We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Casey Anthony Comprehensive Timeline: For Time Period: 6/2/08 to 12/29/08

work in progress... updated as events unfold.

Timeline of events from June 9, 2008 until December 29, 2008

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Dec 31: George and Cindy Anthony speak with their attorney, Brad Conway. Reports state that they will fully cooperate with State's Attorney, even in the event of convicting their daughter, Casey. In exchange, the Anthony's are asking for full immunity in the case.

Dec 29: Jose Baez files a motion for a "special master" to oversee any further interviews and questioning of Dominic Casey by LE. Dominic Casey is an ex-employee of Baez and Company and is now the Anthony's private investigator. In mid-November, Jim Hoover video taped the exact area where Caylee's remains were found and it is reported there is no sign of the remains on the video tape. He has then conversed with Dominic Casey and the Anthony's regarding the video tape. Baez filed this motion based on concerns of attorney-client privilege between the law firm and Casey Anthony while Dominic Casey was an employee of Baez and Company.

Dec 28: Caylee's name to be added to "Waterfall of Tears" memorial for abused and murdered children. Roy Kronk may receive reward of $5,000 from former Anthony attorney, Mark NeJame. NeJame resigned as the Anthony's attorney in early December due to conflict between he and Cindy Anthony. Brad Conway replaced NeJame as attorney for the Anthony's. NeJame's resignation followed Larry Garrison's termination as spokesperson, due to "profiting off Caylee", where he billed NBC for photos used during an interview and did not advise the Anthony's of the invoice. NBC paid and Garrison kept the money. Garrison was then replaced by Michelle Bart, former KidFinder's spokesperson. Bart stepped down from her role with KidFinder's after founder, Dennis Milstead, was reported to be involved in and charged with felonious economic crimes.

Dec 26c: Roy Kronk, meter reader who found Caylee's remains, is "shopping" around for interviews. It appears Kronk plans on telling his story to the highest bidder.

Dec 26b: Investigators and detectives working on the Casey Anthony case are once again interested in Google searches from her computer. A release of the searches show someone was 'googling' the TV show, "One Tree Hill" in March '08. The specific episode that was being searched involved a kidnapping where the boy's mother told authorities "The Nanny took him". This appears to be a link to the case that could lead to premeditation.

Dec 26: Reports are that Lee Anthony has obtained attorney, Thomas Luka. It appears Lee is being investigated on a plethora of charges, which include aiding and abetting, obstruction, and misappropriation of funds, to name a few. Luka speaking, as Lee's "advisor", events are pointing to charges being filed against Lee Anthony. Luka stated that Lee volunteered his DNA and fingerprints, during the investigation, but it is widely known and documented that Lee offered them up only after being subpoenaed.

Dec 25: Cindy and George Anthony spend their first Christmas without Caylee. Casey spends her first, of what many hope many, Christmases behind bars. Casey dined on an .82 cent meal of Roast beef, potatoes, and bread. She received gifts of socks and a pocket calendar, courtesy of the jail chaplain.

Dec. 23: Jose Baez files a motion requesting pictures, X-rays and other documentation of the remains of Caylee Anthony when they were originally found and during the autopsy. Judge Stan Strickland rules the documents must be turned over within two weeks. The Caylee Anthony TipLine has now become the Casey Anthony TipLine, asking callers to verify sightings of Casey Anthony between 6/15/08 and 7/15/08.

Dec. 22: George and Cindy Anthony state that there will not be a funeral or memorial until after a second autopsy of the remains by the defense team. Although Casey could have petitioned the court to attend the funeral, she has not done so. Casey's commissary purchases show items of chocolate, playing cards, and body lotion. Brad Conway states that rumors of the Anthony's soliciting of funds to aid with funeral expenses are false.

Dec. 21b: George and Cindy Anthony donate toys left at memorial site for Caylee to needy children for Christmas. Following an disapproval from the general public, the Anthony's agree to leave any toys with notes attached to Caylee to remain at the site. Mourners were also given notice that if they would like to retrieve their memento's to Caylee instead of them being donated, they may do so. Rumors circulate that George and Cindy are soliciting donations for Caylee's funeral.

Dec. 21: Brad Conway, attorney for the Anthony's releases a statement from the Anthony's saying they are taking this time to grieve their loss. They are thankful for the showing of love by the mementos left at the memorial for Caylee. Also, he states the Anthony's plan to donate the toys to the rescue mission for needy children for Christmas gifts. No plans for funeral or memorial service are known as of this date. However, OCSO states that Casey will not be allowed to attend the funeral due to the degree of her charges and for her own safety.

Dec. 19: The Orange-Osceola County Medical Examiner confirms that the remains found near the Anthony home do belong to Caylee Marie Anthony. A third search warrant is executed on the Anthony home. Upon a jail chaplain notifying Casey, which, according to reports, was fifteen minutes before the media announced the news,Casey requested a sedative. Jose Baez lashed out his disappointment in not being allowed to be the one to inform his client. OCSO said it was standard procedure for the jail chaplain to relate the news to next of kin if they are in custody.

Dec. 18: Sheriff's spokesman Angelo Nieves says that they continue to find more bones in the area where a child's skeletal remains were found and are expanding their search to a larger area. He also said the meter reader who found the remains had called in tips three times before on Aug. 13. Deputies responded to one of those calls.

Dec. 15: Baez petitions the court saying investigators are taking "too long" to clear the crime scene. Baez and his panel of top experts are in wait to have their examination of the crime scene. Judge Strickland rules he will not tell investigators how to do their job, or that they are on a time schedule.

Dec. 14: George and Cindy attend church and return to their home late Sunday afternoon.

Dec. 13: George and Cindy briefly return to their home to retrieve clothing and their 2 dogs. They continue to stay at a hotel.

Dec. 12: Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary says the skeletal remains' measurements and hair color match that of Caylee Anthony. The Kid Finders Network calls off actively searching for Caylee. It is also reported that duct tape is wrapped around the skull, therefore preserving some of the hair that may help in toxicology testing.

Dec 11: George and Cindy Anthony cancel their media tour and return to Orlando after hearing of the findings. They return to their home to find it marked off with yellow crime scene tape and learn that it has been officially named a crime scene. They are not allowed to enter the home and stay the night at a Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Dec. 11: The skeletal remains of what appears to be a small child are found one-quarter mile from the Anthony home. A meter reader called 911 to summons OCSO to the scene. We find out later it is the same meter reader, Roy Kronk, that called three consecutive times in August stating he saw something 'suspicious' and 'possibly related to the Caylee case'. During these calls, as in August, he referred to his route as "the Caylee route".

Dec. 11: Judge Stan Strickland postpones the murder trial of Casey Anthony. A new status hearing is set for Jan. 15.

Dec. 10: George and Cindy Anthony start a major coast to coast media blitz tour beginning with Larry King: Live. While in California, they are to investigate a Caylee sighting in Newport Beach. While on Larry King: Live, Cindy states that she received a tip just before airtime that Caylee was spotted in Tennessee.

Dec. 10: Jose Baez requests Caylee sightings video through subpoena duces tecum. (In certain jurisdictions in the United States which have de-emphasized the use of foreign words and phrases in court terminology, this type of subpoena is also called a "subpoena for production of evidence." The words "subpoena duces tecum" appears to be used exclusively by various jurisdictions within the United States. The terms of use vary between jurisdictions. In some, the words have been replaced with "Motion to Compel".)

Dec. 5: State says it will not seek the death penalty against Casey Anthony.

Dec. 4: Jailhouse visits between Caylee and her family that are video taped by the jail are released.

Nov 28: Someone hacks into Cindy Anthony's email account over Thanksgiving weekend and forwards personal emails between Cindy and Larry Garrison regarding a hairbrush Cindy had given to authorities for DNA. Cindy claims it was not a brush dedicated to Caylee, however just a brush Casey "sometimes used on Caylee". The emails were sent to Orlando local tv station reporter Kathy Belich, who then notified Cindy and turned the emails over to FBI.

Nov. 25: Judge Stan Strickland orders prosecutors to turn over all evidence to the defense. He also ruled that the defense can't test the hair found in Casey Anthony's trunk because there is too little of a sample left.

