copy of motion courtesy WFTV

Casey Anthony: Baez Emergency Hearing To Remove Prosecutors From Case / Nancy Grace 1.27.09 video

Nancy Grace Tuesday 1.27.09 episode:

Nancy Grace reports on Baez's Emergency Motion Hearing held late Tuesday afternoon to attempt to have the prosecution removed from the case.
Also discussed, the absurdity of the Anthony's wanting to hold a private funeral service behind bars so that Casey may "grieve with the family". Additional information on the Caylee Doll and the manufacturer's choice to pull the plug on the sale of the doll.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

video courtesy: Nancy Grace HLN/CNN

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jose Baez Files Motion To Keep Casey Anthony From Hearings, Despite Judge's Ruling

Casey Anthony's lawyers have filed an objection asking the court to allow her to skip future court hearings (read objection).
Earlier this month, a judge ruled Casey must appear for all future court hearings in her case (read judge's ruling).

DOCUMENT: Baez Objects To Casey In Court

Casey and her lawyers will be back in court Friday to ask the judge several things, including to order the owner of the property where Caylee's remains were found to let them in to inspect the area (read motion).

Jose Baez's most recently filed document lists several reasons Casey's defense team believes Casey has the right not to attend court hearings as ordered by Judge Stan Strickland.

Baez submitted, as part of the objection, a "Waiver of Defendant's Appearance" signed by Casey Anthony on January 26. This document basically waives Casey's right to appear in court during hearings on motions and pre-trial hearings, and that she gives Baez, her attorney, the benefit to act in her best interest in the courtroom.

Baez's Motion to Keep Casey OUT OF Court against Judge Strickland's orders for Casey to be present at each hearing.

Anthony Attorney Says Lee Anthony May Soon Face Charges

Lee Anthony Could Soon Be Facing Obstruction Charges

Lee Anthony’s attorney is speculating that his client may be charged in connection with his actions while his niece, Caylee Anthony, was missing.
Casey Anthony, Lee Anthony’s sister, is charged with Caylee’s murder. Caylee was 2 when she was reported missing in July. Her remains were found near the Anthony family home in December.

Lee's attorney, Tom Luka, said the fact that Lee Anthony has not received a subpoena to testify could signal that the state may be looking to file charges against him. If he was subpoenaed, anything he said at a hearing could not be used against him in subsequent criminal charges.

"There were a number of instances where he was acting on behalf of his sister, or on behalf of law enforcement, that now could be seen as something less than benign or could be seen as hindering the investigation instead of assisting it," Luka said.
Luka said he fears his client may be charged with obstruction of justice or evidence tampering.

Lee Anthony has also been under other family related stresses, his attorney said.
"He’s struggling with the grief of the death of his niece, he is struggling with the fact that his sister, who he is very close to, is in jail and facing life in prison," Luka said. "He is facing the fact that the economic situation in his house is not the best."
Lee Anthony has been working 18-hour days arranging parking areas for the Super Bowl. He also moved home to save money on rent.

Jose Baez Files Motions For Sanctions Against State in Casey Anthony Case

Jose Baez Files Motions For Sanctions Against State For Withholding Evidence

Jose Baez, filed new court documents Monday morning.

The documents asked for unspecified sanctions against the state for failing to furnish the defense team with evidence from two experts in the case.
Excerpts from the Motion For Sanctions: (click to enlarge)

So Baez is basically saying he was not aware of evidence being sent to the "Body Farm" - laboratories in Oak Ridge, Tennessee........ umm okay. I was aware of that, were you not aware of that? Guess Baez missed that memo.
In reference to #12; the media obtained the discovery records under the "sunshine law". In order to do so, Baez had already been given the results and all the documents. So the media obtained the documents a day after Baez received them -- Baez received 1.20.09. It is his duty to request evidence from the prosecution. No one is to blame but Baez and/or his firm for not requesting the discovery, in this matter, the forensics reports, from the prosecution sooner than he did. Seems to me Baez needs to take a refresher course instead of "teaching" at FAMU.

