We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cindy and George Anthony Relax During Nassau New Providence Bahamas Getaway

George Anthony and his wife Cindy Anthony have left the spotlight, media and their home on Hopespirng Drive in Orlando to take refuge in  Nassau New Providence Bahamas. 

Cindy and George Anthony were spotted on Friday evening souvenir shopping at Señor Frogs in Nassau Bahamas.

According to their attorney, Mark Lippman, the couple will relax and refresh in Nassau until Sunday.


Cindy and George Anthony peruse Señor Frog's for gifts during their visit 
to Nassau, New Providence Bahamas.

Wonder if George and Cindy picked up a little something for Casey?

George and Cindy Anthony have had a tumultuous three years. Three years  that included the murder of their granddaughter, Caylee; their daughter Casey's indictment of first degree murder of her daughter,Caylee; subsequent arrests of Casey for child neglect, false statements to law enforcement;  felony convictions of forgery, grand theft, and utterance of a forged instrument; and lastly, a forty seven day murder trial in which their 25 year old daughter Casey was acquitted of the murder charges.

George and Cindy's attorney reported his clients received death threats and were going into hiding. Despite these threats, George and Cindy attended Casey's sentencing two days after her acquittal.  Cindy also attempted to schedule a jail video visitation with Casey on July 8, only to be denied the visit by Casey. Cindy attempted to visit Casey on May 7, one day before Mother's Day and just before jury selection began for Casey's trail.  Casey refused her mother's request for visit that day as well.  However Casey did accept the $100 Cindy deposited into Casey's jail commissary account.  Other than court hearings and during the trial, Casey has not seen, nor spoken to her family since October 15, 2008, when she was indicted on first degree murder charges. 

Twelve days after her acquittal, Casey was released from jail on July 17, 2011 at 12:09am -- three years to the day Casey was first arrested in connection with the disappearance of her daughter Caylee in 2008. Cindy Anthony reported her granddaughter Caylee Marie missing on July 15, 2008.  Casey claimed Caylee was kidnapped by a fictitious 'nanny'.  Caylee was last seen alive on June 16, 2008.  The skeletal remains of a child  were found 1/4 mile from the Anthony home on December 11, 2008. The remains were positively identified as Caylee Anthony on December 18, 2008.  Cindy and George were in Los Angeles, California making an appearance on Larry King Live on December 11 when the remains were found. 

Before her release from jail, defense attorney Cheney Mason said an elaborate plan was in place to ensure the safety of Casey Anthony. Mason also revealed there were dozens of death threats against Casey, as well as her attorneys.  Mason remarked "I'm carrying", indicating  he has a weapon upon himself  for protection.

Two days after Casey's release, George and Cindy's attorney, Mark Lippman revealed in an interview that his clients had not spoken to Casey, nor did they know her exact location.  Lippman  said the Anthony's had received a text from Casey's attorney Jose Baez stating only "she's safe". 

Baez surreptitiously limited communication between Casey and her parents after the grand jury indictment in October 2009 by keeping contact at a bare minimum of letters to completely denying any form contact in mid 2009. 

Five days after their daughter's release from jail, George and Cindy Anthony were relaxing pool and beach side in Nassau Bahamas. 

Casey's whereabouts remain unknown, at least to the public.

photos: TMZ

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