We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cindy Anthony email exchange ignites more family fueding

UPDATE: JUNE 15, 2011:

For more emails, please see this updated posting:
UPDATE: Emails between Cindy Anthony and Rick Plesea
These emails are in their original format from the pages of discovery evidence released in the case.
Updated 6.15.11


More drama unfolded at the Anthony camp this past week as emails sufaced among another document dump of almost 1,000+ pages of discovery.

The emails are the rantings between Cindy and her brother, Rick Plesea regarding his thoughts on Caylee's disappearance. At one point during the exchange, Rick outright says he thinks Caylee is dead and says to George and Cindy, "What are you thinking, are you two stupid?" Plesea also comments that at his wedding in '05, he commented to Cindy that Casey was pregnant. He said she had to be around seven months pregnant. Cindy's response was "Casey would have to have sex to be pregnant."
Rick seems devestated and emotional in the emails, as he should be. Cindy's tone is the same as we have come to known, cocky and arrogant.

Cindy stated in FBI interviews released last week, "I hope the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

You are correct Cindy,  it certainly doesn't.

You can read the email exchange here, on my site,

Email Between Rick Plesea and Cindy Anthony

For more emails, please see this updated posting:
UPDATE: Emails between Cindy Anthony and Rick Plesea
These emails are in their original format from the pages of discovery evidence released in the case.
Updated 6.15.11

Email from Rick to Cindy
August 21 2008 at 12:59 AM
Subject: Re: won’t do Greta

Cindy, George did wrestle his dad and put him thru the window. That is why George had to start his own business. Don’t lie to me about it. Mom filled me in on Casey so don’t lie to me about her. She STOLE dads check and bought a stupid phone at AT&T so don’t lie to me about the $354!!!! Mom has the god damn statement! I know I re verified with mom today!!! The sitter IS the whole case! Are you that dumb??? The house could be JOE BLOWS for Christ’s sake. are you that naive??? You really are that stupid. I can’t believe it. My sister is a moron. You need help. You are delirious! I WAS trying to help you. Your grand daughter is dead!! there I said it. Casey has killed her someway either by accident or on purpose. Casey is a narcissist Read up on it. You and George have been walking through life with blinders on. Casey made you both look like fools at my wedding. Did you forget I told you she was pregnant!!! You are a nurse for Christ’s sake. You are a fool. Casey has buffaloed you and George for a long time. I also know about George and the internet and he paid most of it back from his workers comp check. Casey ran up the tab. Mom knows and told me you idiot. You think what you d is secret? You are living a fantasy!! Wake the hell up sister!! George’s debt was paid over time in Ohio. I remember the settlement and that was from 1989. You think I am as dumb as you? You are not only in denial but are missing your brain. The article of clothing of the sitters was verified by who? Casey? No one ever saw the sitter so how could they have proven to be hers. What drugs are you on. You are so stupid I can’t take it. You should make the Guinness book of world records for being gullible. The only thing that God knows is Casey is a liar and you are stupid. Casey knows where Caylee is and when all the evidence is in she will get the death penalty for murder. You have to be a moron for destroying evidence with washing pants that smell like a dead body. If they were in the car and the smell was in the trunk how could the pants stink? Think use that think on your shoulders. If the cops didn’t think you were stupid they would bring charges against you and George for destroying evidence. I disowned Nate for lying for Pam and I can disown you for your ignorance. I see how Casey is so screwed up between you and George as role models. Saying Casey will be mother of the year I nearly tossed my groceries. She will be mutha of the year. Those people in prison will have a field day with her. You better tell her to confess and ask for solitary. It is her only hope. Do you think I care anymore after you attacked me. You are in another universe. You and George ARE on your own. Good luck with that.

Email from Cindy to Rick
August 22 2008 8:37 pm
Subject: Re: Won’t do Greta.

call his father he did not wrestle his dad thru a glass window. She did not steal dad’s check I gave mom back the check from her 21st birthday uncashed that is how she got the routing number. You are the f/n stupid one, there is a sitter. We have people tracking her, the OCSO is not doing there job, but we have other sources who are. Someday you will eat all your words and I hope you choke on them. There is no case against Casey, DNA does not take 31 days to get back they have nothing. I did not ask you to get involved. You think you know everything. Mom got confused when you went thru your divorce and took Pam’s side until I convinced her there are always 2 sides. People should not judge what they do not know. The next time you say Caylee is dead I will personally come there and kick your sorry @ss all the way to hell, because that is where you are headed. Stay out of my life. You did not ruin your son’s life, he is a wonderful young man. Thank god you disowned him he did better of without you. You have no family loyalty, or faith, what a waste of a human existence. I did not want to stoop to our low life level but I’m calling it as I see it. Again I feel sorry for Robin, she is a nice woman. I have only 2 brothers.

Email from Rick To Cindy:
August 23 2008 1:01 pm
Subject: No subject

Mom has the statement that Casey STOLE from dad’s account. You @ss! Mom told you about Casey STEALING IT! QUIT LYING FOR CASEY!! Casey’s excuses for stealing was that Universal transferred her and they didn’t have the budget for the phones that the employees needed and told them to buy them themselves Casey told mom that the Universal would reimburse them,. Casey didn’t have the money to buy it so she “borrowed” it from dad’s account. The check was signed “Casey Anthony”! So don’t f/n lie to me. I have hears enough lies coming for you daughter for a lifetime and now your are lying to me. Your princess daughter didn’t even graduate from high school and you cover that up. When you FINALLY find “the truth” about what has happened to Caylee, I will say I TOLD YOU SO! You are so damn blind you need a seeing eye dog. If you REALLY wanted to find Caylee you would seek the real truth from Casey.
The FBI and the forensic labs are taking their time and doing this right. That evidence is NOT in yet. You are in for a huge surprise.
Speaking of the FBI, they and the Orange County Sheriff’s office called me and mom. They now know what mom and I know about this. They talked to Dan too. This is far to serious to PRETENT that Casey just gave Caylee to a “made up” sitter. No one believes you or your lying daughter. I disowned Nate because he was a lying no-good little prick. I gave him many chances. (but not the million chances you have given Casey) No one was ever “missing” from my house. I welcome the chance of you coming hereto “kick my @ss”. You need to kick Casey’s @ss you idiot. I know you want to believe Caylee is still alive because you will have lost Caylee and Casey. I was trying to let you SEE BOTH SIDES! You are the only looking at Casey’s side.
I don’t need you in my family. You are too stupid to be in my family. You are the stupidest people that I know. You can pick your seat and pick your nose, you can’t pick your relatives! All you had to do was discipline Casey. You didn’t do anything to squelch her. You created her now deal with her.
If you think Nate is a fine man I would have a problem with that. Your judge of characters is not working. You can’t see Casey did something to Caylee and KNOWS what it is. Nate may have grown up and if he got away from Pam’s influence he may have a chance. He knows now that I wasn’t going to put up with is nonsense any longer. Something that you have to learn about Casey!
Anyway the police and FBI now know the truth. I hope it will lead them to Caylee.
What you were doing wasn’t working.

Who's Who in The Casey Anthony Saga

This is a work in progress, please accept appologies. I will be adding photos. If you have anyone else I may have overlooked, please leave in comments. It is 1:45am and I am stopping for the night. At least you have a cast of caracters, if you will , of everyone related to the case.

Allen, Sgt. John – Orange County Sheriff’s Office; Yuri Melich’s supervisor. When he pulled up all individuals with the name Zenaida Gonzalez in the DAVID system, Casey could not identify any of them as being the alleged kidnapper.

Angel, Karen – Registered nurse at Avante at Mount Dora Nursing and Rehab, where Casey Anthony’s grandfather lives. Provided sworn recorded testimony that she saw Caylee Anthony on June 15, 2008 (Fathers Day) at Mount Dora.

Anthony, Casey Marie – Caylee Anthony’s mother, born March 19, 1986. George and Cindy Anthony’s daughter. Lee Anthony’s sister. Attended but did not graduate from Colonial High School. Did not attend Valencia College, although she said she did. Habitual liar and known to steal from friends and family. Gave false statements to police upon investigation of Caylee. Stated she was employed by Universal Studios; however, she was fired April 24, 2006. Worked at Club Fusion as “manager of shot girls.”

Anthony, Caylee Marie – Missing 3 year old girl born August 9, 2005 (2 yoa when missing). Daughter of Casey Anthony. Grandchild of George and Cindy Anthony. Niece of Lee Anthony. Father unidentified at this time.

Anthony, Cindy – Married to George Anthony. She is Casey’s mother and Caylee’s grandmother. On July 16, called 911 and reported “smell of death” in car (white 1998 Pontiac Sunfire, FL tag G63XV) Washed pants that were in car.

Anthony, George – Married to Cindy Anthony. He is Casey’s father and Caylee’s grandfather. Former homicide detective (Ohio). Currently working at Lexus dealership in security (worked for security company).

Anthony, Lee – Casey’s brother, George and Cindy’s son, Caylee’s uncle. Girlfriend’s name is Mallory Parker.

Baez, José – Casey’s defense attorney.

Beasley, Charity – OCSO detective. Took possession of several items at Anthony home on July 16, 2008. Those items include computer cord, laptop, child’s toothbrush, black leather bag and belt, dinnerware knife, plastic hangers, blue crate, Dora the Explorer backpack, toy doll and various papers and binder. These were items that had been in the car. Cindy said that when she got in the car, there was a strong, unidentifiable odor. It was evident in the papers and the backpack. Regarding the dinnerware knife, Cindy said it appeared to be unused but had been washed since they found it. See page 180-182 http://www.orlandosentinel.com/media/acrobat/2008-08/41844520.pdf Conducted interviews of Tony Lazaro, Jeffrey Dale Hopkins II, Amy Huizenga, and Ricardo Morales.

