We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, March 20, 2009

Casey Anthony: More Evidence / Documents Released Friday 3.20.09

Excerpt from Shirley Pleasea's Statement to Law Enforcement

Above: Excerpt taken from Shirley Plesea's statement.

The Following Are Released Documents in PDF Form:

Evidence Report

Campina Transcript

Plesea Transcript

Crittenden Transcript

Bennett Transcript

Calabrese Transcript

Prosecutors have released more evidence in the case against Casey Anthony.
Hundreds of pages of documents were released just before 9 a.m., including evidence reports and transcripts of interviews with investigators.
Authorities asked those interviewed about their knowledge of the relationship between Casey Anthony and her mother, as well as whether they had seen Caylee Anthony.
In one interview, allegations were made about the use of marijuana by Casey Anthony. Investigators also talked with Cindy Anthony's mother, Shirley Plesea, in August.
The state attorney's office said it went through twenty discs worth of evidence before the release.

Items of Interest Included in the Release:
Dora backpack: Investigators collected a sealed box containing the backpack to process it for latent fingerprints. Inside the front pocket of the backpack, they found a violet light-colored comb, Spider-Man toothpaste and Reach toothbrush. Inside the backpack itself, two pull-up diapers were found and one pack of Nice'n Toddler wipes. No latent prints were found, but swab samples were obtained.
Vehicle reinspection: A supplemental inspection of Casey Anthony's car was made in the forensics garage of the sheriff's office on Jan. 2 before the vehicle was moved to the evidence unit. The trunk was vacuumed, and the filter was submitted as evidence.

Snake collected: On Jan. 6, an investigator met with Detective Yuri Melich to collect a snake that was found in the area where the remains of Caylee Anthony were found. The man who reported the finding of the snake had placed it in an old refrigerator inside a plastic bag and frozen.
PDF: Evidence Report

Marijuana allegations: Investigators conducted an interview with Cameron Campina on Oct. 6. Campina is a roommate of Casey said that while Casey was staying in his apartment, she would smoke marijuana in a pipe, but Campina said she wasn't a "normal drug user." Campina said Casey could get high off very little marijuana and laugh, smile and have a good time watching TV and cooking food. Campina said he never gave her any other drugs and knew of no other friends who did.

Campina on Caylee Anthony: Campina told investigators that on one of the first nights when Casey Anthony stayed over, he asked where Caylee was. He said she told him Caylee was with a friend of the family at a birthday party for a 3-year-old friend in Cocoa Beach and would stay there through the weekend.
Casey's phone calls: Campina said if Casey Anthony ever had a phone call, she would always step outside. He said most of the time the calls were from her mother. When asked why she would go outside, Casey would say, "Oh, it's just my time to vent with my mom. Me and my mom never get along."
PDF: Campina Transcript

Cindy Anthony's mother interviewed: Investigators talked to Shirley Plesea, who is Cindy Anthony's mother on Aug. 21. Plesea said Cindy Anthony would give her life for Caylee. But Plesea agreed that Cindy Anthony changed her story during the investigation. Plesea said, "If she doesn't believe Casey then Caylee's dead. Honest to God that's my feeling." She also said about Casey, "I just wonder if she hated her mom more than she loved Caylee." Plesea said she got goose bumps when Cindy Anthony informed her Casey was in jail and Caylee had been missing for a month.
PDF: Plesea Transcript

Crittenden on Cindy Anthony: A transcript was released of an interview between investigators and Charles Crittenden at Gentiva Healthcare, where Cindy Anthony is employed. Crittenden had conversations with Cindy Anthony about her relationship with Casey. Crittenden said he knew nothing of any problems between Casey Anthony and her mother, and Cindy Anthony had made no complaints about how her daughter was raising Caylee. Crittenden said Cindy Anthony told him that Casey Anthony had worked for Kodak at Universal Orlando, and she had also worked for Sports Authority for a short time.

