We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drew Peterson Update

Defense seeks lower bond for Drew Peterson, outlines his financial assets
No indictments in disappearances of Stacy Peterson or Lisa Stebic

Murder suspect Drew Peterson lacks “substantial” savings or investments and lives on his $6,000-a-month police pension, his attorneys said in a filing that seeks to reduce his $20 million bond.
Calling that amount “excessive and oppressive,” Peterson’s attorneys outlined his financial assets — which include his Bolingbrook home, two cars, two motorcycles and an ultralight aircraft — in a court filing that asks for his bond to be dramatically slashed.
The 55-year-old ex-Bolingbrook cop — who supports four young children — was charged earlier this month with drowning third wife Kathleen Savio in 2004. He remains in the Will County Adult Detention Facility, unable to post the $2 million required to be released on bail.
In asking that Peterson’s bond be cut, his attorneys also ripped the evidence that allegedly links the retired police sergeant to the slaying, which initially was labeled an accident before being reclassified a murder in 2008.
“The case against the defendant is not strong and can be described as a weak, circumstantial case at best,” his attorneys said in their written request.
Peterson is scheduled to appear in court Thursday to contest an attempt by Will County prosecutors to switch judges in his murder case.
But his attorneys also may attempt to reduce his bail so he can remain free until his trial.
Peterson lives on his police pension, which he uses to pay expenses and support his four youngest children, who range in age from 4 to 16 years old.
“His only source of income is his pension,” his attorneys said in their filing.
Their request comes as Will County authorities announced that the special grand jury that has spent 18 months investigating the 2007 disappearances of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, has concluded its probe without returning an indictment, officials said today.
The same grand jury on May 7 indicted Drew Peterson on first-degree murder charges in Savio’s bathtub drowning death.
The grand jury is being dismissed because its term of service expires Thursday — and that tenure can’t be extended, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said in a written statement.
The statement also confirms a story carried today in the Sun-Times that the grand jury last met on Tuesday.
The dismissal doesn’t signal the end of the investigations into the fates of Stacy Peterson and missing Plainfield resident Lisa Stebic, whose disappearance also was being reviewed by the grand jury, authorities said.
“It is critical to note that the investigations into the disappearance of both Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic are not concluded,” according to the statement. “Both investigations are being pursued vigorously.”
Stacy Peterson, 23, vanished on Oct. 28, 2007 from the Bolingbrook home she shared with Drew Peterson, who has been named by authorities as a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife.
The 38-year-old Stebic disappeared from her Plainfield home on April 30, 2007 while in the midst of a contentious divorce from her husband, Craig, whom police have described as “a person of interest” in their investigation.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cindy Anthony on Larry King / A Blogger's Open Letter To Cindy Anthony

Cindy Anthony:

Your statement on Larry King tonight (5.13.09) infuriates me to a point that is greater than I have been during this entire fiasco regarding your daughter Casey.

If Caylee's death - which in my opinion was caused by the hands of your daughter Casey - were not so tragic, the entire story would be a blockbuster comedy. The best of Hollywood screenwriters could not have written this script.  I can only imagine what is yet to come.  What Casey lacked, you certainly made up for, by making a total mockery of your entire family and the memory of your beautiful granddaughter, Caylee. Your tirades are despicable and each time you open your mouth, the entire nation expects you to lie.

How do you as a mother live - for two years - unknowing as to what her daughter is doing? Greater than that, how did you not have an idea of what Casey was capable of doing? No mother I know is that blind.

Regarding bloggers, you say you do not know them, nor if they have children and do not know why they fault you.

You say you believe and I quote, "..bloggers want to find fault with everything . They need to use that energy for something positive like I am, you know (sic)".

I will tell you who I am. I am a stay at home mother with two teen daughters. They are my pride and joy, the reason I am alive, above all, they are the beautiful in my life. I am a two time cancer survivor, although fighting cancer again. I am a widow of 5 years. Unfortunately, I know more than someone my age needs to know about life, only because I lived and learned it at an early age. I am very knowledgeable about "unconditional love", and know a great deal about a love that is much greater  than that, "tough love"-- a love that you should have learned for Casey long ago. There is a reason the bloggers are not fans of you. You are shallow and transparent, just like your daughter.  Casey is but a reflection of you and you of Casey, to an extent.

I surround myself with positive people, places, and situations. That is my coping mechanism. I do not hide in the confines of my home. I started blogging long ago to share instances in my life,wonderful memories, and to bond with others that walk the same path as I. My journaling/blogging began with my second pregnancy, when the internet was new, fun and exciting. I met so many wonderful women who shared like experiences.

That blog grew into the chronicling of my daughters' lives and their milestones. I then began to use blogging as an outlet when I found out my husband was a substance abuser. I turned to new found friends for help and information, not only for him, but mainly for me and how to cope. Most of those friends I had become acquainted with on the internet. As in 'real life' the internet is a wide world of people who are walking alongside us on the same path in life. Seek and you shall find.

I blogged  when I first was told I had cancer. I blogged about the treatments and progress and then finally remission.

I blogged about the sudden death of my husband and how it was to suddenly become a single mother with two small daughters.

I blogged about not being able to find my nephew one morning, only to then to blog later in the day  about the horror of his suicide after his older brother sadly and tragically found him dead inside a car.

I have blogged about my second cancer, a surgery that was supposed to "fix me". I then blogged about "mets" and how my cancer had spread. I blogged during several chemo treatments, and still do to this day.

I have blogged about  my daughters' achievements and how they have grown before my eyes.

I do not recall, however, blogging about finding fault with anyone. If anything, during the worst of times, the common theme seemed to be that I placed blame on myself. A loyal reader once noticed and helped me see that all the bad that had happened was not due to any fault of mine,  nor because of anything that I did or didn't say or do.

I chose to take my personal blog and blog about your daughter Casey and the disappearance of your granddaughter, Caylee. We, as America, were and remain, mesmerized by Caylee's beautiful smile and gorgeous big brown eyes.

When Caylee was first reported as kidnapped, we were horrified. The community of bloggers I know were even more horrified, terrified, and disgusted when we learned your daughter did not report Caylee missing after thirty one days and could possibly be behind this tragedy.

Yes, Cindy, we bloggers are mothers and grandmothers. We are sisters and daughters. 
The Caylee Bloggers are positive people. At this moment, other than the prosecution, we are the only ones publicly keeping Caylee's memory alive. We want --and demand-- the truth to be known.

We can not begin to understand you. Perhaps because we all see what you choose not to see. You do not appear to be a grieving grandmother. I do not see you behind closed doors, but when you are in front of the camera, you definitely do not appear to be. What a total ass you made of yourself at the deposition. Did you show your actions that way in the presence of Caylee? People who have nothing to hide do present themselves in that manner. 
You say bloggers find fault with everything and everyone. Look in the mirror Cindy, you seem to be describing yourself.

You have not helped your cause by changing your stories, "half-truths" and out-right lying to protect your daughter Casey.