Birch, Simon – Facility manager of the wrecking yard (Johnson’s Wrecker East) where Casey’s car was towed on June 30, 2008. After the car had been there a couple of weeks, he approached it and began to smell a foul odor. At the time, he did not pay further attention to the white Pontiac. On July 15, 2008, Birch was approached by Nicole Lett, who worked in the office, was dealing with two upset customers, George and Cindy Anthony. Cindy Anthony was trying to negotiate a discount for the towing fees; George agreed to pay the fees and provided the title and his driver license. As they walked, George Anthony mentioned that his daughter had been missing and that she would not allow him to see his granddaughter and has told several lies. When George opened the door of the car, a very foul odor came from inside. Mr. Birch recognized it as the same odor as had been in a car in which a man had committed suicide (his body had been in the car for about 5 days). When Mr. Birch said, “That’s rotten,” George did not reply. They opened the trunk in order to locate the source of the odor (flies flew out) and found a garbage bag, which Mr. Birch opened. Papers, a pizza box and maggots were in the bag. Mr. Birch threw the bag over a fence into the tow lot’s dumpster. George noticed the fuel gauge read empty and said he had a gas can in his car. He retrieved the gas can, apologized for his wife being upset, poured gas into the Pontiac and drove away.

Bloise, Gerardo – CSI investigator. The vehicle and the items listed above (see Beasley, Charity) were released to Gerardo (exceptions being laptop and cord; see Cawn, Sandy). Gerardo also photographed Brian Burner’s (Casey’s neighbor) shovel and took possession of shovel with laytex-gloved hands. Shovel was packed in two large bags. Appling Wells assisted.

Bonilla, Rosanna – Resident of 301 Hillside, the seniors-only facility, who talked with LE during their search for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (1).

Bourgeois, Patrick – Said he went to high school with Casey and visited Casey in jail; Casey said she did not recognize him. Short visit. Frank Bourgeois also signed in. Could not find anyone on class list for 2001-2007. Still trying to find connection (maybe guy just wanted 15 minutes of fame).

Brown, Troy – Friend of Casey’s. Amy’s former roommate. Former boyfriend of Lauren Coppel. Troy met Casey for first time on his birthday (June 5, 2007) and became friends with her when she started dating Ricardo Morales. During discussion with sister about how much she got paid babysitting (he felt it was a low number), he said they should ask Casey since she had a nanny. Casey never gave him a straight answer. He never heard her refer to the nanny by name, nor did he see her make or take a call from the nanny.

Burner, Brian – Met with Appling Wells in parking lot of H&B Trading (his place of employment). Said he would be driving maroon Ford Taurus). Told her Casey borrowed a shovel possibly on July 16, 2008. He was doing yard work when Casey approached him and asked to borrow shovel to dig up bamboo root. She walked into Anthony garage (her car was in there which was unusual). When he was finished with his yard work, he went back to the front to see if Casey was finished. Her car was in the garage; nobody else seemed to be home (no other cars). She returned the shovel about an hour after borrowing. She then went to Burner house to get shovel, which had not been used since Casey had used it. See Bloise, Gerardo.

Campana, Cameron – Friend of Tony’s who was staying at Tony’s apartment. Has band, Fuzzy Red Balloons. No other connection at this time. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=2736501

Carey, Barbara J. – USPS supervisor 501 North Semoran Boulevard, who directed LE to yet another Zenaida Gonzalez (married, and for last two years Zenaida Rosado). While Rosado’s husband did work at the Semoran USPO, Rosado worked at 650 N. Alafaya Trail post office. She later was located and gave statement that she did not know Casey or Caylee.

Cawn, Sandy – OCSO detective to whom the laptop and power cord found in Casey’s car were released. See Beasley, Charity above.

Chase, Anne Marie – Mother of Mark Hawkins, Marine friend of Casey’s stationed in California. Anne Marie last saw Casey in Target on July 10, 2008. She is due to return from cruise on July 18, 2008.

Chatt, JP – Roommate of Ricardo Morales (Casey’s ex) and Amy Huizenga (Casey’s friend). Some think he bears a striking resemblance to Caylee Anthony but not sure whether he knew Casey prior to him living with Ricardo and Amy. News editor at WFTV Channel 9, the ABC affiliate in Orlando.

Chester, Kristina – Friend of Casey’s. Called LE after seeing story on Caylee on the news. Claims to be Casey’s best friend. Said that Casey and Caylee had been to her house and had gone for walk at Lake Underhill Park between 6-8:30 p.m. on June 12 or June 13. She was surprised to hear that Caylee was missing. Investigator Kelly Deguzman later obtained a sworn written statement from Kristine (PDF has Jessie [sic] here) regarding this information.

Clarke, Dave – OCSO detective who, along with Deputy Kraubetz, Kevin, met with Amanda Macklin, community manager of Sawgrass Apartments.

Colamarino, Danny – owner of Cast Iron Tattoo, the place where Casey got the tattoo Bella Vita (meaning Beautiful Life) on July 2 or 3, 2008. Casey has been customer there for about 1.5-2 years and regularly visits the establishment. He last saw Casey on July 15, 2008, between 2-4 p.m. She came in shop to schedule appointment for July 19, 2008. She arrived in maroon or red 4-door compact (Toyota maybe) and said she was picking up a friend at the airport and the friend’s luggage would not fit in her car. He had last seen Caylee 3 to 6 months ago. He asked about her, and Casey said she would bring her to the July 19 appointment.

Coppel, Lauren – Former girlfriend of Troy Brown.

Coworkers, Alleged – As noted in various emails Lee took from Casey’s computer and gave to LE, the following people are either Casey’s supervisors or she dealt with when being hired: Cheryl Davis (East Coast VP, Marketing and Sales), Katherine Hart (HR Manager, Universal Studios, Florida), Gabe Marsh, Michael Hamilton, Thomas Franck (Event Coordinator, East Coast Operations). None of the email addresses were valid when messages were sent to them.
Cozak, Mike –Employee, Event Imaging Solutions Group (Kodak) who confirmed that Casey had worked for him in 2005, but that he could not remember Jeff Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.
Note: Kodak was taken over by Colorvision in 2006.

Crawford, Dee – Director of Human Resources, Event Imaging Solutions Group (Kodak) who confirmed that Mike Cozak worked for them but no Jeff Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.

Crisp, Matthew Allen – Went to high school with Casey (Colonial High School). He last saw Casey on July 7, 2008, at Subway. Talked about her boyfriend being out of town. Casey said daughter was in Sanford, FL with the babysitter, and Casey was going to pick Caylee up later that day. On June 19, 2008, he received a call from Casey and talked to her about leasing an apartment as his complex, Cranes Landing Apartments, for her and her boyfriend, Tony Lazaro. They met and completed a contact form, but no contract lease agreement was signed. He contacted her later in the week but she was more interested in inviting him to the club (Fusion). He did not accept invitation.

Custodians – From witness list: Custodian of 911 Calls, Orange County Sheriff’s Office; Custodian of Records of Johnson’s Wrecker Service, which towed Casey Anthony’s car; and Custodian of Records of AT&T Wireless.

Daly, Jonathan – Friends of Casey’s from Colonial High School. Employee of Cast Iron Tattoo. Last saw Casey early July; Caylee several months ago. Was told Caylee’s father was in the military and was the result of a one-night stand.

Daly, Sean – Friends of Casey’s from Colonial High School. Last saw Casey July 5, 2008, with her boyfriend Tony. Sean said that Casey was known to tell lies. On July 16, 2008, Sean received a missed call from Casey’s cell (407-619-9286) which was witnessed by Detective Rivera. Casey’s telephone number was displayed on the screen of Sean’s phone. Brother of Jonathan.

Davis, Cheryl – East Coast VP, Marketing and Sales (from emails Lee took from Casey’s computer and gave to LE). One of the people Casey named as coworker or supervisor. According to Lee Turtora, she does not exist. The only employee by this name was a server for Pat O’Briens’s in CityWalk. There is no “East Coast VP” for Marketing and Sales.
See Coworkers, Alleged.

Deguzman, Kelly – OCSO Investigator who obtained Kristine Chester’s written statement.

DePalmo, Tanya – OCSO deputy. Assisted in search of Anthony backyard and drainage easements with Appling Wells and Awilda McBryde. Requested wage and hour check on Casey Anthony. Request sent to Melissa Remy, Government Analyst, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse. Results showed that Casey’s last place of employment is from the first quarter of 2006, Event Imaging Solutions, Inc., 3201 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL. .

Dickens, Bailey and Joyce – Anthony’s neighbors. Told Detectives Tom Manderville and Michael Segreaves that on July 19, they had a visit from Kiomarie Torres-Cruz, a former neighbor, whose parents still live in the neighborhood. While visiting with them, Kiomarie mentioned that she had a call from Casey on July 9 and had heard Caylee in the background. She also said Casey had called from a payphone (unsure of date and time). She also said that if Caylee was buried, she was buried by Hidden Oaks Elementary, in the woods where they used to hang out. The Dickens encouraged her to contact LE. Detective Segreaves contacted Appling Wells, who said she had spoken with Kiomarie.

Downing, Annie – Friend of Casey’s. Contacted by LE but not home; father said he would have her call, which she did. Detective Clarke spoke with her. She had previously lived in Sawgrass apartments. See Salati, Dante. Has been interviewed by LE, but transcript has not been released to public.

