We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


10News Video Clip and SpoiledMom Rant Below..

Todd Macaluso, a former attorney on Casey Anthony's defense team told 10News his former client is not living in his Rancho Santa Fe mansion after reports surfaced that Anthony was hiding out at his home.

10News reporter Allison Ash was the only reporter in the country who was invited inside Todd Macaluso's home to see if there were any signs of Anthony, who was acquitted last month in the death of her daughter Caylee.

"I didn't find Casey Anthony," said Ash, who said she was given access to every room in the house, including bathrooms, closets and the detached guest house on Macaluso's sprawling $5.2 million estate.

Ash even looked under a couple of beds and found no evidence that anyone besides Macaluso's family was staying there.  (looked under beds?  Yep, Allison's been doing her homework on Casey Anthony--you have to give her that!)

I take serious offense to Todd Macaluso's assumption of the level of my intelligence--as well as that of every  person in the world following this case.  Allison Ash was granted an interview and allowed inside his home,  but her cameras were NOT.   

The fact  Ms. Ash did not "see" any personal items that could have belonged to Casey, nor Casey Anthony herself is NOT a bombshell to me. Casey Anthony was in a county jail for the majority of the last THREE YEARS. 

Did Casey suddenly acquire such an extensive wardrobe and massive personal effects that her belongings could not possibly be moved upon short notice for an interview? 
An interview that Macaluso himself arranged.   PUH-LEASE

Casey is living out of a suitcase--a step up from duffel bag--just as she did  for the last year of her life before jail.  Living on the fly is nothing new to Casey Anthony.

Did Ms. Ash really expect to go inside Macaluso's home and just happen upon  Casey sunning by the Infinity pool with Corona in hand?  Perhaps. 
Is Ms. Ash shocked she didn't find Casey? I think not.  

This is the same "smoke and mirrors" act this defense team has been pulling all along.  This act  titled "See, No Casey" translates simply to "SEE, No Casey!" 
In addition, (and just for fun) if you say it over and over enough, you may just believe it yourself. 'If you don't SEE Casey, and you don't SEE Casey's belongings,  then Casey is NOT  here.'   
Casey probably came up with the entire sham.  She's great at lying and hiding, remember? 

Truth is Macaluso thinks everyone will  believe Casey is not in the sprawling mansion and move on to the next act of this farce.  Todd Mac wants to be in the media just as much, if not more, than Casey. in fact, Macaluso may also be in the best position (over Baez) to field the million dollar offers  for Casey.  
Macaluso is geographically correct, morally corrupt, and in just enough financial disaster to keep his Meal Ticket Casey Anthony around for awhile. 

Macaluso allowed the rare visit after several national news outlets, including HLN, reported that neighbors saw Anthony on Macaluso's property escorted by two bodyguards.

"Well, you can't see my property from my neighbor's property and it’s just not true," said Macaluso. "It's more media hype. Casey Anthony hasn't been to my home and would never be in my home."

Macaluso's private plane was seen taking off from Orlando Executive Airport after Anthony's release from jail last month, which sparked discussion about whether she was on board and whether Macaluso would hide her on his isolated property north of San Diego.

"I'll tell you one thing, it's an easy place to hide," said Rancho Santa Fe resident Nancy Chandler. "All the places are big… Nobody can see what's going on in the next residence, so there's a lot of privacy."

Macaluso has insisted all along that he would not let Anthony stay in his home because the safety of his family could be put at risk.

"This case is over," he said. "We all need to move on."

Macaluso said television crews have been trying to sneak onto his property. While Ash was inside his house on Tuesday, he called police to remove a local TV crew from the private drive just outside his gates.

"We just ask the media to show respect and privacy because this is where we live, and no, it's not a playing field, it's our home," he said. "If you want to see us in court, go to court."

10News has also learned Macaluso is in a foreclosure battle with the bank that holds the title to his home. When asked about it, Macaluso assured 10News he is not moving out and Anthony is not moving in.

article/video: 10News San Diego

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