Crittenden on Casey Anthony: Crittenden said Casey Anthony did visit her mother at Gentiva. He told investigators that he had seen Casey Anthony in a uniform but wasn't sure her name tag indicated where she was employed. At times, Crittenden said Casey Anthony would drop off Caylee there, and the toddler would leave with her grandmother.
Crittenden on Caylee Disappearance: Crittenden said another employee told him of an argument on Father's Day near the time when Caylee disappeared. He said Cindy Anthony was unable to reach Casey Anthony on the phone very often but had shared text messages with Casey. Crittenden said when Cindy Anthony would ask to speak to Caylee, Casey would always make an excuse, such as Caylee was sleeping or with the babysitter or not available. Crittenden said Cindy Anthony knew it didn't seem right but didn't really want to get involved.
PDF: Crittenden Transcript

Bennett on Cindy Anthony, Casey: A transcript was also released of an interview between investigators and Debbie Bennett at Gentiva Home Health, where Cindy Anthony works. Bennett said it was clear to her and other employees that Casey was trying to hide her pregnancy. Bennett talked about Caylee's father, saying orginally it was said to be Jesse Grund, and he had proposed to Casey shortly after Caylee's birth, as well as been there for her birth. Bennett said Grund then was suddenly out of the picture and the engagement was broken. Bennett said that she and other employees spoke to Cindy the day Casey's car was found and Cindy mentioned the "dead body" smell. Bennett said that she urged Cindy to call police, but Cindy insisited that she wanted to "give Casey a chance to explain herself." Bennett also said that Cindy had told her that she thought someone was swimming in her pool when she wasn't home, and mentioned that Geroge noticed gas cans stolen from the shed near their home.
PDF: Bennett Transcript

Casey on Caylee's father: The documents contained an interview with Melina Calabrese, who is described as a close friend of Casey's. Calabrese said they worked at Universal together and spent time together on and off. She said Casey maintained for the first 8 months of Caylee's life that Jesse Grund was the father, and then changed her story. Casey then described Caylee's father as a man named Josh who was from Georgia. Casey said the relationship was a one night stand and that she met him at Universal. Calabrese said that Casey said that Josh had a girlfriend that he planned to marry, and he had other children. She said he later died in a car accident in GA shortly after Caylee's second birthday. Calabrese said she caught Casey in some lies and didn't understand why. She said she would lie about where she was or what she was doing. Another friend who was babysitting Caylee said she called Sports Authority and they said they had no record of a Casey Anthony ever working there. Casey explained that it was because she did not have a home store. Calabrese also talked about the morning of June 16. She said she saw on Casey's My Space that Caylee was missing and when she messaged Casey, Casey said she had left Caylee with Zanny and had not seen her since. Calabrese said she coulnd't comprehend why Casey hadn't called anyone for help. Of the time period when Caylee was missing, Calabrese had this to say: "My heart hopes that she was somehow looking for her. Uhm, all the facts point to the fact that she wasn't, but ..."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Casey Anthony's Newest Defense Attorney Under Investigation

Todd Macaluso, newly introduced member to the Jose Baez Law Firm Defense Team, is under investigation for a check written on his behalf for $108, 000.00.

It is alleged the check did not clear funds available.

It is unclear if the check in question is a Client escrow account or a direct check from Macaluso’s professional or personal funds.

WFTV’s Kathi Belich asked Macaluso about the issue following the end of the Motions hearing today to which he replied “the matter is being resolved.”

As of 5PM EST today, no Pro Hac Vice motion has been submitted to Judge Strickland on Macaluso’s behalf, although he has given several interviews espousing the defense position on the case.

A lawsuit filed in Federal Court in July 2003 on behalf of a former litigant to a suit led by Macaluso, the former Cytodyne Technologies, currently operating under the name Nutraquest, Inc, alleges that Macaluso and a reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune conspired to slant their coverage to attract more Clients for Macaluso and defame Cytodyne.

The suit identifies Pennie Crabtree as the wife of Richard Pittner, a senior researcher at SanDiego based Amylin Pharmaceuticals, who is developing an anti obesity drug. The suit accuses Crabtree of a direct conflict of interest, in that Cytodyne and her husband’s company were potentially direct competitors.

Macaluso is slated to appear at a status hearing in front of the California bar in LA on March 24, 2009 on the check issue.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Casey Anthony and The Death Penalty: Guest Blogger: Amanda

In an effort to provide fresh prospective to the blog, I have invited another "Guest Blogger" to the blog.

Today's "Guest Blogger" is a regular, long-time reader of the blog, Amanda Person.