Motion for Sanctions filed by Baez on Monday, 1.26.09 in its entirety--pdf form

Casey Anthony Is Hoping for Private Funeral Service Behind Bars

George Anthony remains hospitalized today from his attempted suicide last week, however, it is business as usual at the Anthony home.
It is being reported late this afternoon, there are plans in the works that would allow Casey special privilege to hold Caylee's funeral at the same jail where Casey is currently incarcerated on charges for Caylee's death.

Caylee Anthony

Brad Conway, George and Cindy Anthony's attorney, said Tuesday that he is negotiating a private service for Caylee that includes a jailhouse family reunion with Casey Anthony.

The couple's lawyer said he hopes to find out by the end of the week if the Anthony's will be able to reunite with Casey Anthony behind bars to grieve the child she is charged with killing.

George and Cindy Anthony have been waiting for and have been working on plans for a private service for their granddaughter, Caylee.

Attorney Tom Luka, a lawyer for Casey Anthony's brother, Lee, said the hope is for “some sort of reunification with the family, the whole family, Casey included, so they can grieve and say goodbye together".

Orange County corrections officials state that due to the "life felony charges" Anthony is facing, policy would prohibit her leaving the jail for any service. Brad Conway says they're trying to hammer out details for a private service behind bars.

“We are trying to work with the jail,” said attorney Brad Conway, who represents grandparents George and Cindy Anthony.

If there have been talks to reunite the Anthony's behind bars, the jail is not confirming them.

"No such request has been received by Orange County Corrections," spokesman Allen Moore said. "It is highly unlikely such a request would be granted."

Meanwhile the Anthony's are finalizing plans to hold a larger memorial service for Caylee to which the public would be invited to attend. According to their lawyer the goal is to announce that date on Wednesday.

Casey Anthony Voo-doo Doll Hits Ebay; Caylee Doll Not For Sale

Casey Anthony Voo-doo Doll

On the same day that a Jacksonville-based company announced that it was suspending the launch of its controversial Caylee Anthony-inspired doll, three voodoo dolls of Casey Anthony were being sold on eBay.

The Casey Anthony voodoo dolls were being auctioned with a starting bid of $19.99 for two of them and $29.99 for another.

One of the dolls is accompanied by handcuffs, a Bible and white sunglasses.

A description of the voodoo dolls said they were made by a New Orleans artist, who is "a studied, practiced and (renowned) spiritual healer, gemologist and jeweler." The artist also "engages in healing and spiritual craftmaking and in designing and manufacturing (spiritual) and (unique) jewel crafts (emphasis on voodoo dolls and dreamcatchers)."

Related: Watch The Video

Showbiz Promotions Ends Sale of Inspirational Caylee Doll Before It Begins

Meanwhile, public outcry played a role in halting the sale of a Caylee doll.

In a press release on cayleedoll.com, Showbiz Promotions President Jaime Salcedo said:

"It was our intention to begin the sale of the Sunshine Caylee Doll at 12:00 p.m. January 27, 2009. As we mentioned to the media in our press release it was very important that we allow the press to present our idea to the public first, in an effort to measure the reaction to our fund raising efforts. As the story developed we also announced that we would be donating 100% of the profits to charity. However, after reviewing the response to our media introduction of the Sunshine Caylee Doll and listening to the advice of the general public. We feel that is it best to suspend the launch of The Sunshine Caylee Doll.

"While we still feel it is important to raise awareness and raise money to help stop this type of crime from being committed. We feel we can be more effective using more traditional methods.

"We would like to (thank) everyone who made comments or called us to express their opinion."

On Monday, the company listed the doll on its Web site for about $30.

The doll has blond hair, stands 18 inches tall and wears a white T-shirt and blue jeans. The company said it purposely did not create the doll in Caylee's likeness.

The doll plays the song "You Are My Sunshine" when you push its belly button, a song that Caylee was seen singing on a home video released shortly after she was declared missing.