The events and reports that have been revealed through discovery do have negative results upon the case and in turn appear to implicate Casey. Upon each release of documents, it is your conclusion and claim that it is all the fault of someone or something else.

If your faith in Casey is so great, why do you not visit her? If Casey has nothing to hide, it shouldn't matter what is captured on video. Personally, I could not imagine seven months without seeing my daughters. However, if I knew one of them had taken my ability to even see my granddaughter, not to mention my granddaughter's life, I KNOW  I could manage not seeing my daughter(s) as well.

What are you doing that is so "positive"?  We know you are spending time reading our blogs, how is that productive? You are not visiting Casey. Are you looking for Zanny? Were your "suicide notes" a positive thing in your life?

Through all the devastating loss I have experienced, I have never once thought of taking my own life. My faith guided me through the difficult times just as it has the best of times.  I also knew I had to be a mother to my children, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

I have never, nor do I know of anyone who has made the comparison of the loss of a family member to that of  "losing my keys, or my cell phone". Now we know where Casey's materialism came from. What a despicable statement. Even from you.

Furthermore, until the day justice is served for Caylee, this is one blogger that will continue on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

George and Cindy Anthony to Appear on Larry King Live Wednesdy, 5.13.09

Don't forget to mark your calenders, set your DVRs and/or reminders for Wednesday, May 13th episode of Larry King Live as guests are George and Cindy Anthony--continuing their "Reasonable Doubt Tour".

The Anthony's last appearance on LKL was, ironically, on Wednesday, December 10, the day before remains were found on December 11, 2008, that ultimately and unfortunately were identified as those of Caylee Marie Anthony, their missing granddaughter. Their daughter, Casey Anthony was charged with murder months before the appearance.

I will post the interview after it airs, for those who may not have the opportunity to view or record the show.

Updates to follow.......

Friday, May 8, 2009

Casey Anthony: Prosection Files Motion For Determination of Counsel

A Case of Musical Defense Attorney "Chairs" or Pin the Tail on the Death Penalty Qualified Attorney

Casey Anthony's defense will soon reveal a new attorney that will make her team qualified to try a death penalty case.

Casey has been in jail since October and is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. However, no one on Casey's defense team can legally represent her at trial.

INTERVIEW: Sheaffer On New Casey Attorney
VIDEO REPORT: Casey Lawyer To Be Revealed
DOCUMENT: Motion For Determination Of Counsel

Prosecutors filed a motion Thursday to determine if Casey Anthony has a qualified defense team (read motion).
Florida law requires a lawyer to have specific qualifications to be the attorney of record in a death penalty case.
Miami attorney Terrance Lenamon was qualified, but he's no longer involved with the case. Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez's spokeswoman said they have a replacement, who is a prominent lawyer, but the she wouldn't reveal the mystery man's identity.
WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said, most likely, the new lawyer is not local.
"It seems that the defense loves drama and this is just another example of the drama that this defense seems to play out," Sheaffer said. "The defense appears to be very unstable."
Baez's publicist said they're trying to protect the new attorney's identity because they don't want him to be attacked by the media.
"It's not a staged production. Again, let's not lose sight of what all of this is about, which is defending Casey Anthony on the charges of murder," Sheaffer said.
Casey's new lawyer will attend her next court hearing on May 28, which is the same hearing where the defense will try to keep the public from seeing Casey Anthony's taped reaction when she found out Caylee's remains had been identified.
Casey's trial is not expected to start until at least October.

video courtesy WFTV

Drew Peterson: Upon Arrest: "I Knew I Should Have Returned Those Library Books"

Drew Peterson, the former police sergeant who authorities call the prime suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, has been indicted on murder charges related to his third wife, Kathleen Savio, the Illinois state attorney's office said.

Drew Peterson was arrested Thursday on murder charges relating to his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Illinois State Police said Peterson was taken into custody about 5:30 p.m. Thursday after a traffic stop near his home.
Police had staked out his home all day, said police Capt. Carl Dobrich, but waited for Peterson to leave to arrest him out of concern for his three children, who were inside the house.
Peterson, through his attorney, denied any wrongdoing in either case.
Wills County State's Attorney James Glasgow said he believes the case is strong and said Peterson is being held on $20 million bond.
"This is an extremely grave and serious matter and it is reflected in the bond," Glasgow said.
Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky told CNN's Larry King he believed the bond was excessive and would seek a more "reasonable" bond, noting it was the most expensive bond he'd seen in 10 years.

Watch Peterson's attorney address his client's arrest »

Charles B. Pelkie, spokesman for the state's attorney in Will County, Illinois, said a grand jury indicted Peterson in the murder of Savio, whose death had been ruled an accidental drowning.
Brodsky said in a written statement that prosecutors won't be able to prove their case because "he didn't do it."

"There is no evidence that links Drew Peterson to the death of Kathleen Savio or anyone else for that matter," Brodsky said. "Drew did not harm Kathleen; he has said so from Day One. We're obviously disappointed a grand jury indicted him. But an indictment does not mean guilt."
Pelkie said the grand jury continues to meet and is studying the possibility of charges in Stacy Peterson's disappearance.

Watch family members react to the arrest »

After Stacy Peterson went missing in October 2007, media frenzy and police scrutiny on Peterson revealed Savio had died mysteriously a few years earlier during a nasty divorce.
Savio died just before the division of the marital assets was finalized, making Drew Peterson the sole beneficiary.

Savio was found in the dry bathtub of her home. At the time, the death was ruled an accidental drowning. But her family continued to insist that Savio died as a result of foul play.

The investigation into Stacy Peterson's disappearance brought renewed interest in Savio's death. Authorities exhumed Savio's body, further tests were conducted, and her death has now been ruled a "homicide staged to look like an accident."

Brodsky told King he believes the case has always been about circumstantial evidence and that he will bring a pathologist to trial who will say Savio died from an accidental drowning.

FindLaw: Read the indictment
WGN: Local coverage
Lots of suspicion, few leads in Peterson mystery

