We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, May 1, 2009

Casey Anthony: More Evidence Released Friday 5.1.09 / Land Where Caylee's Remains Found to Be Auctioned On eBay

Casey Anthony Case: Evidence Documents Released Friday, 5.1.09

Hundreds of pages of evidence have been released Friday in the case against Casey Anthony.


Administrator Interviews In Deputy Cain Investigation

Yuri Melich Interview Jan 22 2009

Adrian Acevedo Interview Dec 17 2008

Alex Roberts Interview Jan 6 2009

Rosa Heisler Interview On Jan 21 2009

Roy Kronk Interview #1 On Jan 6 2009

Roy Kronk Interview #2 On Jan 6 2009

Deputy Cain Administrative Investigation Reports

Carl Spare Interview Jan 20 2009

Christopher Gibson Interview Jan 6 2009

Deputy Sheriff Elizabeth Collins

Deputy Sheriff Eduard Turso Jan 8 2009

Transcripts Of Roy Kronk 911 Calls Aug 11, 12, 13

Deputy Cain - Two Interviews

Deputy Kethlin Cutcher Interview #1

Deputy Kethlin Cutcher Interview #2

Deputy Keith Williams Interview #1

Deputy Keith Williams Interview #2

FBI Reports On Examination Of Evidence

Sgt. John Allen Interview January 22 2009

Revealed in the documents are results from FBI testing on evidence found in Casey's house and in her car. The tests show that the kitchen knife found in Casey Anthony's car did not have any duct tape adhesive on it, but did have a clear sticky substance of some kind.
The FBI also says the dirt and debris found in Casey's trunk could not be definitively matched to the dirt where Caylee's remains were found, nor could the limited amount of debris found on several pairs of shoes taken from the Anthony home, although no connection can be totally ruled out either.
The new documents also show the FBI did not find evidence of more than a dozen prescription drugs in Caylee's hair, drugs that were taken from the Anthonys'' home. The FBI said it did not test for chloroform, because the FBI's chemistry unit said that wouldn't tell them anything, because chloroform is a by-product of decomposition.

Also, the new documents show county meter reader Roy Kronk talked about getting a reward on December 11 after having found Caylee's remains and that he told coworkers and Deputy Cain in August that he thought he had seen a skull near the bag he found in the woods.

As for Kronk's talk about getting a reward the same day he found the remains, his lawyer told Eyewitness News on Friday that Kronk deserves it for bringing closure to the community and saving taxpayer money by putting an end to the exhaustive search for Caylee.

The remains of the Caylee were found December 11, 2008, less than one-mile from the Anthony family home after a nearly six-month search for her.

Among the documents were transcripts of an interview with Deputy Richard Cain, who responded to a meter reader's repeated phone calls to check out woods where Caylee Anthony's body eventually was found.

Cain was fired earlier this year after an internal investigation found his response to be negligent.

Land to Be Auctioned On eBay

Caylee Anthony Memorial
beginnings of the Caylee Anthony memorial
after the 2 year old's remains were found

Meanwhile, the land where Caylee's remains were found will go on the auction block to the highest bidder on eBay.

The Realtor said whoever buys the land can do what they want with the current memorial there.


livinglifeafter65 said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I've been reading your blog for awhile, without comment (I'm sorry)
You are well versed in all the happenings of missing and exploited children. And as for your blog itself, My you are really involved and must have more know how than the average "spoiled mom!"

Anyway, keep up the good work.


SpoiledMom said...


Thank you so much for kind words, stop by anytime!

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