Showbiz Promotions said it has no relation to the Anthony family, and that it would not get involved in the legal aspect of the case against Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony Saga: Revised Witness List 1.27.09

Revised Witness List 1.27.09

A new witness list has been filed by the prosecution in the case against Casey Anthony.

The state filed the witness list Monday morning. It includes the names of more than 140 potential witnesses, including Zenaida Gonzalez and several members of Anthony’s extended family. Below are the names from the state witness list in the Casey Anthony case.

Debbie Abney, FDLE agent

Deputy Adrianna M. Acevedo, Orange County Sheriff’s office

Vicky Aleman

Sgt. John Allen, Orange County Sheriff’s Office\

Victoria Alveron\

Karen Angel, Dora Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Mount Dora, where Casey Anthony’s grandfather lived.

Cynthia Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, Caylee Anthony’s grandmother

George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, Caylee Anthony’s grandfather.

Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s brother.

John Azzilonna

Marlene Baker, Orange County Corrections

Deputy Charity R. Beasley, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Simon Birch, works at wrecker company that towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Simon Gerardo Bloise, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Geraldo Bolin, FBI.

Rosanna Bonilla, Orlando

Troy Brown, Orlando

Brian Burner, neighbor of Cindy and George Anthony who loaned shovel to Casey Anthony.

Michael Burnett, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Alina Burroughs, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Melina Calabrese, Orlando

Cameron Campena, Orlando.

Deputy Sandra G. Cawn, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Ann Marie Chase

John Phillip Chat, Orlando.

Kristina Chester, friend of Casey Anthony.

David D. Clarke, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Danny Colamarino, works at tattoo parlor that Casey Anthony visited.

Jean Couty, Orlando.

Dee Crawford, Event Imaging Solutions Group.

Matthew Crisp

Kiomarie Cruz

Jonathan Daly, Works at tattoo parlor that Casey Antony visited.

Sean Daly, from tattoo parlor that Casey Anthony visited

Kelly Deguzman, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Tanya DePalmo, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Christopher Dillon, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Iasse Donov, Orlando.

Annie Dowling

George Duke, MBI.

Deputy Ryan Eberlin, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Eric Edwards, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Melissa England, Boston.

Michael Erickson, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Jay Ferrell

Deputy Rendon Fletcher, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Elizabeth Fontaine, FBI

Deputy Jason Forgey, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas Galaida, Tom’s Auto Repair.

Wendy Gallant, Tom;s Auto Repair, Casselberry.

Harry Garcia, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Rich Garrad, Carlson Restaurants, Texas.

Lauren Gibbs, Orlando.

David Glasgow, Oak Ridge National Labiratory.

Zenaida Gonzalez, woman whose name Casey Anthony used as Caylee’s nanny.

Jessie Grund, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend.

Richard Grund, Orlando.

Mark Hawkins, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Susan Hempfield, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffrey Hopkins II, identified in police report as former high school classmate of Casey Anthony who ran into her in late June.

Jeffrey and Melissa Hopkins, Jeffrey II’s parents.

Reginald Hosey, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Roy House

Amy Huizenga, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Mark Hussey, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Commander Matthew Irwin, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Kispert, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Maria Kissh

Mike Kozak, Orlando.

Deputy Kevin Kraubetz, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Anthony Lazzaro, recently Casey Anthony’s boyfriend.

Ricardo Lee, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Anne Lennington, from nursing home where Casey Anthony’s father was.

Nicole Lett, from wrecker company that towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Nathan Lezniewicz, Winter Park.

Karen Korsberg Lowe, FBI

Dannielle Lucey-Austin

Amanda Macklin, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Tom Manderville, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Peter Marino, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Madhavi Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Awilda McBryde, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Joy McCabe, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

William McCoy, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Steven John McElyea, FBI.

Shelly Meade, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Samara Melich, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Yuri Melich, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Dennis Moonsammy, Orange County Corrections.

Officer William Moore, Orlando Police Department.

Ricardo Morales, dated Casey Anthony.

Dawn Murray, state Dept. of Children & Families.

