We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: Guest Blogger's Spin: "Casey and The Fugitive"

I promised you a Guest Blogger, and she is here! She is "Annals". Those from the chat will recognize her, and know she puts her heart and mind into this case each day. She has a sharp ear for catching even the most subtle of inconsistencies in the audios and videos of the case as well as a very discerning way of seeing things, which I love. I hope you enjoy the post, as much as I do! (and hope she continues to write more.)

Hello everyone, I am Annals, your Guest Blogger for today.

SpoiledMom has asked me to guest blog on occasion for her blog, and I am pleased to do it.

I was going to write a posting on how surprising it was to me that Casey Anthony's attorney's outlined their defense strategy in an interview this past week. I was going to tell you why the timing of this interview was so curious to me and what might have influenced them to do this now.

Then, I listened to the interview again, and now, I can't write that post.

Casey Anthony's attorney's, Jose Baez and Linda-Kenney Baden, appeared on the Today show this past Friday. The beginning of the interview was both startling and exciting to me. In making comparison to Casey, the attorney's were talking about the Sam Shepherd murder case, which was so dear to me in my childhood through "The Fugitive" television show. In speaking of Sam Sheppard, Kenney-Baden was saying That the person who seemed to be so guilty; that locals had made the person so guilty; he was so hated; turns out, he was innocent.

In the beginning, I thought Kenney-Baden was saying that Casey is like Sam Shepherd, and like Sam, Casey would be proved innocent in the end because someone else did it. In Sam Sheppard's case, he claimed a one armed man killed his wife. Law enforcement was quick to arrest Sheppard, he then became a fugitive, fighting to prove his innocence, which in the end, it was proven.

I had to listen to the interview several times to pin down just what Jose Baez and Linda Kenney-Baden were actually taking responsibility for saying.

Meredith Vieria pointed out an implied correlation between the two cases, the same correlation I had made. We only knew Sam Sheppard to be innocent, when eventually, it was proven, indeed, another person had killed his wife. Kenney-Baden, who has a background in forensic defense, stated it is her role to show what the science shows, but more importantly, what it doesn't show.

Were they then stating that they will show that someone else killed Caylee? Also in this interview, Baez states, "He wants to scream it from the mountain top", that someone else committed this crime, but that was not in the best interest of his client right now. Baez and Kenny-Baden both firmly stated that they will not reveal their defense strategy until the trial.

And so, Casey's defense did NOT reveal any defense strategies in their Today show interview. Except to say, that if Kenney-Baden is on a defense team, her role is to reveal what the evidence does not show. And, the only correlation of Sam Sheppard to Casey Anthony-that Baez and Kenney-Baden are willing to admit to, at this time, is...Casey is just as hated as Sheppard was, and both were "made guilty" by the locals.

Wow, and here I was thinking that they were saying someone else killed Caylee.

written and submitted by "Annals"

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