"I think the jury's going to see that, in fact, this always has been an accidental death and still is an accidental death," Brodsky told King.
Kathleen Savio's brother, Nick, told CNN affiliate WLS-TV he received a call from his sister saying Peterson had been arrested.
Watch police arrest Peterson »
"The state police had been telling us the day was coming," he told WLS-TV. "We kept hearing it for about eight months. I'm almost in tears here. It's been so hard for our family."
"Hopefully, we'll get the justice we've always been waiting for."
Martin Glink, attorney for the Savio family, said they were hopeful the grand jury felt there was enough evidence to charge Peterson.
"We're very happy that the wheels of justice have continued to move and they are pointing in his direction," Glink told WLS-TV.
The news was also bittersweet for Stacy Peterson's family, who continue to wait for news about her disappearance.
"We have anticipated this coming. We have dreamed about it. We have been patient over it," Pam Bosco, spokesperson for Stacy Peterson's family told WLS-TV. "Now that it's here, it's almost a little bit calm. We're waiting for the storm to calm now. The calm before the storm."
Bosco said while she had not heard about any charges relating to Stacy Peterson's death, she was hopeful those charges would follow.
"We always said from the very beginning that Kathleen and Stacy had one thing in common -- and that was Drew Peterson," she said. "So, hopefully, we'll have news soon about Stacy, too."
Ernie Raines is also relieved about the arrest. His daughter, Christina Raines, is dating Peterson and was living with him before his arrest. Ernie Raines told CNN's Anderson Cooper he was with his daughter and Peterson as recently as last week, when they talked about going to Las Vegas, Nevada, and getting married.
Thursday night he spoke with his daughter after the arrest.
"My daughter was terrified, very emotional, upset," Ernie Raines said. "And I tried to tell her from the beginning that this was going to happen, be prepared."
Ernie Raines said more than anything, when he heard about the arrest, he was relieved.
"I'm glad justice finally came -- before he hurt my daughter," he said.
Police put Peterson's three minor children in the custody of the state's children and family service department. His adult son was contacted, at Peterson's request, to take them, according to Capt. Dobrich.
Dobrich said Peterson cooperated with police during his arrest

Drew Peterson Exclusive: Evidence Documents Timeline of Stacy Peterson's Death

Documents show how prosecutors are building their case against the former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson.

Call it the case against Drew Peterson. It's been over three years since his third wife Kathleen Savio was murdered and a year and a half since his fourth wife Stacy disappeared. Tonight, for the first time, Fox Chicago News has obtained documents showing how prosecutors are building their case against the former Bolingbrook police officer.

The documents were stolen from an Illinois State Police car then photocopied and dropped off for anchor Jeff Goldblatt. Inside is information never before seen by the public including a timeline of what happened to Stacy, a list of 59 leads, and the police report from the night of Kathleen Savio's murder.

"I was shocked by what was in there, I was really, really shocked," said Charlie Doman, Kathleen nephew. Doman received a copy of the documents after the Post Office found the papers, saw the Savio name, and delivered them to his mom.

But he adds his life has changed for the worse ever since the State Police found out he had the information. At one point he contends troopers threatened him to get the paperwork back. He says, "The female State Police said at first they were going to kick my door in and search every piece of paper in my house until they find what they were looking for if i didn't give them right then and there."

Doman eventually returned his copy. But you can see why police wanted them. The timeline alone lays out in great detail what investigators think happened to Stacy Peterson and what Drew did with her body. According to the documents, they note Stacy was dead by 10:59 am on October 28th. That night, they describe Drew removing the body with his step brother Tom Morphey in a "large blue round plastic container weighing approximately 150 pounds with screw on top with clear plastic protruding from outside."

As for what Drew did with the body, the timeline indicates they believe he may have disposed of it in a quarry in the Bolingbrook area.

Fox Chicago News contacted the State's Attorney's office about the documents. A spokesman told us he was aware they were stolen but did not think our story would compromise their investigation.

Pamela Bosco, a spokeswoman for Stacy's family, said she's been told the case is still active and investigators are still gathering evidence. When we told her about the missing documents, she replied, "when we want to go to court on this, we want to make sure it is done correctly and im sure the prosecution and ISP know this is an important case."

This is an important case for Charlie Doman as well. He feels coming forward will help expedite the investigation although he admits he fears the State's Attorney and State Police will be upset with him. When Jeff Goldblatt asked Charlie how he would respond if they say this tarnishes their case, he replied, "I think they need to step it up a notch then."


Drew Peterson Held on $20 Million Bond - - Raw Video of Drew Peterson's Arrest

Drew Peterson Has Been Arrested on a Grand Jury Indictment of 2 Counts Of Murder Related To The Homicide of Peterson's Third Wife, Kathleen Savio.

Drew Peterson was arrested around 5:35pm local time at an intersection shortly after leaving his home. After removing his children from the home and assuring their safety with a family member, law enforcement entered the Peterson home to execute a search warrant.
Peterson will remain in jail overnight and perhaps over the weekend, according to his attorney, Joel Brodsky. Brodsky also stated there will be a bond reduction hearing and that the bond against Peterson is unreasonable.

Raw Video of Drew Peterson's Arrest:

video courtesy: myfoxchicago

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drew Peterson Arrested: BREAKING NEWS!!!


Local media reports say Drew Peterson was arrested Thursday in connection with the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Peterson will likely be charged in the death of Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in a bathtub in her home on March 1, 2004, according to CBS2chicago.com.

MyFOXChicago.com reported that Peterson was arrested at 5:35 p.m. Thursday after state police surrounded his car. Peterson was alone in his car at the time.

Six state police searched Peterson's home, MyFOXChicago.com reported.

Click here for photos.

Click here for more on this story from MyFOXChicago.com.

news just breaking....updates to follow

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brittannee Drexel's Mother: "She could be dead..."

Click here to visit HelpFindBrittanee.com.

The boyfriend of a New York teenager who disappeared on spring break in Myrtle Beach said someone knows what happened to her, but he doesn't believe the male friends she visited there are involved.

John Grieco said his girlfriend Brittanee Drexel never told him about the group, including Peter Broswick — whose hotel room she went to shortly before she vanished the night of April 25.

Detectives believe Broswick may have been the last person to see 17-year-old Brittanee alive.

"She didn't make me aware of that because she was friends with them and she knew that I didn't necessarily like the fact that she was hanging out with a whole group of guys," Grieco told FOX News on Tuesday.

But Grieco said he doesn't think Broswick is involved in whatever happened to his girlfriend.
"I don't believe he had anything to do with Brittanee's disappearance," Grieco said. "I do believe there are people out there who know what happened to her."

Click here for photos.

When asked whether Brittanee could have hurt herself or left of her own accord, Grieco said "absolutely not."

"This is not a runaway case, and she did not do anything to harm herself," he told FOX.

Police released new surveillance footage late Monday of the Rochester, N.Y., high school junior going to the Blue Water Resort Hotel to visit Broswick and the group of boys he was staying with along Myrtle Beach's popular Ocean Boulevard strip.

Meanwhile, Brittanee's mother thinks her daughter could be dead after going on the spring break trip against her wishes.

Dawn Drexel told WHEC News 10 in Rochester that her daughter would never run away.

"I seriously think someone took my daughter or she may not be alive," Dawn Drexel said.
Brittanee Drexel, a junior at Gates-Chili High School, left the Bar Harbor Hotel, where she was staying with some girl friends, at about 8 p.m. on April 25 to visit Broswick.

Broswick, who is also from Rochester, left Myrtle Beach to return home to New York about 1 a.m. the night Brittanee was last seen, according to News Channel 15's CarolinaLive.com.

He and several others were questioned, but were cleared as suspects, according to Brittanee's mother.
"As far as I know, they’ve done what they needed to do as far as those boys are concerned back home," said Dawn Drexel. "They’re not persons of interest anymore."