Christine Narkiewicz, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Custodian of 911 Calls, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Custodian of Records of Johnson’s Wrecker Service, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Custodian of Records of AT&T Wireless.

Custodian of Records, Brighthouse.

Custodian of Records, Blockbuster Video.

Custodian of Records, Gentiva Health

Cary Oien, FBI.

Mallory Parker, Orlando.

Ryan Pasley

Teddy Pieper

Rick Plesea

Shirley Plesea

William Procknow, State Dept. Of Children & Families.

Jamie Realander, Oviedo

Melissa Remy, FDLE

Michael Rickenbach, FBI

Gary Ridgeway, Johnson’s Wrecker, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Pedro Rivera, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Dorothy A. Rivera, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Kari Roderick, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Anthony Rusciano, Orlando.

Dante Salah

Deputy Michael Salamat, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Dante Salati, Orlando.

Katherine Sanchez, Amscot

Nicholas Savage, FBI.

Brittany Schieber

Deputy Michael Seagraves, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Sigman, UCF

Renee Simpson, Valencia Community College.

Deputy David Spall, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Kevin Stenger, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Christopher Stutz, Orlando.

Catherine Theisen, FBI.

Dianne Tighe, Colorvision

Bryan Tittle, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Dave Turner, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Leonard Turtora, where Casey Anthony said she worked.

Arpad Vass, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Michael Vincent, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

William Waters, Orlando.

Deputy Appling Wells, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Jerold White, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Lance White

Bobby Lee Williams

Deputy Ryan Williams, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Mark Wise, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Casey Anthony Saga: Nancy Grace 1.26.09 episode video

Nancy Grace: Monday 1.26.09 episode

Nancy continues to discuss the Casey Anthony case, including Ricardo Morales and Jose Baez wanting to use the "chloroform" picture from Ricardo's myspace page in Casey's defense. Jose says that Casey and Ricardo were still dating during the time of the "chloroform searches" on the Anthony computer. Perhaps alluding to the fact that Morales was the person doing the searches for chloroform.

See picture here: Morales' chloroform picture

The Ricardo Morales Story: Story Here

Also discussed is George's recovery, and the manufacture of "The Inspirational Caylee Doll". Jamie Salcedo, president of Showbiz Promotions is Nancy's guest. He attempts to dispel any rumors that the company and/or the doll is a scam, and that in fact, the doll is a "tribute" to Caylee Anthony. (Just a "co-winky-dink the doll's name is Caylee)

see Previous Posting referring to Caylee Doll

Nancy also discusses John Travolta's family $25 million extortion plot.

part 1:


part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

video courtesy: Nancy Grace HLN/CNN

Monday, January 26, 2009

Caylee Doll Being Manufactured..Casey Can Profit From Sales

A doll resembling Caylee Anthony is being manufactured for sale. Casey Anthony, believe it or not, is eligible to profit from the sale of these dolls. But wait, there's more. The company, manufacturing and selling the dolls, Showbiz Promotions, is being investigated by the Florida Attorney General. The president of Showbiz Promotions is Jamie Salcedo.

Inspirational Caylee Doll (click picture for website)

Showbiz Promotions is selling a doll that bears a resemblance to murdered 3 year old Caylee Anthony. Although it has blond hair, however, the doll is named "The Inspirational Caylee Doll"

From the site:

The Caylee Sunshine Doll sings the song that every child
has in their heart..."PLEASE DON"T TAKE MY SUNSHINE AWAY"...

The sweet little outfit & hat that the Caylee Sunshine Doll wears reflects the
personality of a child that was full of adventure, humor & fun. The twinkle
in her eyes & smile on her face was contagious to all that had the good
fortune to know her.

You can receive the doll for $29.99, with "a major part of that" going to charity. The representative for the company could not name any charities or organizations that would benefit from the sale of the doll. He would say that the major non profit organization, "The National Center For Exploited and Missing Children" WOULD NOT be partaking in the sale nor receiving profits from the sale of the doll.

