We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATE 3.10.09: Note to Readers

A Note To You, My Readers:

Update 3.10.09:

Here is a little behind the scenes look at what has been going on with "momtective" making her media rounds, and attaining her "fifteen seconds" of fame regarding the Anthony family home videos. This is a posting from momtective in which she states the videos are "mine", referring to herself. First of all, momtective was not the original "finder of the videos." She did exactly what several of us bloggers did, except she took it one step further, and made a youtube account in which she posted the videos on the account, without credit to the Anthony family or to even where the videos were obtained.

These videos are mine.
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Once something is out on the internet, is is public domain there for the taking. Unless, it is a work of writing, that is paid copyright and listed with the creative commons organization as "all rights reserved". This is all technical mumbo jumbo and not something I wanted to go into during the Casey Anthony trial, but it is very important to know if you are blogging or thinking of starting a blog.

The main point: the videos are the property of the Anthony family. NO one else. I am not swayed by them at all in my opinion of Casey. Sure, she had a moment where she was playing with Caylee. Are we supposed to sit back and think that during a time period of almost three years, Casey did not play with Caylee, show her any type of affection, laugh with her, or have fun with her? NO Does the video depict Casey as a murderer? NO Actually, I feel if anything,along with the hundreds of photos of Caylee and Casey, it shows Casey did love Caylee, and it makes the evidence connecting Casey to Caylee's homicide even more heinous.

These home videos belong to no one but the Anthony family. Casey put them out there in the "public domain" therefore making them available to anyone and everyone who wanted to see them and/or download them. That does not make the videos "any one person's" just because they took the time to make a site to put them on. I know I am repeating myself, but after I posted the videos on my blog when the news of them hit Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, I did so that readers of my blog could see them for themselves. Hell, I even credited 'momtective' for them, and that was before I researched and found out that it was not she that initially found them.

I seek fame nor fortune but truth and justice

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If 'momtective' says she does not want them sold, that is one thing, and an honorable thing, I do not think they need to be sold. However, that is the decision of the Anthony family, and only the Anthony family. We have seen what type of media whore Cindy is, as well as money hungry they are. I could not imagine selling pictures of my children for any amount of money. I would feel as if I had sold my soul to the devil, but we have to remember who we are speaking of. Cindy nor Casey have a soul, in my opinion. I have a select few photos of my children that I do post online and I am very careful about that. Who doesn't now days? I am proud of my beautiful daughters and want to share them with my friends. I do not use their real names.

What baffles me is why 'momtective' would sit on these videos for six months, then decide that they are "her" videos and copyright them. I am sorry, but when something does not belong to you, slapping a copy&; sign on it, yours it does not make. She states something about the Orlando Sentinel. My friend, a The Sentinel is owned by a larger publisher, someone who has the funds to offer the Anthony's for the "copyright" or "rights" to the videos. And I am guessing, they will accept. It is all or nothing now for Princess Casey and her defense fund.

In ending, what really got me, was that by the disabling of the videos by 'momtective', it put you, my readers, at a disadvantage and inconvenienced you. When you clicked on the video, you received the "embedding disabled by request" message. To some readers, it appeared that I had screwed up, some readers thought that something was wrong with their computers, some even thought they had viruses, and yes, it looked stupid on my blog. Thankfully, a reader, Kramer, caught the disable in time, so that I could inform you, the readers, but enough of you had tried to watch after the disable, and ran into the problems. I have heard from some of you that you were able to watch shortly after I posted. You readers are prompt.. :)

Momtective has since shut down her youtube account, as well as her blog. She stated the "blog" will be down, but did not list a definite date. She stated that it is an 'old blog', yet there are only the four postings for March '09, during the time the video media coverage of the videos.

On her blog, momtective claims, she "seeks not fame nor fortune, but truth and justice." hmmm...then why the shutting down of all her sites, and claiming the videos of Caylee her own?
Original Post

Apologies again for 'momtective's disabling the embedding' of the videos she has on her youtube account. The videos she obtained from Casey's myspace and facebook pages, that are personal property of the Anthony family. By doing this, she is only wanting traffic directed to her site. No where on you her YouTube channel, does 'momtective' give credit to the Anthony family for the videos that she obtained from Casey's myspace page and facebook account.

After the videos were embedded, on my site, for about an hour after posting; I was made aware that 'momtective' had disabled "embedding" of the videos -- so that others cannot post them as I did. She wants the traffic diverted to her site and without giving credit to the Anthony's or whomever took the videos. -- Thank you, Kramer, for the heads up on the videos being disabled.

I initially gave credit to "momtective" in the title of my posting. After being notified the videos were had been disabled in embedded posts...I gladly re posted the link on the previous post to her youtube channel site.

My regular readers know that I always give credit where credit is due, even to myself when I put in my two cents and the posting is written by me, usually my rants, and the posts do not contain any information added from media outlets.

My answer to it all: to each their own. The Internet is public domain and therefore, actually a free for all for everyone. You may not plagiarize, hence my "copyscape" subscription on the post. I have actually found a lot of my work on other blog pages. I have a paid version that contacts me, without me having to look for it. I have yet to do anything to the person(s) that are copying my work...... I feel they are the ones that will deal with the consequence and Copyscape is good at pulling out all the stops, i.e. shutting down websites, and if bad enough, which is not in my case, prosecution. That is reserved for major media outlets.

Everyone that blogs puts their heart and soul into each posting and it is not right, nor considerate, for someone to come along and put their name on the work. It is considered a form of theft. The videos that are on youtube are put out there with the knowledge that they are in the public domain and can and will be utilized by others and posted by others on other sites. This person apparently wanted to cause drama and cause others to do their own embedding, or to only visit her site to view the videos, which as I said, do not belong to her, unless she is, in fact, Cindy Anthony.

I am working on the embedding. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, and it was also the last day of school before my girls start Spring Break. As soon as I have the embedding for the videos, I will post them in the video archive, and until them please use the link provided for momtective's youtube channel on the post. update:3/8/09: as i have embedded the videos myself, I have removed the link to momtective's youtube account.

Or, you may search Youtube for 'momtective'... I do not have the link in front of me unfortunately, but it is on the posting below this one. update: 3/10/09: momtective has shut down her youtube site as of 3/10/09

Thank you for your understanding and readership. :) As you all know, it is much appreciated.

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