South Carolina authorities focused their search over the weekend on an area just south of where the teen disappeared after pinpointing the last place her cell phone gave off a signal.
Brittanee's cell phone signal was captured April 26, a day after police say the teen was last seen. Myrtle Beach Capt. David Knipes told reporters the search hasn't yielded any new clues in the case.

Drexel has said she's concerned because the teen suffers from depression. Brittannee may have been upset because she and her husband are getting divorced, according to Dawn Drexel.

Family and friends spent the past week canvassing popular beach clubs and hangouts in the resort town without any results.

Brittanee has blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with blond highlights. She's 5 feet tall, weighs about 100 pounds and was last seen wearing a multi-colored shirt, black shorts and flip-flops.

Those with any information are asked to call Myrtle Beach Police at (843) 918-1300, 1-800-CRIME-TV or 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678).

Click here to visit HelpFindBrittanee.com.

Jose Baez: Motion For Change of Venue Cited Due To Publicity--Baez States in Impromptu News Conference Held During News Hour

On Monday, Jose Baez filed a motion for change of venue regarding the trial of his client, Casey Anthony. (read motion).

Baez claims the jury pool in Central Florida is tainted and therefore Casey Anthony (read Casey's statement) cannot have a fair trial.

One of the reasons cited for change of venue was all the publicity and scrutiny the local media has placed on the case--making it high profile-- and drawing more attention with a new story leading the newscasts daily.

Baez revealed his reasonings when he spoke to the media during an impromptu news presser held at the beginning of the local news coverage.

Baez feels that Casey Anthony will not receive a fair and impartial jury from the Orlando area due to all the publicity. Baez is pushing for a change of venue because of too much local publicity. Prosecutors have never gone on camera for the case, but Baez does it regularly to react to evidence and other developments.

Baez researches news site web polls--Holds presser at top of news hour

Along with preparing for trial, Baez, who is not death penalty trial qualified, has been doing research regarding the local Orlando and surrounding area blogs and news websites. Appears he has a lot of time on his hands, or perhaps Casey is doing the research for him. She is quite good at 'Google-ing'.

Baez says his research shows that 84-percent of WFTV web visitors who answered a poll said they believe prosecutors should seek the death penalty against Casey Anthony. He said, in four months, more than 14,000 stories aired about the case, but only three-percent of them aired in the Miami area and even less in the Tallahassee area. Yet, he wants the trial in Miami.

Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, is pushing for a change of venue because of too much local publicity. Prosecutors have never gone on camera for the case, but Baez does it regularly to react to evidence and other developments.

As well as being disgruntled with the media coverage, Baez is also perturbed that it is taking too long for him to receive case discovery from prosecutors.

Even on Monday, after the motion filing, Baez timed his news conference so that he could do it live at the top of the five o'clock news.

Eyewitness News opted not to air it and Baez became upset about that decision.

Reporter Kathi Belich Calls Baez Out...Asks Tough Question

WFTV reporter Kathi Belich had an opportunity to ask Baez whether he helped cause the publicity problem, but Baez would not answer the question.

Jose Baez didn't like Kathi Belich's question Monday during his impromptu news conference. (raw video / images). She had only one question for him:

"Can you explain your complaints about publicity when you're the one holding news conferences all the time and going on national television?" Belich asked.

Baez never answered. But it appears he likes publicity as long as he likes what's been publicized, otherwise he's less fond of it.

Baez also filed a signed affidavit from Casey herself complaining about questions Eyewitness News asked her, such as did she kill Caylee? (see statement above)

Casey herself doesn't like the questions Belich has asked her in the past and it's one of the reasons Casey says she wants her murder trial moved out of the Orange County courthouse.


DOCUMENTS: Motion For Venue Change /Casey's Statement
BELICH vs. BAEZ: Raw Video / See Images
BAEZ PRESSER: Speaks After Venue Request
LEGAL ANALYSIS: Sheaffer On Venue Change Request

During Baez's news conference--held just in time for the five o'clock news--to complain about all the publicity in the case, Baez says he wants to move the trial to the Miami-Dade area or to Broward County.

"It simply is that the local coverage has been so constant and at times so inflammatory that members of the local community have already formed their opinions without having heard one piece of evidence," Baez said Monday.

"It's disingenuous. The bottom line is that every time you go on TV to complain about the case it just re-energizes the interest of the national media," WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said Monday (watch full interview).

Sheaffer says moving some 200 witnesses, a judge and court personnel and dozens of investigators, for possibly a month, will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Finding a jury of a white woman's peers won't be difficult, but they can't know much or have an opinion about her.

Sheaffer says interest could wane and the judge might try to seat a jury in Orange County before moving on.

"The judge will confer with the chief judge, Perry. They would confer with the chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court," Sheaffer said.

videos and images courtesy: WFTV

Casey Anthony: Depositions and Discovery

Jose Baez held depositions on Tuesday regarding Casey's actions the day Caylee's remains were found. Also, 700+ pages of evidence documents were presented to Baez on Monday. Documents should be released to the media and public by week's end. State's Attorney to discuss and/or petition the court regarding Baez's motion for change of venue.

Casey Anthony's attorney deposed on Tuesday, Lt. Tammy Unser, a jail employee who was with Anthony when word came that her daughter's remains had been found.

Attorney Jose Baez also questioned under oath two supervisors about why Casey Anthony was videotaped in Orange County Jail on December 2008 when the remains of a child were found in Orange County. Those remains were later identified as those of Caylee Anthony, Casey's missing daughter.

WESH: Watch The Story

BAEZ TUESDAY: Afternoon Morning Images
RAW VIDEO: Detective Graves Talks To WFTV
VIDEO REPORT: Baez Questions Key Witnesses
DOCUMENTS: Venue Change Motion Casey's Statement

Baez states accused child killer Casey Anthony wasn't treated very well December 11, the day she found out that a little girl's remains were found near her house. The jail says it took her to the medical clinic in case she needed help and, in fact, she did ask for medication for the first time ever.

Casey Anthony was watching Channel 9 the morning she found out remains, likely her daughter Caylee's, had been found in the woods near her house. She was taken to the waiting area outside the medical clinic, one of the common areas in the jail where there are security cameras rolling 24/7, and her reaction that morning was videotaped.

Baez neglected to ask the judge to seal the statements of Lt. Tammy Unser and others who were aware of Casey's anxiety attack on December 11. So, even though the jail video has not been released, the public already knows how Casey reacted.

"Her hands started to sweat. She started rubbing them profusely. She was in waist chains and handcuffs and she kept saying, 'The waist chains are getting tighter and tighter on me, please loosen them,'" Jail Lt. Tammy Unser told Detective Philip Graves during an interview on the afternoon of December 11 (listen to interview).

"I disagree totally with the way she was treated," Baez said.

Baez questioned jail Lt. Unser and sheriff's office Detective Philip Graves, who investigated Casey's reaction on December 11 for the murder cases.