Nov. 21: Anthony family releases photo to News 13 that they received of a little girl playing at Florida Mall that they think could be Caylee.

Nov. 20: Attorney Mark NeJame resigns as the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony.

Nov. 19: Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla says Tracey, one of his associates who had been inside the Anthony home after he first posted bond for Casey, told him that Casey criticized people looking for her daughter, and sarcastically saying they "hadn't even found the clothes she was wearing". (source: Nancy Grace, Leonard Padilla)

Nov. 14: World famous forensic scientist Henry Lee examines Casey Anthony's car. Police said they found evidence of human decomposition and a hair belonging to Caylee in the trunk. Dr. Henry Lee states on Nancy Grace that very night the car contained a massive amount of "trash, food and garbage". Dr. Lee said the contents were that of "meat, food, and trash. (Source: Nancy Grace )
Through documents released after this interview, we learn that there was no pizza in the box that was found in the trunk of Casey's car. (Source: Evidentiary documents released 11/08.

Nov. 13: Divers search Little Econ River in Blanchard Park for Caylee Anthony. A plastic bag with what appeared to be bones and toys, and that was weighed down with bricks, was recovered. However, authorities said the find was not significant to the investigation.

Nov. 8: Texas EquuSearch leads group of volunteers in a search of a 25-acre area around Orlando International Airport for Caylee. They found nothing.

Nov. 5: Judge agrees to continue Casey's check fraud hearing to Dec. 11.

Oct. 31: Orange County Jail officials warn Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, about hugging his client during jail visits.

Oct. 28: Trial date on first-degree murder charges set for Jan. 5. A pre-trial date was set for Dec. 11.

Oct. 24: Forensic tests on the trunk of Casey Anthony's car are released. The air sample tests show evidence of human decomposition, and that a hair found in the trunk is "microscopically similar" to hair found in Caylee's hair brush. The report also confirmed the presence of chloroform.

Oct. 21: Child neglect charges are dropped against Casey Anthony after she is charged with First degree murder and felony child abuse.

Oct. 22: A tip line established by the Anthony family for leads to help find Caylee alive opened at midnight. The number is (888) 231-5618.

Oct. 15: Casey Anthony has her first appearance before a judge after the new charges and arrest. No bond is allowed because she has been charged with a capital crime-first degree murder.

Oct. 14: A grand jury indicts Casey Anthony on seven counts, including first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of providing false information.
Sept. 23: 591 pages of files were released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, including text messages, interviews with family and friends.

Sept. 16: Casey Anthony was taken before a judge and then released on $1,250 bond. She was, again, fitted with an ankle monitoring device.

Sept. 15: Casey Anthony turns herself in on new economic charges unrelated to Caylee's disappearance. The charges include uttering a forged instrument, petty theft and criminal use of personal information.

Sept. 7: Texas EquuSearch temporarily calls off the search for Caylee Anthony, citing environmental conditions and concerns.

Sept. 6: Orange County deputies retrieve a handgun from the trunk of George Anthony's car. Having a gun on the property is a violation of Casey's bail, but since it seems Casey was unaware of the gun, she is not taken back into custody.

Sept. 5: Casey Anthony is to be released from jail for a second time on bond. She will be required to wear an ankle monitoring device.

Sept. 4: An anonymous person posts the $500,000 bond for Casey Anthony through two Florida bonding companies.

Sept. 2: Casey Anthony refuses an offer of limited immunity in exchange for information leading to Caylee.

Aug. 31: The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirms hair found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car belonged to Caylee.

Aug. 30: Texas EquuSearch, a mounted search and recovery group, arrive in Central Florida to help search for Caylee.

Aug. 30: New bond for Casey Anthony is set for $3,000 for charges not related to Caylee's disappearance. The original posted bond has been revoked, so Casey will remain in jail even if the new bond is posted.

Aug. 29: Casey is rearrested on economic crime charges not related to Caylee's disappearance. The charges include uttering a fraudulent instrument, petty theft, and fraudulent use of personal information. Deputies say they have surveillance video of Casey using forged checks.

Aug. 29: Deputies serve Casey, George, Cindy and Lee Anthony with criminal witness subpoenas to appear in court sometime in November.

Aug. 27: The Orange County Sheriff's Offices fires Recruit Deputy Anthony Rusciano, who may have had ties to Casey Anthony. Deputies say Rusciano provided inaccurate and incomplete responses on an ongoing criminal investigation. It is not confirmed if the investigation is related to the case of Casey Anthony.

Aug. 26: Hundreds of documents are released in the investigation into Caylee's disappearance. The documents reveal Cindy Anthony called her daughter, Casey, a sociopath and a "mooch." The documents also say Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption, according to a friend of Casey's, but Cindy would not let her.

Aug. 21: Casey is released from prison at 10:30 a.m. after being fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

Aug. 20: Leonard and Tony Padilla post bond necessary for Casey's release.

Aug. 17: Leonard Padilla arrives in Orlando.

Aug. 16: California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla announces he and his nephew, bail bondsman Tony Padilla, will fly to Orlando and post Casey's $500,000 bond. Padilla says they are doing this to "find the baby."

Aug. 15: Two private investigators meet with Casey. Investigators were identified as Edward Phlegar and Casey Dominic, both investigators for Casey's attorney, Jose Baez.

Aug. 12: George Anthony says that he believes Caylee was kidnapped and that the kidnappers are being watched.

Aug. 10: Casey cancels a scheduled meeting with her parents, the second time in three days she has refused to meet with her family.

Aug. 9: Caylee's third birthday comes and goes with no new leads on the missing girl's whereabouts.

Aug. 8: Casey refuses to see her brother, Lee, for a scheduled meeting. Lee's visit is rescheduled for Tuesday.

Aug. 7: Investigators serve a search warrant at the Anthony home and remove a number of clothing items belonging to Casey, which her mother said had been in Casey's car. Some of them has been washed by Cindy Anthony because they had a foul odor.

Aug. 7: Deputies confirm that the last time Caylee was seen by anybody other than Casey was on June 15. There is video from that day and investigators found pictures from Father's Day on Casey's computer.

Aug. 7: Investigators say a call Casey said she received on July 15 in which Caylee talked to her probably didn't happen. Phone records show there was no call to Casey's cell phone at the time the call was supposed to have taken place.

Aug. 1: The Orange County Sheriff's Office take several bags of evidence from the Anthony home.

July 31: George and Cindy Anthony are interviewed by the FBI.

July 30: The Fifth District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach deny Baez's appeal of the $500,000 bond, asking that it be reduced to $10,000. That appeal was denied.

July 29: Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, asks a judge to bar the release of jail house recorded conversations, 911 tapes and visitor logs to the media. That request was denied.

July 28: Recordings of jail calls between Casey and her parents, George and Cindy and her brother, Lee are released by OCSO.

July 24: Cindy Anthony's 911 calls are released to the public. A total of 3 were released.

July 22: A bond hearing is held for Casey Anthony. Her mother, father, brother and a detective in the case all testify. The judge sets bail at $500,000. This is the only time the public has seen Casey show any emotion during the case. She sobbed visibly when returned to her cell from the courtroom. Experts say the tears were for herself, not for Caylee.

July 20: First candlelight vigil is held for Caylee.

July 17: Casey Anthony is officially charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation. The judge denies bond because she showed a "woeful disregard for the welfare of her child."

July 17: The Sheriff's office starts to search the backyard of the Anthony house.

July 17: The Sheriff's Office takes possession of the car and finds evidence of possible human decomposition. The car is sent to the forensics bank.

July 16 AM-PM: Police take Casey in for questioning. Also, Police talk to Zenaida Gonzalez who says she does not know Casey Anthony. Police also take Casey to Universal Studios where she said she worked. After leading them to a building, she admitted she was no longer employed there. Casey is arrested and booked. Casey is wearing a hoodie purchased at Target with one of Amy's checks, when she is booked and her mugshot taken.

