We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: New Documents Released 3.5.09

The case against Casey Anthony continued to build on Thursday as prosecutors released hundreds of pages of new evidence.
The documents add to the growing volume of material in the first-degree murder case, which is expected to go to trial in October. Thursday's documents included a range of transcripts, investigative reports, phone records and copies of photos.
Anthony is charged in connection with the killing of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, whose body was found in an Orange County woods not far from the home where the family lived.

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Below is a guide to the evidence that was released, with short summaries and links to the sections so you can read and see the evidence yourself.

Anthony Lazzaro:
Investigators had Anthony's boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro, secretly tape Anthony's brother Lee looking for evidence against Casey Anthony. Lazzaro also let investigators tap his phone conversations, according to a transcript.
(PDF: Lazzaro Wire Tap)

Caylee AnthonyPhotos:

Defense attorneys tried to stop the release of Casey Anthony's Photobucket.com photos, but lost their motion on Monday. The file, however, contains only black-and-white copies of the images of Anthony, many of which are hard to see clearly. The images do include some graphics, such as ones that show skeletons kissing and skulls. Also among the images is one of the most used photos of Caylee, showing her with her hands near her face. (photo is below)

(PDF: Photobucket Images From June 2008)

Inside the Anthony family:

James Hoover, a private investigator who worked for the Anthony family, described to investigators the family's stay at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes in December after Caylee Anthony's remains were found. He also mentions that he was "uncomfortable" with the friendly relationship between Anthony's mother, Cindy, and another private investigator, Dominic Casey. Hoover also quotes Dominic Casey describing a scene in jail where Casey Anthony started eating one end of a licorice string with her attorney Jose Baez eating from the other end that was passed through a glass partition. Hoover says Dominic Casey claims it looked "like they were kissing through the glass or something." Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore, however, said attorney-client meetings are not held in rooms with a glass partition, so "the physical plant makes the account of such activity a virtual impossibility."
James Hoover Discusses Interactions With Anthony Family

Day Casey was arrested:

"I'll take this as far as I need to to prove my innocence..." Casey Anthony told detectives on Oct. 14, 2008, the day she was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder. According to a transcript, she says they were not trying to run from authorities as they drove from her attorney's office. She thought the deputies following her were the media. Anthony then invokes her right to not talk.
(PDF: Oct. 14 Transcript Of Casey Anthony Speaking With Investigators)

More text messages:
Among the document are dozens of text messages from Casey Anthony and her friends talking about such things as seeing her on TV and aspects of the case.
(PDF: Text Message Exchanges Between Casey Anthony's Friends)

Roy Kronk: The transcript of an interview with meter reader Roy Kronk includes a hand-drawn map of the area where he found Caylee Anthony's remains in December.
PDF: Meter Reader Describes Remains Scene

2:50 p.m.: Anthony Lazzaro, who dated Casey Anthony, recalls in an October 2008 interview with investigators coming upon Anthony watching the video of her daughter Caylee and her grandfather. Lazzaro said she cried as she watched the video.
PDF: Casey Cries Over Caylee Video
Tips: Investigators received hundreds of tips and alleged Caylee sighting, including one in New Zealand.

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