We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Casey Anthony: Is Cindy Anthony Attempting To "Concoct" Zanny the Nanny? Anthony's Refuse Polygraph

Newly released documents raise questions about why for months the defense held on to more than two dozen items belonging to or related to Caylee Anthony.

On Thursday, Attorney Jose Baez strongly denied that he was trying to withhold evidence from investigators for his client, Casey Anthony.

Outside the Orange County Courthouse Baez was on the defensive regarding a single document among more than 1,000 released on Thursday.

It is a laundry list of items, his spokeswoman said, they took from the Anthony home in September such as books, baby toys, puzzle pieces and Spiderman toothbrush.

Baez was asked if he was he withholding potentially important evidence.

"Absolutely not and indication of that would be false and ridiculous," he said. "We did the ethical thing and there should be proof of that."

In September 2008, Baez spokeswoman said the defense took items with Casey Anthony's permission to do their own DNA testing. When they heard the FBI was interested in the items, they said they proactively turned them over in December.

She characterized their actions as good, solid defense strategy.

Also, an FBI document released on Thursday from June 2009 indicates that Casey Anthony's parents, George and Cindy, and her brother, Lee, declined to take polygraphs.
Baez would not talk about why.

There also was a police report from August 2008 that indicated Cindy Anthony may have been trying to establish that "Zanny the nanny" really existed.
"I remember months ago, Casey telling me that Zanny had given her this hair straightener ... "

( I recall Casey bringing this bit of information to the forefront during one of the first jail visits between Casey, Cindy and George, which is on one of the first video tapes to be released)

Cindy continues, "I began to remember that Casey had brought home videos that Zanny had given her," Cindy Anthony said in a statement to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "That led me to remember that Casey used to take Bambi movies to Zanny's apartment for Caylee to watch."
Investigators have never been able to confirm that "Zanny the nanny" ever existed. Casey Anthony accused "Zanny" of kidnapping and possibly killing Caylee.

Also included in the documents released were hundreds of tips to the Orange County Sheriff's Office and Crimeline from Central Floridians who turned out to search for Caylee Anthony.
"My aching heart and prayers are with your family," wrote a tipster named Jill, who took it upon herself to research the locations of the 27 different women named Zenaida Gonzalez.
There was a tip about a sighting of Caylee Anthony at a Dollar General Store in Lula, Ga. An inmate also claimed Casey Anthony told him where Caylee was.

An eerie finding was also received in September 2008 by a man who was searching behind Hidden Oaks Elementary School and discovered a green trash bag filled with bones. That was three months before Caylee's body was found in the same area. The September discovery was only animal bones.

Here are documents released today.

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