We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cindy Anthony on Larry King / A Blogger's Open Letter To Cindy Anthony

Cindy Anthony:

Your statement on Larry King tonight (5.13.09) infuriates me to a point that is greater than I have been during this entire fiasco regarding your daughter Casey.

If Caylee's death - which in my opinion was caused by the hands of your daughter Casey - were not so tragic, the entire story would be a blockbuster comedy. The best of Hollywood screenwriters could not have written this script.  I can only imagine what is yet to come.  What Casey lacked, you certainly made up for, by making a total mockery of your entire family and the memory of your beautiful granddaughter, Caylee. Your tirades are despicable and each time you open your mouth, the entire nation expects you to lie.

How do you as a mother live - for two years - unknowing as to what her daughter is doing? Greater than that, how did you not have an idea of what Casey was capable of doing? No mother I know is that blind.

Regarding bloggers, you say you do not know them, nor if they have children and do not know why they fault you.

You say you believe and I quote, "..bloggers want to find fault with everything . They need to use that energy for something positive like I am, you know (sic)".

I will tell you who I am. I am a stay at home mother with two teen daughters. They are my pride and joy, the reason I am alive, above all, they are the beautiful in my life. I am a two time cancer survivor, although fighting cancer again. I am a widow of 5 years. Unfortunately, I know more than someone my age needs to know about life, only because I lived and learned it at an early age. I am very knowledgeable about "unconditional love", and know a great deal about a love that is much greater  than that, "tough love"-- a love that you should have learned for Casey long ago. There is a reason the bloggers are not fans of you. You are shallow and transparent, just like your daughter.  Casey is but a reflection of you and you of Casey, to an extent.

I surround myself with positive people, places, and situations. That is my coping mechanism. I do not hide in the confines of my home. I started blogging long ago to share instances in my life,wonderful memories, and to bond with others that walk the same path as I. My journaling/blogging began with my second pregnancy, when the internet was new, fun and exciting. I met so many wonderful women who shared like experiences.

That blog grew into the chronicling of my daughters' lives and their milestones. I then began to use blogging as an outlet when I found out my husband was a substance abuser. I turned to new found friends for help and information, not only for him, but mainly for me and how to cope. Most of those friends I had become acquainted with on the internet. As in 'real life' the internet is a wide world of people who are walking alongside us on the same path in life. Seek and you shall find.

I blogged  when I first was told I had cancer. I blogged about the treatments and progress and then finally remission.

I blogged about the sudden death of my husband and how it was to suddenly become a single mother with two small daughters.

I blogged about not being able to find my nephew one morning, only to then to blog later in the day  about the horror of his suicide after his older brother sadly and tragically found him dead inside a car.

I have blogged about my second cancer, a surgery that was supposed to "fix me". I then blogged about "mets" and how my cancer had spread. I blogged during several chemo treatments, and still do to this day.

I have blogged about  my daughters' achievements and how they have grown before my eyes.

I do not recall, however, blogging about finding fault with anyone. If anything, during the worst of times, the common theme seemed to be that I placed blame on myself. A loyal reader once noticed and helped me see that all the bad that had happened was not due to any fault of mine,  nor because of anything that I did or didn't say or do.

I chose to take my personal blog and blog about your daughter Casey and the disappearance of your granddaughter, Caylee. We, as America, were and remain, mesmerized by Caylee's beautiful smile and gorgeous big brown eyes.

When Caylee was first reported as kidnapped, we were horrified. The community of bloggers I know were even more horrified, terrified, and disgusted when we learned your daughter did not report Caylee missing after thirty one days and could possibly be behind this tragedy.

Yes, Cindy, we bloggers are mothers and grandmothers. We are sisters and daughters. 
The Caylee Bloggers are positive people. At this moment, other than the prosecution, we are the only ones publicly keeping Caylee's memory alive. We want --and demand-- the truth to be known.

We can not begin to understand you. Perhaps because we all see what you choose not to see. You do not appear to be a grieving grandmother. I do not see you behind closed doors, but when you are in front of the camera, you definitely do not appear to be. What a total ass you made of yourself at the deposition. Did you show your actions that way in the presence of Caylee? People who have nothing to hide do present themselves in that manner. 
You say bloggers find fault with everything and everyone. Look in the mirror Cindy, you seem to be describing yourself.

You have not helped your cause by changing your stories, "half-truths" and out-right lying to protect your daughter Casey.

The events and reports that have been revealed through discovery do have negative results upon the case and in turn appear to implicate Casey. Upon each release of documents, it is your conclusion and claim that it is all the fault of someone or something else.

If your faith in Casey is so great, why do you not visit her? If Casey has nothing to hide, it shouldn't matter what is captured on video. Personally, I could not imagine seven months without seeing my daughters. However, if I knew one of them had taken my ability to even see my granddaughter, not to mention my granddaughter's life, I KNOW  I could manage not seeing my daughter(s) as well.

What are you doing that is so "positive"?  We know you are spending time reading our blogs, how is that productive? You are not visiting Casey. Are you looking for Zanny? Were your "suicide notes" a positive thing in your life?

Through all the devastating loss I have experienced, I have never once thought of taking my own life. My faith guided me through the difficult times just as it has the best of times.  I also knew I had to be a mother to my children, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

I have never, nor do I know of anyone who has made the comparison of the loss of a family member to that of  "losing my keys, or my cell phone". Now we know where Casey's materialism came from. What a despicable statement. Even from you.

Furthermore, until the day justice is served for Caylee, this is one blogger that will continue on.


starfish said...
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Anonymous said...

Amen – every time Cindy opens her mouth she makes an ass of herself! And, nothing comes out but lies. I've noticed how she now has George trained so he is repeating her lies. He looks like hell if you ask me.

I would bet anyone that they are together yet for only one reason and that is to put forth a united front for their daughter and that as soon as this trial is over, they will divorce. I don't know how anyone could live with Cindy Anthony and you can see why her kids are so screwed up.

Casey didn't just get this way overnight. There had to be many signs throughout her adolescence that she needed professional help, especially to Cindy who is supposed to be a nurse! Yet, she continued to do nothing but fight and argue with her. The only reason Cindy is supporting Casey now is because she knows she failed to get her help and she also failed Caylee. She needed to do what she said, over and over, that she would do -- take Caylee away from Casey and have Casey declared unfit.

Also, I keep going back to the memorial for Caylee and brother Lee’s comments about how he will protect CMA no matter what. I’m beginning to think that somehow, Casey communicated to him either while she was home on bail or through letters from the jail about where Caylee’s body was and that he moved it to where it was found. That way, the defense can do what they are doing now – claim that someone else put the body there and that it wasn’t there when Casey went to jail the first time.

I don’t know, but I just don’t trust anyone in that sick family to be truthful. George may have wanted to in the beginning but Cindy has ruled him and now has him behaving like a trained dog.


Anonymous said...

Smom...You are awesome; so well put!! Someone needs to inform Cindy that making all those negative comments about bloggers was an extremely bad move on her part...This media tour they are doing to try and gain sympathy and to place doubts in the minds of the public--totally backfired!! Cindy; bloggers are the PUBLIC!!!

Hugs, Trish

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