We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gail St. John's Blind Drive to Suburban Drive and Caylee's Remains: A Look Back

Original posting:  January 5, 2009
unedited video posted at bottom

The story of the meter reader who found the remains of Caylee Anthony in some woods near the Anthony home is well documented. That same meter reader, Roy Kronk, also called investigators several months prior to the discovery saying he had found something suspicious.

Now a group has come forward with startling evidence that may have pointed to something at the same spot several months prior.

Psychic Gale St. John, of the show ‘The Body Hunter’, was drawn to the same area on the same day and has the video to prove it.

A video taken by St. John's daughter on the first day their search team "The Body Hunters" began looking for Caylee Marie Anthony seems to show that St. John felt their was something odd about the location.  Their first visit to Suburban drive was also the same day as Roy Kronk's first 911.

St. John said she was riding with her apprentice, her daughter, a searcher and two cadaver dogs doing what they call a blind drive. They started at the Anthony’s home just around the corner from the site. "We just start fresh from the scene,” said St. John. “And just drive to a location we feel the person is in.”In this case it didn't take St. John long. The video shows St. John taking a right on Suburban Drive, where there is now a make shift memorial.

"Alright, I've got to pull over,” she can be heard saying on the video. “Guys I'm immediately pulled here.” St. John is saying those words as she's driving up to the exact area where Caylee's remains were eventually found.

St. John says the feeling she got that day was overwhelming, "You get very sick to your stomach,” she said. “You feel as though you've been punched in the stomach and something knocks the air out of you."

On the video, as Gail's vehicle pulls up alongside the area that is now known to have been the entrance to the area where Caylee's remains were found, one can clearly hear the dog begin to "react".
Also in the video, as you see St. John's searcher with her dog, it is clear she is in the area leading up to the "path" that led to Caylee's remains. 

St. John let her searcher out of the car with one of their cadaver dogs. St. John then drove up the road to see if the feeling got stronger. It didn't, so she turned back around and proceeded back to the area where her searcher was.

"Something's not right here something's not right here," St. John told her daughter on the video that day.
St. John and her crew took a look around.
"The dogs showed very heavy interest back in that area," said St. John.

But they didn't get far. "You can only go so far, and its water," said St. John's searcher on the video.

Unfortunately, St. John could not get permission from the property owner to go into the woods where Caylee's remains would be found so she did not return. St. John contact OCSO who told her basically if she went onto the property to search without the owner's permission she would be arrested.  St. John has also said she begged searchers with TES to re-search the area.

It is known that TES did search near the area where Caylee's remains were found.  However, due to water conditions, the search was terminated.  Tim Miller stated at the time if there was evidence in the wooded swamp area, he did not want to risk destroying it with search vehicles or burying it deeper into the soil.

When St. John learned Caylee's remains were found in the same area, it wasn’t really a shocker to her. "I honestly wasn't surprised at all,” she said. “My reaction was that's where we said that we felt something."

One can get a better perspective of the area by watching the video now, three years after precious Caylee was discarded like trash.  Emotions are also also amplified knowing that Caylee's remains were so close to her home and so close to being discovered.

Original unedited video of Gail St. John's "blind drive" to Suburban Drive on 8.11.08:

Video does contain profanity 

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