July 15 PM: Upon arriving at the Anthony's home, the Sheriff's Office is notified that Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9. (date later determined to be June 15)

July 15 PM: Cindy calls Amy Huizenga for help in locating Casey. She tells her Casey could be in serious trouble if she doesn't find her. Amy hesitates then takes Cindy to Casey who is at Tony Lazzaro's apartment. Cindy confronts Casey and tells her she is coming with her. Cindy begs Casey to take her to Caylee. After giving several excuses, Cindy calls 911, the first of a series of three 911 phone calls made that afternoon.

July 15 AM: Casey picks up Amy Huizenga, in Amy's car, at Orlando International Airport. Amy and friends have returned from their vacation to Puerto Rico. There is not enough room in Amy's car for everyone and luggage, so she takes Casey back to Tony Lazzaro's apartment and returns to the airport where she picks up the remainder of her friends and returns to her residence.

July 15 AM: George and Cindy Anthony retrieve the Pontiac Sunfire from Johnson's Wrecking Service. Cindy haggles about the amount of the bill. George and a worker, Simon Birch, from the tow yard, went to the car together. Mr. Birch verified there was a horrific smell from the car and he compared it to the same smell from a car that had been towed a week earlier. The owner of the previous car towed had committed suicide inside the car and the car was not found for several days. Mr. Birch also stated in his interview that Mr. Anthony was concerned about the smell and told him that both his daughter and granddaughter had been missing. Mr. Birch was with George when the trunk was opened and garbage bags were found. Mr. Birch retrieved the garbage bag from the trunk and stated that it contained what appeared to be garbage. (later learned to be an empty pizza box and cans of deodorizer and insect repellent)

July 14: Casey Anthony cashes a $250.00 check at Bank of America on Amy Huzinga's bank account. Captured on video surveillance.

July 11: Cindy Anthony recieves a certified letter from Johnson's Towing informing that they are in possession of a white Pontiac Sunfire registered to Cindy and George Anthony. The car was towed from an Orlando Amscot, on June 30, after being abandoned for 3 days. Cindy states at the bond hearing that July 11 was the date she read the letter, not necessarily the day it was received, because of mail delay over the July 4th holiday.

July 10: Video surveillance shows Casey again using Amy's checks to purchase items at a Winter Park, Fl, Target, and again, at Waterford Lakes Target.

July 8: Casey uses checks on Amy Huizenga's checking account to pay for personal items purchased at a Waterford Lakes Target. Captured on video surveillance.

July 7: Casey drives Amy Huizenga to Orlando International Airport to depart for her vacation with friends to Puerto Rico. Amy leaves Casey her car to drive while Amy is on vacation due to Casey's car "being in the shop". Casey was unable to go on the vacation due to finanacial reasons and some also believe because of Caylee as well.

July 4: 4th of July party at William House's home. Amy helps Casey decorate. Later discovered in a text from Casey to Amy, "You used almost all my duct tape."; "That's why (sic) I get for letting you borrow my duct tape." {links Casey to duct tape}

July 2: Reports show Casey gets a tatoo at Cast Iron Tatoos. The tatoo says Bella Vita or "beautiful life".

June 30: Casey's white Pontiac Sunfire is towed from the Amscot store on Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive by Johnson's Towing.

June 27: A supervisor at an Orlando Amscot at Goldnerod and Colonial notices a white Sunfire parked beside a dumpster as she enters the store at the beginning of her shift.

June 26: Casey calls Tony Lazzaro and asks if he could pick her up at Amsoct because she has car trouble or is out of gas. She tells Lazzaro two guys helped push her car out of traffic into the parking place at Amscot. Upon arrival, Lazzaro finds Casey standing by the car with bags of food, which he says were not purchased at a store, but brought from the Anthony's home. Lazzaro's approximate time of arrival is 11:00am. Lazzaro offers to help Casey repair her car and she says her father is going to have the car towed and repaired. Casey also texts Amy Huizenga and says "..she got rid of the smell in her car... she scraped the "squirrels" off the frame of her car". In an earlier text to Amy, Casey stated that her father had driven her car and ran over an animal and that is what caused the smell.

June 24 or June 25: Detective Corp. Yuri Melich testified during Casey Anthony's bond hearing that a witness (Jesse Grund) came forward who said he had talked to Casey on the phone on either June 24 or June 25 and that he heard Caylee in the background. The witness said that at one point in the conversation Casey told Caylee to get down from the table.

June 24 or 25: Casey arrives at the Anthony home, unaware that George is home. George is somewhat surprised at Casey's presence as well. While there, he asks for a tire tool that is in Casey's car trunk. Casey will not allow George near the car. She tells George she will get the tool herself. George follows Casey out to the car. (George's story also varies here. In some statements, George says he did not see the trunk, he was at the front of the car. In others, he says he got to the side of the car, but not all the way to the trunk.) At this time, Casey produces the gas cans. She hands them to George saying, "Here's your f'n gas cans." George asks for an explanation and Casey answers she had to use the gas to travel back and forth to Tampa due to Zani being in the hospital. George asks why Casey did not leave Caylee with them when she was in Orlando, to which she did not answer. (see June 9-July 12 entry) Casey then departs the Anthony's home. (some speculate it is at this time that Casey may have dumped Caylee's remains)

June 24: George Anthony files a police report stating that 2 gas cans containing between 10 and 20 gallons of gas have been stolen from his outside shed and the lock had been broken. (George's story varies on the amount of gas.) In media interviews he gives the impression that they were large size gas cans, however, he tells the FBI that the cans missing were two- 2 gallon cans.

June 16: George claims this is the last day he saw Caylee alive. He saw Caylee and Casey around 12:50pm leaving the home. He was watching a show on Food Network, as he always does, but cannot remember the name. My search of Food Network tv schedule for that date and by my own knowledge, there is no "hour long" episode of any show at that time of day on that date.
(If this was a common daily ritual for George, wouldn't he remember the name of the show? He remembered every detail of the clothing worn by both Casey and Caylee, down to the color of pinstripe in Casey's pants)

June 15: Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, revised her estimate to this date as the last time she saw Caylee in her testimony in Casey's bond hearing in July. Cindy Anthony said video of Caylee reading a book helped her remember that Caylee went with her to visit her father at an assisted living facility on Father's Day.

June 12: George Anthony says Caylee was spotted by friends of the Anthony family in a shopping area near the Orange-Seminole county lines. She was wearing a pink and blue outfit and white-rimmed sunglasses.

June 9: (Original date that Casey said Caylee went missing. Casey Anthony told police that on June 9, she dropped Caylee off at a babysitter who lived at the Sawgrass Apartments. She said the babysitter's name was Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.

June 9: Casey begins staying with her new "boyfriend" Tony Lazzaro at his apartment.

June 9 - July 14: Casey tells her parents, George and Cindy Anthony during several phone calls that she (Casey) and Caylee are on a mini-vacation. On other occasions, Casey tells, mainly Cindy, that Caylee is with Zani, or the nanny, and is at the beach, Universal, Disney, and other various places. Casey also tells her parents that she is at a work convention in Tampa and she and a co-worker are staying in adjoining rooms and sharing "Zani" to babysit their children while Casey and the co-worker attend the convention. Casey tells Cindy, Universal is paying for the room and for the babysitter for both Casey and the co-worker. When Casey is not back in Orlando when expected, she tells Cindy that Zani had a car accident, was injured and is admitted to Tampa General Hospital with a concussion, and broken bones. The next day, Casey tells Cindy that a nurse "happens to find a laceration to Zani's head behind her ear." Cindy pleads with Casey to bring Caylee back home, but Casey states she can not leave due to the fact that Zani's sister "Stephanie" had to leave Tampa to return to Orlando to look after their sick mother. (See June 24, 2008)

June 9-June 13: Caylee tells her parents she is going to and from work as usual.

June 2: Last date that Tony Lazzaro says he saw Caylee. In his report, Lazzaro states that Caylee and Casey visited him at his apartment and they stayed by the pool at the apartment most of the day.

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Lee Anthony: Charges Coming, Per Attorney

Lee Anthony, right, is the brother of Casey Anthony. Casey is charged with murder of Lee's neice, Caylee .