Amanda has been following the Casey Anthony case from the beginning, as we all have, and has very strong opinions regarding the case and frankly, she is one to hold her ground in a debate. During my chats with her, she shows a keen knowledge of the case and of the law itself.

One main issue Amanda is passionate about is the State of Florida's recent decision not to offer the death penalty in the Casey Anthony case. I am working on getting Amanda to do a series of blog posts, jointly, with me, or on her own, discussing the pros and cons of whether The State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony should indeed be a death penalty case, or not.

This is Amanda's first installment post. Please enjoy as Amanda shares her views on why Casey should receive the death penalty.

Also, for reader interaction with this guest posting, please share your views on the death penalty, via the poll in the right sidebar.


"Casey Anthony Should Get The Death Penalty"

A lot of opinions have been shared in the blogs and on the media regarding the State of Florida's announcement that they will not seek the death penalty option for Casey Anthony, "as of yet". We all know that they have until the beginning of trial to change their stance, but for now, the DP is a no go.

In junior college, I took a Political Science class taught by a professor that like to force his students to have current event debates on subjects like torture, abortion, and the death penalty. My professor was a liberal, like most junior college teachers, and showed us Sean Penn and Michael Moore films, followed by forced discussion from the students. Our mid-term research paper was on the death penalty. We had to pick a side, and back it up with factual information.

At the time, I had mixed feelings about the death penalty, as many people do. I flip-flopped back and forth, until about two days before the assignment was due. It was then, I made a decision. I was against the death penalty. There was no one fact that pushed me in the opposing direction, but I was forced to take a stand, and I did. I turned in the research paper: a lukewarm argument against capital punishment, citing mostly the cost of housing a death row inmate, as well as a few cases of botched electric chair executions as my main points. My grade for my efforts, a C-.

Years later after the C- on that research paper, I still was not quit sure how I felt regarding capital punishment. Then the Casey Anthony case broke. A young mother, with a "missing" two year old daughter, who also had failed to report her daughter missing for 31 days. I became fascinated by it, almost obsessed, trying to understand how a mother could "allegedly" kill her child.

In my research of Casey Anthony, I began reading about the Susan Smith case. As you know, Susan Smith was convicted of the cold blooded, double murder of her two young sons. Smith's lawyers claimed that Smith was suicidal, and that in her mind, her sons were an extension of her. Thus, their drowning was actually a suicide attempt where Smith's survival instincts took over and saved herself at the last minute. I see it as a weak excuse for the outright murder of two children. I am sure that is nothing compared to what we are going to hear from Baez and Company during Casey Anthony's trial.

As far as Susan Smith's trial, the jury bought the defense's argument. Despite Smith's husband's emotional testimony during the penalty phase of the trial, Susan Smith's life was spared. Susan was sentenced to life in prison.

Also through my research, I discovered that since Smith's incarceration, an investigation into her prison medical records revealed she had caught an STD from having sex with one or more of the prison guards. Thanks to "The Smoking Gun", I also stumbled upon Smith's official request for a "pen pal" on the Internet. It includes a picture of Smith in prison garb and describes how she is looking to meet new, "open minded" people to become friends with. Smith also talks about how, in her spare time, she enjoys puzzles, reading, and writing. Smith also states she is now a Christian and attends church in prison.

When I learned Florida prosecutors pulled the death penalty off the table again in their case against Casey Anthony, i was disgusted. I thought about Susan Smith. I do not believe Casey deserves to have a pen pal, the opportunity to work puzzles, or go to church. I do not believe she deserves the right to flirt with her lawyer, write letters, draw, or even communicate with her family.

If Casey is convicted of murdering Caylee, if the jury finds her guilty on the charges brought forth by the prosecutors, the only punishment fit for her is the same fate that her daughter, Caylee, received. Caylee Anthony, like Susan Smith, selfishly and savagely committed murder against her own child.

Can you imagine Casey Anthony in prison, having sex with prison guards and writing to pen pals? The thought infuriates me and only reinforces my belief that if Casey is convicted, she should pay for this crime, with her own life.

©Amanda Person -- 3.7.09

Don't forget to cast your vote in the poll (see right top sidebar) to share your feelings regarding the death penalty and the case against Casey Anthony.

