We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cindy Anthony Craves the Spotlight

Cindy loves the media spotlight.
courtesy USA Today

I am anxiously awaiting the Anthony Family's presser regarding their "hard evidence" they have that beautiful Caylee Anthony is alive. It is supposed to take place "sometime this week".

If there is "hard evidence" this family has their mitts on, why in the hell have they not turned it over to Orange County's finest? Why is Caylee not at home already? It's Thursday already. Only two more days left in this week. How much longer can they wait?

Cindy contradicts herself each time she opens her mouth. From the first 911 calls, she stated Caylee was gone. She also stated that Casey had been missing as well, if you recall. Problem is Cindy, you knew Casey wasn't "missing", you just didn't know where she was. Cindy stated the car smelled like "a body in the damn car". Now, the smell is contributed to pizza, squirrels, other road kill, etc. Hell, renowned forensic scientist Henry Lee is stating now that the car was literally filled with garbage. (wondering if that little tidbit was a "leak" on Baez's behalf) Dr. Lee states there was "meat, cheese, frozen dinners, and a case of soda". Dr. Lee, famous forensic scientist, also known for the infamous O J Simpson trial, now on the Casey Anthony defense team, believes that lunchmeat, and frozen dinners are the cause of the decomposition smell in the car. Which, if you haven't heard, is still pungent after 4 and a half months. Who drives around with frozen dinners in their car? Oh, this is Casey Anthony I am speaking of, I forgot.

Cindy's other contradictions are that the family's focus has been on an "alive" Caylee from day one. Why the freak out over the decomp smell? Is your daughter in the habit of driving around with decomposing bodies in her car? No Cindy, you are in the medical profession, George is a former homicide detective, turned used car salesman, turned security officer. You both should know what decomposition smells like. I am in the medical field and I do. It is something you do not ever wish to smell. Once you do, you do not forget it.

Cindy stated two days ago "that until something concrete comes in from the "authorities", and not just speculation from someone else, this is what our focus is on." With focus meaning an "alive" Caylee. What are the "sightings" you are reporting each time a search is held? Have they been concrete? No. Just speculation. None of these sighting has proven any knowledge that Caylee is out there. So I wonder, what is the difference between your speculation and everyone related to the case and law enforcement's speculation?

Casey Anthony is NOT a victim. Stop saying she is, Cindy. Caylee is the only victim in this case. Cindy and George Anthony have been victimized by the acts their daughter, Casey, has committed.

Anyone find this picture as eerie as I? Who smiles while awaiting a first appearance in court, much less a bond hearing? I guess she liked the pink handcuffs. Makes me wonder what is really going on in that "mind" of Casey.
Something tells me this will be "the shot" for the movie preview. Please do not let there be a movie.

Amy Huizenga is a victim of Casey, as well. How soon you forget, Cindy, the day you called Amy in a frantic frenzy wanting to know the whereabouts of Casey. If not for Amy, who knows how long this saga would have went on before law enforcement was called. Cindy's version of this story doesn't sit well with me either. Cindy claims she found Amy's phone number on a piece of paper in the car after it was brought home from the tow-in lot. Casey made hundreds of text messages a day. Why would she have Amy's phone number on a piece of paper in her car when she would text her multiple times every single day. Hell, it was just that day, that Casey picked up Amy from the airport in Amy's car. Not being able to fit everyone returning with Amy from Puerto Rico in the car, Amy drove Casey back to Tony's apartment. She then returned to pick up the other friends from the airport. How convenient, on this day of days, Cindy contacts Amy within, at the most, 2 hours of her returning to Orlando and dropping Casey off at Tony's. Cindy admits she spoke to Casey on the phone during the 31 days. Cindy has said Casey was on a vacation, or at a conference for her bogus employer. But yet, again, on the 911 call, Cindy states Casey had been missing as well. The truth, we know now is Cindy had spoken to Casey, but had not known her whereabouts until the day of the 911 call, when Amy took Cindy to Tony's.
courtesy ABC

Cindy speaks of Casey's "mis-truths". That is sorta like being "kinda pregnant", either you are or you are not. You either tell the truth or you lie. A lie is a lie is a lie. You have done a fine job of raising liars. But hey, what can you expect, they learned from the best. And yes, Cindy, lying can be against the law. Your daughter is proof of it. There is also that little thing call perjury..remember that when you are on the stand.

So back to waiting for the press conference. I'm sure it will be cancelled as was the interview with Nancy Grace last Friday night, along with the first conference promised at the beginning of the week.

If you do have evidence, Cindy, why wait? Why wouldn't you want Caylee home with you. How sad your Christmas will be without her. I go through holidays without a close loved one of mine. It doesn't get easier and the first holidays alone are the worst. I suppose you can ease your pain by holding more press junkets.

Cindy on the Today Show
courtesy NBC

I realize you want to hold on to every ounce of hope that Caylee is alive. I get it. I really do. I have had one foot in your shoes. Not with a child, but with an adult. My mind raced day and night. As much as I wanted to hope for "life", I couldn't help but let my mind think of "death". I scanned each news broadcast every night just to see if an unknown body had been found. No, I didn't have media covering me, reporters nor microphones in my face 24/7. I had my city and county law enforcement working with me and my family. That was all. There are small similarities, but yes, my story is majorly different. However, anyone who is missing a family member, a loved one, shows some kind of emotion. Mostly a heart heavy pleading for information, a breaking down of emotions. Not rude insults to those who care and want to help. I have yet to hear you plead to anyone, someone, even if it were Zenaida, to bring Caylee home. Only a "She's out there." "She's alive." If you are really having people watched, and know who they are and where Caylee is, why in the living hell you are in, have you not brought that baby home? I would give my life if I were in your shoes if it meant my child would be back home with family and live a full life.

I pray for Caylee every night. I feel she is already with the angels. I also pray for your Cindy and George. My prayers for Casey is that she will learn to tell the truth. That Casey will tell the location of little Caylee's remains so that they may rest in peace.

This beautiful little girl will always be forever young and live in many of our hearts for a long time to come. A unique tight knit group of people who have taken Caylee in as our own. We want closure for this as well.

Casey, you have affected more people than you intended. You did a selfish act by taking that precious girls life. What you are probably unaware of though, is you have also made thousands of people hurt, cry, and join together in the name of Caylee. You are the loser in all of this. How do you not see that?

I am all for the death penalty, but in your case, I am undecided. I believe death for you is an easy way out. I can only imagine what Caylee went through. I think your punishment should be life in prison, without parole. That would give you each day of the remainder of your miserable life to remember what you have done.

But something tells me you are still only thinking of yourself.

photos courtesy: ABC, NBC, WFTV, FOXOrlando, USA Today, and web via Anthony family

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