Will Lee Anthony turn State's Witness in the case against his sister, Casey Anthony?

That is one of many questions needing answers on this last day of 2008.

It could be brother against sister when the murder case against Casey Anthony begins.

Lee Anthony's attorney, Tom Luka, said eariler, the states attorney's office will likely want to put his client on the stand.

VIDEO Report: Will Lee Anthony take the stand?

Tom Luka says he believes Orange County Sheriff's Office detectives and the State Attorney's Office will likely want to question his client Lee again and the possibly of charging him is highly likely.

Luka also believes the state would rather use his client Lee Anthony to testify instead of George and Cindy Anthony.

“Speaking as an ex-prosecutor, having a parent testify against a child is extraordinarily sympathetic to a jury and can draw sympathy towards a defendant as opposed to away from them. On the other hand, siblings do not have that same sort of connection, nor are they liable to break down, as far as emotionally, thus, not evoking the same kind of reaction from a jury.”

None of the Anthony's have been questioned since Caylee's remains were discovered and identified but Luka believes its just a matter of time.

Video courtesy Fox35 Orlando

BREAKING NEWS: George and Cindy Anthony Will Help Convict Casey If Under Full Immunity

George and Cindy Anthony seek full immunity

Breaking Story: Will continue updates as they happen.....

George and Cindy Anthony, grandparents of Caylee Anthony, have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors as long as they are guaranteed immunity, according to their attorney.

Sources said they are going to be asked to help convict their daughter, Casey Anthony, who sits in jail charged with first-degree murder.

This comes in light of Thomas Luka's claims that it is highly probably that Lee Anthony is facing some type of criminal charges in regard to the case. Luka is the attorney/advisor of Lee Anthony, George and Cindy's son. Lee could possibly be charged with obstruction, aiding and abetting, as well as misappropriation of funds regarding the Caylee Anthony Trust Fund. Sources speculate that Lee had a hand in covering up Caylee's murder, along with his sister, Casey.


Private Investigators To Be Interviewed

See the Video: PI Videotapes Area Before Caylee's Remains Were Found

Meanwhile, deputies want to know what a private investigator was doing in the area where Caylee Anthony's body was discovered.

They've been told he was videotaping the area a month before she was found, and he claims there wasn't a body there.

One source called this claim nothing more than a smokescreen.

Investigators have dealt with multiple people who now claim they searched the same area previously to Caylee's remains being found and nothing was there.

The private investigator said he has videotape to prove it.

Investigators point out that Caylee's remains were actually found scattered over an area about an acre in size, but they do want to check out the investigators videotape to see what it does or does not show

some content: WESH Orlando

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tribute To Caylee

Casey Anthony: Baez, Videotapes, and Private (L)eyes?

Deputies want know what a private investigator was doing in the area where Caylee's body was found. They've been told he was videotaping the area a month before Caylee's body was discovered.

The private investigator was apparently working with the Anthony family at the time. It raises questions about whether the Anthonys knew the remains were there a month before they were found.

VIDEO REPORT: Private Eye's Video Being Investigated

The private investigator who works with the Anthonys states he came to the area the month before Caylee's remains were found and videotaped the area. He says the tape shows Caylee's body was not there at that time, but now investigators want to know why he was there with a camera in mid-November.

Private investigator Jim Hoover says he recorded the wooded area where Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were found about a month before they were found.

"We will definitely look into that, absolutely," said Carlos Padilla, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Hoover briefly showed an Eyewitness News photographer a short clip of the videotape, which appeared to be authentic; the fence was recognizable.

"They know the existence of the tape and want to look at all evidence that's available," Padilla said.

Investigators also want to talk to the Anthonys' private investigator who works with Hoover, Dominic Casey. The defense wants to intervene, because Dominic Casey used to work for the defense and attorney Jose Baez doesn't want him to divulge privileged information.

Baez said investigators won't let him sit in on the questioning, so he's asking the judge to appoint a special master to protect defense secrets if the private eye agrees to talk.

"Investigators have tried to make arrangements with Mr. Casey to speak to him and he's not responded," Padilla said.

The defense's spokesman said they don't want their former private eye to divulge privileged conversations they might have had about where Caylee's remains might be.

Monday, December 29, 2008

UPDATE 12/29/08: Cindy And George Anthony Seeking Large Venue For Caylee's Memorial Service

Update to previous post-
video below

Brad Conway, the Anthony's attorney wanted to reiterate that the Anthony's are NOT soliciting donations earmarked for Caylee's funeral or memorial service. They are planning a private funeral service after the holidays, and a public memorial as well.

Large Venue Sought

While he did not name a date or place for the tributes, Conway did say, "The public memorial will have to be located at a large venue so that everyone who wants to pay their last respects to this beautiful child may do so," Conway said.

A spokesman for the jail where Caylee's mother and accused murderer, Casey Anthony, is being held pending trial said that Casey would not be able to attend a funeral or memorial service because of the charges against her, as well as for safety and security reasons. Casey is charged with first degree murder, and being held without bond.

courtesy: MSNBC

Jose Baez Files New Motion; LE: Anthony's Gave Casey "Too Much Credit"

Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez has files a new motion Monday

Jose Baez

Jose Baez was back to work on behalf of his client, Casey Anthony, Monday. After a short hiatus from the Christmas holiday, Baez was filing motions Monday afternoon to safeguard privileged attorney client information regarding the case.
Baez is worried detectives are trying to obtain privileged information about the case from a private detective who used to work for his defense team, so he's asking a judge to intervene.

Baez is asking the judge to appoint a "special master" to oversee any questioning of the private investigator by law enforcement.

The private eye is a familiar face to insiders. His name is Dominic Casey, who, early on, worked for Baez. Then in October, George and Cindy Anthony hired him to follow up on "live sightings" of Caylee Anthony.

Also, there is a video tape that has surfaced. A video of the the area in which Caylee's remains were found December 11, 2008. Sources close to the case say that Dominic Casey, an ex-employee of Jose Baez and Company, had Jim Hoover video tape the exact area in mid-November. In October, 2008, Dominic Casey left Baez's firm and was hired by George and Cindy Anthony as thier own private investiagtor.

Baez said law enforcement is now showing an interest in questioning Dominic Casey and he (Baez) wants to make sure LE does not obtain privileged information Dominic Casey may have learned while working for Baez.

Anthony's Expected To Be Candid With Investigators Regarding Casey
Cindy and George Anthony

The Anthony's face the wrenching task of burying Caylee early in the New Year, but then, sources tell said, George, Cindy and Lee Anthony will be asked to play a pivotal role in holding Casey Anthony accountable or else.

As one investigator put it, "They're going to be asked to help convict her."

If the Anthony's are not candid and truthful, sources said, it may come to obstruction of justice charges against one or more of them.

Medical examiner Jan Garavaglia said it's unlikely they'll ever be able to determine a definitive cause of death, but sources said toxicology tests done on Caylee's hair will "give us clues in that direction." Remnants of certain drugs and toxins can still be present in hair. Also, amount of drug or toxin and the length of time they were present in the body may also be able to be determined by hair.

However morbid, the duct tape helped the case by preserving the hair for toxicology.

The duct tape found on Caylee's skull proves what some sources close to the investigation have suspected about her death all along -- "It wasn't an accident."

Another aspect some insiders find haunting, is how close to the Anthony home Caylee's remains had been dumped.

Sources say the Anthony's simply gave Casey Anthony "far too much credit" that she would have done something more elaborate with her daughter's body.

Meter Reader May Receive Reward For Findings

Meanwhile, a new reward is being offered to meter reader Roy Kronk for finding the bag of skeletal remains that were determined to belong to missing Caylee Anthony.

According to Kronk's lawyer, David Evans, George and Cindy Anthony's one-time representative Mark NeJame has contacted Kronk regarding a $5,000 reward, which represents the amount of money NeJame made while serving as the Anthony family's representative. For now, it's unclear whether Kronk will accept the offer.

Initially, Crimeline said Roy Kronk was not eligible for a cash reward from them because he called 911 the day he found Caylee's remains instead of Crimeline.