Legal analysts on the Nancy Grace show tonight stated that Casey Anthony could profit from the sale of doll- up until- and if - she is convicted of the crime of which she is charged, first degree murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. However, a motion can be filed to halt Casey from profiting from proceeds of the doll.

Something not mentioned on the show tonight is that this very company is being actively investigated by the Florida Attorney General.

click to enlarge

Disclaimer from the CayleeDoll site:

DISCLAIMER: The Inspirational Caylee Doll is a fictional character. It's use is not intended to harm anyone living or dead. It is a novelty character and a tribute to Caylee Anthony. It is a symbol for all children taken from this world prematurely. The Inspirational Caylee Doll is being used to bring awareness to missing and exploited children around the world. Any similarities or likeness to Caylee Anthony are false. The image of the Caylee Doll used on our website is an exact representation of the Caylee Sunshine Doll. CayleeDoll.com is not affiliated with Caylee Anthony, her relatives, or the National Center for Missing or Exploited Children, nor do we make any claim thereof. The distribution of donations to any charity is done so at the discretion of CayleeDoll.com. All names, characters, images and logos on this site are protected by copyright, and other Intellectual Property Right laws. All rights in the products and creations are owned by CayleeDoll.com. For more information please visit our About page.

Copyright 2009 – CayleeDoll.com – All Rights Reserved

The website does not seem to be "an offical" internet marketing page, for the purposes of product sales. It appears to actually be a "blog" such as my own, set up and maintained through "Blogger.com". The blog author has set their publishing criteria though Blogger to direct users to their "own domain": i.e. "CayleeDoll.com", which drops the "blogspot.com" extension. Blogger does allow bloggers the ability to use this function without having to pay for a domain site, although, the blog is still powered by and is adherent to Blogger guidelines. Look for the "B" in the orange box which is known as a flavicon, in the address to the Cayleedoll.com page. This indicates the site is a Blogger site. While Blogger.com is a reputable domain and website, the website for the Caylee Doll is nothing more than a blog site set up for the not so legal sale of a reprehensible product.

You can visit the website here . Go to the "About us" section to view the exact address and company name as listed above in the consumer investigation.

Again, the president is Jamie Salcedo with Showbiz Promotions.

George Anthony To Remain Under Medical Watch *update*

George could have been released earlier today as the 72 hours under the Baker Act have expired. However, George will remain at the Halifax Medical Center for further evaluation. George may be transferred to another medical treatment center, one closer to Orange County, later this week. (See Video Below)

In my opinion, the farther he is away from Cindy, the further his recovery will take him. ( I love using that analogy).. She is wanting to plan the funeral and memorial for Caylee and announce a date this week. Brad Conway seems to think as soon as George gets back to a "sense of normalcy" he will be "okay".

I have never and pray I will never have to walk in this family's shoes. I can only speak from my own life experience with suicide, as well as attempted suicide; and also on the topic of the sudden death of a loved one. Recovery takes time and patience. To regain a sense of "normalcy" differs for each person. The Anthony family never knew "normalcy" form what we can gather.

Hospital reps will not be giving any further updates today on George's condition.

George also, on top of his own mental and medical issues, still has to cope with the loss of his granddaughter and her burial, his monster murderer daughter, not o mention Cindy. The last thing George needs right now is to be applying for a job.

There are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, then acceptance. This family seems to still be in the denial stage. Again, the time until acceptance varies for everyone.

video courtesy: WKMG

Casey Anthony: Nancy Grace on The View 1.26.09

Nancy Grace visits the ladies of The View and discusses the Casey Anthony case, George's hospitalization, and her thoughts on the case. Video limited to clip of Nancy Grace only.

The View: courtesy ABC / Nancy Grace appears courtesy HLN/CNN

Lee Anthony: OCSO Investigators Have Hard Questions For Casey's Brother

Investigators are back on the Casey Anthony case. Some of the same investigators that responded to the aid of George Anthony's health crisis are back to asking questions regarding his son, Lee Anthony. Investigators have hard questions for Lee and his knowledge of Caylee's disappearance.