Eberlin, Ryan – OCSO deputy who first responded to Cindy Anthony’s report of stolen vehicle. After initial investigation, he determined this to be a kidnapping.

Edwards, Eric – OCSO.

England, Melissa – Friend of Troy Brown’s from Virginia. Visited Troy July 2 through July 5 (but still there on July 23 or back to give testimony?). Because Troy had to work July 3, she spent the day with Casey the day she got her tattoo (possibly). The first thing Casey had said to her upon meeting her July 2 was “We should get a tattoo” to which Melissa responded “You’re crazy. I’m not getting another tattoo.” During the time they were together, there was no mention of Caylee, which was a disappointment to Melissa since she was in a relationship with a man who had a baby, and she was looking forward to talking to Casey about kids.
See Troy Brown’s testimony at http://flawebhosting.net/docs092308/

Erickson, Michael – OCSO. On page 195 as witness. Work address given as 2500 West Colonial, which is the OCSO forensic storage bay. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/media/acrobat/2008-08/41844520.pdf

Evans, Robert – Orange County, 9th Circuit Court. Judge who signed warrant for Casey Anthony’s cell phone records.

Exit13 – Websleuths poster who did not want to be IDd by his real name. He is the owner of the “Lake Vaj” house. Friend of Dante Salati and Mallory Parker (Lee’s girlfriend) and roommate of Sean Daly. Exit13 spent four years in 75th Ranger Regiment. Says Casey stopped hanging out with them when she started dating Tony (about 6-8 weeks before Caylee was reported missing). He saw Casey at party in May (Anything But Clothes) and watched UFC fight on June 7, 2008. http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71620

France, Andrew James – Casey exchanged phone calls/texts on 6/29, 6/30, 7/1, 7/2, 7/8, 7/11 and 7/15. No clear connection yet.

Farrell, Raquel – According to Casey, she is one of Zenaida’s roommates. The other is Jennifer Rosa. Casey has met them only briefly. Also according to Casey, she is a hostess at TGI(Fridays). However, according to Rich Garrad, corporate recruiting specialist for Carlson Restaurants Worldwide, TGIFriday’s parent company, no such person is/was employed by them. He tried various versions of the name with no luck.

Fernandez, Gloria – Alleged name of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez’s biological mother. An email from Lee, based on conversation with Casey had her name as Gloria Gonzalez, age 55.

Fernandez, Victor – Alleged name of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez’s step-father.

Fletcher, Rendon – OCSO deputy. Work address given as 2500 West Colonial, which is the OCSO forensic storage bay.

Forgey, Jason – OCSO K-9 Unit. Contacted by Yuri Melich regarding missing child. Responding to 2500 West Colonial Drive, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Forensic storage bay, performed cadaver search with his K-9 partner, Gerus, who is trained to detect and alert on the odor of human decomposition. Upon giving the cadaver search command, Jason began his search of the Pontiac Sunfire that belonged to the Anthonys (Casey’s car). Gerus gave a final trained alert at the rear of the passenger finder/trunk.

Franck, Thomas – Name from forwarded email to Casey, provided by Lee Anthony on July 29, 2008. The email appears to be from Mr. Franck (Thomas.Franck@events.universal.com) and tells Casey about an upcoming event. However, when LE tried to respond to this email address, they received a message that the domain was invalid (email does not exist). LE checked with

Leonard Turtora at Universal Studios and determined that Thomas Franck is not an employee and according to the Server Technology Department, they have never used “@events.universal.com” as one of their email addresses.

Fusco, Stephen – OCSO. On page 195 as witness. Need description. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/media/acrobat/2008-08/41844520.pdf

Gagne, Holly - Former babysitter of Caylee’s. Friend of the Anthony family. http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0807/31/ng.01.html

Galaida, Tom – Owner of Tom’s Repair. At Anthony Lazaro’s request, during the morning of June 9, 2008, his black SUV was towed from his home to the repair shop. Tony’s dad paid for the repairs with a credit card over the phone. During the afternoon, Mr. Lazaro came to pick up the vehicle; however, Mr. Galaida did not see how he arrived or who was with him.

Garcia, Harry – Leasing agent who showed Zenaida Gonzalez the apartment at Sawgrass. Provided sworn statement and was shown 12 pictures of women; picked out one who was familiar. Officer said all were the same woman (did he mean had the same name?) but did not give name.

Garrad, Rich– Corporate recruiting specialist for Carlson Restaurants Worldwide (parent company of TGIFriday’s). Casey stated that Raquel Farrell, ZFG’s roommate, was a hostess at TGIF. Mr. Garrad stated that no person is/was employed by them. He tried various versions of the name with no luck.

Garrett, Lyn – Bank of America employee who provided customer sign-in log to law enforcement after possible Caylee sighting. See also Rodriguez, Lorraine and Lamp, Curtis.

Garrison, Larry – Spokesperson for the Anthony family.(Fired November, 2008, for "profiting off of Caylee") Later released he kept money from licensure of photos to NBC. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,405262,00.html

Gibbs, Lauren – Friend of Casey’s since middle school. Was told Caylee’s dad was in the Army and that he had died last year. She was Caylee’s unpaid babysitter during her first 8 months (now and then when needed according to her testimony). Stopped babysitting Caylee in April 2006. She found out that Casey was not working, she was hanging out with friends, and that made her mad. She thought Casey was taking advantage of the situation (she took on-line classes and worked weekends, so she watched Caylee during the week until Cindy got home). She never met or heard of ZG. Lauren last talked with Casey in April to tell her that she (Lauren) was pregnant. On July 16, she got text message that Caylee was missing. She called Casey back, and Casey said she didn’t know who had taken Caylee, but that she had talked to Caylee yesterday, so she was okay. Note: Casey was fired from Universal in April 2006.

Gonzalez, Zenaida (1) (aka Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez) – This is the name of the alleged kidnapper according to Casey Anthony. Although Casey indicated that she had called Zenaida before she dropped Caylee off on June 9 and tried calling her when she tried to pick Caylee up, there are no such calls on her cell phone. Contrary to statements by Casey, Zenaida Gonzalez was never an employee of Universal Studios. Casey had stated that Zenaida was a seasonal employee. Description of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez: 25 yoa, 5’ 7″ tall, 140 pounds, brown curly hair and brown eyes. Born in September. Allegedly lives at 2863 South Conway Road, #210; however, this apartment has been vacant since February 29, 2008. Drives a 2008 silver Ford Focus purchased by her step-father, Victor Fernandez. She has a sister who is 1-2 years older, Samantha, unsure of last name.

Gonzalez, Zenaida (2) – Woman who visited Sawgrass Apartments. Lives in Kissimmee, FL. Gave sworn statement to Investigators Awilda McBryde and Kari Roderick saying she did not know Casey or Caylee Anthony. Full name unknown although harry Garcia completed form as C. Zenaida Gonzalez. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/media/acrobat/2008-08/41844520.pdf (page 50, bottom). All her signed documents are signed only with Zenaida Gonzalez and intialed ZG.

Goodwin, Estelle – Friend of Tony’s. He and Casey hung out at her house after going to the movies on May 31. At this time, no other connection.

Grund, Jesse – Engaged to Casey at one time. DNA test taken soon after Caylee’s birth showed he was not Caylee’s father . Cindy mentioned Jesse as the person who had taken Casey to the hospital earlier in the year for a seizure. He contacted LE before they called him. He said that Casey was a habitual liar. On June 24, he had received a call from Casey. She was trying to cheer him up after a recent job loss, and wanted to get together that weekend because Caylee was with the nanny, and they had gone to the beach for the weekend. After learning that Caylee was missing, he called LE to give statement because it contradicted what Casey had been telling everyone. Missing Persons Investigator Awilda McBryde later obtained a sworn statement from Jesse regarding this information. He has taken a polygraph and answers were satisfactory to LE. He is not considered a suspect but rather is a witness.

Hawkins, Mark – Active duty Marine stationed in 29 Palms, CA. He and Casey communicated on almost a daily basis via telephone and Internet. Casey said she was planning a trip to CA and she needed to tell him something. She had told her mother and brother and did not know how he would react to what she had to tell him. He had heard that Caylee’s father was deceased and that he was a security guard at Universal Studios.

Hemphill, Sue – Is her last name Hemfield? One of two OCSO detectives who obtained sworn audio statement from Karen Angel, RN, at Mount Dora Nursing and Rehab Center. See also Kraubetz, Kevin.

Hopkins, Jeffrey Dale and Hopkins, Melissa – Parents of Jeffrey Dale Hopkins II. They live at 8406 Jefferson Boulevard; howver, their son does not. Said his cell phone was out of service. Parents deny any knowledge of Casey Anthony and said they knew all of their son’s friends. On July 16, 2008, at about 0500 hours (5 a.m.), they received a call identified by their caller IDd as “Anthony Casey 407-619-9286”; neither of them answered. Caller did not leave voice message.

Hopkins, Jeffrey Dale II – Went to high school with Casey Anthony (graduated 2003). Had not seen her for years until beginning of July when he ran into her while they were eating with separate parties at the Orlando Ale House (631 North Alafaya Trail). They had a brief conversation and returned to their meals. He has never met Caylee Anthony and no idea why Casey had called his parent’s residence. He does have son but never recommended any babysitter to Casey. Photo from MySpace page.

Hopkins, Jeffrey Michael – According to Casey, Jeff is one of the two people (see Lewis, Juliette) she told that Caylee was missing. Said he worked at Universal Studios with her. Further investigation found that he had been fired May 13, 2002. Casey says he lives in Jacksonville, FL. It was through Jeff Hopkins that Casey says she first met Zenaida Gonzalez, around December 2004. ZG babysat Jeff’s son Zachary for approximately six months. According to Casey, she had contacted Jeff several times during the time Caylee has been missing to find out whether Jeff had heard from Zenaida.