Roy Kronk

A source within Crimeline now said things could be different. They're checking to try to confirm that Kronk called them during the same three days in August he called sheriff's headquarters to report something suspicious along Suburban Drive.

More than two weeks after Kronk discovered Caylee's remains along Suburban Drive, a memorial still draws people by the dozens.

Those who have followed the case closely have different opinions on whether Kronk deserves a reward.

"I think he should be rewarded, definitely," Aida Ramos said.

"If they think they found something, they should call it in," Jennifer Tice said. "That's all there is to it." Tice said doing a good deed should not include an expectation of a cash reward.
"I don't think somebody should be rewarded for that," Tice said. "I mean, that's a child who is missing. That's common sense."

In his only statement to reporters, Kronk confirmed that he reported his suspicions four months before discovering the remains.

"I had previously reported to Crimeline and the sheriff's office that I had spotted something suspicious -- a bag in that same area," Kronk said.

Kronk's lawyer, David Evans, states that "..money is not Kronk's main motivation. But if he qualifies, at the very least, Kronk should receive a Crimeline reward."

When asked why Kronk deserved the reward, NeJame said, "I think Kronk is beyond deserving. Without him, who knows when Caylee would have been found."

Sources confirmed they do not suspect Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found the bag of Caylee’s remains, of playing any sort of sinister role in the case.
Note: The original reward posted after Caylee was first reported missing was $250, 000. It was issued in July, 2008 and was to expire after 90 days. (October 2008) The amount was contributed by individuals, both private and public, as well as businesses in the Orlando area. I have yet to hear anyone mention this "expiration date" of the reward. More research to continue...
Also, in one of the jail house video visits between Casey and Cindy and George, Cindy asks Casey if she has heard of the reward for Caylee's return. Casey, trying to not make much of the subject, says "No." When Cindy tells Casey the amount of the reward is $250,000, Casey's only remark is "Whoa, that's half my bond." This was before Casey was bailed out the first time by Leonard Padilla on a $500,000 bond.
I believe further investigating should be conducted regarding Kronk before any reward is paid. I agree that finding "remains" should not require a monetary reward. There is, at the least, something coincidental about the entire Kronk link" to the case. If the remains had been investigated on Kronk's first call, and identified as Caylee at the onset, I may be a little more lenient. However, with the turn of events, the "three consecutive calls", Kronk's adamant need to remain anonymous, and his immediate hiring of an attorney, I have speculations of my own. Until those circumstances have been totally cleared by LE, then, I may entertain the idea that Kronk deserves this reward. Then again, it is not up to me. ...my two cents
some content courtesy WESH/some photos courtesy FOX35

Anthony Former Attorney, Mark NeJame, Considering Reward

Mark NeJame, Attorney

An Orange County meter reader may get his reward after all. Orlando Attorney Mark NeJame told FOX 35 that he is strongly considering giving Ray Kronk $5,000 as a reward for finding the body of missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

That is around $245, 000 less than the original reward posted by several business and individuals in the Orlando area. The reward was intended to expire within 90 days from date of implement. That would have been

See the Video: Kronk could get reward for finding Caylee's remains.

NeJame said Kronk is a good guy and did a good thing. He added that without him, Caylee may have never been found.

NeJame resigned as the attorney for Caylee's grandparents George and Cindy. Crimeline offered a $5,000 reward for information, but they denied Kronk's claim on the money because he called 911, and not the crimeline number.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caylee Anthony's Name to Join "Waterfall of Tears" Memorial

Don Williams and the "Waterfall of Tears"

Caylee Anthony's name will be added to the "Waterfall of Tears", a memory wall created by Don Williams of Leesburg, Florida.

Don began his ‘Waterfall of Tears’ memorial in 2005. It is constructed of concrete blocks and each bear the names of children who have been murdered. Caylee Anthony is to join the Waterfall of Tears and join the ranks of other murdered Angels.

What would inspire such an act? Don’s inspiration to build his memorial to murdered children started almost 4 years ago, after the horrible murder of little 9 year old Jessica Lunsford, from Homosassa, Florida, who was kidnapped, held for days, abused, then buried alive.

The Waterfall of Tears has over 90 murdered children names. Those include Polly Klaas, JonBenet Ramsey, Jimmy Ryce of Homestead, Florida, the students killed in the Columbine High School massacre, and even Julian King, the nephew of singer-actress Jennifer Hudson. They all decorate concrete blocks that sit in Don’s front yard.

Don, who is 47, has seven adult children and is a heavy equipment operator, says it is his way of remembering missing children who were later found dead.

Don says, “it is time to add Caylee Marie Anthony to his Waterfall of Tears, now that she has been found. Now her name will rest with the rest of the Angels on the wall.”

He hopes he can help bring peace to the Anthony family, and to all the families whose children’s names decorate the memorial wall. “I feel like I’m doing something for them to keep their child’s name alive,” he said. “If I can paint Caylee’s name and have her join the rest of the Angels, that would be great. That would really make my day.”

When asked about his Waterfall of Tears, he says, “there was nothing for these little kids that have been murdered,” he said. I thought “I’ve got to dedicate something.” And DO he DID…
Don constructed the 60 foot wide by 60 foot long memorial labeled, “The Waterfall of Tears.” Where the names of murdered children surround a 15-foot-deep pond.

Once he hears about a child found murdered, Don dedicates a block in the child’s memory. The blocks of murdered children have their name, their age at the time of death, with the state of their birth. The whole memorial takes up about a quarter-acre of his property.

“It feels so good letting these parents know their child is not forgotten,” Don stated. The children “had a chance in life and someone took it, for some reason.”

For Caylee, Williams has collected artificial flowers and placed them in an area reserved for her. He keeps a photo of Caylee on the block reserved for her.

He has taken a particular interest in the Caylee Anthony case and has even gone so far as dropping off a video at the Anthony home showing his memorial and his plans to include Caylee. He also participated in the search for Caylee and would like George and Cindy Anthony to personally add Caylee’s name to his Waterfall of Tears. Don says the wall is for the families and he wants them to know their child is not forgotten and that people do care.

Don says, “all kids who lose their lives under tragic circumstances deserve a fitting memorial. These kids didn’t need to die and with each name I’ve written down, I feel a presence of each little kid.”

His Waterfall of Tears will have a new name soon, Caylee Marie Anthony’s place has been saved and her cement block is just waiting for the right time to have her name, age and the state where she was born, added to it. Don Williams will not let Caylee Anthony be forgotten. She will forever be on his Waterfall Of Tears, alongside the other abused Angels.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caylee's Myspace page: Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything" (and Michelle Bart Spews Again)

From the Caylee is Missing Myspace page, written by Michelle Bart:
(reference selection italicised)

During this time of year, think before you speak. This has been a very difficult year for many of us and one little angel had the power to bring together many people in an effort to help find her and in the end many strangers have also become friends. Think before you speak, I have read over 30,000 requests to weed out those that are not appropriate; I can agree to disagree with the circumstances of the case, but keep your message short and directed to Caylee and then everyone in the end will be here for the same reason.

I want to remind everyone this is Caylee's site first and foremost. Her
mother Casey, her grandparents George and Cindy, and he Uncle Lee are her family in which she loved unconditionally and despite what many in the public have concluded to be that of the case, remember in this country as we begin change on
January 20th with a new President of The United States, "we're all innocent
until proven guilty" and any photos and history of our little angel Caylee Marie
will continue to reflect this, and this includes one hundred percent those items
of her family members.

I wish all of you happy holidays and ask you to please think before you speak or we will need to reject all requests. We are here because of Caylee, keep this in mind when sending a message and in the end Caylee will continue to smile down on all of us!!

Happy Holidays to all!
Michelle A. Bart
Note: The song chosen for Caylee's Myspace at this time is:
"A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill see video below. The song is from Faith's 'Joy to the World' Christmas CD. Although a Christmas song referring to Jesus' birth, some of the lyrics are quite fitting.