From WESH Orlando:

George Anthony Update Monday 1.26.09

On Monday, George Anthony remains hospitalized, continuing medical and psychiatric treatment at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. Brad Conway reports that George will be re-evaluated today, although Brad's feelings are that George needs to remain in-patient, to continue to receive the medical help he desperately needs.

Brad also added that a date for Caylee's Funeral and Memorial may be announced at some time this week.

The following is a video report from NBCs Today Show on Monday morning.

*UPDATE* Nancy Grace on The View Monday Discussing the Casey Anthony Case

original post: 9:30 am 1.26.09

Nancy Grace will be a guest on today's episode of "The View" on ABC.

Nancy will be discussing Caylee Anthony and the case against Casey.

I will try to have the video up later if you happen to miss.

UPDATE: video added in above posting 1/26/09 @ 1:30pm; also see comment regarding Dr. Phil below.

(Also joining the ladies is Gov. Rod Blagojevich)
Will be an interesting show to say the least....


Not pertaining to the Anthony case:
I do have the video of Gov. Blagojevich's interview with Barbara and the ladies if anyone is interested. If you would like me to post on this posting, please leave a comment.
If you are up to date with what has been going on involving Blagojevich and his wife and the alleged "selling of Obama's Senate Seat".. it was a rather interesting interview with Barbara Walters and then Blagojevich took the couch with Whoopie, Joy and Sherrie. (Elizabeth was absent today, thank goodness.) Again, I do not mind posting to this blog posting if anyone so desires...just leave me a comment. :)


Update on Dr. Phil: The interview with Jesse Grund was not on Dr. Phil today, as was announced last week. When I find out a correct day, I will post. Sorry for any inconvenience, although, I do not see anyone being inconvenienced by my mishap with Dr. Phil..?! LOL

Also, Dr. Phil will air his interview with Jesse Grund on Monday's show.

(Phil's a little behind...but wanted to pass it on to you...)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baez To File Motion For Additional Information Regarding Casey's "Ex"- Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Morales

The attorney for Casey Anthony filed a motion late Friday afternoon seeking more information about an ex-boyfriend of his client's who posted a picture on MySpace that showed a man and woman with the title "win her over with chloroform."
SEE PICTURE: Morales' "Chloroform" Picture From Myspace
Jose Baez wants prosecutors to turn over information about Ricardo Morales, including details about a forensic examination conducted on his computer.
In the more than 3,000 pages of discovery turned over by the state to Anthony's defense team, it was revealed that detectives questioned Morales at least twice.
In the second interview, which occurred in October, Morales said he dated Anthony from January through mid-April, two months before Caylee was last seen alive.
Morales told detectives he posted the chloroform picture on his MySpace page around the beginning of 2008. It was sometime after that when someone did a search for the word "chloroform" on the home computer of George and Cindy Anthony, where Casey Anthony lived with Caylee.
A short time later, Morales and Casey Anthony broke up.
When Morales was asked about the photo, he told detectives it was "kind of funny."
He did not remove the photo from the MySpace page until after Casey Anthony was arrested.
Forensic teams found trace amounts of chloroform in Casey Anthony's car.
Casey was also known to use "Rico", or other variations of "Ricardo" as computer passwords.
Morales also told detectives that Casey Anthony had access to his computer when she was at his apartment. His laptop was analyzed, and detectives noted that "there was nothing incriminating on his computer", although, "it appeared some files had been deleted" the same day it was turned over to detectives.
Author's note: The files appeared to have been "deleted" due to a scheduled computer "internet history delete", which is common with users. When this is performed, it can appear as though deletions have been made in the allocated files. The forensics investigator found the scheduled "clearing of internet history" and it was determined the files were not manually deleted before Morales' computer was turned over to investigators .
Baez said he wants to determine if the evidence is incriminating, so he filed the motion, which could be heard as early as Friday.
Morales told detectives that he never had a conversation with Casey Anthony about chloroform nor did he recall her ever asking about chloroform or the image on his MySpace page.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: George Anthony Update and Legal Analyst Speaks On The Case *video*

Footage from Headline News regarding George Anthony. Also former prosecutor, legal analyst, Mark Eiglarsh gives his assessment on the case against Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony Saga: Video Shows Gas Cans With Duct Tape From Anthony Garage

This picture, taken from video footage dated August 6, 2008, shows the Anthony's garage containing the gas can with a piece of duct tape across the top of the can. This can is supposedly one of the gas cans Casey took from the Anthony home in late June. (See video below)

It is also one of two gas cans George reported to OCSO as stolen in June, but before it was known Caylee was missing.

