We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey Anthony Look-A-Like Assaulted in Oklahoma

Four days after Casey Anthony was acquitted in her daughter's murder, an Oklahoma mother says one woman's outrage over the verdict nearly cost her her life.

Sammay Blackwell says a crazed woman tried to kill her just because she thought Blackwell looked like Casey Anthony. Sammay Blackwell hopes she never hears this again.

Blackwell reports a woman, Shireen Nalley, told her "You look like Casey Anthony." Blackwell replied to Nalley, "Okay."

Blackwell thought Nally's statement was 'kinda funny' at the time, however what happened next July 8 was not funny. It was frightening.

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Casey Anthony Look-a-Like

Blackwell works at a convenience store and said Nalley came in that night around 10 and looked very suspicious, then left after buying gas.

"I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her," Blackwell said.

Blackwell got off work at 10:30 that night and walked out to her car, which was parked on the other side of the building and got inside.

"I began to back out and looked and I could tell she was staring directly at me," Blackwell said about her attacker. "I could almost see the whites of her eyes. I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot and she was right behind me."

Blackwell drove a few miles and said Nalley suddenly rammed her van into the back of Blackwell's truck.

"I said, 'Oh my God, help me,'" Blackwell said. "She hit me again, causing my vehicle to flip two and a half times, landing on the driver's side and I just laid there playing dead."

Blackwell's mother, Debbie Smith, said she'll never forget her daughter's reaction.

"I got to her," Smith said. Smith describes her daughter Sammay saying "She was crying, she was shaking." Smith said Blackwell then said 'Mama, this lady thinks I'm Anthony Casey and she tried to kill me.'

Police chased Nalley and finally arrested her for assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Nalley told police she was "trying to save the children."

"She said that I was trying to hurt babies," Blackwell said. "I was killing babies and she was going to stop it before it happened again. She could have taken me away from my family, my daughter."

Coincidentally, Blackwell's daughter is also named Caylee--the only thing Blackwell said she has in common with Casey Anthony.

"I don't look that much like her, so what about people who actually do look like her and live closer to Florida, instead of Oklahoma," she said. "What's going to happen to those people?"

Police say Nalley seemed to be on drugs when they arrested her. She's in the Mayes County Jail on a $25,000 bond. Sammay Blackwell wants to get a restraining order against Nalley. Scott Blackwell also says they are struggling with Nalley's car insurance right now and claims the company won't cover the damage if Nalley hit her on purpose.

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