We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Casey Anthony: Today Show Clip--Baez and Kenney-Baden Comapre Casey Anthony Case to "The Fugitive"

Baez and Kenney-Baden Appear on the Today Show; Compare Casey to "Bin-Laden"; Baez to "Modern Day Hitler"

(video below)

In an interview with Today show's Meredith Vieria, Jose Baez and Linda Kenney-Baden compare Casey Anthony to "Dr. Sam Sheppard" from the TV show turned movie, "The Fugitive", as well as referencing Casey to Osama Bin Laden. The Defense-Duo also claim prosecution in the case is comparing Jose Baez to a modern day "Hitler". Kenney-Baden had to go back 50 years to even find a case that "resembles this case".

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? How about Susan Smith? Andrea Yates? Oh, I don't know, Scott Peterson? Actually, I do not believe there is anyone you can compare Casey Anthony to, because I have never in my life heard of a person waiting 30 days to report their child missing, have the audacity to tell lie after lie, and lie about lying, and possess the insensitivity to prevent her daughter's remains from being found for almost seven months, and even then, the finding was "happenstance".

Amanda, I feel a rant coming on..Give me a little bit to get it all down.. heh

But for now, I can only ask, why in the hell are these two "Bozos'" peddling interviews on national television? Trying to sell Caylee pictures? Didn't see any. Why are they not behind closed doors day and night trying to figure out some type of defense, if there is any at all, for their client? I am in no way, shape, or form, defending this monster, but the hard truth is she is entitled to a defense.

What really boils my blood is that these two clowns have the audacity to even let this shit spew from their mouth. A precious, beautiful little girl was murdered at the hands of her mother. Was I there? NO. However, I feel I am intelligent and educated enough to read the conclusions from the testing that has been released thus far and form my opinion that the only person who is responsible for Caylee's murder is her mother, Casey Anthony. Hell, it doesn't take a college graduate to understand that Casey is the most logical person that commited the crime. The scientific evidence points to it.

Merideth's comment to Baez, "Who's your 'one-arm man'?", referring to the Sam Sheppard case. Baez looked dumbfounded at the question.
And I loved Linda Kenney-Baden's remark as to how they will show that in fact, the prosecution and LE's testing may not have even been performed, and that the testing is not "science at all". The legal department at the "Body Farm" should be filing defamation against Kenney-Baden at this moment for that remark.

I wish I had kept taping this morning. After the interview of Baez and Kenney-Baden, and right after commercial break, Miss Piggy was in "make-up" for her appearance on the show. Funny the resemblance. At first glance, I thought it was Linda Kenney-Baden..

From NBCs Today Show:


Michelle said...

Couldn't watch it! Thanks for the report though. I'd have thrown the remote through the big screen T.V., and then my hubby would be MAD!

spoiledmom said...


I hear you! Exact same here. There have been many days watching this case that I have wanted to do that, the only thing preventing me, like you, is that I do not want to replace the big screen...LOL

Thank goodness for the laptop w/tv tuner and recorder LOL

Watch it on your computer...you have to see it!!

Pure disbelief is all I can say.

thanks for commenting! :)

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