"There's been a lot of reports that you purposely put her in front of a camera at the jail. Is that true?" WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked Graves as he left the State Attorney's Office.

"I can't comment," Graves said.

Baez seems to have backed off his accusations that Casey's privacy rights were violated, as he tries to keep the videotape out of the public eye and possibly out of the trial.

"We need to get to the bottom of everything that occurred in the case," Baez said Tuesday.

Eyewitness News asked Baez whether Casey's considering suing the jail.

"I'm not thinking of a lawsuit. If she feels she has a case after our investigation, she will have a right to pursue it," Baez said.

Baez questioned Lt. Unser for about two hours and said he needs to continue questioning her. He said we'll be surprised when we find out what he's learned so far about the jail taping, even though he says he doesn't know the whole story yet.

The same subject will take Casey back to court later this month.

On May 28, Baez, or one of a handful of attorneys will fight to make sure the public never sees the video of Casey's reaction to the news her daughter's remains had been found.
A petition to the court will be made that the videotape should be thrown out because Anthony was set up and her rights violated. He would not be specific about what he found out on Monday.

The depositions were not open to the public.

More Discovery Released to Defense

Also on Monday, prosecutors released to Baez 700 more pages of evidence, including public works logs relating to Dec. 11, 2008, which is the day meter reader Roy Kronk found Caylee's remains.

The new documents have not been made public yet.

Baez said he is frustrated with the slow release of critical information from the state attorney's office and would not rule out asking the judge to do something about it.

A state attorney's spokesman said they will be meeting in the next day or two to discuss how they will react to Baez's motion to move the trial out of Orange County, which was filed on Monday.

videos courtesy: WESH and WFTV, respectively

Brittannee Drexel: Surveillance Photos Released of When She Was Last Seen

Surveillance Photos Released of When Missing Teen Was Last Seen:

Brittannee Entering Hotel

Brittannee Entering Hotel

Brittannee Drexel Leaving Hotel


Surveillance photos have been released of Brittannee Drexel, a missing New York teenager who hasn't been seen in over ten days.

Police now say what was thought to be a sighting of the girl last Wednesday, turned out to be a false alarm.

Brittanee Drexel was last seen on Saturday night, April 25, on Ocean Boulevard while on spring break with friends in Myrtle Beach.

The search continues, but police say there's a lack of information making things difficult.

They say they haven't been able to trace a cell phone signal since early in their investigation and there has been no ATM or debit card activity in the 17 year olds account, meanwhile other leads have come up short.

Surveillance photos released by police of Brittannee Drexel are from April 25, Saturday night - the last night she was seen - entering and leaving the Blue Water Resort. She left there about 8:45 that night.
Brittannee went to the hotel to visit a friend who is also from Rochester, NY-Peter Broswick- who was also in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break. Broswick is the last known person to see Brittannee. However, he checked out of the hotel in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 26, leaving behind a room deposit and other items.
Broswick has since returned to Rochester, NY, hired an attorney and is not speaking.

On Wednesday, April 29, someone saw a girl fitting Brittanee's description getting off a bus in Myrtle Beach - that transit bus came from Georgetown County.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department has since located the young woman who witnesses saw getting off the bus and authorities say it was NOT Brittannee Drexel.

Myrtle Beach police say between their department, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as well as Brittanee's family - they should find the 17 year old.

"There's people all up and down the boulevard. So if she's here, she should be seen by someone. I don't know if it's something where she's laying low and just coming out at night, or not coming out at all, but she's certainly not popping her head out there where we can see her," said Captain David Knipes, with Myrtle Beach Police.

Police say even though last Wednesday's lead did not pan out, they remain hopeful they'll find Drexel safe and they say the dead end should not discourage people from calling in any information.

If you have any information, Myrtle Beach Police department has released a new tip line number. It's (843) 918 - 1363.

Jose Baez: Celebrity, Scrutiny and Controversy -- Defense Attorney On The Defense

The following is part 2 of a 2 part article published by The Orlando Sentinel delving into the back story of Jose Baez.

Again, not unlike Casey Anthony, herself, Baez has found himself in unsavory positions over the years, or just perhaps, "mis-truths" and embellishing facts. Nonetheless, the two seem to have a flair for well, "flair".

Now, with the the tragic murder of two year old Caylee Anthony quickly approaching the one year anniversary of Caylee's "disappearance", Baez attempts to defend Caylee's mother, Casey, amidst a sea of cameras, media, and the spotlight. An unconventional, or just dimwitted Baez, speaks whenever the opportunity lends, whether to his benefit or not. Mainly, not.

From the article:

Casey Anthony is not the first murder suspect Jose Baez has defended.

But representing her has brought him more public attention, scrutiny and controversy than any other case since he became a lawyer four years ago.

In the process, he has bristled at suggestions that his trial experience is limited and at questions about how he is paying for the expensive legal team he has assembled.

From his office down the street from the Osceola County Jail, he has worked on several hundred criminal cases conducted in courthouses across Central Florida. This semester he also taught a course in pretrial practice at Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando.

He was a low-profile local attorney, however, until he started working for Anthony, the 23-year-old mother accused of killing her toddler daughter, Caylee. Before that, no one was asking him to appear on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN or to jump aboard Fox TV reporter Geraldo Rivera's 70-foot ketch for an afternoon of sailing. wonder if either one of these doofs even thought to "search for Caylee" while they were out schmoozing it up. That's right, another page taken from Casey's "How I searched for Caylee" handbook. *started working for--you mean he's started? I thought someone had just pulled the string on his back and it became stuck...

Along with the celebrity have come insinuations that Baez is over his head in the Anthony case — sometimes from a law professor or someone such as former prosecutor Nancy Grace of Headline News.

Baez, 40, would not be interviewed for this story. His spokesperson issued a statement accusing the Orlando Sentinel of engaging "in a sensationalist persecution of a Hispanic lawyer…"Earlier, however, he suggested that the newspaper could get a balanced view of his legal abilities by talking to the judge and prosecutor in a Lake County child-murder case he defended last year.

Circuit Judge Mark Nacke would not comment. Judges rarely comment on attorneys because anything they say might suggest they are not impartial toward a lawyer who could appear before them in court again. I suppose Baez was absent when that little tidbit was discussed in class.....

Assistant State Attorney Bill Gross said it was the first time in his 30-year career that a defense lawyer had used him as a professional reference. He said Baez had done a competent job and showed promise."I've been doing this a lot longer than he, and I could recognize that he does have a lot of God-given talent. He is quite quick-witted, has an excellent ability to communicate," Gross said. "He did a very good job considering his relatively short time as an attorney."

Quick wit does not save one from prison, apparently.
Baez's client was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter and child abuse in the fatal beating of a 2-year-old girl. Baez fielded questions from reporters in English and Spanish because the victim was the granddaughter of Puerto Rican boxer Wilfredo Vázquez, a world champion.