With that said, I feel a tinge of guilt even comparing the two. It is a beautiful song, I have the CD and and the song became one of my favorites from the first time I listened. No matter my opinions on the Anthony's, Cindy and George, I do feel for them at this time of year. To have a child ripped from your life at any moment has to be excruciating, but at Christmas, when children are so full of wonder and amazement, it has to be emotionally hard on them. They not only lost a granddaughter, their own daughter, Casey, spent her Christmas in jail, without visit. Through Casey's actions, she placed herself in this position, innocent or guilty, she is incarcerated at Christmas. We know for sure she did commit the economic crimes, for which she is also charged, and we can say that she is "guilty" of those crimes. Evidence proves it.
Nonetheless, George and Cindy have to be enduring a painful, empty, lonely holiday full of anxiousness on what awaits in the new year. I can in my heart of hearts, at this moment, feel some emotion for what they are having to endure at this time. That is not to say I stand behind them or Casey. I, too, am awaiting further evidence to be released to hopefully provide more connection of Casey to this horrific crime.
In response to Michelle Bart's statement:

Is Michelle indicating that somehow President Obama will help Casey? Does she not realize that we all have the right to be "innocent until proven guilty", and have had that right for hundreds of years? Does Michelle think that right just began, or it is beginning when Obama takes office?

I'm a little confused on her thinking here. Much like I have always been anytime she opens her mouth.

How do the photos of Caylee reflect that Casey is innocent? Is she referring to the photos and items taken from the Anthony home in the last search warrant? All I can do is shake my head. I would ask Michelle myself, but she states that she "only reads comments of a positive nature". (i.e. only those that pity the Anthony's and believe Casey is innocent) .......

Must be the Kool-Aid....my two cents


Now Playing On Caylee Is Missing: "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill, From: Joy To The World, A Christmas Collection of Song

Caylee Marie Anthony 2005-2008
Sleep with Angels, little one.

Casey Anthony: Theories Into Caylee Anthony's Paternity

This is a re-post from earlier this am. Call it a "who hit publish" edit......... :)

Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins; aka Charlie Brown, is shown as a "contact" on Casey's released cell phone records.

Casey had an affair with Mark, or at least a 'one night stand', around November 2004.
Nine months later, August 9, 2005, Caylee Marie Anthony is born.
Casey attempted to hide the pregnancy from her friends, George and Cindy, Lee, practically everyone. However, it was Casey's Uncle Rick Plesea, Cindy's brother, that noticed Casey at his wedding in June '05. Rick mentioned the pregnancy to Cindy and she denied it. This later came to light again in an eruption of emails between Cindy and Rick after Caylee's disappearance. Documentation Here

Hence, the possibility Mark Hawkins being Caylee's father.


Mark was married to "Tara"
According to Lee's blog entries:

"Tara" had an affair with Lee Anthony, became pregnant, and had an abortion. Tara broke off the affair with Lee to return to Mark in 12/2006.
(Documented in Lee's Blog Entries )

Mark Hawkins also had moving violations in Florida:

June 10, 2004- careless driving

Oct 21, 2004 - failure to pay toll

Nov 13, 2004 - failure to obey traffic control device

Orange County Court Clerk Records

Mark's court records proves he was in Florida during Caylee's conception. ( November 2004)
Caylee was born August 9, 2005.

Mark left to attend boot camp March 21, 2005.

Casey Anthony

Several variations on Casey's story of who Caylee's father is, ("He" being Caylee's father):

"He was in the military and died in Iraq".= Mark is a Marine, but clearly did not die in Iraq.

"He died in an auto accident on the way to Caylee's first birthday party."
"He died in an auto accident and left behind a wife and another child." (this seems closest to real theory, sans the death part)
"Caylee was the result of a one night stand." = possibly the only truth, (unless in Casey's mind, "one night stand" means the night she got pregnant or it was a term for the entire affair, we talking about Casey here)

Statements made by Casey:

Casey: when she said she talked to "Caylee's father's wife" - a widower- she was referring to Tara.

Casey when saying Caylee's father had a wife and another child-- 'the child' was Tara being pregnant with Lee's baby.
Cindy and/or Casey/Lee covered this all up..
. Lee Anthony

Other wild speculations are that Lee is the father. That is why he did not willingly submit to DNA samples, and had to be subpoenaed for them. Casey claims that Lee did make sexual advances toward her. However, when Casey told Cindy, Casey claims Cindy didn't believe her.
There is documentation of this in "Who's Who....."
This must have been the only time Cindy never believed Casey.
theories based on research.....and are my two cents

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lee Anthony: Will Casey's Brother Soon Face Charges?

Lee Anthony

Casey Anthony, 22, sits behind bars, charged with the murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie. Now, it is reported that Casey's brother, Lee Anthony, may also face charges.

Attorney, and Lee Anthony's advisor, Thomas Luka, said that the State Attorney's Office could seek to charge Lee with obstruction of justice or aiding and abetting, even if was not Lee's intention to do so.

Video: Lee Anthony's attorney on possible charges

Video: Lee Anthony's attorney on donated money

(editor's note: listen for the slip by Luka in the 2nd video, where Luka refers to Caylee as Lee's "daughter". Luka states. "In the beginning, the public did not know who was responsible for his daughter, uh, his niece's disappearance...." slip or mistake?....my spoiled opinion)

"It's an ongoing investigation, so no one really knows where it's going to lead. Mr. Anthony obviously wants his civil rights protected. Everyone involved in the case should have their rights covered when determining what the police can and can not do or should and should not expect from the witnesses involved in this case," Luka said.

Luka adds that neither Lee nor George and Cindy Anthony have been called as witnesses in the case, but they are preparing for just such a scenario.For months Lee Anthony has been conducting his own investigation into the disappearance of Caylee, looking into leads for other suspects. Luka contends that Lee has cooperated with detectives, even handing over a DNA sample. Although, we heard it was by subpoena

Luka describes his role an advisor to Lee, in determining what he should and should not say to investigators."For that reason, he feels at this point, now that the police are focusing completely on Casey, he wants to make sure that his own civil rights are protected," Luka said.

Luka: No improprieties with donated money

Luka wanted to put to rest any "cloud of impropriety and a cloud of rumor" surrounding donated money collected by Lee Anthony connected to the search for Caylee.
Since mid-July, when Caylee was first reported missing, thousands of dollars have been donated by strangers wanting to help locate the toddler. At one point, Lee was accused of using some of those funds inappropriately."There was no impropriety. There is a cloud of impropriety and a cloud of rumor that I think has been fueled by the non-expenditure of the funds, that has been following Mr. Anthony around," Luka said. "He wants to make it clear that no money has been improperly used."Luka said financial statements from the fund were made public, linked to a memorial website in honor of Caylee.

The Anthony family has said those donations have paid for everything from flyers and T-shirts with Caylee's picture to helping Lee in his own investigation. (WTH???)

"Again, when this investigation first began, we the public did not know who was responsible for Casey's disappearance. Mr. Anthony was going under the assumption she was kidnapped. He investigated that angle first and foremost."There is still money left in the Help Find Caylee Anthony fund, but Luka would not say how much.
"As far as I know, the money will be returned to the senders or individuals who have paid it."

Who pays for Casey's defense and who profits?

As the defense team for Caylee has grown, questions have been raised as to if and how a team of high-profile forensic experts are being paid for their contributions. The kind of defense assembled by Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, typically would not come cheap. While it is unknown whether any of the experts are being paid, what is known is that if Casey is convicted of first-degree murder, it is unlikely her legal team will be raking in the dough. That would put to rest any rumors of a book or movie deal that could be in the works. So far, in addition to Baez, attorneys for the defense include Linda Kenny-Baden, famed attorney for record producer Phil Spector; Jose Luis Garcia; Jonathen Casen; and Mike Walsh. If the prosecution should seek the death penalty, Terance Lenamon could join the defense. There are also several scientific experts working the case for the defense.

"Are you going to do what is best in Ms. Anthony's interest, or what's going to get you on TV the most?" asked criminal defense attorney Richard Hornsby, citing one of the many questions posed to Baez by people who have been closely following the case.
Under Florida law, Baez would not be able to tell or sell his story for profit if his client is convicted, based on attorney-client privileges.

