We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Law and Order: SVU -- Episode Mocks Caylee's Murder

The following are previews from last night's episode of Law and Order: SVU Ripped From the Headlines Cases. Much hype has been made regarding the similarities between the episode and that of the Caylee Anthony murder and the Casey Anthony case.

Part 1 (preview)

part 2 (preview)

The name of this episode is "Selfish", fitting title.

Except for the first fifteen minutes of the show, the similarities between this episode and the case against Casey, are few and far between. It was just another ratings ploy, which is always the case with these tv shows taunting the "ripped from the headlines" angle. However, the use of Cindy's Anthony's "It smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car" came into play, as well as a few other of her tirades. There is a scence in which the "grandmother", played by Gail O'Grady, says she "cracked" her daughter's mouth, when she found out she had stolen her credit card. Mother and daughter go a few rounds, pretty tame to what probably went on between Cindy and Casey during their "presumed" throwdowns. Then we have a scene of the "grandmother" telling the "grandfather" something to the effect that he needs to grow a pair of balls. Well, at least they had Cindy's persona down to a science.

With all the hype of the parallels to the Anthony case, this episode was hard to watch without wanting to compare the two. The similarities thankfully, appeared to subside when the toddler's cause of death was revealed.

The ending of this episode took a turn that involved the grandfather of "Sierra", the toddler. I found the ending to be a definite slap in the face to George Anthony and to those who have experienced this trauma in their personal lives. Seriously, the episode could have gone a different way.

I have always admired Gail O'Grady's work as an actress. However, she needs to stick to Lifetime movies and leave her "portrayal" of Cindy Anthony behind her...for her sake. The "big haired mother" of a white trash/party girl/teen mother, is not one of her best roles.

I did not find Hilary Duff's performance to be believable, or honestly, that great. The former "tween princess" need not stoop as low as a mock up of Casey Anthony to escape her Lizzie McGuire days.

A big fan of Annie Potts, I felt she was short on scenes, and was surprised that she did not take on a more "Baez-like" character. I would call it more "Gloria Allred". Although, Potts did come across as the defense attorney with more dignity and character than Baez himself.

Not wanting to spoil the episode for those who have not had the opportunity to view it yet--I will say this, I do not see this episode of Law and Order: SVU having any impact on the potential jury pool.

As much as I was intrigued by the "cause of death" issue, as well as the relevance of "the cause" and the need for further regulation, this episode did nothing but make a mockery out of the real crime itself.

The real crime being that of a beautiful two year old named Caylee, and her life taken away by the hands of her mother, named Casey, who was and is still, indeed, "selfish".

Law and Order: SVU-Season 10, episode 19: "Selfish" previews courtesy NBC


Anonymous said...

Like you, I believe the only thing that was revealed by this poorly acted, sloppy show was yet another attempt for another media hog to take advantage of the Caylee story.

Your comments, in my humble opinion, are right on. NBC should be embarrassed at thier blatant attempt to rip viewership from the headlines - adding to the circus atmosphere.

Thank you for the excellent blog.


Anonymous said...

I think the storyline is way off base with the evidence in this case, not similar in very many ways. I think it was a good episode of Law and Order, but just my take the the Caylee/Casey Anthong saga that i have followed for 9 months....Also, the ending sure was very unexplainable to me. In fact, alot of this episode just did not follow this case and many of characters to included or excluded. I don't think this will impact any jury whatsoever, but it did portray Cindy Anthony very well. Showed her true personality issues, and that she is nuts.

Keep up the great work. Enjoy this blog very much. Thank you.


SpoiledMom said...


Thanks for comment! I agree, this episode was totally a mish-mash of the Anthony of case. However, I found quite interesting while doing research, that when one of these shows "portrays" an actual crime, or bases an episode on actual events, they must legally change names, locations, and pertinent events so as not to replicate the case.
You are correct, Gail O'grady did portray Cindy Anthony perfectly well, as far as showing her "white trash bitch" persona, although, I had rather see O'Grady in other roles.
Also, it was apparent that Duff was absolutely portraying Casey with the missing daughter, party-girl lifestyle, teen mother and the "spoiled meat in the trunk smell".
Another "in your face" coincidence was when Duff's character mentioned (quote) "Fernandez or something -dez", when referring to the nanny. That was use of an actual name in the pending case.
As well was O'Grady's use of "It smells like a dead body in the damn car", to the detectives.
And who could miss the t-shirts.

I really hated the ending and the outcome of the grandfather..like I said in the post, a total disrespect for George Anthony and his suicide attempt. That was a low blow in my opinion.

Interesting enough, the actual cause of death due to non-vaccination was intriguing to me. For the life of me I cannot understand why mothers/fathers do not vaccinate their children. I do believe it is a selfish act. Even though I have "heard" of children that have had reactions to the vaccinations (supposedly) I belive the good outweighs the bad on the subject. When my daughters were younger, and with being a peds nurse, I was (and still am) an advocate for vaccination. I know the risks and benefits like the back of my hand.
Just look at what we are facing now with the Swine Flu Pandemic..(however, at times, I wonder if it is part hype for the drug companies..notice how their stock had a major incline this week, as other stocks, such as gas, the hospitality industry and the airlines, dropped, due to fear of people not travelling)

Children with low immune systems are most susceptible to these types of illnesses, and if a vaccination becomes available, the parents of children who have opted to not vaccinate their children for any other illnesses will definitely not vaccinate for this. Thus, making it harder to contain.

The measles outbreak in the early
'90s was due to children that had not been vaccinated properly against it, which provoked a mandatory MMR vaccination or booster for teens. All because some parents do not want to vaccinate.
I understand it is their choice not to vaccinate, as it is my choice to vaccinat--to prevent my children from contracting the diseases. However, when these parents do not vaccinate their children, their choices then become someone else's problem when they enter their unvaccinated child into an environment of low immune systems, high risk persons, such as children under the age of one, cancer patients, and the elderly, who are at a much greater risk of infection.

Well, on that rant... good to hear from you, and glad to know you felt the same as I regarding the episode. I do not feel it will taint the jury pool nor sway their opinion of Casey.
The two stories did not have enough in common to do that type of damage. Cindy does that all on her own.

Hopefully, Cindy, as well as Baez, will take the experts' advice and stay inside and keep her mouth shut. I, however, do not see it lasting long.

:) Thanks for reading! Miss chatting with you!

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