William H. Stone, chief assistant public defender in Lake County, said he, too, was impressed."I heard nothing but glowing comments about his abilities and representation of his client," Stone said.

Disputes Over Bills, Support

Since he became a lawyer, Baez has been involved in several money disputes. They are mostly small --compared with the bankruptcy,-- bad debts and other financial issues that prompted the Florida Board of Bar Examiners to refuse his application to the Bar after he graduated from law school in 1997. He was not admitted to practice law until 2005.

Darlene Bryant, a court reporter in North Carolina, said she spent six months in 2007 trying to get Baez to honor a $275 bill for work she did for him."He finally paid after I got the state Bar Association involved," she said.

Baez also ended up being sued in April 2007 over an $837.62 bill for 1,000 of his plastic business cards, which are decorated with a golden crest. Sir Speedy Printing went to court and won after Baez refused an offer from the Orange County Bar Association to mediate.

Also, in January 2007, four months before he bought a $670,000 waterfront home in a country-club community on East Lake Tohopekaliga, Baez was held in contempt of court for failing to pay $4,000 in child support, according to Miami-Dade Clerk of Court records.

His office spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie, told the Sentinel that Baez and his former wife have resolved their support issues.

Spotlight Follows Big Case

Baez's finances would be of little interest had the case of a lifetime not fallen into his lap in July.

When Casey Anthony picked Baez to defend her — based on the recommendation of someone she met in jail, her mother has told reporters — he took on a case that has attracted attention around the world.

Since then, he has appeared on Good Morning America and 20/20 on ABC, The Early Show on CBS, Today on NBC, Larry King Live on CNN, Geraldo at Large on Fox and others.

Last summer, he traveled to New York City, where he and his wife spent part of a day sailing with Fox's Rivera. Photos of the outing show a grinning Baez on deck with Rivera.

Heavy media schedules by defense lawyers raise the eyebrows of some seasoned lawyers.
University of Florida law professor Michael Seigel, a former federal prosecutor, said any lawyer who goes public risks being accused of tainting the jury pool.

"It's very dangerous," Seigel said "Unless you are very skilled at it, it can truly backfire. ... Most of the best attorneys around the country tend to be very quiet. They wait to try the case in a courtroom setting."

Setting a Tone For the Defense

Early on, Baez confounded reporters by taking on a media-relations company that used three anonymous — and often irritable — spokesmen calling themselves "Todd Black." Baez severed ties with Press Corps Media after one of the spokesmen turned out to be a felon who served time for trying to extort money from a TV reporter in California.

Mackenzie, who was hired to replace Press Corps Media, said in March that Baez had not known the felon's background.

Robert M. Jarvis, who teaches classes in legal ethics and law and popular culture at Nova Southeastern University Law Center in Fort Lauderdale, said the incident is just one of many twists in the case.

"I think he's a guy who's clearly in over his head. Handling a capital-murder case is obviously the most challenging thing a lawyer can do," Jarvis said. "So it's very surprising right from the get-go that a lawyer with less than four years of experience is handling this case.

... Right off the bat, you have to say this is a guy who is very cocky or who is really naive."

Baez does his own speaking in court, where he has annoyed state prosecutors with his motions.

He has demanded repeatedly that the state speed up release of evidence it has and make it available for analysis by his experts. He has sought to block release of photos and videos that he said could show his client in a bad light. He has sought sanctions for prosecutors he accused of moving too slowly on his requests. He complained to the judge when the State Attorney's Office sparked a Florida Bar investigation by sending it news releases from his former spokesman.

He often does not prevail. For example, when the state wanted to force Anthony to appear in court, Baez balked, saying she didn't want to appear in public. The judge ruled against him, requiring she attend every hearing.

What Baez makes clear in all his court appearances is that he intends to vigorously challenge the state's interpretation of what the evidence against his client shows.

Who Is Paying, State Asks?

A continuing controversy stems from the question of how Anthony, who had no assets when arrested in July, is paying for her defense, including the hiring of nationally recognized expert witnesses.

One of them, pathologist Dr. Henry Lee, testified for O.J. Simpson at his murder trial.

In March, prosecutors asked Circuit Judge Stan Strickland to investigate whether Baez was playing two potentially conflicting roles for Anthony: defense lawyer and story agent.

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton speculated in a motion that Anthony's "seeming conversion from pauper to princess" could be based on sale of her photos and videos, which had appeared in national TV reports about the case. He further speculated whether Baez could be managing both her assets and her defense.TV networks admit that they often pay "licensing fees" for videos and photos, but they will not say whether — and whom — they paid to use photos and video of Anthony and her family.

Strickland refused to step in after Baez denied having any arrangement with Anthony to sell her story. Baez accused prosecutors of trying to intimidate and embarrass him.

Under the spotlight of the Anthony case, Baez had to retract a claim on his Web site that he won 32 out of 34 jury trials after starting work in 1995 with the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office.

Acting on a complaint, a Florida Bar grievance committee ruled that Baez should have mentioned he was an intern, not a lawyer, when the cases were tried. I assume it was just a "mis-truth"

Baez Criticizes Sentinel

In refusing to be interviewed, Baez issued a statement chiding the Sentinel for writing about him. Commenting on recent coverage, it said "your discrimination against a young, hard-working Hispanic lawyer who represents a high-profile client borders on racism. I wonder what reactions this profile on a prominent Hispanic lawyer will have on your readership."

Baez often mentions his ethnicity when talking about his defense of Anthony. Talking to reporters outside the Orange County Courthouse in January, he said he was the first Hispanic lawyer to handle a case of such magnitude — a claim he has repeated since then.

Asked to evaluate the statement, Ramona Romero, president of the Hispanic National Bar Association, named several Hispanic attorneys across the nation involved in cases of national significance."I hope his defense work goes well," she said of Baez, "but for him to say it's the most high-profile case a Hispanic lawyer has ever handled I think is inaccurate."

Baez has characterized the scrutiny and criticism he faces as an unavoidable consequence of his job. He also describes himself as a standard-bearer for future Hispanic lawyers.

"And I will not embarrass those that come after me by doing something as foolish and as unethical as what ... I've been accused of," he said outside the courthouse in January.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel, article by: Henry Pierson Curtis; Amy L. Edwards, Sarah Lundy, Walter Pacheco, Bianca Prieto, Mary Shanklin and researcher Susan K. Thompson of the Sentinel staff contributed to this report.

Part 2 of 2

Jose Baez: Bikini's, Bankruptcy and Bars--(i.e. Law and Taverns)

Florida Bar Would Not Allow Jose Baez to Practice Law
for Eight Years After Graduating Law School

The following is part 1 of a 2 part series from the Orlando Sentinel's entitled "Who Is Jose Baez?"

An informative, investigative, perusal of the life of the defense attorney of one of the most hated mothers in America, Casey Anthony. It appears Baez's entire life has been a mockery, eerily mirroring Casey's reckless life as a high school drop out, financial troubles, children left behind, family dysfunction, and seemingly, a desire for money and the fast life.