Hosey, Sgt. Reggie – LE who took initial report of missing person; Notified Yuri Melich of report of missing child, later identified as Caylee Marie Anthony.

House, Roy Clint – aka Clint House. Anthony Lazzaro’s former business partner and roommate. Although Casey was on her laptop “doing work” all the time when she was at the apartment, most of what he saw was her on Facebook. Casey talked about the babysitter but never by name, and no babysitter came to apartment to drop Caylee off or pick her up. Last saw Caylee June 13, 2008, and it was after he came forward with this statement that the Anthony family changed their story and told about Caylee visiting her great-grandpa at the nursing home. Answered questions on Scared Monkeys website on September 25. . IMO, honest and sincere and cares only about finding Caylee. http://scaredmonkeys.net/index.php?topic=3433.0

Huizenga, Amy – Told Cindy where Casey could be found on July 15. She claims Casey picked her up at the airport around 1430 hours (2:30 p.m.) on July 15 in her (Amy’s) car. Amy had loaned Casey her car for the week she was gone. Amy claims Casey stole some checks and approximately $700. Amy lives with Ricardo Morales at 232 Glendwood Drive. Amy cannot recall the last time she saw Caylee. The address is somewhat important because it is across the street from one of the sites that Casey indicated was the home of Zenaida Gonzalez and her roommates (Raquel Farrell and Jennifer Rosa).

Irwin, Michael – OCSO Commander. Conducted investigation of Anthony backyard on July 17, 2008, with OCSOs and CSIs.

Jay Blanchard Park – According to Casey, she says that this was Caylee’s favorite park. I know this is not a “who” but put it in anyway.

Kispert, Michael – OCSO deputy, who along with Pete Marino, Detective, Sexual Offender Squad. Marino, conducted canvass of the Sawgrass Apartments for Caylee Anthony. Also met with Amanda Macklin and Harry Garcia.

Kissh, Marie M. – Is her name Maria-Acquaintance of Casey. Met her through her boyfriend Clint who is a close friend of Tony Lazaro’s. Last saw Casey and Caylee June 10, 11, or 12, 2008, at Tony’s apartment. Saw Casey June 20, 2008, at Tony’s apartment. Casey told her Caylee was with her nanny, who was a friend of hers, but never mentioned the nanny’s name. Casey had mentioned that Caylee’s father was deceased. Casey lived with her parents, but her parents had moved out of the house in early July. Casey worked at Universal Studios. Ms. Kissh felt that Casey had a lack of attention toward Caylee.

Kokkinos, Chris – Owner of home where birthday party for Daniel Howard was thrown. Tony and Casey meet for the firs time. Casey had said she wanted to go to the party; Tony gave her directions, and she showed up with two friends, Troy and Amy.

Kraubetz, Kevin – OCSO deputy who, along with Detective Dave Clarke met with Amanda Macklin, community manager of Sawgrass Apartments. Left card on Dante Salati’s apartment and left card with Annie Downing’s father. Helped search Tony Lazaro’s apartment. One of two OCSO detectives who obtained sworn audio statement from Karen Angel, RN, at Mount Dora Nursing and Rehab Center. See also Hemphill, Sue. Spoke with Shirley Pleasea, Cindy’s mom, about last time she saw Caylee.

Lake Vaj – Nickname (think female genitalia) for house (typical bachelor pad) owned by Exit13 on Websleuths (identity not revealed during discussion). House is near Young Pine Landfill. Source for this information: http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71620

Lamp, Curtis – Man who believed he saw Caylee Anthony in the Bank of America at 33 East Main, Apopka, FL on July 18, 2008, around (:30-9:45. LE met with Lyn Garrett and Lorraine Rodriguez (BOA employees) who turned over customer sign-in sheet. Working with Roy Gonzalez, Security, it was determined that the child was not Caylee, but was the granddaughter of a regular customer, Pat Cooper.

Lazzaro, Anthony (Tony) – Casey’s boyfriend; originally from New Jersey. Met Casey online (Facebook). Claims he first heard of Caylee’s disappearance by deputies coming to his house early morning July 16. He met Casey in May and has been dating her since June. Has never met Zenaida and does not know where she lives. He had contacted Amy Huizenga and had her contact LE. Casey has lived with him since June 9, 2008, and had mentioned several times that Caylee was with the nanny at Disney, Universal Studios, or the beach. Casey never gave any indication that Caylee was endangered or missing. Detective Gerald White later obtained a sworn statement from Anthony regarding this information. It was Tony who picked Casey up at the Amscot parking lot; she’d called him saying her car had run out of gas. She was outside the car with bags of groceries. He offered to look at car; she said her dad would take care of it. A couple days later he went on vacation (NY) and she told him story of what was wrong with the car (all lies since car was towed from Amscot). According to Nate, Tony’s temporary roommate, on June 27, 2008, Tony left between 11 a.m.-1 p.m. to pick up Casey after the car had run out of gas. (Nancy Grace Transcript 09/09/2008 http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0809/09/ng.01.html) Tony answered questions on
Scared Monkeys website http://scaredmonkeys.net/index.php?topic=3434.0 on September 25. IMO, honest and sincere and no connection to Caylee’s disappearance.

Lee, Ricardo – OCSO detective who met with Bobby Lee Williams and Lance Charles White at Cast Iron Tattoo Shop. Also met with Matthew Crisp at his apartment and Dannielle Lucey-Austin at Chuck-e-Cheese to get surveillance tape. Turned recorded audio testimony and the VHS surveillance tape over to Yuri Melich.

Lennington, Anne – Director of Avante at Mount Dora Nursing and Rehab, where Casey Anthony’s grandfather lives. Provided sign-in sheet from June 15, 2008 (Fathers Day) which showed that Cindy and Caylee Anthony visited that day.

Lett, Nicole Lorraine – Office employee at Johnson’s Wrecker East. On July 15, 2008, George Anthony arrived at the tow yard and asked about the cost and requirements to recover a car. She told him what he would need, the cost and advised him that Johnson’s only accepted cash. He said he did not have the cash and would return. Hours later, he returned with his wife, Cindy Anthony, who appeared upset. She summoned Mr. Birch to speak with them, and when George presented her with the title, his driver license, and the cash, she completed the transaction. She then walked to the rear patio to smoke a cigarette, where she overheard George Anthony tell Mr. Birch he had found his daughter, but his granddaughter was missing.

Lewis, Juliette – According to Casey, Juliette is one of the two people (See Jeffrey Michael Hopkins) she told that Caylee was missing. Casey says she worked at Universal with Juliette; however, when Yuri Melich met with Leonard Turtora, records showed that Juliette was never an employee.

Lopez, Ryan – Friend of Tony Lazaro’s. He and Casey went to barbeque at Ryan’s on June 1, 2008. Apartment at Pegasus Connection. At this time, does not seem to be any other connection.

Lucey-Austin, Dannielle E. – Manager of Chuck-e-Cheese Restaurant at 541 West Highway 436 in Altamonte Springs, FL. She provided video surveillance tape to Yuri Melich from July 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Macklin, Amanda – Manager of Sawgrass Apartments. Met with Yuri Melich and Dave Turner, but when shown a photo of Caylee, said she did not recognize her. Ran name Zenaida Gonzalez through database for LE and gave LE card completed by Zenaida on June 17, 2008. Card included her cell phone number, 407-219-6558. In subsequent interview, she said she had watched news reports and did not recognize George Anthony, Casey Anthony or Cindy Anthony.

Manderville, Tom – OCSO. Along with Michael Segreaves, OCSO, met with Barbara J. Carey, supervisor at the U.S. post office at 501 North Semoran Boulevard. They inquired whether Ms. Carey knew a Zenaida Gonzalez or Zenaida Rosado. They did have an employee, Zenaida Gonzalez, but her name was changed to Rosado when she married. She currently works at the post office at 650 North Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL. However, her husband, Carmelo Rosado is currently employed at the Semoran branch but was not available at the time to be interviewed. They then went to the Alafaya branch to interview Zenaida. She had not gone by Gonzalez for about 2 years. She was shown pictures of Casey and Caylee and said she did not know either of them. Interview was digitally recorded and turned over to Awilda McBryde, Missing Persons. Conducted neighborhood canvass on Hopespring; see Dickens, Bailey and Joyce.

Manley, Tom – Fictitious name of Casey’s supervisor in Events, Universal Studios. She subsequently admitted that she was not currently employed at Universal Studios.

Marino, Pete – Detective, Sexual Offender Squad. Marino, along with Michael Kispert, OCSO deputy, conducted door-to-door canvass for Caylee Anthony.

Mattson, Tom – Head of Events, Universal Studios. Casey had stated that her supervisor was

Tom Manley; however, no such employee existed.

McBryde, Awilda – Missing Persons Investigator who obtained Jesse Grund’s sworn statement.
Along with Kari Roderick, obtained sworn statement from the Zenaida Gonzalez identified through Sawgrass Apartments. Zenaida was shown picture of both Casey and Caylee Anthony.

McCabe, Joy – OCSO.

McCoy, William – OCSO.Contacted Eli Sleiman regarding possible sighting of Caylee Anthony on July 15, 2008, at Chuck-e-Cheese at 7419 International Drive, Orlando, FL. Do have video surveillance but were not sure how long tapes kept. Manager was not at store when LE called (several times) on July 17, 2008.

