We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Orange is your color, Casey ***UPDATED**10/15/08

UPDATED Wednesday, 10/15/08, in bold.

An impromptu post this evening.

Today has been somewhat of a bittersweet day for me. Illness and an entire day of legal goings on. Save for the illness. It would have been a great day.

Yesterday, it was leaked that searchers had found a Mickey Mouse dress that is supposedly like one that Caylee had worn. It is a size six. People over the Internet have been scouring photos looking for it.
By happenstance, I have found the pictures below, located on a local Orlando news website. Although it is Mickey Mouse dress, Caylee appears to be between 12-24 months old. It is hard to tell without an actual date. I am only going by my own knowledge of pictures of my children at that age. My youngest, during her first years, resembled Caylee somewhat.

Click to view pictures from WFTV Orlando.


Hauntingly eerie.

On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, during a live interview with Meredith Vieira, Cindy Anthony presented, as evidence, the Mickey Mouse dress that appears in the photos above. The dress Cindy offered was clearly not a size 6. It was more of a toddler size. Such as the one in the pictures. I, myself, do believe the dress in the pictures and the one Cindy provided in the interview are one and the same.

From the pictures above, you can clearly tell that Caylee would not be of age to wear a children's size 6. Tim Miller, of Texas Equusearch, was dismayed and troubled that this evidence regarding the dress find was even leaked to the public. He did state however, that the dress was turned over to authorities and is being tested for DNA. He began to state his own theories regarding his doubt about the size and it belonging to Caylee. I believe Tim Miller is knowledgeable and has spent countless hours and his own money and resources to aid in finding missing persons. He is a victim himself, as his daughter, Laura, was abducted and killed in 1986. Her body was found 17 months later in a wooded area, along with 3 other women. To this day, Laura's abductor has not been identified.

If Cindy Anthony does not believe a dress of Caylee's was found, why not bring charges of defamation; false statements, as her own daughter was charged for; or tampering with an ongoing investigation and or evidence.

As far as the size of the dress, I am not positive that Caylee would wear a size 6. During my children's' 3 year old days, I know they wore clothes that ranged in size from 2T-4T, depending on height and weight. My youngest, which most resembled Caylee at this age, wore a 5T well into Kindergarten, due to her build and weight. This Mickey Mouse dress could have been a gift to Caylee. We all know how clothes given as gifts never fit right. They are either too small or too big. If the dress that was found does belong to Caylee, Caylee could have worn the dress as a nightgown, if it was a little large or roomy.


The Grand Jury has returned a true bill on indictments for Casey Anthony. It took place at around 4pm, EST. The findings were sealed until the "person indicted was arrested". How much more mystery and circus atmosphere can this one family provide. At one point, Cindy Anthony, who was driving her monster daughter, Casey, home from Jose Baez's attorney's office, stopped underneath a freeway overpass, and Casey switched cars, entering a gray SUV, belonging to her "bail bondsman". We later learned undercover sheriff deputies were on Cindy's tail. Cindy claimed she was letting Casey turn herself into authorities at this strange location. The sheriff's department Cindy's statements. Aerial law enforcement lost track of the Anthony's SUV at one point during the travels. Undercover sheriff's deputies caught up to the gray SUV as it neared the Orlando International Airport. This is the location that searchers are centering on during their latest search. Was this Casey's last attempt to obstruct evidence? We may never know.

What I don't understand, why did Casey need to return home before turning herself into authorities? Was it not just Friday, Baez argued that Casey wanted out of her "home confinement", or at least have it lax, to "search for Caylee"? Maybe Casey needed a one last look at her home, one of the things she so took for granted the last year or so. My bets are on the evidence theory. Either way, it is just another chapter in this unending circus of tragedy.

One of my blogging friends suggested she sell those ridiculous white, oversize sunglasses on eBay to pay for her attorney.
Jose Baez, the attorney who does not have the 5 years experience, or any experience for that matter, to partake in a criminal case.

You can't make this stuff up.

The video surveillance of Casey's shopping sprees at Target are comparative to bad comedy. The video shows all of her purchases, including lingerie, a beret (I have yet to figure this one out), the infamous white, oversize sunglasses, and the most prized item of all, the blue "82" hoodie that she fashions in her first mug shot.
One or more items are missing, however. Not one thing for 3 year old Caylee. Can any mother say they have went shopping and not bought something for their child? Whether it a piece of gum, a book, something.
Can anyone be any more brazen? Yes, Casey can. She purchases all of her new wardrobe with her "best friend" Amy's check, and signs HER OWN NAME. Maybe at the time she was worried about forgery. It only took one time, though. Again, everything was so easy for Casey. No questions asked. At the other sprees, she began to forge Amy's signature. If you are going to do it, do it big. Seems to be Casey's motto.

Casey seems to have a lifetime of sociopathic behavior. Maybe if someone had just once questioned Casey's actions early on, instead of allowing her have her way, none of this would have happened.

During my blogging hiatus, while I had moved on to bigger and better things such as chemotherapy and radiation, I began to follow missing persons reports. I am sure you all know about precious Caylee Anthony.

The beautiful, 3 year old, little girl that went missing from her home, or I should say, the last time her grandparents saw her, was June 15, 2008. Father's Day for many. Little Caylee did not have a father that she knew of. Her grandfather, George Anthony, also known as "Pop-Pop", was supposedly the last known person to see her alive on August 16, 2008. This was a Monday afternoon, around 12:50pm est. I have my own theories about his testimony surrounding this day. On the same token, I believe George Anthony is the most "sane" of the Anthony clan. However, I do not take everything he says at face value. It is one thing to want to save your daughter, but what if your daughter is the callous monster that killed your granddaughter.

I know a lot of you know all the details by this time. I have an entire journal devoted just to this case and plan on publishing some of my theories and stories and thoughts from other bloggers I have met across the country.

Before my nursing career, my mother-in-law wanted to send me to law school. She wanted a lawyer in the family. I have always had a fascination with law and crime. You can imagine my favorite tv shows. I have two TiVos and they are full of Nancy Grace and anything pertaining to Caylee; TruTv Forensic Files, Dr. G.; Dateline; TruCrimes, etc.; and I love the new Discovery ID channel.

How do you feel about the Anthony case? Any theories or thoughts?
I would love to strike up good conversation/debate regarding the case.

Now back to the main reason for the post:

Let's take the time tonight, to reflect on sweet Caylee. That precious little girl who won our hearts. My her soul rest in peace. I pray her Casey wises up to the fact that her lies have run out and the law enforcement is and has done everything they can to put an end to her charade. Bless the law enforcement's family, I know it has been a strain on their families due to law enforcement family members working long, dedicated hours on this case all in the name of Caylee.

Thank you, Orlando Police Department and Orlando Sheriff's Department, Florida State Prosecutor's Office, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch, and others that have worked so diligently on this case for nothing other than justice.

Everyone, please hug your children and loved ones close tonight, and once more for Caylee.

I hope you look good in orange, Casey, it's going to be your color.


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