We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Friday, April 11, 2008

From Barbie to Reality

Presidential Barbie
photo by flickr

This is the year, we, as women, can make a change. Not just a change by voting, but a change by voting for the Woman. If we all band together, we can have the first female President in history. It will not just be a "Barbie" dream. It will become a reality.

Our daughters and grand-daughters will SEE that it is possible for a woman to become whatever she wants to be. Even President of the United States of America. The mere fact that Hilary is campaigning is amazing in its own right.

My daughters see Hilary's progress and her determination and fight to erase what was once "an all boys club". Sure, at 11 and 13, my girls do not know about the REAL concerns of the war, hard working people losing their jobs due to their employer moving overseas for cheaper labor, taxes, and minimum wage. But they see a woman, a woman like their mother, standing up for these "things" their innocent ears overhear in their mother's conversations. I want them to understand. I do teach them. By talking, by actions, and by listening to them.

I want a better world for them. I vote. I take them to vote with me.

I want the world to be here for them. I do my part. I teach them to recycle. We decide what we can do as a family to go green.

I grew up in a world of no war, no worries of a parent losing a job. Nor did I have to worry about an absent parent as well. Now, this is common place in a lot of children's lives.

In military families, one, or both parents, may be absent fighting the war.

The parent that loses their job may also be absent because they have to commute longer to and from new employment.

If a parent loses their job, they may often be "absent", mentally and emotionally, due to stress and worry over finances.
They may also spend relentless hours seeking out other employment.
They may perhaps have a feeling of failure.
This can, in turn, lead to separation or divorce and a broken home.
I am sure we do not realize how many latch-key kids there are in our schools.

Yes, our daughters need to see they can overcome. They are capable of achieving whatever they desire. They can dream and dream big.

"Red or blue", "right or left", or down the middle, teach your child.
Knowledge is power.

Wouldn't you love to one day say, "My daughter is the President"?

Whether it be followed by a company name or, " of the United States".

Here are some websites to get you started:

Girl Scouts of America: http://girlscoutsusa.org/
League of Women Voters: http://www.lwv.org/
Vote 411: click on title or: http://www.vote411.org/
League of First Time Voters: http://www.firsttimevoters.com/


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