McDonald, Heather – From Lee Anthony’s email to LE: Casey’s coworker at Kodak/Colorvision, 321-437-4997. She confirmed there was a Jeff that worked as tech guy for Kodak until he switched to Disney water park in 2004-2005; unsure of last name. Also confirmed that Casey hung out with Juliette who worked there; unsure of last name. Casey told him that these were the people helping to search for Caylee; Jeff in Jacksonville and Juliette in Orlando, until a few days before July 15, when she moved out of state somewhere.

Melich, Corporal Yuri – Orange County Deputy Sheriff Detective and Child Abuse Investigator who interviewed Casey Anthony on July 16, 2008. Yuri was also the detective who testified at the July 22, 2008, bond hearing. http://www.myfoxorlando.com/myfox/MyFox/pages/sidebar_video.jsp?contentId=7039465&version=1&locale=EN-US

Melich, Samara – OCSO deputy who, on July 23, followed up on tip given by Wanda Wery and her son, Nicholas Hunt on a possible Caylee sighting on July 2, 2008, at Orlando International Airport. Detective David Hall, OCSO, who works at Orlando International Airport, notified Deputy Melich that the last date available for video surveillance tapes was July 8, 2008.

Moore, William – OCSO.

Morales, Ricardo – During summer 2007, he attended party in Orlando (from Tampa), where he met Casey Anthony. Met again February 2008 and dated until late April/early May 2008. Casey and Caylee Anthony spent night at his apartment on several occasions, all three of them sharing a bed. Once they stopped dating, he only saw Casey out at clubs or parties, or when she came to visit Amy Huizenga, who he was now dating, and who had moved into his apartment. Casey and Caylee Anthony spent the night at his apartment on June 9, 2008. Morales saw them the morning of June 10, 2008, when he left for work.

Nate – Friend and temporary roommate of Tony’s who stayed at his apartment during June-July. Said Casey was not allowed at the apartment if one of them was not going to be there; she did not have a key to the apartment. He and Tony were playing video games when Cindy came to the apartment to get Casey on July 15, 2008. Does not seem to be any other connection to the case.

Nieves, Captain Angelo – Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Oaks, Joseph and Stacy – Last occupants of Apartment 210, which Casey says was Zenaida’s (in Sawgrass Apartments). Evicted February 25, 2008; apartment empty since February 29.

Ortiz, Jesus – Friend of Casey’s. He died in a car accident on May 8, 2007 in Orlando, FL. One of the many possible candidates for father of Casey.

Padilla, Leonard – Bondsman from California. Has television show on Discovery Channel. Discovery denies connection between them and the Casey Anthony case as being reason Padilla is involved.

Pasley, Ryan – Friends with Casey since about age 4 or 5. Has never heard of the nanny, and finds it odd that Casey says she had known Zanaida or Zani for four years, but has never mentioned the name to him. He says that the name Casey would refer to as the nanny was a caucasian name like Krista or Kristen (Noway Note: Lauren Gibbs was Casey’s babysitter until April 2006), but never a hispanic name like Zanaida. Cindy told him she didn’t think it was a good idea for him to keep talking to Casey because she thought Casey was a sociopath. After Caylee went missing, Ryan found out that Casey had told her mother that she and Ryan worked together at Sports Authority; however, Casey never worked there.

Plesea, Alex and Shirley – Cindy Anthony’s father and mother, Casey Anthony’s grandparents, Caylee’s great-grandparents. There is a picture of Alex and Caylee taken together on June 15, 2008, at Avante at Mount Dora Nursing and Rehab Center, where Alex lives. This shows that Caylee is alive as of June 15, 2008; Casey stated that she had not seen Caylee since June 9, 2008. Shirley stated that after visting Alex, they returned to her home and had dinner together. Cindy and Caylee left after that.

Plesea, Rick, Cindy's Brother, with whom she had a heated email debacle.

Pletzer, Cara – Sister of Troy Brown. Attends grad school and does babysitting. During discussion with Troy about babysitting, she said how much she got paid, and he felt that was a low amount and that they should ask Casey since she had a nanny. When they were at Ricardo’s house watching the college national basketball championships, he asked Casey but she never gave him concrete answer … just said “I pay her a lot. She’s fine. Don’t worry about her.”

Remy, Melissa – Government Analyst, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse. Performed wage and hour check on Casey Anthony, which showed that Casey’s last place of employment is from the first quarter of 2006, Event Imaging Solutions, Inc., 3201 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL. .

Ridgeway, Gary – Tow truck driver who towed Pontiac Sunfire to Johnson’s Wrecker East. On June 30, 2008, at about 8:50 a.m., he was dispatched to 7501 East Colonial Drive (Amscot Financial) to tow a car. He arrived at 9:06 a.m. and met with Catherine Sanchez, an Amscot employee, who signed the towing request. The Pontiac was parked next to the dumpster with the front of the car next to the curb. He towed it to Johnson’s Wrecker East at about 9:16 a.m., and went back into service at 10 a.m. He did not notice any damage to the car and did not smell any odors coming from it; however, he recalled that he had a cold on June 30, and could not smell anything.

Rivera, Pedro A. – OCSO detective who obtained sworn audio recorded testimony from Danny Colamarino, Maria Kissh, Sean Daly and Jonathan Daly. Returned impounded evidence. See
Beasley, Charity.

Roderick, Kari – Investigator, who along with Awilda McBryde, obtained sworn statement from the Zenaida Gonzalez identified through Sawgrass Apartments. Zenaida was shown picture of both Casey and Caylee Anthony

Rodriguez, Lorraine – Bank of America employee who provided customer sign-in log to law enforcement after possible Caylee sighting. See also Garrett, Lyn and Lamp, Curtis.

Rosa, Jennifer – According to Casey, she is one of Zenaida’s roommates (see also Raquel Farrell) and works at ABC Distribution in Orlando. Company may have warehouse here and headquarters is possibly Miami.

Rusciano, Anthony “Tony” – Rookie cop, friend of Jesse Grund, who got fired for having an affair with Casey and lying about it. Jesse met Tony at police academy. Another cop was involved with Casey but his name is unknown at this time.

Salamat, Michael – OCSO deputy.

Salati, Dante – Has been casual friend of Casey’s for 8 years; he has lived in the Sawgrass Apartments (same apartment) for three years. See Downing, Annie. Worked at Don Reid Ford; quit as of June 17 (last day). Worked at Muscle Cars and Handlebars on Orange and Landstreet, but posted on July 13, that the job at Muscle Cars did not work out, and he would be moving to another shop, but not sure where. “Teddy bear” of a guy according to Exit13, and in no way should be considered a suspect in anything to do with disappearance of Caylee Anthony. http://ls1tech.com/forums/search.php...duser&u=100993 Dante also came on Websleuths (as Nitrouspwrdss) and answered questions, and this description has been revised to reflect some of his answers. He had never heard of or met “Zanny the Nanny.” http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71666

Sanchez, Catherine – Branch manager of Amscot Financial at 7051 East Colonial Drive, which is the location from which Casey Anthony’s car was towed. On June 27, 2008, at 7 a.m., she observed the car parked next to the dumpster but took no action until the next day when she notified the Amscot corporate office. The corporate office instructed her to contact LE to ensure it was not stolen, and if not stolen, to wait another day and have it towed. She called the Orange County Sheriff’s office and was advised it was not stolen. On June 30, when she saw the car was still there, she called Johnson’s Wrecker, and a driver did tow the car. A sworn statement was obtained from Ms. Sanchez. On July 24, 2008, subpoena was served to Amscot Financial for financial records related to Casey Anthony.

Savage, Nick – FBI agent to whom flight information was forwarded. See Wery, Wanda.

Schieber, Brittany – Interviewed by Deputy Michael Segreaves and Tom Manderville. She hs known Casey since she was 5 years old but stopped hanging out with her after graduation from high school. On June 9, 2008, she started getting MySpace messages inviting her to go to the club (Fusion). Continued receiving messages until June 25. On July 16, she received text message from Casey: Caylee is missing. She has been missing for the last 32 days …” She corresponded with Casey regarding this message and Casey told her to keep an eye out for “a silver Ford Focus, 4-door. Ms. Scheiber still had the emails and copied them into a Word file. She agreed to come to the station so that the text messages could be downloaded by computer forensics.

Segreaves, Michael – OCSO. Along with Tom Manderville, OCSO, met with Barbara J. Carey, supervisor at the U.S. post office at 501 North Semoran Boulevard. They inquired whether Ms. Carey knew a Zenaida Gonzalez or Zenaida Rosado. They did have an employee, Zenaida Gonzalez, but her name was changed to Rosado when she married. She currently works at the post office at 650 North Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL. However, her husband, Carmelo Rosado is currently employed at the Semoran branch but was not available at the time to be interviewed. They then went to the Alafaya branch to interview Zenaida. She had not gone by Gonzalez for about 2 years. She was shown pictures of Casey and Caylee and said she did not know either of them. Interview was digitally recorded and turned over to Awilda McBryde, Missing Persons. Conducted neighborhood canvass on Hopespring; see Dickens, Bailey and Joyce. Also interviewed Brittany Schieber.

Selig, Glenn – Everyone’s favorite PR guy (clients include Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky) now working with Casey. http://www.prnewschannel.com/absolutenm/templates/?a=794&z=11

Simpson, Renee K. – Assistant Vice President of Admissions & Records at Valencia Community College. Provided written statement that Casey Anthony never applied for or attended classes at Valencia Community College.

Sleiman, Eli – Witness to possible Caylee sighting on July 15, 2008. Around 11 a.m., he and his 7-year-old son noticed a girl, age 2-3, with ponytails standing by herself. He pointed her out to his son because she looked like someone they know; the son agreed. LE contacted Chuck-e-Cheese to get surveillance tapes. See Dannielle Lucy-Austin.