After Caylee was reported missing, law enforcement seized the cans.

Reports now say that the tape may be a match to the duct tape found on Caylee's remains.

Watch: Video showing gas cans with duct tape from 8/6/08, courtesy Local 6 Orlando.

Also contained in this video from August 6, 2008, is a report concerning the paternity of Caylee and the connection to Jesus Ortiz.

video courtesy Local 6 Orlando

Jose Baez Hired By Florida Law School To Teach

From WFTV Orlando website:

Casey Anthony's attorney has faced plenty of criticism in the case for forgetting the judge's jurisdiction and for improperly filing court motions. Eyewitness News has now learned Jose Baez has been hired by FAMU law school (Florida A&M University) to teach up-and-coming lawyers.

VIDEO REPORT: FAMU Law Hires Jose Baez

Florida A&M University

Baez is not teaching freshmen, he's teaching upper-level classes how to get ready for trial.
Jose Baez passed the bar exam just three years ago. He has already confused jurisdiction and botched a motion in the Casey Anthony case. Now, he's teaching law students at FAMU.

"How's it going so far?" WFTV reporter Sean Lavin asked FAMU College of Law Dean Leroy Pernell.

"I don't know yet. We've only been in session since here for a couple weeks at best," he said.
Baez is also under Florida Bar investigation over allegations he spread false statements about the prosecutors.

"If he's being investigated by the Bar, there's a reason why, and they're supposed to be setting examples for us," FAMU law student Chris Hancock said.

The law school's Dean did not even know about the Bar investigation until Eyewitness News told him.

"Are you guys going to stay on top of it and see how it comes out and review it?" Lavin asked Pernell.

"Well, I think with any teacher or instructor, if there are matters that occur that would interfere with experience of students in course, we'll monitor that and take appropriate steps," he said.

Pernell said he will take no action until the investigation is over. That means Baez will keep teaching at FAMU and will earn $4,500 per semester.

Even though students were told not to talk to Eyewitness News, several said Baez has hired FAMU students to help him work on the Anthony case outside of the classroom.

Eyewitness News was unable to reach Baez for comment.

Casey Anthony Saga: Rant Posting

It is being reported that Cindy and Brad Conway visited with George during visiting hours last night.

I am not fond of how news reports are suggesting that George was "taken into custody", implying he was arrested. George was in fact taken into custody, although it was "protective custody" under the Baker Act. He was involuntarily placed under medical watch for his own safety.

Also, reports that Cindy nor Lee have not visited with George as if they could not find the time and have no intention to visit, are getting under my skin as well. Everyone knows my feelings on Cindy, however, I have consistently had some empathy for George.

Cindy's statement that she "sent George out to pick out jewelry for Caylee's funeral"....WTF?? Are you serious, Cindy? What did you think that would do to the man? And why the hell were you not the one picking out the jewelry for your granddaughter? The fact that Cindy would even admit to the public that she sent George on such a task is unbelievable to me. As if she is so distraught that she can not pick the jewelry out herself? I am sorry, in all honesty, "jewelry" is the last thing Caylee needs right now. And why purchase jewelry when you have intentions of "cremation"? In my opinion, Cindy needs psychiatric treatment more than George. George should have gotten away from Cindy and Casey a long time ago. As we have "read", however, I have the impression that he stayed for Caylee. Caylee was the glue that held this family together. Caylee was the "fun" in the dysfunction of this family. Without Caylee, they have lost their way and fallen apart. George has literally seen his entire family disintegrate before his eyes.

