We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Judge Belvin Perry Grants Casey Anthony A Stay Until Friday Regarding Probation

 Casey Anthony Probation Circus:  Judge Perry Stays; Judge Strickland's Recuse..Again

Judge Belvin Perry stayed an order on Wednesday that would have required Casey Anthony to return to Orange County to serve probation.

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             Note Strickland's 2010 Order :  Nunc Pro Tunc 1/25/10 

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Chief Judge Belvin Perry said in his stay that even the defense admits Circuit Judge Stan Strickland wanted Casey to serve her probation after she left jail, but Strickland's written order didn’t say that, specifically.

The defense says Casey Anthony is a walking target and included an image of her with the words “Keep Smiling Bitch,” in its effort to get her out of serving one year of probation a second time now that she’s out of jail.

Baez said there were threats against Anthony because of her acquittal and Orange County would have to provide security if she was forced to return. To back up that claim, Anthony's attorneys included a flyer in their motion that showed a doctored photo of Anthony with a bullet mark on her forehead. Text underneath the photo reads, "Keep Smiling Bitch. With a forehead that big, the headshot will be easier."

Baez did not say where Casey was located, only that she was not in Florida when the judge's order was signed Monday.

Casey will have her day in court over this issue Friday -- without having to be there,-- and without having to report for probation in Orlando by Thursday at 10 a.m.

A Department of Corrections (DOC) spokesperson said on Wednesday that they were ready to hold her accountable to find a job, and to make sure she told the truth.

The DOC also said it would not keep her address confidential unless there was a credible threat against her.

Also on Wednesday Circuit Judge Stan Strickland recused himself from the check fraud case, as he had from the murder case. This recuse came after the defense made accusations that he made prejudicial comments on national television about the jury finding Casey not guilty of murder.

“I’ve just never seen one like this, and the magnitude of it sort of surprises me. I guess I’m just shocked. We opened a big can of justice didn’t we,” Strickland said on television following the July verdict.

Wednesday one of Casey’s attorneys said he wants clarification on the probation issue.

“The whole thing is very confusing, and we’re trying our very best to clarify it. We want to take the proper legal steps to do so,” said Casey attorney Jose Baez.

But the defense and Casey knew back in January of 2010 that the judge wanted her probation to start after she left jail and even though the probation officers visited her at the jail and her probation started and finished at the jail, they never said a word.

In a news conference earlier Wednesday, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman said Casey Anthony is expected to check in before 10 a.m. on Thursday, but Judge Belvin Perry signed an order late Wednesday that delays Anthony's return to Orange County.

A hearing on a defense motion that objects to the probation order has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday. Anthony will not be present.

The DOC news conference was held just moments after Judge Stan Strickland removed himself from the case. The department said Strickland stepping down does not affect the probation.

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