We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Monday, March 2, 2009

Casey Anthony Arrives to Afternoon Court Hearing **UPDATE on Jude Strickland's Rulings**

Video: Casey Arrives in Court

Casey Anthony's court appearance for Jose Baez's filed motions regarding Casey's Photobucket account pictures, was held in afternoon court, beginning at 4:15pm EST. The motion also includes the suppression of the Orange County Corrections facility's video of Casey's reaction when told that remains had been found on December 11, 2008.
In argument, Baez stated that he has not seen the video himself as of yet. In reference to the Photobucket account photos, or "images", as Baez referred to them, Baez announced to Judge Strickland, to "take his word for it, they are not relevant to the case", and are only being used to paint the defendant in a negative light.

It did not take the pictures to paint Casey in a negative light. She seems to have a valiant way of doing that all on her own. The pictures are still available on the internet account, as well as other accounts, by people who have transferred them to their accounts. They are out there for infinity. This, again, is a pretty lame tactic by Baez in an attempt to build a case. I believe it is called the "throw it and see what sticks" defense. Casey was roped into a corner and put into a negative light when she proclaimed her daughter was missing for 31 days and she was "looking for her" at Fusian nightclub, where on one occasion, she brought Caylee with her, to attend an "event" at the club.

Judge Strickland said that Baez was premature in stating that the photos had no bearing on the case at this point.

State prosecutors have not decided whether to bring certain photos or the jail video taped reaction of Casey upon being told of the finding of the remains.

Prosecution also stated that they could be nearing a four week time frame for their prosecution, not including jury selection for the trial of Casey Anthony. Judge Strickland set a tentative date of October 12, 2009, for the trial start date.

George and Cindy Anthony were both in attendance for the motion hearing. They sat directly behind Casey. The only eye contact between the three family members was a brief smile and a mouthed "Hi", to her parents from Casey Anthony, who turned her head for a moment before the beginning of the hearing. Casey also glanced back briefly to Cindy and George while being escorted out of the courtroom at the end of the hearing.

Judge Strickland ruled late Monday afternoon to allow the pictures included in Casey's Photobucket account to be released as they are already considered "public domain", due to their existence on Casey's public account on Photobucket. Most of the pictures have already been released, and those that have not been released by the media can be viewed freely by the public by accessing the accounts set up by Casey, or accounts set up by others who have copied the pictures or "added" them to their favorites in their accounts.
As for the video tape of Casey in the sick hall at the jail, Judge Strickland ruled that the defense will have an opportunity to view the video and then have 15 days on whether to reverse the motion, or petition the court again.

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