This was a great first installment from Amanda. I do hope she continues to keep this series running. I find the facts fascinating and I am always up for a good debate.

Amanda enjoys football, and is in the process of creating her own blog -- pertaining to fantasy football, as well as news from the NFL, team, and league news. While still in the beginning stages, she is working hard and I know it will become a great blog and site. You can click here to check out Amanda's blog.

During this time, I have been honored at the requests I have received from readers to "Guest Blog" for me. I am also excited for the postings and articles I have received via personal request. I am still awaiting another great post from "Annals" :)

Most of you know that I have been undergoing aggressive treatments lately. I have tried to keep the blog updated, but not to my usual standards. I am working diligently on getting the blog upgraded, updated, as well as a few surprises.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Casey Anthony Scheduled for March 12 Court Date; Baez Picks up Jail Video For Review


It appears Casey Anthony will be back in court next week.
Wednesday afternoon, the judge set a court date for Thursday, March 12.
Casey's attorney, Jose Baez is attempting to gain access to more evidence in the case related to DNA tests and evidence taken from a computer belonging to Ricardo Morales, Casey's ex-boyfriend. It is unclear the nature of the need of Morales' computer. However, it was Morales that had the "chloroform" picture posted on his myspace account. (see sidebar for link to picture)

Also regarding Morales, Cindy was under the impression that one of the most popular photos of Caylee--the one with the drum set behind her--(see below)-- was taken at Zenaida or "Zanny's" apartment. During the conversation, Casey informed Cindy that the picture was actually taken at Ricardo's home. Cindy supposedly caught onto the drum set because Caylee would speak of playing the drums, and showed interest in it. At Caylee's memorial, Cindy made a comment that she and George were going to give Caylee a drum set for her third birthday. The drum set apparently is part of the RockBand video game. Strike up another lie for Casey. Casey also told Cindy in the jailhouse visitation video, that Ricardo and "Zanny's" apartments were "almost identical" in layout. It was not until that conversation that she admitted to Cindy that the picture was taken at Ricardo's.

Cindy already knew this information due to the fact that Amy Huizenga had already told her the photo was of Ricardo's apartment. Amy was visiting with Cindy after Casey was first arrested and they were going through photos of Caylee and Cindy happened to tell Amy this particular photo was taken at "Zanny's". Amy then told Cindy it was actually taken at Ricardo's. This information is from Cindy's interview with law enforcement.

Caylee with drumset in background


The clock is now ticking for Casey Anthony's attorney to block a jail house video from being released.
During a motions hearing on Monday, Jose Baez convinced a judge not to release the video until he sees it. The tape shows Casey in jail as she was told that her daughter's remains had been found. Judge Strickland ruled that Baez and his team have 15 days to review the tape before petitioning the court again to suppress the video.

On Wednesday, Jose Baez picked up a copy of the video tape and is now in the process of reviewing the contents of the tape. Casey's defense team has two weeks to ask a judge to seal it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

*New Video Added* Home Videos of Casey and Caylee--Within Post

Finally have the embedding issues solved. -- All Videos Below - no links

Videos of Caylee and Casey are here as well as some of Caylee by herself.
Watching these, look at just how beautiful a child Caylee was. It breaks my heart even more to not at least understand what was going through Casey's mind, other than herself, at that time.
How on earth can anyone hurt a child, not based on beauty alone, but just the mere thought of hurting an innocent child. These videos capture just that, the innocence of a childhood taken away, by the hands of her own mother.
I thought to myself one day, the last thing Caylee had to see was Casey's face. Her own mother.
I wonder what Caylee thought. Was she frightened? Did she know? Did she cry, or ask Casey anything? I can not get that out of my mind.
This first video almost makes me sick to my stomach. I am sure there was a time that Casey loved Caylee, or did she? How can you turn that off, especially love for a child?
This video, to me, only justifies that Casey is a selfish, narcissistic person, who only cared for herself, and no matter how well behaved, or what enjoyment she received from Caylee, it was not enough to satisfy Casey.

Casey had to find self-worth and enjoyment elsewhere and Caylee was in her way.

Pay special attention to the video of Caylee's first steps--see note above video.