"If Ms. Anthony is convicted of anything, Mr. Baez and anybody who has worked on his defense will never be able to publicly speak about either what she said, what she talked about or how their defense was prepared. If they did, they could be sued," added Hornsby.
If Casey is acquitted of charges and she were to grant permission to Baez, then and only then could he make money from the case. Hornsby said any money-making deal is not due-diligence for Casey.

"Unless their people are truly doing this pro bono, there is probably some questionable things that have gone on regarding compensation," Hornsby said.

It is important to note that at the time of this post, there had been no formal complaints filed against Baez about how he and his defense team are getting paid in their representation of Casey Anthony.

some content and video courtesy Fox Orlando

Lee Anthony's Blogs, Just When You Thought Gift Giving Was Over

A little more research and poof it appears.......

Some of Lee Anthony's old MySpace blogs have resurfaced. (oh how sweet)

I provide you, for your enjoyment, all tied up in a bow, and also, to replace that gift that just didn't do it for you.....

"Lee Anthony's MySpace Blogs" with more juicy gossip at the end.
Thursday, January 18, 2007

Waves of Change
Current mood: grateful
Category: Life
As each new wave comes crashing onto shore the tide pulls another one back. Constantly reshaping, but never faltering. Never is one wave given enough time to linger, to hold onto the shore for more than the tide will allow it. Tides of change can be unforgiving, but they are necessary. My tides of change have yielded a wide range of emotion and experiences. Some too hard to let go, and some that I can finally say I am glad to have been washed away. Sometimes the water can start out so warm and inviting, yet in the end of it all, it can prove to be cold and sickening. I'm encouraged by the skyline I see before me. I'm intrigued by the stars aligned above me. As I lay here and stare I think of all the good things now, and not the harsh memories of soured experiences. Indeed I've finally been able to let go of some of the burdens and misfortunes that seemed to plague my life recently. I've learned that you cannot let other things in this world plague your existence. You must stand up and fight for what you believe in, even if everything around you makes it seem as if you will never be victorious. You need to fight because every day has a night, and every night yearns a new day. A new day to conquer your dreams and overcome any obstacle. But you choose to fight through the day, and carry yourself through the night. Tomorrow will indeed be another day, and when I get there I will not forsake it. I will not let it pass me by. Just as important, I will not forget what it took to get me to this day. Every day, and every night before this one. I've struggled, I've bled, I've cried, I've laughed, I've loved, I've failed, and I've triumphed. I've lived.

Today I recognize how I've lived, and I take another step towards living for today.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To All of You
Current mood: grateful
Category: Friends

You can't get it off of my face. I can't stop. It's been so long...I've missed smiling. I feel so good this evening. I feel as if everything is actually starting to settle in fully now. Ups, downs...hell who am I kidding...it seems as if lately all I've been getting were the downs. A good friend of mine said something to me this weekend that means a lot. I said something to the effect of 'what else could possibly go wrong for me right now.' He replied that everything is good with my family and nothing has happened to them. I didn't pay it any mind, but did acknowledge that would not be good. Well, what Brian said has sunk in. Maybe not the way he intended it, but it has truly touched a nerve. Over the past week or so I've had so many great discussions, or encounters, with what I will say to be the most amazing group of friends that anyone could ever ask for. Casey, Mom, Dad, Nathalie, Brian, Fred, Anthony, Michelle, Sandra, Audra, Jody, Michele, Mary, Emily, Jason, Avey, Tim, Chuck, Tina, Melany, Kelly, Sara, Foyil, Amanda, Emilee, Andres, Josh, Anne, Mallory, Tibby, Tasha, Taylor, Lora, Melissa, and countless others. If I missed you there, I apologize... Every effort on your part over the past week or so has had an amazing impact on my direction and where I'm at right now. In one way or another, as small as our exchange may have been...or as involved and in depth it may have been...I cannot thank you enough for showing how much you truly care about how I'm doing. Whether it's working through my relationship drama, offering shelter during my lodging drama, offering a reference, or hell, even a job during my employment drama...my god, just offering an ear for me to vent to. It means the world to me. Sometimes in life things happen as a wake up call. I think I'm getting mine. Hell, I'm tearing up writing this right now. Sometimes when you get too high on yourself, or think everything is great...you get knocked on your ass. I've been cocky, I've been arrogant. I've taken things, situations, and sometimes people for granted. The people that I mentioned above...my family...my god I'm crying now... Thank you. I needed this today. I needed this wake up call. But I needed to smile so much more. It feels so good to finally get something that makes me feel good and that makes me smile.
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F**k You
Current mood: irate
Category: Romance and Relationships

Was I supposed to let it go? I hear a bunch of moans and groans out there amongst the people that care about me. Is he seriously gonna go there...again?!? You know, at this point, I may have a right to. It doesn't even come down to being the bigger person or letting the shit go. It's obvious that your life has been so twisted and torn from the beginning that you've been ed up beyond repair. Imagine it, you sane people in blog land, because this shit is just bouncing right off of her naive sense of self worth, imagine going through life clinging, every second, to anything, and god knows, f**king anything that will eve f**kn remotely acknowledge you. Imagine, feeling so worthless and helpless that when someone shows you an ounce of interest, you jump on it because you cannot fathom what true self respect or self worth is. Imagine, having a husband...separating from him...finding a boyfriend that cares for you endlessly...leave the boyfriend to go back to the husband as you come to find out you're carrying the boyfriend's child...lie to the husband that the child is his and proceed to get a divorce and cut all ties...neglect the relationship with the boyfriend because you "didn't know what to say to" him, and further sabotage it because you will only speak to him "now or never." Neglect the relationship to the point of having an abortion without the boyfriend knowing any of this was even going on...then, travel to Michigan to find the next husband to be...because, remember, anyone that will love you, must be worth it. Just throw it all away, for a different situation, not even a better one...unless better means less complex. Hahahaha. Are you serious? The perfect husband and son? The perfect family? Here's some news for you 'princess', the perfect family suggests the sums of all the parts to indeed be perfect as well. And though, I've only seen the pictures you've most whorishly portrayed (yeah, a little over the top on my comments, but f**k you), he could be a great guy after you get past the snaggle tooth and dorky appearance. Here it comes, the big come back, 'Oh, dorky? At least he doesn't love Star Wars.' Well you know what bitch? At least I don't live in Michigan, last I checked they were runner up to the best school in the nation...OSU. Again, cheap shot...nothing to do with anything. Here's the point. Ever since I met you all you could do is wonder and talk about what other people thought of you. It was amusing at first, something I remember going through in...oh...well...f**king high school?!?...yeah...well...as much sense as it makes now...I didn't put two and two together at that juncture...I suppose I was still enjoying the f**king sessions during Sunday football when my friends were in the living room...or the blow jobs on the couch... Anyways...again off topic? You'll have to excuse me, I'm not as centered or focused as you seem to be these days. I mean, my current situation with work, and my apt, and even past girls (eh hem) are well documented...but seeing as how you can go through a divorce, boyfriend, abortion, and engagement all in the matter of a month and a half and still say everything in the world is fabulous...hey, I suppose deep down I envy you. Hahahahaha, wait, holy shit...that didn't go over well did it? No one believed that one did they? OK, let's try this on for size. Not only do I not envy you, I dispise you. Everything you've said or done over the past few weeks have been nothing short than to lie and manipulate yourself into the life that you've been seeking. A life, apparently showen through your actions, of denial and 'stability' which you would describe as a husband and a place to call home. Hahaha. You're a moron and undeserving of anything righteous or respectable in this world. I hold your memory as bitter as I hold an encounter with a bum on the street. You say you're happy, you say it's the perfect life, the perfect family...well help the rest of the sane world and stay there. My prayer...my prayer was once to realize what was truly taken away from me. Now, it's to never be burdened with any form of compassion for your undeserving soul, ever again.

You want closure?
How's this for closure.
F**k you Tara.
I hope you freeze to death in michigan.
Too harsh? Yeah, well, bitch deserves it.

