We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Monday, March 9, 2009

Casey Anthony and The Death Penalty: Guest Blogger: Amanda

In an effort to provide fresh prospective to the blog, I have invited another "Guest Blogger" to the blog.

Today's "Guest Blogger" is a regular, long-time reader of the blog, Amanda Person.

Amanda has been following the Casey Anthony case from the beginning, as we all have, and has very strong opinions regarding the case and frankly, she is one to hold her ground in a debate. During my chats with her, she shows a keen knowledge of the case and of the law itself.

One main issue Amanda is passionate about is the State of Florida's recent decision not to offer the death penalty in the Casey Anthony case. I am working on getting Amanda to do a series of blog posts, jointly, with me, or on her own, discussing the pros and cons of whether The State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony should indeed be a death penalty case, or not.

This is Amanda's first installment post. Please enjoy as Amanda shares her views on why Casey should receive the death penalty.

Also, for reader interaction with this guest posting, please share your views on the death penalty, via the poll in the right sidebar.


"Casey Anthony Should Get The Death Penalty"

A lot of opinions have been shared in the blogs and on the media regarding the State of Florida's announcement that they will not seek the death penalty option for Casey Anthony, "as of yet". We all know that they have until the beginning of trial to change their stance, but for now, the DP is a no go.

In junior college, I took a Political Science class taught by a professor that like to force his students to have current event debates on subjects like torture, abortion, and the death penalty. My professor was a liberal, like most junior college teachers, and showed us Sean Penn and Michael Moore films, followed by forced discussion from the students. Our mid-term research paper was on the death penalty. We had to pick a side, and back it up with factual information.

At the time, I had mixed feelings about the death penalty, as many people do. I flip-flopped back and forth, until about two days before the assignment was due. It was then, I made a decision. I was against the death penalty. There was no one fact that pushed me in the opposing direction, but I was forced to take a stand, and I did. I turned in the research paper: a lukewarm argument against capital punishment, citing mostly the cost of housing a death row inmate, as well as a few cases of botched electric chair executions as my main points. My grade for my efforts, a C-.

Years later after the C- on that research paper, I still was not quit sure how I felt regarding capital punishment. Then the Casey Anthony case broke. A young mother, with a "missing" two year old daughter, who also had failed to report her daughter missing for 31 days. I became fascinated by it, almost obsessed, trying to understand how a mother could "allegedly" kill her child.

In my research of Casey Anthony, I began reading about the Susan Smith case. As you know, Susan Smith was convicted of the cold blooded, double murder of her two young sons. Smith's lawyers claimed that Smith was suicidal, and that in her mind, her sons were an extension of her. Thus, their drowning was actually a suicide attempt where Smith's survival instincts took over and saved herself at the last minute. I see it as a weak excuse for the outright murder of two children. I am sure that is nothing compared to what we are going to hear from Baez and Company during Casey Anthony's trial.

As far as Susan Smith's trial, the jury bought the defense's argument. Despite Smith's husband's emotional testimony during the penalty phase of the trial, Susan Smith's life was spared. Susan was sentenced to life in prison.

Also through my research, I discovered that since Smith's incarceration, an investigation into her prison medical records revealed she had caught an STD from having sex with one or more of the prison guards. Thanks to "The Smoking Gun", I also stumbled upon Smith's official request for a "pen pal" on the Internet. It includes a picture of Smith in prison garb and describes how she is looking to meet new, "open minded" people to become friends with. Smith also talks about how, in her spare time, she enjoys puzzles, reading, and writing. Smith also states she is now a Christian and attends church in prison.

When I learned Florida prosecutors pulled the death penalty off the table again in their case against Casey Anthony, i was disgusted. I thought about Susan Smith. I do not believe Casey deserves to have a pen pal, the opportunity to work puzzles, or go to church. I do not believe she deserves the right to flirt with her lawyer, write letters, draw, or even communicate with her family.

If Casey is convicted of murdering Caylee, if the jury finds her guilty on the charges brought forth by the prosecutors, the only punishment fit for her is the same fate that her daughter, Caylee, received. Caylee Anthony, like Susan Smith, selfishly and savagely committed murder against her own child.

Can you imagine Casey Anthony in prison, having sex with prison guards and writing to pen pals? The thought infuriates me and only reinforces my belief that if Casey is convicted, she should pay for this crime, with her own life.

©Amanda Person -- 3.7.09

Don't forget to cast your vote in the poll (see right top sidebar) to share your feelings regarding the death penalty and the case against Casey Anthony.

This was a great first installment from Amanda. I do hope she continues to keep this series running. I find the facts fascinating and I am always up for a good debate.

Amanda enjoys football, and is in the process of creating her own blog -- pertaining to fantasy football, as well as news from the NFL, team, and league news. While still in the beginning stages, she is working hard and I know it will become a great blog and site. You can click here to check out Amanda's blog.

During this time, I have been honored at the requests I have received from readers to "Guest Blog" for me. I am also excited for the postings and articles I have received via personal request. I am still awaiting another great post from "Annals" :)

Most of you know that I have been undergoing aggressive treatments lately. I have tried to keep the blog updated, but not to my usual standards. I am working diligently on getting the blog upgraded, updated, as well as a few surprises.

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Michelle said...

I hope you are doing okay? No new posts for awhile, and I know you are having serious treatment. I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you today!


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