3.8.09: New Video Just Added:

Caylee Loves Cake: with audio (if no audio...slide "speaker" volume up on video window--bottom right)

Home video of Casey playing with Caylee: with audio

Caylee Coloring:

Caylee's First Steps: with audio
*listen closely as Cindy says "Come on "Case".."come to gramma".... "Case, not Caylee"...

Breakfast With Caylee: with audio

Dancing Caylee: with audio

Caylee Dancing to ABC's: with audio

Caylee: 1,2,3,..Cheese: with audio

Caylee Playing In Casey's Room:

Remember Caylee, video by creator of "The Daily BS" and my missed friend, Sean Krause. Very Touching and Poignant

Last Known Video of Caylee Alive Before She Was Murdered, taken perhaps hours before her death:

more to be posted later...check back

video acknowledgements:
With the exception of Sean Krause's "Remember Caylee" video-couresy Sean Krause; all videos courtesy of the Anthony family personal video collection.

Originally posted online by a member of the Anthony family.

These videos are not from momtective youtube site.

Daily Dose of Grace: Nancy Grace Friday 3.6.09 Episode -- Inside Haleigh Cummings' Home

Daily Dose of Grace: Friday 3.6.09 episode: "Inside Haleigh Cummings' Home"

On this episode: Nancy goes inside the home of Haleigh Cummings' family and the bedroom in which Haleigh was allegedly asleep when she was abudcted/disappeared.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

Courtesy: Nancy Grace HLN/CNN

Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Dose of Grace: Nancy Grace Thursday 3.5.09 episode

Thank you, fellow readers, for your comments and emails (again), your well wishes, and for your continued readership, despite the lack in updates in the past few days, not incuding yesterday, means a lot to me.

With that said, here is your (late) daily dose of grace for Thursday night, 3.5.09:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

courtesy: Nancy Grace HLN/CNN

UPDATE 3.10.09: Note to Readers

A Note To You, My Readers:

Update 3.10.09:

Here is a little behind the scenes look at what has been going on with "momtective" making her media rounds, and attaining her "fifteen seconds" of fame regarding the Anthony family home videos. This is a posting from momtective in which she states the videos are "mine", referring to herself. First of all, momtective was not the original "finder of the videos." She did exactly what several of us bloggers did, except she took it one step further, and made a youtube account in which she posted the videos on the account, without credit to the Anthony family or to even where the videos were obtained.

These videos are mine.
click to enlarge

Once something is out on the internet, is is public domain there for the taking. Unless, it is a work of writing, that is paid copyright and listed with the creative commons organization as "all rights reserved". This is all technical mumbo jumbo and not something I wanted to go into during the Casey Anthony trial, but it is very important to know if you are blogging or thinking of starting a blog.

The main point: the videos are the property of the Anthony family. NO one else. I am not swayed by them at all in my opinion of Casey. Sure, she had a moment where she was playing with Caylee. Are we supposed to sit back and think that during a time period of almost three years, Casey did not play with Caylee, show her any type of affection, laugh with her, or have fun with her? NO Does the video depict Casey as a murderer? NO Actually, I feel if anything,along with the hundreds of photos of Caylee and Casey, it shows Casey did love Caylee, and it makes the evidence connecting Casey to Caylee's homicide even more heinous.

These home videos belong to no one but the Anthony family. Casey put them out there in the "public domain" therefore making them available to anyone and everyone who wanted to see them and/or download them. That does not make the videos "any one person's" just because they took the time to make a site to put them on. I know I am repeating myself, but after I posted the videos on my blog when the news of them hit Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, I did so that readers of my blog could see them for themselves. Hell, I even credited 'momtective' for them, and that was before I researched and found out that it was not she that initially found them.

I seek fame nor fortune but truth and justice

click to enlarge

If 'momtective' says she does not want them sold, that is one thing, and an honorable thing, I do not think they need to be sold. However, that is the decision of the Anthony family, and only the Anthony family. We have seen what type of media whore Cindy is, as well as money hungry they are. I could not imagine selling pictures of my children for any amount of money. I would feel as if I had sold my soul to the devil, but we have to remember who we are speaking of. Cindy nor Casey have a soul, in my opinion. I have a select few photos of my children that I do post online and I am very careful about that. Who doesn't now days? I am proud of my beautiful daughters and want to share them with my friends. I do not use their real names.

