We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caylee Memorial: Was Lee Anthony Sending a Coded Message to Casey?

The Memorial for Caylee Anthony was beautiful and moving. It was far more than my expectations. The music was brilliantly performed and the sermons fitting for the day. I was very impressed with George Anthony and his appearance. He seemed sure of himself, yet very solemn, as is to be expected.

Then there was Lee Anthony. He approached the podium with laptop in hand. More than caught my eye. For what Lee had to say, did not have to be written down. It could have been memorized. George did not seem to use notes, neither did Cindy, they spoke from their heart.

Lee, however, never mentioned Caylee's name. Not one time. All he kept repeating was "CMA". "CMA", then kissed a bracelet on his wrist. Lee spoke of how long it had been "since he last saw you"; and how "he wished he could hug you". Lee then added, "I will keep the promise I made to you". Lee said it was difficult for him to be the pillar of strength for the family. He repeated "CMA" a few more times and was finished. Not a very poignant speech in my opinion. Not touching, no memories of he and his little niece that he so cherished. He finished and placed his laptop on a table behind the podium while George began to speak.

To which "CMA" was Lee referring? Caylee Marie Anthony, or Casey Marie Anthony?

According to sources at the jail, Casey did not request to watch the memorial. Instead, she opted for a visit from good 'ol Jose Baez. A little defense strategy party? Or was she secretly watching the memorial via live stream from Baez's laptop? Speculation is already starting to fly.

The clip of Lee speaking at Caylee's Memorial Part 3 (around 4:20 minutes)


Michelle said...

That CMA junk was beyond bizarre in my humble opinion!

When he was speaking I really thought he was speaking to Casey, but I guess we'll never know!

Bobbie said...

He was using the laptop's camera to look right at Casey, in jail watching from Baez' laptop. They are all so sickening and weird and snarky and disgusting ... I am sickened once again by their turning CAYLEE's memorial into a Casey thing. One thing I know for sure ... once the case is all over, the Anthony's will forever be labeled as dung, and deservedly so.

Anonymous said...

So true, Bobbie. And Baez is as bad as they are. I've heard that web access is strictly forbidden in that jail so I'm guessing Baez had a web access card that he was using -- against jail policy. Casey did state, once before to her parents during a jailhouse visit, that she watched one of Nancy Grace's shows or maybe it was a media event she watched, on Baez' laptop. She stated that both her and Baez got a laugh out of the media frenzy. Yeah, sure, some joke, isn't it? Murder your toddler and then get a laugh out of it with your freaking attorney. And today I heard that he has hired a well-known PR person and fired that Black character. Apparently, this new person is very good and has worked on very high-profile cases. My question is how many and for what price is she selling her daughter's pictures to pay for all of this? I can't believe that every single one of these people/firms are doing it for the good of Casey. I have heard that if she is acquitted, they then have the right to write about this case and profit from it. However, if she loses, they can't. Again, I am so worried that between this sick defense attorney, sick Casey and her sick family, they are going to get that one juror that will hold out and cause a hung jury. Then, it's back to the drawing board for the prosecution.


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