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"If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you . . . If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you." -John 15:18-20
Let's recall Mark Hawkins. Our Marine who at one time was in California. (to whom some of us suspected Casey was going to bolt to during the "give me one more day" plea to Cindy on the 911 tapes)

It appears that Mark Hawkins' ex is the "Tara" mentioned in one of the jail visitation videos between Cindy and Casey-when Cindy asked "Do you trust Tara" and Casey says "NO! She's a psycho!"

Mark Hawkins

According to Lee's blogs and other sources, apparently, Tara was pregnant by Lee and went back to Mark and told Mark the baby was his. She then got an abortion, never told Lee, divorced Mark, and is now in Michigan with yet another man, possibly her now husband. I have also read that Casey, before all of this, had an affair with Mark which resulted in Caylee.

You can't make this family's sh*t up .........my two cents

Casey Anthony and One Tree Hill; Did TV Show Provide "Nanny Plot"?

It is being reported that investigators are looking at whether a popular TV show may have provided Casey Anthony with the inspiration she needed to create a story about Caylee’s disappearance.

Computer records show Casey did a Google search for "One Tree Hill's” 100th episode, right before Caylee disappeared.

That episode just happens to be about a nanny kidnapping a child.

Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer believes this could be a critical piece of evidence the state will use in this case against Casey.

“The story of the plot line is so similar and that is the story she originally came out (with). And it’s the story she continues and continues to stick with,” said Sheaffer.

In March, three months before Caylee disappeared, Casey’s computer records show she was researching how to make chloroform, household weapons, and neck breaking.
In between those searches Casey was looking up the 100th episode of “One Tree Hill.”
“It goes to serve two issues: one premeditation for the death of the child and two, it serves as a basis for this incredible story that the imaginary babysitter kidnapped and killed the child,” said Sheaffer.

Casey told investigators the nanny, Zenaida Gonzales, kidnapped Caylee. Detectives said they will definitely look into the information and this will most likely help in the case against Casey.

Transcripts and synopsis of the episode:

http://lounge.cwtv.com/showthread.php?t=176476 shows partial transcript of the 100th show, the show aforementioned.

http://thetvaddict.com/2008/03/17/decipher-these-one-tree-hill-100th-episode-spoilers : synopsis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT09a5sam_g : 30 second clip of show

http://tvshack.net/tv/One_Tree_Hill/season_5/episode_12: clips from the show and synopsis

http://lounge.cwtv.com/showthread.php?t=176476 : transcript Also of interest: note that when the mom finds out the child has been kidnapped she freaks and calls 911 within 10 mintues.

http://www.buddytv.com/articles/one-tree-hill/one-tree-hill-first-look-at-th-17671.aspx synopsis of show

Casey Anthony Copycat Charged With False Information and Restitution of Search Expenses

Megan McCormic, mugshot 12/25/08

Miami police say a 6-month old baby boy who was reported missing was never really gone -- and didn't exist.

A Miami woman named Megan McCormic, 22, told police that a baby sitter never returned her 6-month-old. Police said Friday that McCormic was lying and used the fake existence of the baby to lure an ex-boyfriend from Boston, who had traveled to Miami to meet his supposed son. McCormic suffered a miscarriage in March, but lied to the baby's father and told him she carried to term. McCormic sent baby pictures to him that she had obtained off the internet.

Watch the Video:
Missing Baby Never Existed

McCormic was arrested Friday morning on charges of giving false information to police officers. It is not clear whether she has an attorney.

Miami Police want McCormic to pay for the resources that were used to locate the supposed missing child.

Nearly 20 detectives worked the case throughout all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Restitution for these charges are likely.

Casey Anthony: "The Nanny took her.."

Casey Anthony was first charged in July, 2008, with Felony Child Neglect and Making False Statements to Law Enforcement to hinder a case. Anthony was later charged with First Degree Murder and is in the Orlando County jail without bond. Her daughter, Caylee Anthony, remains were found six months after she was last seen, one quarter mile from Anthony's home. Law enforcement, FBI, as well as other searchers and resources, clocked almost six months total investigative and search time before Caylee's remains were found December 11, 2008, without any assistance from her mother, Casey.

George and Cindy are planning a memorial for Caylee Anthony for after the holidays and after defense experts conduct a second autopsy.

The Anthony's have removed all the "Have You Seen Caylee" and "Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony" posters that were attached to their front door since July, 2008.

some content courtesy: Fox Orlando; video courtesy: WSVN Miami

Casey Anthony: Life Imitates Art Fox News Video

courtesy Fox

Anthony's Spend First Christmas Without Caylee; Casey Spends Christmas In Jail, Alone

While the Anthony family spends its first Christmas without Caylee, dozens of needy children are enjoying hundreds of gifts donated in the slain toddler's honor.

Cindy Anthony told reporters she was not yet ready to talk on camera, but confirmed via text message she plans to donate additional toys mourners are leaving at the growing memorial where Caylee’s remains were discovered.

The first batch of toys was given to 85 needy children staying at the Orlando Rescue Mission. On Christmas morning, the children played with the gifts near the Christmas tree, which still had leftover gifts underneath.

The shelter said the leftover gifts will be saved for birthdays and other events in the future.

Now that the Orlando Rescue Mission has more gifts than it can use at the moment, Cindy Anthony said she plans to donate additional toys left at her granddaughter’s memorial to other charities in need.

Casey Anthony woke up in an Orange County jail cell on Christmas morning.

Unless she accepts a visit from a jail chaplain, Casey Anthony will spend the holiday alone, as records show no family members have signed up to visit the mother charged with her daughter’s murder.

For Christmas dinner, Casey Anthony will dine on roast beef with gravy, buttered mashed potatoes, creamed corn, bread, and a baked apple crisp for desert.

The meal costs 82 cents.

Roy Kronk, Meter Reader to Sell, er, Tell Story Of Finding Caylee's Remains

Roy Kronk, Meter Reader
©spoiledimages '08

The meter reader who discovered the remains of Caylee Anthony plans to tell his whole story to the media sometime in the new year, his attorney said on Wednesday.

Roy Kronk is “evaluating his options for participation in various interviews,” attorney David Evans said, adding that Kronk has been approached by a variety of local, cable, and network media to tell his story.

Caylee Anthony was 2 years old when she was reported missing in July. Casey Anthony was charged with murder in October.

Caylee’s remains were found on Dec. 11, 2008, by a meter reader. The Medical Examiner's Office concluded its autopsy on the remains on Friday, December 19, 2008.

Caylee's remains were released on Tuesday, December 23, 2008, to a South Orlando funeral home. The Anthony family has withheld funeral services for Caylee until a second autopsy on the remains is conducted by the defense team of experts.
Thank you, Mr. Kronk, for finally showing your true colors. It didn't take long. I knew you only wanted to cash in on this beautiful little girl's tragic story, I just didn't know it would be so soon. You wanted so desperately to "remain anonymous", but it didn't work out for you.
I wonder, were you, too, a notch on Casey's bedpost, or were you just given a "promise"?
We will find out all too soon.
Instead of being a real man to insure the State keeps this miserable monster behind bars where she belongs, you go and "sell your soul" to tabloid media. You know by doing so, it discredits anything you have to offer on the witness stand, because it makes you look like you are only out for a buck. Profiting off of an innocent child's murder. Jurors don't look kindly on witnesses like you. Yet, you seemed so concerned. Heh..
Something didn't sit well with me, or others, when you were first mentioned.
Now we know.
Shame on you, Roy Kronk. .........my two cents

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Caylee; A Tribute Slideshow

link to tribute slideshow below

While I spend this Christmas Day with my family, and you with yours, please stop for a moment today, and say a prayer for Caylee Marie. A child so young, taken from her family. She entered our lives and touched our hearts.

Although Caylee should be excited to what Santa left her this morning, Caylee is in Heaven now, experiencing the most wonderful Christmas ever.
She is with Angels.

Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Thank you to my readers and for visiting.

I hope you enjoy...

updates will resume after the holiday...

Remember Caylee

Song: "Mad World" Gary Jules "I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.. It's a mad, mad world.." Video courtesy Sean Krause '08 Sleep Well Friend, Justice for Caylee has finally begun ~SM 6.23.11

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