Snow, Brandon – aka The Snowman. Friend of Casey’s. According to Exit13 (Websleuths), he is not Caylee’s father (http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71652) since he was not in Florida in November 2004 (when Casey became pregnant). http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71784&page=4 (post 97) He did date Casey during 2006-2007. Casey ran into Brandon on May 25 at the “Anything But Clothes” party at Lake Vaj; she told Amy that she had been impregnated by Brandon (see Amy’s testimony in http://www.orlandosentinel.com/media...9/42528488.pdf ) and suffered a miscarriage. This story was not believed to be related to her pregnancy with Caylee.

Strickland, Stan Judge: Signed court order to get Anthony Lazaro’s cell phone records. He is also the judge to whom Casey appeared in front of. My favorite quote: "Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter. And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers."

Stutz, Chris – Casey’s former boyfriend. Source of information that follows is http://www.wftv.com/download/2008/0926/17564652.pdf. Met Casey while playing football with her friends. Began dating March or April 2007 and throughout the summer. At this time, Casey said she worked at Sports Authority. Long-distance relationship did not work out. Saw Casey a few times in May and June. On June 17 she came to his house driving dark colored Jeep Cherokee. Distressed because her parents were getting divorced (George cheating on Cindy). Talked about her and Caylee getting house. On July 15 around 9:30 a.m., he saw a girl who looked like Casey jogging down Chickasaw. He texted Casey and asked her if she was running down Chickasaw, but she said ‘no’ and that was the end of that. July 16, he got text message about Caylee being missing for 32 days. Casey called Chris later that night around 11:30 p.m. from jail, but he hung up without taking the call. He called his parents back and asked what he should do; they said not to take the call. Casey called back a few minutes later but he did not talk to her and has not talked to her or seen her since she was arrested. Several of Casey’s friends met with George and Cindy at their house, giving them any information they could … around July 19 or 26 or so.

Tighe, Dianne – Vice President, Human Resources, Colorvision. Testified that Casey Anthony, Jeff Hopkins, and Juliette Lewis never worked for Colorvision.

Torres-Cruz, Kiomarie – Casey’s childhood friend who says Casey told her that she wanted to give Caylee up for adoption but Cindy wouldn’t let her. She herself said she would adopt Caylee because the doctor had told her she could not have kids. She had initially contacted LE saying she had received call from Casey on July 9; however, later recanted story saying she spoke with Casey Williams. Gave LE the number from which Williams had called (no longer in service) but her boyfriend, under whose name the phone was listed, would not provided detailed cell phone bill. She also brought LE to a teenage hideout she and Casey had. Did not know Zenaida Gonzalez but did know “Ida” or something close (possibly Yvette) Gonzales who lived down the street from the Anthonys on Hopespring Drive.

Turner, Dave – Maintenance man at Sawgrass Apartments. Met with Yuri Melich and Amanda Macklin, but when shown a photo of Caylee (? Casey ? ), said he did not recognize her.

Turtora, Leonard – Investigator at Universal Studios who provided employment information about Jeffrey Hopkins, Juliette Lewis, and Zenaida Gonzalez.

Vincent, Michael – CSI investigator. Conducted investigation of Anthony backyard with other CSIs and K-9 units.

Waters, William – Casey was seeing him while Tony out of town. Visited Casey when she was arrested.

Wells, Appling – Also referred to as Apple, Appie, and/or Happy Wells, by Casey during jail video visits. OCSO detective, along with, Sgt. Allen, picked up Casey at 4937 Hopespring Drive (home of George and Cindy Anthony) and brought her to Universal Studios to determine where her office was. After admitting she did not work there, at a time when Casey was with Detective Wells, Yuri Melich called the Zenaida Gonzalez identified from the Sawgrass Apartments. She denied knowing Casey or Caylee Anthony and also denied babysitting for anyone. She provided sworn statement to Missing Persons Investigator Awilda McBryde and Investigator Kari Roderick. Involvement with this case also include face-to-face interviews with Brian Burner, Kiomarie Torres-Cruz, and representatives from the Bank of America in Apopka, FL. Also assisted in search of Tony Lazaro’s apartment and canvass of Sutton Place Apartments (Tony’s), including screening telephone calls regarding the canvass. Assisted Garardo Bloise in bagging shovel borrowed from Casey’s neighbor, Brian Burner. Also examined Anthony’s back yard and reported what she saw to Sgt. John Allen via phone.

Wery, Wanda – Woman who believed she saw Caylee Anthony on July 2 around 6:30 p.m. boarding flight at Orlando International Airport. She was not able to give description to sketch artist; however, her 14-year old son Nicholas Hunt did.

White, Jerold – OCSO detective who obtained Tony Lazaro’s sworn statement, interviewed
Ricardo Morales, and obtained court order for Casey’s cell phone records from Judge Evans. These records showed no numbers belonging to Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, Jeff Hopkins or Juliette Lewis. No call from private number around time she said she got call from ZFG. Closest calls were from Tony Lazaro and Kyle. Conducted audio recorded interview of Tom Galaida, owner of shop where Tony Lazaros’ car was repaired.

White, Lance Charles – Knows Casey because she comes in the shop often. Knows her through the Dalys (Jonathan and Sean) who went to high school with Casey. Last saw her on July 15, 2008, in the shop. She said she was moving out of her parents’ house, and when asked about Caylee, said she was with the nanny.

Williams, Bobby Lee – employee of Cast Iron Tattoo. He is the tattoo artist who did Bella Vita (Beautiful Life). Knows Casey from the tattoo shop. Last saw her on July 15, 2008, in the shop. She was talking with his boss, who asked about Caylee. Casey said she was fine, and she would bring Caylee with her on July 19 (date of next appointment).

Williams, Derrick – Society Entertainment; lived at Sawgrass until 2 years ago. Says he does not have anything to do with Casey or with Caylee’s disappearance. http://www.cafemom.com/group/53387/b...mer_210_tenant Derrick was Tony Lazaro’s boss. He ran the entertainment/promotion company that was promoting Fusian, the club Casey frequented.[/size]

Williams, Ryan – OCSO deputy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Casey Anthony Searches One Tree Hill 100th Episode=Clips From Nanny Kidnaping

One Tree Hill 100th Episode - This is the episode Casey Anthony searched on her computer.
This is not the entire episode. Only a few clips of the "nanny kidnapping"....

Nanny Carrie kidnaps Jamie from Naley and Jamie's wedding

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv658bmshsM Nanny Carrie Takes Jamie; Grandfather Dan returns at end.

Dan is Jamie Sr, father and a killer - he was not allowed at the church=everyone thought that it was Dan that took Jamie instead of Nanny Carrie.

The song in the background on the last clip is "Apologies"

Sorry for embedding issues. This is what I could find "on a whim" (Casey-ism)

One Tree Hill courtesy: CW

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's question:

What are you most thankful for? Be honest!

To get things going, I'll go first.

I am thankful for my family. My daughters, my pets, and their health. I am thankful that despite, my cancer has returned, and is metastasis, at the moment, I am stable. I am so glad I got to have my cancer treatment last week, instead of this week. I am thankful my immediate family is together for dinner at home.

I am thankful for all the many wonderful people I have met through my blog, as well as others, and their beautiful prayers and caring. I know they are genuine and I could feel them last week during my treatment. People whom I have never met, taking time to pray for me and to have thoughts for me for my speedy recovery is just totally overpowering and good.

Would love for you to share what you are thankful for. I love reading about the readers. After cooking, or eating, take a break, and let me know!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and most of all.

Cindy's Spin on Hairbrush Given to Authorities *video*

Cindy reacts to "hairbrush-gate".

This one goes on and on and on, so make sure you have about 12 minutes to spare.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Casey Anthony: Audio of Witness Interivews

The following is a listing of the audio of police interview transcripts.
Please be aware that some interviews are over an hour long.
Also, a few of the recordings include vulgar and adult language which some listeners might find inappropriate.

Click on the name of the person's interview you would like to hear. You will need a media player to listen. (ex: windows media player)

- Casey Anthony Part One / Part Two
- George Anthony - July 24
- Amy Huizenga
- Ricardo Morales
- Brian Burner
- Troy Brown
- Brittany Schieber
- George Anthony
- Shirley Pleasea
- Karen Angel
- Anthony Lazaro
- Jesse Grund Pt. 1
- Jesse Grund Pt. 2
- Lee Anthony

courtesy OCSO

An Old Fashioned Birthday

My youngest daughter, SpoiledChild 2, turned 12 a few weeks ago.

This was the first year I did not do the whole "let's see who can have the biggest birthday party" thing. A birthday party is a birthday party. And I finally realized, after all of those fancy parties, I was missing out on the most important thing: the birthDAY. After all the planning, organizing, setting up, etc., I was too exhausted to enjoy it.

My daughter called this an "Old Fashioned Birthday Party". Sometimes it's nice to just be simple. We had the most wonderful time together baking and decorating her cake. So what if it wasn't the bakery cake from years gone by. It tasted delicious. It was the one she wanted, Funfetti with vanilla icing and sprinkles. (okay, so I made the icing) The day was just so stress free and relaxed. Afterwards, we ordered pizza, at her request. And all was good.

She wanted the "good old fashioned homemade by mom" birthday cake!!
*With sqiggly candles!*


Make a Wish!!!


Cheezin' with Sister and Friend


Oh Yeah! She got her wish......

Now my beautiful, manicured, backyard that I worked so lovingly on this summer is a dirt track. But I look at it as a sign of happy times. It can be re-manicured next spring.