I hope Casey is reveling in what she has accomplished in ripping her family apart. I believe that was her intent the entire time. A game she and Cindy played that began long ago-'who can out do the other to hurt the family'. Casey has become the "Mommie Dearest" of all time and she learned from the best, Cindy.
Don't forget the fact that Casey told Amy not too long ago that George had a heart attack so she could get out of helping Amy with an errand. Casey even sent texts appearing to be at the hospital with George and stated "he gave us a scare". The mere fact that it could be a year, or longer, before this trial even starts boils my blood.

Cindy is not my favorite person, and in no form or fashion to defend her, but there could have been reason that she did not immediately report to the hospital. That is not to say she was not in contact via phone with George or the medical personnel. George may have been undergoing treatment and tests which prevented anyone from visiting. Also, from my own knowledge, when one is placed into psychiatric care, family can only visit during visiting hours. Not to isolate the patient from family, but to stabilize the patient and allow them to receive the proper care and treatment from medical experts. It also gives the patient time for privacy and permits them to speak with therapists without outside influence.

None of us can imagine what this family is having to endure. The tension inside that house has to be unbearable. I feel George was wanting "help" and not to intentionally take his life. If George wanted to "be with Caylee", and I say this with my own beliefs, by taking his own life, he would not have been re-united with her. This is where any religion reference ends.

I agree that George was reaching out for help. As he told the Daytona officer, he has no one to speak to regarding his true feelings. It has to be a nightmare George is living. Compound that with the revelations of the case, media scrutiny, the investigation itself, and then add Cindy on top. I believe that is why we saw a different side to George in the released FBI interview videos. George did not have Cindy beside him, giving him her jeering looks, and coaxing him as to what to say. He was open and upfront with the investigators, almost relaxed. Quite the opposite with Cindy's interview with the same FBI investigators. We continued to see the cold heartiness of which she consistently portrays. It is pitiable that one can not feel sympathy for her.

Cindy is a mother and a grandmother that has lost her dear, beautiful granddaughter. In the last video of Caylee with her "PaPa", that Cindy filmed on Father's Day, a small glimpse can be "heard" of Cindy, in how she lovingly speaks to her father and to Caylee. It is a small glimpse, but it is there. There is no doubt that she loved Caylee, none at all. Casey, I believe, turned Cindy into a bitter, hatred woman. If not Casey, something had to have happened many years ago to cause Cindy such bitterness.

I do not like to speculate into other people's lives. Perhaps it is from my education, whatever it is, it doesn't take a college degree to see the severed dynamic of this family.

George undoubtedly wanted help. Someone to "listen", or someone to just give a damn. I am thankful he did not succeed in his intentions. As I stated before, I hope George receives all the medical resources he needs. This will never be put behind him, but I hope that with treatment, and counseling, George will have the capability to cope with what has happened and what is yet to come.

Those that are intent on ending their lives unfortunately do not reach out; they do not call attention to themselves, and in most cases, they do not leave long, detailed messages. To take the time to do so, would give the suicidal person an opportunity to change their mind. Those that are intent on suicide withdraw and go quietly. A very selfish act, yes. In doing so, it is leaving those behind to wonder what they could have done and what signs they missed. They also leave behind family and friends that continue to love and miss them and grieve for years to come.

George Anthony: Nancy Grace Episode From Friday 1.23.09 video

Friday's episode of Nancy Grace 1.23.09

Nancy reports on George Anthony and the events leading up to his hospitalization.
Casey has again managed to rip apart another life. Thankfully, George was found in time and I pray he receives the treatment he needs.

Again, apologies for the time lapse in posting. Not recovering too quickly from yesterday's treatment. I have assistance today, and updates regarding the case will be posted.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

Nancy Grace courtesy: HLN/CNN

Remember Caylee

Song: "Mad World" Gary Jules "I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.. It's a mad, mad world.." Video courtesy Sean Krause '08 Sleep Well Friend, Justice for Caylee has finally begun ~SM 6.23.11

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