We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Running a Bed and Breakfast!

I have recently found out that I have become the manager and owner of a Bed and Breakfast! What I have always dreamed of. Well, not exactly. I only have two guests and I am suspecting they are going to try to stick me with the bill.

My first guest is 13. She informed me upon check-in that she was "hibernating". Umm okay. First of all, isn't hibernating for bears? Doesn't hibernation take place in winter months? Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

She wakes up around 1pm each day and then has, ahem, Brunch, (yes, she calls it that). I hard boil eggs twice a week and she eats them with fruit and muffins when she rises from hibernating.
She then proceeds to lounge in the pool for the next three hours. She appears only for me to see her grabbing something from the fully stocked pantry.
Dinner for her takes place around 7 or 8-ish.
Afterwards, she has guests of her own over and they help themselves as well to the sundries and a movie.
After her guests' departure, she indulges herself in a luxurious bubble bath for about an hour. She is under the impression management doesn't sleep, because after her bath, she assumes it is social hour here at the B & B.
Social hour cut off is at 10pm.

My second guest is a ripe old age of 11. She is a lovely little guest. She tidies up her guest room as if it were her own. Some days, she even helps with the breakfast preparation. She loves to make the muffins and on occasion waffles. Belgium. (by request of the first guest) Second guest also likes to help cut up fruit, AND she will even load the dishwasher when we are finished.
I love a tidy cook, much like myself.

Guest #2 also accompanies me during early morning walks around the B & B, relishing in the flower gardens and enjoying a moment in the garden swing every now and again. She also loves to help with the laundry and asks if she can do anything to help.

I do not want her to be burdened with all this work while on her vacation here at the B & B, but while she's here and only if she insists......

I have noticed as the days go by, she has started rising later and later each day. I hope she has not caught wind of the "hibernation". A nasty sunburn set her back a little last week, but she recovered well with my assistance. It was the least I could do.

Both guests seem to be enjoying all the amenities of the B & B. Pool, tv/dvd and cable in each room, PS2 in each room, wireless computer access, three prepared meals, stocked pantry with snacks and beverages, social hour, laundry service, taxi service, non-emergency medical and therapist assistance, cleaning service, and, on occasion, a weekly trip is planned. Bed turn down, however is not offered.

I checked the register and they have already been here almost 4 weeks.
I will have to check with the receptionist, because when they were booked, there is not a departure date listed........

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thank God for Bronzer......

Here we are, right smack in the middle (almost) of June, and it's already 95 degrees plus, in my part of the South. Too hot for the kids, too hot for the pets, the plants, and ME.
Geez, what's the thermometer gonna read this time next month?

The meds I am on prevent me from getting a daily dose of sunshine. Even though it is terribly hot, I hate not getting outside, gardening, swimming and playing with the kids.
Since I am not able to obtain Mother Nature's vitamin D, that means more meds, and what's worse, not being in the sun only extends my SAD.
However, the kids love it, because I do a lot of outside work at night.
All the neighborhood kids congregate around 8:30pm and start getting ready for a two hour, or so, game of "shadow tag".
Some nights, we light the tiki torches and have a late night swim.

Cancer really sucks.

I am determined to live and play around it. It is not going to take me over, literally.

I refuse.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Friday and Free Donuts at Krispy Kreme

Happy Friday!

spoil yourself..........

Remember Caylee

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