We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Casey Anthony Case: Baez's New Defense Strategy: "Ugly Coping"

I feel a rant coming on..... see below

Many legal experts say the toughest part of defending Casey Anthony will be explaining her behavior after her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, disappeared when she goes on trial for life.

They are images of Casey Anthony partying just days after her two year old daughter Caylee went missing.

In surveillance videos, Casey is seen buying beer and bras with money, investigators say, she stole-- from one of her best friends.

How does Anthony explain her lack of concern, grief or remorse?

"She has a very compelling reason for her actions," her attorney Jose Baez said in an exclusive interview with WESH 2 reporter Bob Kealing.

Baez declined to be more specific.

"As much as I'd like to say it, that's as much as I can say right now," Baez said.

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Baez, however, did refer to a case that could provide insight into his defense.

In 2002, Cynthia Sommer lost her husband, Todd, a healthy Marine stationed in San Diego.
Sommer's attorney Allen Bloom said Todd Sommer was “originally evaluated to have died by natural causes, a sudden cardiac arrest from an arrhythmia of the heart.”

Two months after her husband died, friends told investigators Sommer bought breast implants with the insurance money, started partying and sleeping around.

Cynthia Sommer was charged with murder. Her attorney argued that Sommer's apparent lack of remorse was a condition known as "ugly coping." The phrase was coined by a Columbia University behaviorist to describe people who appear to grieve abnormally.

According to Cynthia Sommer's attorney, prosecutors were willing to overlook problems with their evidence, because they mistook her so-called ugly coping as evidence she had no remorse and was guilty of murder.

Sommer's attorney finally proved her husband's death was not motivated by her greed. After two years Cynthia Sommer walked out of prison.

How do you explain then, Casey's same exact behavior "months before" Caylee went missing. Seems Casey had enough of mommy-hood, and wanted to party like a rock star. I don't buy this "ugly coping" defense. Casey should have been coping with her ugliness long before Caylee went missing. ~And I am not referring to looks, either.

So this "ugly coping" defense, that caused Casey to buy beer and bras--was during the time that "the nanny" had Caylee, and was going to return her on her birthday--according to Casey. Correct? So why would Casey be "grieving" or coping with anything?

According to Casey, Caylee was not "missing", "lost", or even "dead", she was "with the nanny". According to Casey.

But we all now know the truth, Caylee was bagged up and tossed away like trash while Casey was boozing and whoring it up -- living la "Bella Vita" as Casey's tattoo described.

Remember, the one she got right after Caylee's murder.

Wonder if Casey's Marine, Mark Hawkins, knew of the Todd Sommer case?

Some beautiful life........


kat said...

Baez said the air samples from the trunk had no reliable scientific basis. Neither does ugly coping. If it did, it sure doesn't fit the bill here. Does ugly coping involve borrowing a shovel from a neighbor and backing into the family garage with the trunk open? I bet it doesn't involve lying to police either.Ugly coping wouldn't cause the cell phone pings or the long history of promiscuity and the longing to be free of the little "snothead"(as casey said in her sexually explicit IMs in May last year to one of her then boyfriends).Ugly coping will never explain chloroform and the fact she never even called the supposed Nanny the day Caylee "went missing". Baez reminds me of a Lonney Tunes character. "Back to the old drawing board", Baez. This was his stupidest approach yet.

SpoiledMom said...

@ Kat:
Well Said. At this point, I do not feel there is any defense on the books for this callous killer. Baez is using the "throw it and see what sticks" method of defense. I would be very afraid having him as my defense attorney. That said, I would never have the need to hire him, nor anyone for that matter.
I pray Judge Strickland's filing with the Florida Bar is expedited and Baez is forced off the case. He has no experience to sit first chair, or second chair. It is common knowledge. What the hell, then is he still doing on the case? The only thing I am afraid of is all his shenanigans are going to afford Casey an immediate appeal for "ineffective counsel" -- "when" she is convicted. Then this nightmare will start all over again--at the cost of taxpayers. However, if I was a resident of Orange County, I would want every step and action taken to ensure that this manipulative bitch is behind bars and in general population no matter the cost. You can't put a dollar sign on Caylee's life, but you can ensure that that you have exhausted every avenue to ensure a conviction and justice for her murder.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Remember Caylee

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