We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, March 7, 2009

*New Video Added* Home Videos of Casey and Caylee--Within Post

Finally have the embedding issues solved. -- All Videos Below - no links

Videos of Caylee and Casey are here as well as some of Caylee by herself.
Watching these, look at just how beautiful a child Caylee was. It breaks my heart even more to not at least understand what was going through Casey's mind, other than herself, at that time.
How on earth can anyone hurt a child, not based on beauty alone, but just the mere thought of hurting an innocent child. These videos capture just that, the innocence of a childhood taken away, by the hands of her own mother.
I thought to myself one day, the last thing Caylee had to see was Casey's face. Her own mother.
I wonder what Caylee thought. Was she frightened? Did she know? Did she cry, or ask Casey anything? I can not get that out of my mind.
This first video almost makes me sick to my stomach. I am sure there was a time that Casey loved Caylee, or did she? How can you turn that off, especially love for a child?
This video, to me, only justifies that Casey is a selfish, narcissistic person, who only cared for herself, and no matter how well behaved, or what enjoyment she received from Caylee, it was not enough to satisfy Casey.

Casey had to find self-worth and enjoyment elsewhere and Caylee was in her way.

Pay special attention to the video of Caylee's first steps--see note above video.

3.8.09: New Video Just Added:

Caylee Loves Cake: with audio (if no audio...slide "speaker" volume up on video window--bottom right)

Home video of Casey playing with Caylee: with audio

Caylee Coloring:

Caylee's First Steps: with audio
*listen closely as Cindy says "Come on "Case".."come to gramma".... "Case, not Caylee"...

Breakfast With Caylee: with audio

Dancing Caylee: with audio

Caylee Dancing to ABC's: with audio

Caylee: 1,2,3,..Cheese: with audio

Caylee Playing In Casey's Room:

Remember Caylee, video by creator of "The Daily BS" and my missed friend, Sean Krause. Very Touching and Poignant

Last Known Video of Caylee Alive Before She Was Murdered, taken perhaps hours before her death:

more to be posted later...check back

video acknowledgements:
With the exception of Sean Krause's "Remember Caylee" video-couresy Sean Krause; all videos courtesy of the Anthony family personal video collection.

Originally posted online by a member of the Anthony family.

These videos are not from momtective youtube site.

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Remember Caylee

Song: "Mad World" Gary Jules "I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.. It's a mad, mad world.." Video courtesy Sean Krause '08 Sleep Well Friend, Justice for Caylee has finally begun ~SM 6.23.11

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