We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friday Freebie Rules

A spectactular summer giveaway from SpoiledMom.

It may not be every Friday.

It could be a different day of the week.

That's the fun.

You will have to keep checking back
to see when it will be.


I promise it will be a great prize!

I'm not SpoiledMom for nothing!

Rules of Participation
How to Play

Don't go thinking you are going to get off easy here.

I like comments and you like free stuff, right?

Well, here's what you have to do.

Participation requirements may change per giveaway, please make sure to check!

1. Leave your name and answer to question in the comments section. (I will ask different questions for each Freebie, so make sure you find out what you need to do)

2. Please, only one answer, per person, per freebie. More than one will cause you to be disqualified. (I will check) Although I LOVE comments, if you do not answer the question, you will be ineligible for prize.

3. Contest will be open for at least 72 hours from time of first answer, unless otherwise specified. After 72 hours, contest will close. I will then use the random generator to pick the winning number.
*The number of your comment is your "number" which will be the "number" that will be the winning number. None of that "I'll guess a number, or "I have a number in mind.." here. All legit.

4. Contest winner will be posted within 24 hours of contest close on website.

5. Winner has 24 hours to email me, leave me a comment, or DM me at Twitter for shipping instructions. I pay for shipping.
Please allow up to 7 days for receipt of prize.

6. I reserve the right to cancel Freebie Giveaway at my discretion, but not during an active giveaway.

7. Freebie values will be between $10-$40.

8. Shipping will be paid by me.

9. Freebies will not be substituted for cash.

10. Have Fun! I look forward to learning a lot about all of you!


Occasionally, I will randomly pick a day of the week to hold Freebie Day. I will post the information at 12am cst. (10pm west coast) (1am east coast) on the day before the beginning day of Freebie.

With the exception of the first month, there will be three (3) Freebies given away per month, however, there may be a week where there is not a Freebie Giveaway.

I have not been compensated for items involved in the giveaway. All expenses incurred are my own.

If I review the product, it is of my own opinon and has not been influenced by anyone or any entity related to the production or marketing of said Freebie. (i.e. I tell you exactly what I think of it)

All Freebie items are new, unused, and in original packaging unless I have opened to make sure the item is unbroken, all parts, if any, are included and to make sure I didn't really want it, so I put it up for grabs item is in working order. If I have opened the item for any reason, I will disclose at start of contest along with reason why.

I will use a number generator from Random.org to generate the winning number. I will also provide screen shots of the number picked from generator for those of you who request.

Remember: Just Have Fun!

Have a Great Summer!

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