We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

George and Cindy Anthony's Interview on CBS Early Morning Show

George and Cindy lost their deal with Queen of Daytime, Oprah Winfrey, because they couldn't wait until April 29th to keep their traps shut. Imagine that, Cindy keeping her mouth shut.

Winfrey agreed to the exclusive, sans audience, interview with the Anthony's to be taped on April 29th and was due to air during May sweeps.

Cindy and George, who did not have much to offer up at their recent depositions in the civil case regarding Zenaida Gonzalez, except for attempts to take control of the situation and gum chewing, now can not wait to talk, and talk and talk.

After weeks of silence and no media whoring, George and Cindy are ready to talk, yet again, in front of cameras and on their terms. Oprah, however, put the brakes on her exclusive interview ~ and perhaps an attempt by the Anthony's to taint the potential jury pool with "their" version of what happened and "their" attacks on law enforcement,~ after Winfrey's discovery that the Anthony's have arranged multiple interviews in the upcoming days even before the taping of her exclusive interview. You go, Oprah!

Here is the first installment of the Anthony's interview that aired on Wednesday morning on CBS's The Early Morning Show. Some other taped segments will air on Thursday morning as well.

Brad Conway, the Anthony's attorney, interjects early in the interview when Cindy is asked about "the smell of death in the car" during the 911 phone calls. Cindy is not allowed to answer. Brad also brings up the subject of "so much pre-trial publicity and how it is going to affect the outcome of the trial". My question to that would be, "Why all the interviews now?" Doing a little spin of your own? A little "deposition flip out" damage control?

Absent from the interview are Cindy's obnoxious gum chewing and water bottle. The now soft spoken Cindy is enough to make anyone nauseous, and George comes off like a whipped puppy. Talk about Jeckle and Hyde. What a contrast from her "you bastard" and "don't tell me I can't pray" screaming fit from just a few days ago. I can't decide which one I prefer, hmm, neither?

And for a little Cindy trivia:
During the almost 9 minute interview itself, in Cindy's responses, she said "you know" a total of 28 times and stated "um" 4 times. That, in comparison to George's use of 2"you know's" and no "um's". A fun fact for those I know that keep up with this for kicks..


Elly said...

SpoiledMom - I'm so glad to see you back. I was worrying about you. I hope you're doing well, hun.

I love your review of the Early Morning Show interview! You are right on. Cindy made me nauseous also. But, thankfully she threw out that gum. I've never seen anyone chew gum in a public forum before. She not only chewed it all during her depo (that she knew was being taped and would be all over the media) but she chews it during all of Casey's court appearances. That was the first time I noticed it -- during the court appearance -- and I couldn't believe it. I don't think they could possibly do enough of these media interview -- even softball ones like this was -- to change people’s opinions of her or her murdering daughter. I am just praying that Casey is found guilty and that she is sentenced to death, albeit, a far more humane death that she subjected her 2 year old daughter to.

starfish said...


Glad to see your up and blogging today! woohoo!
I must agree I am so glad cindy lost the gum! geesh!
This was total softball interview and I did not get anything from it at all. I believe it was aimed at people who do not actully watch the news or read a newspaper, in the hopes that one of them will get picked for the jury!
Because anyone that knows anything about this case already knows the true George, Cindy, Casey and Lee.

Thom said...

A first-rate blog! Your take (and writing) on Cindy&George were right on. I will try to swing by this blog more often.

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