We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, August 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Surfaces In Ohio *VIDEO* -- Casey Anthony & The Bigfoot Phenomenon--Sightings or Scam?

You've seen the photos, now here's the video. The video of Casey walking, Casey texting, Casey shopping. Casey drinking - a frozen coffee. Is it Casey, is it not?  I'm having flashbacks from the days of Bigfoot sightings.


My personal belief is the 'person' looks quite remarkably like Casey Anthony.
The mannerisms and the gait are similar, too.

My theory is this was a prearranged photo opportunity. Hence the three different outfits. Casey is the one in control, remember? It wouldn't surprise me if Casey had three wardrobe changes for the same day. Multiple shots all in one day as to not inconvenience Casey.

What we DO NOT see in the video is more intriguing to me than what we DO see.
We don't see a videographer / photographer reflection in any of the windows. (thanks pesky long distance lenses)
Of course it could be for security purposes, but we do not see Anthony leaving a particular "residence" or hotel, as she is claimed to be holed up in.
Casey does not have anyone--not one person-- 'by her side'--isn't she supposedly terrified of death threats against her?
The "alleged Casey" goes into Old Navy just for a moment, glances at a few items then leaves. Big deal? No. I'm just wondering how she is paying for anything she does purchase. She did pay for the Starbucks, however.
The scene where Casey walks near the parked cars clearly showing the Ohio license plates seems a tad 'staged'. What an innovative way to scream "I'm in Ohio!"

If Casey was seen and taped three different days venturing about town, kudos to Splash News. However, from what I have come to learn about Casey, my opinion of her is she is too lazy to keep up the charade for three days.

I do not necessarily care to see Casey Anthony going on with her life.  I would however, appreciate some form of "expression / emotion" from her.

I, like the millions of others who followed this case from day one will never be privy to that. Casey will never show any remorse, empathy, nor any emotion of sadness, so we will never feel vindicated. We are still seeking Justice for Caylee.

Am I happy Casey is strolling around, breathing fresh air, drinking Starbucks and window shopping at Old Navy? NO

Do I care Casey is doing these things? NO

That said, if these photos are indeed Casey, it does make me very uncomfortable, very sad, and very disheartened.
These photos and video,  if in fact Casey,  perturb me  more so, as they drive home the very fact that Casey can, and will carry on, just as she was on July 15, 2008, enjoying her freedom all while her daughter remains murdered--or drowned, if you believe Casey's version.
Either way, murdered, drowned, suffocated - Caylee is deceased and nothing will change that.

As a mother myself, if one of my children, God forbid, suddenly passed away, I can confidently proclaim without a shadow of a doubt, I would not be strolling about town, window shopping, texting, and slurping on frozen drinks. No matter if it has been three years or three decades passed.

Caylee will not celebrate her sixth birthday on August 9th.
Caylee will not enjoy a vanilla bean Frappuccino like my girls do.
Caylee will not go school shopping at Old Navy like my girls will.
Caylee will not have a first day of school this year like other children.
Caylee will never play or take a walk outside EVER AGAIN.

Yet CASEY WILL celebrate birthdays, enjoy candy and slushies, as well as all of the other things that Caylee will NEVER experience.

It has been less than a month since the NOT GUILTY VERDICT on charges of First Degree Felony Murder of her two year old daughter Caylee - for which her punishment could have been the DEATH PENALTY or LIFE IMPRISONMENT - was handed down.

A verdict reached and agreed upon by twelve jurors who deliberated less than eleven hours -- not even an hour per juror -- to dismiss 98% of the State of Florida's evidence against Casey Anthony that proved she murdered her daughter.

Evidence of duct tape that was placed over Caylee's nose and mouth.
Evidence that proved Casey hid Caylee's corpse in the trunk of her car, and possibly in the back yard inside Caylee's own playhouse.
Evidence that proved Casey partied within hours after the murder, and possibly while the body remained in the trunk.
Evidence that proved as many as six or more people detected the smell of human decomposition in the car. People who have prior knowledge of the smell of human decomposition.
Evidence that one of those people was none other than Casey Anthony -- who stated in a text to a friend that her car smelled horrible and other texts which read: "yep, found what was causing the smell" -- and -- "a dead squirrel was plastered to the frame of my car"
Evidence that proved Casey triple bagged little Caylee and disposed of her like trash in a swampy area less than a quarter mile from her own home.
Evidence that proved Caylee had not been seen for 31 days until the day Cindy - not Casey - called 911 and reported Caylee as "missing/kidnapped".   And more...

Finally, this video sorta reminds me of the "Bigfoot" videos that surfaced years ago. Remember the one video where all you see is a wide shot of a wooded area and then a large hairy creature emerges out of the bush. The view close enough to actually see a somewhat large, hairy, creature - enough for the "creep factor". Yet, the view far away just enough to make you go "hmmmm..."

Those were the days long before advanced photography--optical zoom vs. digital zoom, lens distortion, and PhotoShop.

In those days, a good shake of the camera while filming, an out of focus lens, and cutting the film at just the right,er wrong moment, and perhaps, just perhaps,--and for good bias-- an awesome costume and a willing participant made for the perfect documentary. If it remotely "looked" like what we were told -- we were believers. Then and now.

One thing remains, even in the day of "Bigfoot" there was skepticism.
There are some to this day that do not believe.
Just as in the Casey Anthony photos and videos, some are saying "decoy".
Even her attorney's won't confirm-nor deny.
The similarities in the Bigfoot and Casey Anthony sightings  are impeccable.

I mean, who wouldn't WANT to dress up like Casey Anthony - just for fun?

Bigfoot anyone?   :)

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