We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Spotted At Exclusive $5.2 Million Rancho Santa Fe, CA Estate

Casey Anthony Spotted At Exclusive $5.2 Million Rancho Santa Fe Estate, California -- a Mansion belonging to former attorney, Todd Macaluso.
The crime story Hollywood most definitely could not have written just may be the hideout location for the notorious Casey Anthony. Anthony was suspected then acquitted on first degree murder charges of her two year old daughter, Caylee.  

Last week, Casey was 'shopping' at a Youngstown, Ohio area "Old Navy".  This week,  infamous "tot mom" Casey Anthony may now be at an exclusive 5-bedroom, $5.2 million Rancho Santa Fe estate just off  Linea Del Cielo. The multi million dollar mansion owned by none other than Anthony's former defense team attorney, Todd Macaluso -- according to published reports and sources.
Dawn Olsen of The Morton Report  reported this past weekend Anthony was sighted around Solana Beach or Rancho Santa Fe late last week.
Speculation arose Saturday of Casey Anthony being at the home of Todd Edward Macaluso Sr, 48, one of  Anthony's former defense attorneys.

Furthermore, documentation showed Macaluso's private jet, right after Anthony's release July 17 from jail, took Anthony to Columbus, Ohio, where she was last spotted publicly.

Macaluso's private plane was spotted at Orlando Executive Airport shortly before 1am eastern time on July 17. A flight plan for this private plane was released but retracted shortly thereafter. The flight plan included stops in Columbus, Ohio; Panama City,Florida;  and Prescott, Arizona.

Orlando Executive Airport would not confirm a flight plan and stated that private planes are not required to file passenger manifests nor precise flight plans.   

Macaluso has offices at La Jolla, Carlsbad and downtown San Diego and regularly jets from Palomar Airport.

"The residence apparently was on the market for a while but didn't sell and now she's staying there with two body guards. There is a helipad on the property. While Todd has denied that she is there, neighbors have reported seeing and hearing her," Olsen said.

The 5-bedroom, 5 1/2-bath, Spanish-style home was built in 2005, according to real estate records. It is within the ultra-exclusive Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. The home is listed with Redfin  MLS# 110040046 listed at $5.2 million.



After surveying the property, a luxury black sedan and an unidentified black hybrid SUV was seen in the garage area. An attempt to call the residence on the intercom outside the gate was made.  An awkward, odd sounding voice answered -- something between that of a young child and/or drunken woman. The gate was then opened. While attempting to enter the yard, however, another voice came on the intercom, uttered an admonition, and the gate quickly closed.  The entrance onto the property was denied.

Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe Investigation Concludes: Something funny is going on there, but whether it is related to Anthony can not be confirmed at this time. Local media reported contacting Macaluso's office and received no comment. Possible Anthony destinations outside of San Diego included Palm Springs or Orange County. 

(Photo: Lead attorney Jose Baez, Anthony and Macaluso at trial.)

This is not  the first time the notorious Miss A has been linked to highly upscale North County San Diego. Also linked to Macaluso, she was reported [possibly] in Carlsbad just following her acquittal of murdering her infant daughter last month.

NBC's "Today" show-- broadcast from Carlsbad in July--said Anthony left Orlando, Florida., on a plane owned by Macaluso, and that flight records indicated the plane eventually landed at Orange County's John Wayne Airport after making stops in Panama City, Florida.; Prescott, Arizona.; and Northern California.

"Sources say she climbed on board an airplane, an aircraft that's kept at a hangar right here," NBC's Kerry Sanders reported from Palomar Airport. "That aircraft, flying west, made multiple stops where she may or may not have stepped off." Kerry further reported.

front entrance to Macaluso's Mansion..Is Casey Inside?

Source: ahharsfnews.com

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