We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Giveaways, Mulching and Teeth

It is so beautiful outside this morning! My meds are actually working today and I feel more than half human. I hate the days that keep me confined to the bed and under the blankets. I start to feel....icky.

But for the past few days, I have felt wonderfully well, thank you.
It rained over the weekend, so there was not much outside time. I was just itching to get out there. I sat with Daisy longing out the window, now knowing how she and the other animals feel. Only glass holding you back from the outside world.
As we sat, I brushed her, and then I noticed it.
On the floor, beside the chair, her TOOTH!!
Mai puppeh lost a tooth!
Quick, Twitter the Puppeh Tooth Fairy!
I have always been a cat person, and still have a cat.
This tooth thing really bothered me. I had never experienced any animal losing a tooth.
After a call to Pet Dr. McDreamy, I was assured that everything was fine.

Puppeh Smile

Puppeh Tooth Fairy left Little Jacs Bil-Jac, Daisy's fav-or-ite.
I am suspicious though, I found another tooth a few minutes ago. Hmmmm.....
Yesterday, after homework and all the school gossip of the day, the girls and I worked outside in the yard. We re mulched--is it re mulched if you are adding more mulch to existing mulch-or just mulched either way? Anyway, SC2 loved getting her hands dirty mulching with me. I let SC2 broadcast the turf builder, while I plucked the already present dandelions out by the root.

SC1, stood there with perfect mani and held the garden hose. Okay, I don't know why she was doing that, but that was her contribution and I didn't knock it.

SC2's Glads are starting to come up and she is soooo excited.

Baby Glads


Hope you had fun checking out these photos.
Now head over to Kettle and Cup to sign up for Marye's great blog giveaway!
If you love tea, as I do, Marye's blog has a plethora of all things tea. I always find something interesting each time I visit, which is daily.

Enjoy your day and spoil yourself in it.

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