We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who's Who Part Two, or, Who is Who's Attorney? Updated *1/14/09*

There have been so many new names, mostly attorneys, coming into the case, it is hard to keep up with who's who again.

I have compiled a short "Who's Who, part 2".

It is an on-going list and if you know of someone who I may have left off, please leave in comments and I will add to list. I have listed in alphabetical order. Just drafted rather quickly while fresh on my mind. After posted for a few days, I will move to the sidebar for quick reference.


Who's Who, part 2:

Michelle Bart: Spokesperson for Kid Finders, then spokesperson for Anthony's after Garrison fired. No longer spokesperson after Brad Conway stepped in as attorney.

Todd Black: Spokesperson for Baez, employed by PR firm out of Nashville, TN

Richard Cain: Deputy under investigation and could have possible disciplinary actions taken against him regarding the way he handled the 911 made by Roy Kronk. Cain responded to this call, was out of service for 40 minutes before becoming "10-8" (back in service"). His report states after investigating the area where Kronk claimed he saw something unusual and could have been related to the Caylee case, reported his findings as "trash".

Dominic Casey: Ex-employee (PI) for Jose Baez's Law Firm, turned Private Investigator for Anthony's. Clams to have been at site where remains were found on November 15, 2008, and saw no sign of the remains. States Jim Hoover video taped the area then told Dominic that he taped over the video. Hoover then took the video to the media and OCSO to imply the remains were placed at the area sometime after 11/15/08.

Cameron "Cam" Campana: new witness added to prosecution's witness list; member of Orlando local band "Fuzzy Red Balloons" Also, possible roommate of Troy Brown.

Officer Mike Chitwood: Daytona Beach police officer. Found George Anthony in his hotel room at the Hawaiian Motel. He then initiated the Baker Act, admitting George to Halifax Medical Center.

Brad Conway: New attorney for George and Cindy Anthony after NeJame resigned.

Kiomarie Torres-Cruz: Casey's friend who told LE in August of exact area where Caylee's remains were found

David Deen: meter reader that was with Roy Kronk on December 11 when remains were called in.

David Evans: Roy Kronk's attorney

Jose Garcia: attorney with Jose Baez Law Firm

Gabriel Adam: attorney with Jose Baez Law Firm

Larry Garrison: Ex-spokesperson for Anthony's; fired for billing NBC for license of photos of Caylee and Casey, embezzling money. Anthony's claimed he profited off of Caylee.

Jim Hoover: Private Investigator for Anthony's; claims to have videotape of area where Caylee's remains were found, dated 11/15/08 and the remains were not there.

Roy Kronk: meter reader who found Caylee's remains. Called 911 3 times in August '08 then again on 12/11/08 when remains were found. Told 911 operator in August he worked "the Caylee route".

Thomas Luka: Lee's Attorney and "advisor"

Dennis Milstead: Kid-Finders founder; packed up after remains were found but before they were identified as Caylee. Local tv station uncovered felonies against Milstead, he refused to go on camera.

John Morgan: Defense attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez in defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony

Mark NeJame: Ex attorney for Anthony's, resigned as a result of conflict with client. Claims he could not represent the Anthony's while they were speaking to the media at every opportunity and placing fault on authorities for not doing their job. He believed that Caylee was deceased while representing the Anthony's.

Judge San Strickland: Judge in Casey's bond hearing, and motions and hearings thus far

Judge Jose Rodriguez: Judge for the Zenaida Gonzales vs. Casey Anthony Civil Suit

Hawaiian Motel: Daytona Beach: Where George Anthony was found after texting he wanted to end his life and left a six to eight page suicide letter.