What baffles me is why 'momtective' would sit on these videos for six months, then decide that they are "her" videos and copyright them. I am sorry, but when something does not belong to you, slapping a copy&; sign on it, yours it does not make. She states something about the Orlando Sentinel. My friend, a The Sentinel is owned by a larger publisher, someone who has the funds to offer the Anthony's for the "copyright" or "rights" to the videos. And I am guessing, they will accept. It is all or nothing now for Princess Casey and her defense fund.

In ending, what really got me, was that by the disabling of the videos by 'momtective', it put you, my readers, at a disadvantage and inconvenienced you. When you clicked on the video, you received the "embedding disabled by request" message. To some readers, it appeared that I had screwed up, some readers thought that something was wrong with their computers, some even thought they had viruses, and yes, it looked stupid on my blog. Thankfully, a reader, Kramer, caught the disable in time, so that I could inform you, the readers, but enough of you had tried to watch after the disable, and ran into the problems. I have heard from some of you that you were able to watch shortly after I posted. You readers are prompt.. :)

Momtective has since shut down her youtube account, as well as her blog. She stated the "blog" will be down, but did not list a definite date. She stated that it is an 'old blog', yet there are only the four postings for March '09, during the time the video media coverage of the videos.

On her blog, momtective claims, she "seeks not fame nor fortune, but truth and justice." hmmm...then why the shutting down of all her sites, and claiming the videos of Caylee her own?
Original Post

Apologies again for 'momtective's disabling the embedding' of the videos she has on her youtube account. The videos she obtained from Casey's myspace and facebook pages, that are personal property of the Anthony family. By doing this, she is only wanting traffic directed to her site. No where on you her YouTube channel, does 'momtective' give credit to the Anthony family for the videos that she obtained from Casey's myspace page and facebook account.

After the videos were embedded, on my site, for about an hour after posting; I was made aware that 'momtective' had disabled "embedding" of the videos -- so that others cannot post them as I did. She wants the traffic diverted to her site and without giving credit to the Anthony's or whomever took the videos. -- Thank you, Kramer, for the heads up on the videos being disabled.

I initially gave credit to "momtective" in the title of my posting. After being notified the videos were had been disabled in embedded posts...I gladly re posted the link on the previous post to her youtube channel site.

My regular readers know that I always give credit where credit is due, even to myself when I put in my two cents and the posting is written by me, usually my rants, and the posts do not contain any information added from media outlets.

My answer to it all: to each their own. The Internet is public domain and therefore, actually a free for all for everyone. You may not plagiarize, hence my "copyscape" subscription on the post. I have actually found a lot of my work on other blog pages. I have a paid version that contacts me, without me having to look for it. I have yet to do anything to the person(s) that are copying my work...... I feel they are the ones that will deal with the consequence and Copyscape is good at pulling out all the stops, i.e. shutting down websites, and if bad enough, which is not in my case, prosecution. That is reserved for major media outlets.

Everyone that blogs puts their heart and soul into each posting and it is not right, nor considerate, for someone to come along and put their name on the work. It is considered a form of theft. The videos that are on youtube are put out there with the knowledge that they are in the public domain and can and will be utilized by others and posted by others on other sites. This person apparently wanted to cause drama and cause others to do their own embedding, or to only visit her site to view the videos, which as I said, do not belong to her, unless she is, in fact, Cindy Anthony.

I am working on the embedding. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, and it was also the last day of school before my girls start Spring Break. As soon as I have the embedding for the videos, I will post them in the video archive, and until them please use the link provided for momtective's youtube channel on the post. update:3/8/09: as i have embedded the videos myself, I have removed the link to momtective's youtube account.

Or, you may search Youtube for 'momtective'... I do not have the link in front of me unfortunately, but it is on the posting below this one. update: 3/10/09: momtective has shut down her youtube site as of 3/10/09

Thank you for your understanding and readership. :) As you all know, it is much appreciated.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony YouTube Videos From "MomTective"

Embedding issues solved, please see Saturday 3.7.09 posting by clicking here.

