We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, May 29, 2008

From Terrible Two's to Terrible Teen's

"I forgot". This seems to be the new phrase as of late around my house.

Did you finish reading your book? "I forgot."

Did you unload the dishwasher? "I forgot."

Did you bring your dirty laundry down to the laundry room? "I forgot."

Did you feed the dog, the cat, the other dog? "I forgot."

Okay, you get the picture. Teenagers' brains are on one speed. "ME". The world revolves around them. They are just checked in their room at Hotel Spoiled (insert your last name) for the next 5 to 7 years of their life.

After receiving a wake up call every morning, they are served breakfast of their choice. Then, the bus-mom, clears the table and the dishes while teen is getting dressed for school in her own bathroom, filled with all the hair products, flat irons, crimping irons, curling irons, (no clothes iron) and Bonnie Bell lip gloss and OPI nail polish than any 13 year old should need. I think my teen is a rep for Bare Escentuals. She made a great pitch on the fact that it would be good for her skin since it is all natural, she wouldn't look "made up", and it contains spf. She also told me that she thought I would benefit from it as well. Umm, didn't you hear, make-up now has cancer curing properties..... heh. that was sarcastic, so you know.

I have to admit, it is great, but this isn't an ad for it. Unless, Bare Escentuals, you would like to overflow a cancer-ridden, and I'm not exaggerating when I say ridden, mother of two's make-up bag full of your product... *wink* It really does help with my hollow eyes and dark circles. The concealer works wonders on the radiation "+'s"! I would also love, love, love me one of the new "HEROE's" collections! anybody hear me over there at i.d. bare escentuals? Get it.. Heroe's...I'm a cancer survivor..hopefully twice!....awwww you're not listening....... and I don't like to beg.


After said teen has slipped into her freshly pressed clothes and bounces downstairs, I have packed two lunches, put my tween's hair up in the usual ponytail and straightened her "side bangs". (Why am I still a hairdresser to an 11 year old?) I have washed the sink full of dishes from breakfast, ran the dishwasher, it was too full to hold the breakfast dishes..someone "forgot" to run it the night before-remember, and started a load of laundry. I also had a cup of coffee, if not two, while watching Matt Lauer and the headlines of the day.

Then the chauffeur, um, that's me, drives them both to school.

I feel as if I need to wear some Lycra catsuit with a cape and thigh high boots.

I envision the color red and black boots. But I will settle for another couple of cups of coffee or a sugar free Red Bull instead. Same power and energy and I don't have to wear the suit. Thank Gawd!!

When I walk back in the house from dropping the girls off, I get a whiff of my SC1's Juicy Couture, yes, a splurge on her instead of me...and I realize, this is my life. I look around at all the smiling photos and you would not know the entire story reflected back in the smiles. I have done my job. I am at peace.

The death of my husband, cancer once and cancer twice, and I would not trade it for another life.

So on I go, after a breathing treatment, a self injection, pop a tamoxifen, and finish cleaning Hotel Le Spoiled, make a batch of cookies for "after school talk" and know that I am spoiled.



Supermum said...

I'm dreading my two's teenaged years lol. That's why I'm watching your blog to see how you deal with it and then I'm going to snarf your ideas hehehe

I gotta say though, you'd probably look good in a superhero getup though *giggle*

I love the picture! I'm going to show that to my mum lol, I'm sure she would agree :D

Oh, and did you change the look of the blog when I wasn't looking? It seems different somehow. Saying that, I wouldn't notice if a bomb went off next to my head most days so a blog change would be waaay down there *blush*

RivkA with a capital A said...

loved the post.

don't know how I found your blog.

must be the cancer connection.

I have a teen, a tween (boy) and one who thinks she's a teen (even tho she's only turning ten this summer (she's taking lessons from her teen sister.

I don't know how you do it.

I run the same hotel and car service, but our hotel is really run down!!

spoiledmom said...

@supermum: I am going to make it sound much worse for the wear for you..LOL I will have to send you one of the magnets! It is true you know! (and yes I did change the blog, thank you for noticing!) I can't get to you anymore since you are on WP, I'll have to email.

@rivka with a capital a: Just glad you found me! Thank you so much for visiting and hope you drop back by! Do you have cancer as well, or a family member? I hold you in my thoughts either way. Yes, the Hotel, the driver, the cook, and the maid are getting pretty run down around here as well.. LOL

Patti said...

Love the new look! I too, hear "I forgot" too many times to count each day! I guess God makes 'em cute as hell when they're babies so we'll take tender care of them and then makes 'em a bit more annoying as they get older so that when the time comes we're ready to push them out into the world!!!

spoiledmom said...

@patti: HI! Long time no comment.. LOL

I haven't been out in the blogosphere in about a week. I've had Dr's appts and treatments. Laid up with (as my girl-friend says) my "laptop luvah"..LOL

The sofa and watching tv all day is not as great as it seems when you wish you could do it all day.

The girls are out of school and it is going crazy already.

How are you and what have you been up to? I'll visit your blog in a bit! :)


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