We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

George Anthony Says Casey Didn't Steal The Gas Cans

George Anthony admitted in a national interview that his daughter Casey was responsible for stealing gas cans from the family’s backyard shed. Channel 9 first reported last week when investigators removed the cans from the family’s home and George Anthony said Casey did not steal them.

George and Cindy Anthony sit down with Greta VanSusteren

In a police report filed by George Anthony on June 24, he said two gas cans were stolen from a shed on the side of their house, but Tuesday night he admitted to Fox News that he found out his had daughter stolen them on the same day.

above: copy of police report of stolen gas cans reported by George Anthony.

This report states that the gas cans were noticed missing or "stolen" sometime between June 23 at 7pm and June 24 at 10am. Report was made by George at 10:20am on June 24.

The following is the transcript from Greta Van Sustren's in-home interview with George and Cindy: (you can see the entire video, listed in the side bar of the blog)

George Anthony:

...That’s when I saw my daughter. I was getting ready to go to work, and the garage door goes open and my daughter comes in. This is about 2:25, 2:30 in the afternoon on the 24th. As she comes in the house, and I said, Hey, how’re you doing? And she says, Fine, Dad. I says, Well, what’s going on? And she says, Oh, I’m just stopping home for about 10 minutes, get some clothes. I go to go back to work. Where’s Caylee? She’s with Zanny. And I said, OK, when are you guys coming home? She says, Oh, we’ll be back home maybe late tonight or the next day.
I said, OK. Have you been talking to Mom? Oh, yes, I talk to Mom every day. I said, I know, but did you talk to Mom today? She sort of hesitated for a moment and she says, Yes. And she says, Oh, by the way, it’s a shame what happened in the shed. And I said…

CINDY ANTHONY: Yes, because (INAUDIBLE) ( I think Cindy says, 'because she called and told her about it' ..or something to that affect.)

GEORGE ANTHONY: And I said, Really? She says, yes. I said, Interesting. And I just said, Hey, by the way, I said, I’m getting ready to rotate your mom’s tires on her car. There’s a little metal wedge that fits underneath your tires so your car doesn't rock back and forth. And I said, Well, I’d like to have it, so in case you’re not here over the weekend, I’d like to be able to do it.

She was hesitant about letting me get in the car. And I said, Well, listen, I got an extra key. I’ll just go get it. Well, she was adamant about — about that.

VAN SUSTEREN: What, not letting you into the car?

GEORGE ANTHONY: Yes, didn’t want me to get into the car to get the stuff out. Dad, I’ll get it for you. Dad, I’ll get it out. I said, It’s no problem. I know where it’s at. I’ll get it, get it out and be done with it.

So as we’re walking out through the garage, she’s still telling me, Dad, I’ll get it. Give me a minute, I’ll get it. I said, Casey, I’m capable of reaching inside your car, and I got it. So — and she opened up the trunk of the car…

CINDY ANTHONY: The gas cans were there.

GEORGE ANTHONY: (INAUDIBLE) The gas cans there. She’s the one that took the gas cans.

  • George reported the gas cans stolen to the police.

  • George told Cindy about it .

  • Cindy spoke with Casey, and told her about it.

  • Casey went by the house -- Casey had began staying with Tony at this time, unbeknown to George and Cindy. They were under the assumption that she was in Tampa for a convention for her "job". Also, just prior to this date, Casey told Cindy that Zenaida had a car accident and had been admitted to Tampa General Hospital.

  • Casey brought up the gas cans to George. Casey told George that she needed the gas cans because she had been travelling to and from Tampa General Hospital (to see Zanny) and needed the gas cans for the gas. George thought this ridiculous but brushed it off.

  • George needed something out of the trunk of Casey’s car to fix a tire on Cindy’s car

  • George found the gas cans in Casey’s trunk. According to released documents, Casey gave George the gas cans, saying "Here's your f'n gas cans." George stated this in his FBI Interview.

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