We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spoiled Saturday

Happy Saturday to you all! Searchin' the web for what's coming up.....

Mother's Day!

It is right around the corner! I have the easiest Mother to buy for. She loves anything and everything! (Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.) :)

If you are looking for ideas, sites I have listed at right are great places to start. Also, you can make a themed basket. Those are always nice and I give them every chance I get because I love making them as well. (Like to get 'em too!) hint, hint, you know who you are!

Need ideas? Look no further. Spoiledmom is full of ideas for these gifts.

These gifts can be for Mother from Daughter, or Granddaughter to Grandmother.
These are going to be designed for the "older daughter" to Mother range, around 12 and up. We have some fantastic ideas for the wee ones and first mother's day presents on Spoiled Sunday, tomorrow. These will actually work for anyone and you can adjust the items to make them suitable for any occasion.

Here we go.

Beach Mom

Straw tote as the basket/container
Fill inside with
beach sandals,
seashell themed items such as:
picture frame, (with picture from last vacay, or Spring Break)
bathroom accessories
Tie a white or multi color scarf onto one of the handles

This is fine as is, or you can add something mom has been asking for.
For another idea.....tuck inside a small digital camera for capturing upcoming, unforgettable, don't-want-to-miss family moments on summer vacation.
Have one of the kids write on a piece of paper where the destination is and when you are going, and slip it inside as a "ticket".

Too Cute!

Flower Mom
Flower basket* as the container
fill inside with
gardener's gloves,
gardener's tools,
seed packets,
Gardener's knee board (to protect knees)
A candle scented like her favorite flower.

*A Flower Basket has handles that attatch at "the corners". The handle runs from corner to corner, not side to side of the basket. Almost as if on the diagonal. Your local florist should have them and if not, should be able to help you find where you can get one. Also, any long, shallow basket with a handle will work. The idea is that Mom takes the basket out to the flower garden to clip cuttings and place them in the basket "lying down" to bring back to the house for arranging.

Tomorrow and on the weekends until Mother's Day, I will be posting more ideas for a great Mother's Day.

Be sure to visit tomorrow for a special gift from me to you! (Mom to Mom)

**FYI: the sites listed at the right are for informational entertainment purposes only. This is not a "money making" blog. TRUST ME. Except for the Google ads, there are no per clicks, per clacks, or pur-chase money coming in to this household from this blog.)

Happy Saturday!

Spoil yourself,

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