Life is too short to worry about grass.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Casey Anthony's Favorite Song...Could it Hold Clues??

It has been reported that Casey Anthony listened to this song repeatedly over the months leading up to and after the disappearance of Caylee. The video is the song with lyrics only. I find it very haunting, chilling and telling.

In one verse of the song, it mentions about life being like a roller coaster. On their Today show interview, when asked how this ordeal has affected him and Cindy, George replies, "it is like a roller coaster". At the time I thought, what an odd response. What could possibly be any "highs" you would have from knowing your granddaughter is possibly dead.

Coincidence? Maybe. My opinion, yes. You decide.

"The Past" by SevenDust w/ Chris Daughtry courtesy YouTube

Florida TV station WFTV-Channel 9 reported Thursday, November 20, 2008, that SEVENDUST’s song “The Past” was played repeatedly by Casey Anthony — who has been charged with first-degree murder in the disappearance of her daughter, Caylee — while she was out on bond. The SEVENDUST track carries this lyric: “Beneath the water that’s falling from my eyes, Lays a soul I’ve left behind.” The song was also apparently a topic of discussion on “Nancy Grace”, a nightly current affairs show on CNN’s Headline News hosted by Nancy Ann Grace, an American legal commentator, television host, and former prosecutor.

SEVENDUST has issued the following statement regarding the matter:

“After hearing the news that our song ‘The Past’ was a topic of discussion on the Nancy Grace show yesterday, we would like to elaborate. The song was written as a song of hope. A song with positive message. To look back on your life and reflect and to feel good about getting through the rough times that everyone goes through, the roller coaster of life, so to speak.

“We regret that we’ve been linked to the horrible subject involving the disappearance of little Caylee Anthony. Most of us have children and have been saddened by the story from the beginning.

“We pray for the safe return of this beautiful young child and wish her family strength.”


Could this be Caylee Anthony?

This photo was released by the Anthony's on Thursday, November 20, 2008. It is a cell phone photo taken by two women who were at an undisclosed location in Orlando. These women did not send the photo to Orange County Sheriff's Office, nor to the Anthony's. Instead, they took the time to "research" the Anthony's Private Investigative firm, D & A Investigations. It was from there the photo was made available to the Anthony's, who then set up an interview with Channel 13 in Orlando to release the photo.

This photo was taken on Sunday, November 16, 2008. After a turn around of almost 5 full days, the photo was released to the public.

Notice in the picture that the child speculated to be Caylee is touching part of the play area equipment. After this time lapse, one would think all hopes of fingerprints would be gone. These areas are maintained and cleaned daily, not to mention the number of other children who would have touched that same area. I realize that with today's high tech forensic equipment, partial fingerprints can be obtained. I just don't believe in the likely hood of that happening. Today is another day going by that no one is testing. Where is the Anthony's PI? Why is he not testing for prints?

There is no date on the photo. How do we not know this is a photo from an earlier time in Caylee's life, if it is even Caylee. I see similarities. My heart would love for this to be her. However, my mind and my following of the case tell me otherwise. If Caylee were to walk through Cindy and George's front door right now, who was decomposing in the trunk of Casey's car?

When given one last opportunity to make a statement to whomever may have Caylee, George Anthony did not address the kidnappers. I do not now of one time that the Anthony's have ever addressed the "kidnappers". George's statement was that "..anyone who thinks they have seen Caylee, call us, call KidFinders, call D & A Investigations. And if you still feel secure in contacting the authorities, call them..." As George made this remark, Cindy, who sat with her head down during the entire interview, shook her head and said, "No, call us."

George also stated that he would go above heads and the authority to bring Caylee home. He had lost all trust in the authorities since day two of this ordeal. He also re-issued Lee Anthony's statement from the last vigil for Caylee, that "....the authorities are supposed to protect and serve. Who is protecting Caylee?"

My answer to your comment, Lee, is your sister, Casey, was supposed to be protecting and serving Caylee. She failed at both. Miserably.

To watch the entire Anthony's interview from CFNews Channel 13, click here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NeJame Quits As Attorney for Anthony Family

Prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame told WESH 2 News Thursday that he is withdrawing as attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, whose daughter is charged with murdering their granddaughter.

In an interview with WESH 2 News reporter Bob Kealing, NeJame said he was frustrated with the direction the Anthonys have taken, especially that they continue to contend that Caylee Anthony is alive.

NeJame said, in a news release, that the family's belief limited his ability to represent them. "What is the sense of having an adviser, if you are not going to follow his advice."

"If I'm going to serve as an adviser, then you have to follow my advice," Nejame said of his relationship with the Anthonys.

NeJame was at George Anthony’s side when Anthony was a key witness in the grand jury proceedings that led to an indictment of Casey Anthony on first-degree murder and other charges.

Casey Anthony is being held in Orange County Jail on no bond awaiting trial that is scheduled to start in January.

The Anthony family issued a statement late Thursday, which said:

"We respect Mr. NeJame's decision to resign as our representative, as we agree that he can no longer benefit us in our quest to find our missing granddaughter, Caylee Marie."

NeJame Press Release

NeJame's News Release:

Unfortunately, I have made the decision that it is best not to continue my representation of George and Cindy Anthony.

George and Cindy have a belief that their beloved granddaughter, Caylee, is still alive. Tips and leads continue to come in. I believe strongly that they should have every right to maintain their hope and faith that one of these "sightings" will miraculously be the one that brings Caylee home to them. What parent or grandparent would surrender such hope? Who is one person to tell another parent or grandparent when it is time for them to abandon their faith? When does a stranger have the right to judge another who has endured such a loss? The attacks made against them by some are deplorable. Let them be to do what they feel they must to find their beloved granddaughter, Caylee. Knowing this case as well as probably anyone on earth, there is no doubt that they do not know where Caylee is. Allow them to walk their own path.

I only agreed to represent George and Cindy Anthony, so long as there were no restrictions placed on me whatsoever as to finding Caylee, regardless of where this might lead. Quite simply, this meant that I could do whatever I needed to find Caylee whether she was alive or not. It impressed me that George and Cindy, both believing that Caylee was still with us, had an overriding and primary concern in finding Caylee, even if the result was not as they would hope. The other condition I required was that I would have absolutely nothing to do with representing Casey or assisting in her legal defense.

Abundant efforts have been made towards finding Caylee. I have worked with so many involved in this matter towards the goal of finding this dear, missing child who has captured the hearts of so many. Some ignorant and judgmental members of the public though have made hateful and inaccurate accusations against me and others, when they had no idea whatsoever what was really going on. As my new, good friend, Tim Miller from Equusearch, tells me "everybody associated with this case gets body slammed." However, like Tim, when you know in your heart that you're doing the right thing, you just move forward knowing that right will ultimately win out. Some have falsely accused me and some others of being in this for the money. If they only knew how utterly wrong and misguided they are.

I had come to a personal opinion and theory for quite some time whether Caylee was still with us or not. However, my opinion was only one like any other…an opinion. The only person without an opinion though is Casey Anthony as only she knows the truth. I believe that the singular person out of the 6 billion people in the world who holds the key to finding Caylee is her mother, Casey Anthony. Although I was quite successful in resolving a multitude of matters, I am unable to go further to help George and Cindy find Caylee in my current role. I can only provide my best advice and must respect any client's prerogative to do what they deem is best, whether they choose to follow my guidance or not. However, there is little value or use I can provide to any client if they choose to act and comment at will.

As someone who has learned and knows the inner workings and details of the case and its various characters intimately, the rampant sensationalism and unfounded accusations must stop. Allow Cindy and George Anthony the respect and decency of dealing with their hope and efforts to find their missing and beloved Caylee as they need to. Allow those with differing opinions on finding and searching for Caylee, whether she is with us or not, to do their jobs without interruption. Finally, the judicial system is in play and justice will be best served by mindless meddlers staying out of something they know little of. There are many wonderful people involved in efforts to find Caylee and there are, unfortunately, many who are exploiting this child. Sadly, most in the public are clueless about who is doing what and what is really going on. The negative actions of some are only counterproductive and hurtful to the cause of those many good people who are doing so much to do something positive with this most sad and tragic situation. There should only be one goal and that is to find Caylee Marie Anthony.

Mark E. NeJame

NeJame Resigns On All Local TV Channels

NeJame Explains His Resignation

Cindy Anthony Craves the Spotlight

Cindy loves the media spotlight.
courtesy USA Today

I am anxiously awaiting the Anthony Family's presser regarding their "hard evidence" they have that beautiful Caylee Anthony is alive. It is supposed to take place "sometime this week".

If there is "hard evidence" this family has their mitts on, why in the hell have they not turned it over to Orange County's finest? Why is Caylee not at home already? It's Thursday already. Only two more days left in this week. How much longer can they wait?

Cindy contradicts herself each time she opens her mouth. From the first 911 calls, she stated Caylee was gone. She also stated that Casey had been missing as well, if you recall. Problem is Cindy, you knew Casey wasn't "missing", you just didn't know where she was. Cindy stated the car smelled like "a body in the damn car". Now, the smell is contributed to pizza, squirrels, other road kill, etc. Hell, renowned forensic scientist Henry Lee is stating now that the car was literally filled with garbage. (wondering if that little tidbit was a "leak" on Baez's behalf) Dr. Lee states there was "meat, cheese, frozen dinners, and a case of soda". Dr. Lee, famous forensic scientist, also known for the infamous O J Simpson trial, now on the Casey Anthony defense team, believes that lunchmeat, and frozen dinners are the cause of the decomposition smell in the car. Which, if you haven't heard, is still pungent after 4 and a half months. Who drives around with frozen dinners in their car? Oh, this is Casey Anthony I am speaking of, I forgot.

