We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spoiled Sundays

It’s spring at last, and you’re itching to hit the open road. But all that yellow pollen is making the family sedan look like Big Bird on roller skates. By the time you’ve wrestled the chamois from Rover (loath to relinquish his favorite chew toy), excavated the bucket from the basement, and located some suitable detergent, you decide to just wait and go for a drive in the rain. Another option? Save time by storing a basic car-wash kit in a bucket in the garage. Here, you’ll find what to stock so you’re ready to drive into spring in style.

Another thought that came to mind was "Another Mother's Day Basket"

You can find a pretty metal pail at any crafting supply store. You can also buy a galvanized one from a major hardware center and have the kids decorate the outside with waterproof paint, i.e. hand prints, sponge dipped in paint and blotched all over the can in different colors. You could also alternate between sponge blotches and handprints. Use your imagination. (and your child's)

You will need a galvanized pail to do this, or a Rubbermaid-type pail, large enough to wash the vehicle and to place goodies inside.

Inside, place in fancy paper:

Window and All-Purpose Cleaner
To remove finger smudges (and dog slobber).

Vinyl Protectant
For the dashboard.

Car-Wash Shampoo
Because dish detergent strips away wax and protective sealants. Plus, a bucket to make your soap suds in.

Tire Cleaner
For the wheels.

Lamb’s-Wool Mitt
For applying car-wash shampoo. Also, a tire sponge and a synthetic chamois for drying. And when you’re done? Use a hose to rinse everything off.

Car Wax
Even though you don’t need to wax after every wash, it’s good to have car wax handy for the times you do.

Car Air Freshener
You can get these at auto supply stores but Yankee Candle sells some in their best scents and they last a long while! No imitations!!

Mom and kiddos will have a blast hosing down and washing the car the next time it is dirty and it will be time well spent with each other.

Another great gift idea!

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Patti said...

heh...I keep telling my hubby I'm going to have to squirt dish soap on top of the car the next time it rains!! Your idea is much better!

spoiledmom said...

@Patti That's not a bad idea! LOL
Use Dawn w/beach when you're really feeling 'loving'.....


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