From the article:

His defense of a young mother charged with killing her toddler has transformed José Ángel Baez into one of the best-known lawyers in America.

For eight years after he graduated from law school, however, the board that screens prospective attorneys in Florida would not let him practice law.

The Florida Supreme Court agreed with the decision, issuing an order in 2000 that cataloged unpaid bills, extravagant spending and other "financial irresponsibility" up to that time. Justices reserved their strongest condemnation for his failure to stay current on support payments for his only child.

His overall behavior, they wrote, showed "a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law."He worked instead as a paralegal for the Miami-Dade public defender and then taught Internet research to lawyers and started four business ventures, including two bikini companies. Before Florida Bar officials admitted him in 2005, he had to demonstrate that he had rehabilitated himself.

Today, as lead defense attorney for Casey Anthony — the Orange County woman charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter— 40-year-old Baez has become the sort of instant celebrity monitored by TV, newspapers, tabloids and the Internet.

He is a Bar member in good standing, his office spokeswoman reminded the Orlando Sentinel in a prepared statement. She also questioned the motives behind the newspaper story."Based on your questions and actions," she wrote, "this profile you are writing has nothing to do with Jose Baez's representation of Casey Anthony and appears to be a sensationalist persecution of a Hispanic lawyer who has been targeted by a newspaper lucky to find itself at the center of a national story.

"The Supreme Court order, which the Sentinel found in public records, shows that nearly a decade ago, he could not satisfy the character and fitness standards Florida requires of prospective lawyers.It identifies Baez by his initials, J.A.B. — standard procedure in cases in which prospective lawyers challenge their denial of a law license at the state's highest court.

Using other public records and interviews, the Sentinel matched many details in the document to Baez, however.

For instance, the lawyer listed as representing J.A.B. was Manuel Alvarez, an attorney with the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office, where Baez worked at the time.

The office confirmed that Alvarez helped Baez with his Bar application. Supreme Court records show J.A.B.'s is the only case involving the Bar that Alvarez has handled in the state's highest court.

Alvarez would not comment, but Executive Assistant Public Defender Rory S. Stein said that Alvarez wrote a legal brief on behalf of Baez in 1998, the year after he graduated from law school. Stein called it "a friendly gesture" to a staff member who needed help with his lawyer application.

In an interview last year, Baez described his eight years out of law as a personal choice, saying he could earn more money in other fields.

Baez would not be interviewed for this story but commented on the court order in the statement issued through Marti Mackenzie, his office spokeswoman:"The ruling you claim that was made about a lawyer with the initials J.A.B. has nothing to do with Mr. Baez's current status as a member in good standing with The Florida Bar. Many people, including lawyers, have monetary misunderstandings, disputes and child support disagreements that have no effect on their ability to represent clients."

From Navy to Law School

Born in Puerto Rico in 1969, Baez told reporters he grew up in the Bronx and South Florida with his mother, a single parent. He dropped out of Homestead High School in ninth grade.

He married at 17, became a father, earned a GED diploma and joined the Navy in 1986.

According to his résumé, Baez spent three years assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Norfolk, Va., trained as an intelligence analyst with what he described as a "Cosmic Top Secret" security clearance.

He left active duty in May 1989 as a yeoman seaman, a rank associated with administrative duties, and then served in the U.S. Navy Reserve, according to the National Archives and Records Administration.

In the next six years, Baez divorced, attended Miami-Dade Community College and graduated from Florida State University.

A black belt in tae kwon do, Baez competed with the karate, pistol and crime-scene team from FSU's chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, a fraternity of criminology majors.

"We probably ranked first overall in every category in every national competition," said Ken Koehler, the fraternity's former sergeant-at-arms. "José was more or less the primary instructor. ... We did academic testing as well, and he did pretty good with that, too."

After graduating in 1997 from St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Baez applied to become a lawyer. In April 1998, he was called before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, which screens prospective lawyers. The later Supreme Court order outlined how this review uncovered the debts and other problems that concerned the Bar examiners.

That order is the only public record of the review, which is designed to protect the public and safeguard the judicial system. The Bar examiners have responsibility for ensuring that all lawyer applicants meet Florida's requirements for character and fitness, education and technical competence, according to Supreme Court rules.

The process is not open to the public, except when a candidate who is turned down asks the Supreme Court to review the decision. The court identifies the rejected applicant only by his or her initials when its findings are released.

Court Critical of Finances

According to the Supreme Court summary of the case, the Board of Bar Examiners filed formal allegations against J.A.B. in September 1998. In addition to unpaid child support, a personal bankruptcy and default on a student loan, the investigators said he left out parts of his history, including that he wrote a bad check and entered a pretrial program to avoid conviction.

Investigators also found fault with J.A.B.'s participation in a foreign-studies program in summer 1995 and his leasing of a Mazda Miata in Miami — unnecessary expenses when he owed money to others, they said.After a formal hearing, the board found the allegations proven and recommended that he not be admitted to the Bar.

"Additionally, the Board found that J.A.B.'s misrepresentations and lack of candor in his answers to the specifications and during his formal hearing testimony were further grounds for disqualification," the Supreme Court wrote.

Many details in the order can be confirmed in public records for José Baez:

•Miami-Dade Circuit Court records show that Baez failed repeatedly to pay his $200-a-month child support after his 1993 divorce. The sum owed reached $12,000 by 2004.
Asked recently about this, Baez said through his spokeswoman that he and his ex-wife have resolved their child-support issues. Like J.A.B., Baez's only child is a daughter.

•Baez declared bankruptcy in September 1990, the same month and year cited for J.A.B. The records on Baez are filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, where he lived during and after his service in the Navy.

•The Virginia Education Loan Authority filed liens against Baez for $4,336 in unpaid loans in 1995, the same year the Supreme Court says J.A.B defaulted on his student loan.

•Baez leased a Mazda Miata in 1998, just as J.A.B did. The Sentinel obtained a copy of his Progressive Express insurance card for the vehicle, which Baez had submitted to the Public Defender's Office in Miami. Files from the State Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show the car was leased.In April 1998 — the same month that the Bar examiners held their investigative hearing into J.A.B.'s qualifications as a lawyer — the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office reassigned José Ángel Baez to tasks that did not require a law degree.

Baez spent the next 16 months interviewing witnesses and investigating cases to compensate the office for its investment in his preparation to be a lawyer, records show. He resigned in September 1999.

The following year, in June 2000, the Supreme Court issued its findings:
Regarding Case No. SC95855, Florida Board of Bar Examiners RE: J.A.B.:

"Accordingly, we approve the Board's recommendation that J.A.B. not be admitted to the Florida Bar at this time."

Baez Tries Bikini Business

Turned down by the Bar, corporate records show Baez started a series of businesses.
They included Bon Bon Bikinis and Brazilian-Bikinis.com to sell bathing suits.

He also applied for a real-estate license and created two companies selling computer know-how: LawStudentWebsites.com and LawyerConcepts.