These videos have been posted online on YouTube since September of 2008. For unknown reasons, the last video, Casey playing with Caylee was released to the public today, as if it had never before been seen. The videos were confirmed by the Anthony family's former spokesperson, Michelle Bart, that the videos had been on Casey Anthony's myspace and facebook pages and are authentic home videos of Caylee. These videos are listed on Momtective's YouTube Channel. As if she has complete rights to them, she has unfortunately disabled embedding. For those who did not have the opporunity to view on my site before the disable, I apologize. These videos are ultimately the property of the Anthony family. However I will be kind enough to give you the link to watch on the YouTube site until I enable embedding myself. For Anthony home videos of Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony, please see Saturday 3.7.09 posting above. Embedding issues solved. Thank you for patience.

Caylee's first steps

Caylee Playing in Casey's Bedroom

Caylee: 1, 2, 3... Cheese:

Dancing Queen part 1:

Dancing Queen part 2:

Casey Playing With Caylee

Casey Anthony Saga: New Documents Released 3.5.09

The case against Casey Anthony continued to build on Thursday as prosecutors released hundreds of pages of new evidence.
The documents add to the growing volume of material in the first-degree murder case, which is expected to go to trial in October. Thursday's documents included a range of transcripts, investigative reports, phone records and copies of photos.
Anthony is charged in connection with the killing of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, whose body was found in an Orange County woods not far from the home where the family lived.

Watch The Story /Special Section

Below is a guide to the evidence that was released, with short summaries and links to the sections so you can read and see the evidence yourself.

Anthony Lazzaro:
Investigators had Anthony's boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro, secretly tape Anthony's brother Lee looking for evidence against Casey Anthony. Lazzaro also let investigators tap his phone conversations, according to a transcript.
(PDF: Lazzaro Wire Tap)

Caylee AnthonyPhotos:

Defense attorneys tried to stop the release of Casey Anthony's Photobucket.com photos, but lost their motion on Monday. The file, however, contains only black-and-white copies of the images of Anthony, many of which are hard to see clearly. The images do include some graphics, such as ones that show skeletons kissing and skulls. Also among the images is one of the most used photos of Caylee, showing her with her hands near her face. (photo is below)

(PDF: Photobucket Images From June 2008)

Inside the Anthony family:

James Hoover, a private investigator who worked for the Anthony family, described to investigators the family's stay at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes in December after Caylee Anthony's remains were found. He also mentions that he was "uncomfortable" with the friendly relationship between Anthony's mother, Cindy, and another private investigator, Dominic Casey. Hoover also quotes Dominic Casey describing a scene in jail where Casey Anthony started eating one end of a licorice string with her attorney Jose Baez eating from the other end that was passed through a glass partition. Hoover says Dominic Casey claims it looked "like they were kissing through the glass or something." Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore, however, said attorney-client meetings are not held in rooms with a glass partition, so "the physical plant makes the account of such activity a virtual impossibility."
James Hoover Discusses Interactions With Anthony Family

Day Casey was arrested:

"I'll take this as far as I need to to prove my innocence..." Casey Anthony told detectives on Oct. 14, 2008, the day she was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder. According to a transcript, she says they were not trying to run from authorities as they drove from her attorney's office. She thought the deputies following her were the media. Anthony then invokes her right to not talk.
(PDF: Oct. 14 Transcript Of Casey Anthony Speaking With Investigators)

More text messages:
Among the document are dozens of text messages from Casey Anthony and her friends talking about such things as seeing her on TV and aspects of the case.
(PDF: Text Message Exchanges Between Casey Anthony's Friends)

Roy Kronk: The transcript of an interview with meter reader Roy Kronk includes a hand-drawn map of the area where he found Caylee Anthony's remains in December.
PDF: Meter Reader Describes Remains Scene

2:50 p.m.: Anthony Lazzaro, who dated Casey Anthony, recalls in an October 2008 interview with investigators coming upon Anthony watching the video of her daughter Caylee and her grandfather. Lazzaro said she cried as she watched the video.
PDF: Casey Cries Over Caylee Video
Tips: Investigators received hundreds of tips and alleged Caylee sighting, including one in New Zealand.

Remember Caylee

Song: "Mad World" Gary Jules "I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.. It's a mad, mad world.." Video courtesy Sean Krause '08 Sleep Well Friend, Justice for Caylee has finally begun ~SM 6.23.11

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