We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Casey Anthony Probation Order: Judge Strickland To Sign Clarification Paperwork Monday

Possibility Casey Anthony To Serve One Year Supervised Probation Is Likely


Casey Anthony reportedly toasted to her freedom with an ice cold Corona and a slushie -- while stepping off a private plane -- within hours of her release from jail on July 17.

On August 1, Casey's freedom may be slightly amended--at least for a year.

Casey Anthony could be ordered to return to Orange County to serve a year of supervised probation after all.

It's a very real possibility that Anthony could be forced out of hiding.

In another twist Friday afternoon, the Department of Corrections told WESH 2 News that if Judge Stan Strickland were to issue an order clarifying his original intent, it would begin proceedings to supervise Anthony's probation.

That would mean Anthony would return to Orange County, where she would be put into the probation system.

"This is one of those cases that's never going to be over," said retired Judge O.H. Eaton Jr. "The intent was she be placed on probation. The Department of Corrections will take action to obtain her, so they can supervise her. It's like an electric light: on or off. You're on probation or you aren't."

Just before noon Friday, a spokesman for the state attorney's office told WESH 2 News it would not challenge Anthony's probation status.

Before that, the state attorney's office said it was in discussions on whether to ask Judge Belvin Perry to reconsider whether Anthony should be serving probation.

Anthony pleaded guilty in January 2010 to 13 counts in a check fraud case.

Strickland sentenced her to $5,517.75 in court costs and also ordered her to serve a year of probation in Orange County upon her release from jail.

Judge Strickland: "On counts 5, 8, and 11, I am ordering a withhold followed by 1 year supervised probation after release."

A special condition was also attached that included one year of no personal contact with Amy Huizenga as well as re-payment of costs.

Watch Sentencing:

Casey Anthony Check Fraud Hearing on 1/25/10
Judge Strickland's Sentencing: (part 1: begins with sentencing only)

part 2:

Frank George along with Jeff Ashton raises the possibility of "indefinite probation" with this sentencing-- along with Judge Strickland's final comments on sentencing until 4:00 min mark. After 4:00 min mark--there is only discussion of depositions pertaining to the criminal case.

That probation sentence has not been invoked as of yet.

After Anthony's acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges, the conditions of her probation were apparently misinterpreted by the Department of Corrections, paving the way for Anthony's release.

Since she was released from jail, her whereabouts have been unknown.

The state attorney's office spokesman said the Department of Corrections policy allows defendants to serve probation while still in jail and not under sentence.

"I read the order," said state attorney's spokesman Randy Means. "The order said she was supposed to begin when she was released from her sentence."

Strickland's office told WESH 2 News on Friday afternoon that it was his intent that Anthony serve a year of probation after her release from jail.

Officials with the Orange County clerk's office told WESH they are processing the paperwork to amend Anthony's probation status. Strickland is expected to sign the clarification order Monday.

The order then goes to the Department of Corrections, which will begin the process of setting up supervised probation.

"There's nothing illegal about it," said defense attorney Richard Hornsby. "You were supposed to be on probation. You better report to probation within a few hours of this order coming down."

Eaton said Anthony's attorneys can ask the Department of Corrections to allow her to serve probation in another county or even in another state.

"There's no real reason to think she's going to flee probation on a bad check case," Eaton said.

The rumor mill that has Casey entering "treatment for mental health issues" could also be another 'ploy' in which to delay this sentence further.

If Casey is in treatment, her appearance could be waived for any court hearings. Her return to Orlando, as well as the start of her probation could also be delayed by her treatment program.

We will learn Monday if Casey will serve her supervised probation in Orlando and whether her "treatment" is just another diversion tactic by Baez and Company.

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