From 2000 to 2005, according to his spokeswoman, Baez worked for LexisNexis, the information company.

In an interview last year, he said he taught lawyers and judges to research cases using the Internet and made twice as much as he could practicing law.

Records show that a court in Miami docked $550 a month from his LexisNexis paycheck in 2004 to pay child support to his first wife.

An applicant denied admission to the Bar can reapply after two years or other such period set by the Bar examiners. The application must include a "written statement describing the scope and character of the applicant's evidence of rehabilitation," according to Supreme Court rules.

The court requires them to produce "clear and convincing evidence of rehabilitation," such as strict compliance with judicial or administrative orders, assurances to "conduct one's self in an exemplary manner" and demonstrations of excellent character, good reputation for professional ability and "positive action" in their occupation, religion or community or civic service.

Baez launched two community-service ventures during his time away from the law.

In 2001, according to state records, Baez created a nonprofit group, the Miami Domestic Violence Project. It dissolved two years later. Mackenzie, Baez's office spokeswoman, said the project disbanded because another group with an almost identical purpose and name already existed.

In 2004, Baez created another nonprofit in Miami, Miracles for Children Foundation Corp., according to state records. It continued until Sept. 16, 2005.

The following week, Sept. 22, Baez was admitted to practice law. Because the admission process for lawyers is not public, there is no way to know what effect these nonprofit groups had on the Bar's action.

source: Orlando Sentinel. Amy L. Edwards, Sarah Lundy, Walter Pacheco, Bianca Prieto, Mary Shanklin and researcher Susan K. Thompson of the Sentinel staff contributed to this report. part 1 of 2

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jose Baez on Change of Venue Motion..To South Florida video

Get Ready South Beach,
Move Over Hulk and Linda Bollea (Hogan)
Another Circus is Coming to Your Affluent Town:

"The Anthony Family Circus"
Featuring:Jose Baez and Company,
Casey Anthony
and George and Cindy Anthony

Jose Baez, in another impromptu press conference
regarding the change of venue
to south Florida

Jose Baez's Opinion of the Media and His Handling of His Client, Casey Anthony's, Case

Cindy Is "Frustrated" Over Questions Regarding Discovery

Case Anthony: Defense to Seek Change of Venue / Linda Kenney Baden on NBCs Today Show


video below
“Late this afternoon, Jose Baez will file a Motion for Change of Venue for the Casey Anthony trial. He will file this Motion and then answer media inquiries outside the courthouse,” Marti Mackenzie wrote in a press release emailed to media early Monday.

Mackenzie is the spokeswoman for attorney Jose Baez. She also said a copy will not be available before it’s filed and that no individual interviews will be granted.

On Monday morning, attorney Linda Kenney Baden said on NBC's Today Show, that the intense media coverage will make it impossible for Casey to get a fair trial in Orlando. Kenney-Baden was making her appearance on morning media as part of the "Reasonable Doubt Tour".

Kenney Baden stated to Today Show host, Ann Curry, "Every single day since I've been in this case, which was December 11, there's been a story. Even when there's a non-story there's been a story." Kenney Baden is the wife of famed forensic expert, Michael Baden.
In reply, Curry asked, "So you're saying the local media hasn't given you a fair shake?"
Absolutely not, absolutely not," replied Baden.
Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth....


Newly released documents in the case against Casey could raise reasonable doubt in because they fail to link Casey Anthony directly to the crime scene, which may give her defense some ammunition in court.
It is a bit of a break for the defense, less incriminating evidence to fight against and to use to try to create reasonable doubt. But the defense team's obstacle will boil down to that one word, "reasonable."
The Today Show also provided coverage on this speculation as well.

video courtesy: NBCs Today Show 5.4.09



In light of the documents released last Friday, trial watchers not need to start doubting the case just yet. As well, Baez should not get too over confident.

Casey's lies, behavior, photographs, computer searches, texts, and cell phone pings, during the days before and, especially after, the disappearance of her daughter Caylee are still evidence.

Prosecutors would not have put the death penalty back on the table if they did not feel they have overwhelming evidence to put this monster of a mother on death row.

Keep in mind, even with Florida's "sunshine laws", the prosecution still has evidence that the public will not be privy to until trial. Just as Baez blames OCLE and the prosecutors' office for leaking information, he is guilty of the same.

Prosecution has had this evidence that was released to the public last Friday for some time. It was given to Baez and Company as part of "discovery", and whom do you presume released it to the media, even with the "sunshine laws" in place?

Baez was aware of this evidence, he saw this coming down the pike weeks ago, thus, the start of the "Reasonable Doubt Tour". It doubles, also, as damage control for Cindy's meltdown during her deposition for the civil case brought forth by Zenaida Gonzalez.

Kenney-Baden claims that the case was reclassified as a death penalty case due to some sort of tactic by the prosecution ~ either to have one or more of the defense counsel removed, (you think), a vendetta against the client and her defense team, or for some other political motive.

Odd how Linda doesn't feel that it could simply be Casey deserves the death penalty for the murder of her two year old daughter...

video courtesy NBCs Today Show

Friday, May 1, 2009

Woman Found in Wednesday's Brittanee Drexel Sighting and Search--Not Brittannee

Where's Brittannee? Myrtle Beach Police are still searching for Brittanee Drexel, a missing teen from Rochester, New York.

Friday afternoon police followed a lead to Georgetown County.

Police searched the area around the North Santee River looking for Drexel who has not been seen since last Saturday night.

Brittannee was last seen leaving the Blue Water Resort on Ocean Boulevard after visiting a male friend, Peter Broswick, from the Rochester, NY area, the same area the missing teen is from.

The male friend, Peter Broswick, has obtained a lawyer and is not talking, according to Rochester, NY news affiliates. Broswick checked out of his motel in the early morning hours of Sunday morning, leaving behind a substantial deposit on the hotel room.
Broswick's actions so far are suspicious, although he is not considered a suspect at this time, police do want to question him.

There was a reported sighting of a girl fitting her description on Wednesday, but that lead proved to be false.

There was a possible sighting of missing Rochester, NY teen, Britannee Drexel, on Wednesday morning, when someone reported seeing a girl matching Drexel's description getting off a bus in Myrtle Beach that came from Georgetown.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department has located the young woman, who witnesses reported was possibly Ms. Drexel. (Wednesday 4-29-09).

Myrtle Beach Police can now confirm that this woman is NOT Ms. Drexel. Searches for Ms. Drexel continue into the weekend.

Even though this lead did not pan out, the Myrtle Beach Police Department says it remains hopeful they'll locate Drexel safe and sound.

If you have any information, call the Myrtle Beach Police Department at (843) 918-1952 or (843) 918-1382.

Remember Caylee

Song: "Mad World" Gary Jules "I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.. It's a mad, mad world.." Video courtesy Sean Krause '08 Sleep Well Friend, Justice for Caylee has finally begun ~SM 6.23.11

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