Halifax Medical Center: Where George Anthony was taken (under the Baker Act) for evaluation and medical treatment after being found, presumptively wanting to end his life.
Casey's defense "dream team" of experts:

Dr. Henry Lee, Kathy Reichs, Linda Kenny-Baden,and Lawrence Kobilinski

The participants of the Dream Team and their experience:

Dr. Henry Lee: The legendary investigator is known for finding the tiniest clues. He has even solved a murder without a body. Over the past 40 years, Lee assisted in the investigations of more than 6,000 cases, including war crimes in Bosnia and Croatia, the suicide of President Clinton's former White House attorney, Vince Foster, review of the JFK assassination, and the death of JonBennet Ramsey. Also called as an expert witness in the OJ Simpson case.

Kathy Reichs: anthropologist expert, producer of TV show "Bones", and author.

Linda Kenny Baden: famed defense forensic attorney and married to Dr. Michael Baden.

Dr. Michael Baden: Board-certified
forensic pathologist. He is known for his work investigating high profile deaths and as a host of HBO's Autopsy. He was one time medical examiner for NYC.

Lawrence Kobilinski: "expert witness" with specialty in DNA.(source: ALMExperts.com: Expert Witness Directory) also, "Kobi" of Nancy Grace show
Ginette Lukas: Psychic who claims she was on the phone with Dominic Casey during the videotape, "guiding" him to Caylee's remains based on her dream from the night before.

Lois Porter and Dakota Skii: Grandmother and Granddaughter= Dakota organized a vigil for Caylee in St. Cloud when Casey was first out on bond. Lois is Dakota's grandmother. Lois attempted to file a restraining order against Cindy and Casey Anthony on behalf of her granddaughter, Dakota. Casey continued to email and text Dakota after the vigil and send homemade bracelets, shirts and other items to the 12 year old girl. As of January '09, Cindy and Lois have been having a heated email exchange regarding the case and Cindy told Lois that she nor Dakota were welcome to Caylee's Memorial. Cindy also stated that she is standing behind Casey and that Casey did no wrong doing.
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imjacobsmom said...

Sounds like a complete list to me. I wonder why they included Cameron Campana on the list. I wonder what he has to offer. Did you ever read any interviews from him?

spoiledmom said...


Hi! I drafted the list myself and included Cameron on it because his name is "new" to the case, as being added to the State's witness list in December. I have not read any interviews from him. What I have posted on Cameron is only what I have been able to dig up on him from the released evidence documents. After re-reading some more this morining, I did find in one interview that he could possibly be the "Cameron" who was listed as Troy Brown's roommate. Troy was in Casey's circle of friends. Cameron also links to "Fuzzy Red Balloons" a local Orlando band of which Cameron is a memeber and Casey was a fan. You can find both of their myspace profiles by going through their links posted in the sidebar of my blog. Cameron may possibly have testimony of Casey's clubbing and partying during the month of July, possibly have information on Caylee, or be a witness to the fact of Caylee's absence (or Caylee's presence, rather, at Fusion during Casey's first visit there. It is documented that club goers and friends of Tony did not like the idea of Casey having a 2 year old at the club and did not think it appropriate.) Also in the evidence documents of Casey's text messages from her cell phone, she sent a text (to whom unknown) that read: "I love red fuzzy balloons". The context is reverse of the name of the band but could have been an error on Casey's behalf. As of now, that is all I have on Cameron. (heh)
Have a great day!

tee said...

jim hoover was never involved as an investigator. he is a former investigator who volunteered his security services and generally annoyed all involved. he says at least the former and implies the latter in the ZG depo.

SpoiledMom said...

Jim Hoover, at the time this list was compiled, was "considered" a private investigator for the Anthony's Every news article at the time portrayed Hoover as a private investigator. However, it was not until after the discovery (or his release) of the Dominic Casey "videotape", that the Anthony's claimed that Hoover was a "bodyguard" and had volunteered his services. I can only speculate that Hoover filled them full of BS of his past "PI duties" and all of the influential persons that he provided "bodyguard" services for. The same that he could "not remember" during the ZG civil case depositions. And agreed, he has annoyed all involved, except perhaps, Cindy Anthony.
Click for
James Hoover Deposition Transcript-Zenaida Gonzalez vs. Casey Anthony Civil Suit 3.25.09

Thanks for reading and your comment!

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