Cindy's other contradictions are that the family's focus has been on an "alive" Caylee from day one. Why the freak out over the decomp smell? Is your daughter in the habit of driving around with decomposing bodies in her car? No Cindy, you are in the medical profession, George is a former homicide detective, turned used car salesman, turned security officer. You both should know what decomposition smells like. I am in the medical field and I do. It is something you do not ever wish to smell. Once you do, you do not forget it.

Cindy stated two days ago "that until something concrete comes in from the "authorities", and not just speculation from someone else, this is what our focus is on." With focus meaning an "alive" Caylee. What are the "sightings" you are reporting each time a search is held? Have they been concrete? No. Just speculation. None of these sighting has proven any knowledge that Caylee is out there. So I wonder, what is the difference between your speculation and everyone related to the case and law enforcement's speculation?

Casey Anthony is NOT a victim. Stop saying she is, Cindy. Caylee is the only victim in this case. Cindy and George Anthony have been victimized by the acts their daughter, Casey, has committed.

Anyone find this picture as eerie as I? Who smiles while awaiting a first appearance in court, much less a bond hearing? I guess she liked the pink handcuffs. Makes me wonder what is really going on in that "mind" of Casey.
Something tells me this will be "the shot" for the movie preview. Please do not let there be a movie.

Amy Huizenga is a victim of Casey, as well. How soon you forget, Cindy, the day you called Amy in a frantic frenzy wanting to know the whereabouts of Casey. If not for Amy, who knows how long this saga would have went on before law enforcement was called. Cindy's version of this story doesn't sit well with me either. Cindy claims she found Amy's phone number on a piece of paper in the car after it was brought home from the tow-in lot. Casey made hundreds of text messages a day. Why would she have Amy's phone number on a piece of paper in her car when she would text her multiple times every single day. Hell, it was just that day, that Casey picked up Amy from the airport in Amy's car. Not being able to fit everyone returning with Amy from Puerto Rico in the car, Amy drove Casey back to Tony's apartment. She then returned to pick up the other friends from the airport. How convenient, on this day of days, Cindy contacts Amy within, at the most, 2 hours of her returning to Orlando and dropping Casey off at Tony's. Cindy admits she spoke to Casey on the phone during the 31 days. Cindy has said Casey was on a vacation, or at a conference for her bogus employer. But yet, again, on the 911 call, Cindy states Casey had been missing as well. The truth, we know now is Cindy had spoken to Casey, but had not known her whereabouts until the day of the 911 call, when Amy took Cindy to Tony's.
courtesy ABC

Cindy speaks of Casey's "mis-truths". That is sorta like being "kinda pregnant", either you are or you are not. You either tell the truth or you lie. A lie is a lie is a lie. You have done a fine job of raising liars. But hey, what can you expect, they learned from the best. And yes, Cindy, lying can be against the law. Your daughter is proof of it. There is also that little thing call perjury..remember that when you are on the stand.

So back to waiting for the press conference. I'm sure it will be cancelled as was the interview with Nancy Grace last Friday night, along with the first conference promised at the beginning of the week.

If you do have evidence, Cindy, why wait? Why wouldn't you want Caylee home with you. How sad your Christmas will be without her. I go through holidays without a close loved one of mine. It doesn't get easier and the first holidays alone are the worst. I suppose you can ease your pain by holding more press junkets.

Cindy on the Today Show
courtesy NBC

I realize you want to hold on to every ounce of hope that Caylee is alive. I get it. I really do. I have had one foot in your shoes. Not with a child, but with an adult. My mind raced day and night. As much as I wanted to hope for "life", I couldn't help but let my mind think of "death". I scanned each news broadcast every night just to see if an unknown body had been found. No, I didn't have media covering me, reporters nor microphones in my face 24/7. I had my city and county law enforcement working with me and my family. That was all. There are small similarities, but yes, my story is majorly different. However, anyone who is missing a family member, a loved one, shows some kind of emotion. Mostly a heart heavy pleading for information, a breaking down of emotions. Not rude insults to those who care and want to help. I have yet to hear you plead to anyone, someone, even if it were Zenaida, to bring Caylee home. Only a "She's out there." "She's alive." If you are really having people watched, and know who they are and where Caylee is, why in the living hell you are in, have you not brought that baby home? I would give my life if I were in your shoes if it meant my child would be back home with family and live a full life.

I pray for Caylee every night. I feel she is already with the angels. I also pray for your Cindy and George. My prayers for Casey is that she will learn to tell the truth. That Casey will tell the location of little Caylee's remains so that they may rest in peace.

This beautiful little girl will always be forever young and live in many of our hearts for a long time to come. A unique tight knit group of people who have taken Caylee in as our own. We want closure for this as well.

Casey, you have affected more people than you intended. You did a selfish act by taking that precious girls life. What you are probably unaware of though, is you have also made thousands of people hurt, cry, and join together in the name of Caylee. You are the loser in all of this. How do you not see that?

I am all for the death penalty, but in your case, I am undecided. I believe death for you is an easy way out. I can only imagine what Caylee went through. I think your punishment should be life in prison, without parole. That would give you each day of the remainder of your miserable life to remember what you have done.

But something tells me you are still only thinking of yourself.

photos courtesy: ABC, NBC, WFTV, FOXOrlando, USA Today, and web via Anthony family

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lee Anthony Sends Grandmother of 12 Year Old Vigil Organizer Nasty Emails

Lois wrote:Here's what I got in email today form Lee Anthony this has been sent out of the clear blue sky after having no contact with him whatsoever since Sept. Please pass it on Lois~~
On Mon, 11/17/08, Lee Anthony wrote:
To: "Lois"
From: Lee Anthony leeaanthony@gmail.com
[cc: email addresses withheld]

If you thought for a half a second that I or either of my parents would not have taken down whatever you had put up in reference to something untrue as to my neice, you are being played for a fool by "law enforcement" and anyone else of their ilk. Tim Miller is disgusting for reasons that will be addressed at a later time. Don't even get me started on the bounty hunter.On behalf of Caylee's entire family, show her some respect and put your attention or any efforts on how you can spread the word to help find her because she is alive and missing. If you can't come to terms with that, then she, nor anyone else, doesn't need your help!Don't get me wrong, I have tons of respect for people's kind hearts and wanting to do what they feel. However, to believe something with no basis in reality is just foolish in my opinion. Of course, you can enjoy your opinion as well.
Take care.-Lee

This email was at the end of Lee’s email - from an independent individual (name withheld)
Forwarded email:
On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 3:02 PM
[email withheld] wrote:

There was a beautiful prayer service for Beautiful little Caylee Marie Anthony. I have included pictures of all the beautiful flowers and balloons that people left. It was very peaceful. Rev. Grund read some scriptures it was very comforting. It was just wonderful that people can come together and pray for a little girl they have never met.Sadly all these beautiful flowers that people set out for Caylee were stolen. Dennis Milstead the found of Kidfinders also a convicted felon figures. Well anyway he took all the flowers and balloons. So a nice gesture by so many that have fallen in love with this beautiful little girl has be destroyed.Up until I heard this I would of walked with Cindy and George to the end of the world to find Caylee. They had my support 120%. But now I am so saddened by this horrible act. I will still pray for Caylee everyday. I will do whatever I can to help Leonard and Rob. Tim Miller also has my support.
[Name withheld] The name withheld is a KF member...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures of Toys Found in Caylee Anthony Search Dive

Casey wearing "shamrock" pendant that was reportedly found in bag with toys during this weeks dive in Blanchard Park.

Green toy unidentified at this time, pulled from bag at search.

Toy in bag from dive at Blanchard Park during dive for Caylee.


video link below

Click on link below to hear Cindy Anthony spew more shit about the case and how "no one is helping Caylee." She objected to the prayer service and to Leonard Padilla's own efforts to search Little Econ River at Blanchard Park, a park where Caylee loved to visit. This is also the park that Casey claims she left Caylee with Zenaida after her "Sawgrass Apartment" story fell through.

Thories also floating are that Casey claims she left Caylee at "Sawgrass Apartments". While there is such an apartment complex, the Little Econ River is highly overgrown with "sawgrass", common in Florida.

Over the past weekend, beads were found that match a cross with beads similar to the arts and crafts beads found in Casey's bedroom. The cross necklace with beading was found by a TES searcher in August and a picture was taken. More beads were unearthed under the same tree by Padilla's searchers this past weekend under the same tree.

Cindy Anthony wants to deny anthing that has to do with Caylee's "body". She is under the impression this child is alive. Although it is her opinion, there is enough evidence to more than speculate that this child is no longer alive. Cindy has an agenda to bash everyone that attempts to help her search, while she has not been seen searching. Although it is speculated she "lurks" in blogs and message boards related to the case.

I would be more than thankful to anyone that would help in anyway to find my child if they were missing. Live search or recovery. This family needs closure. I feel as long as there is no body, she does not really believe Caylee is alive, she knows there will be media on her and her daughter Casey. Cindy is a media whore and ungrateful. It is not hard to see the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Everytime there is new information on the searches, Cindy comes out with a "Caylee sighting".

There have been 2 "sightings" in the last 5 days. On Saturday, a sighting in Gainesville, that turnout futile. Also, Thursday, after the find at Blanchard Park, Cindy released a second sighting tip that she did not even respond to in person. The authorities there said it was not Caylee.

Link courtesy WFTV Orlando. Scanned and virus free.
Sorry, could not embed.


Would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Remember Caylee

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