We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, February 26, 2009



UPDATE: 2.26.09 10:45pm CST
There was a new tip and a new hunt in Thursday's search for Haleigh Cummings; however, no new answers came from either.
Haleigh, 5, has been missing for 17 days.
On Thursday morning, several teams of dogs specially trained to find human remains began searching in the area around the Putnam County mobile home park where Haleigh disappeared on Feb. 10.
Nine Putnam County deputies and seven canine teams, some from a non-law-enforcement group called Canine South, were searching "to ensure that no possibility is overlooked in the search for Haleigh."
Late in the afternoon, investigators converged on the neighborhood to search a dumpster where cadaver dogs picked up scent. However, after about six hours of scouring through the dumpster police said they found nothing that could be linked to missing Haleigh.
Investigators said three cadaver dogs noticed a scent in the same spot. The dogs and others had been combing the area as part of routine search.
"It could be various items, and may not necessarily be something related to the case," said Brian Selzer, of Canine Search and Rescue as investigators searched through the plastic bags found in the dumpster.
Selzer explained that the dogs brought to Satsuma on Thursday have been trained to alert only on the scent of human decomposition, not meat or dead animals. He said the dogs could hit on a something a small as a bandage used to cover a person's bloody cut.
Detectives went through the large dumpster by hand, and then a backhoe was brought in to go through some excess debris at the bottom of the container.
After going through every square inch of the dumpster, they gave up the search.
"There's several anomalies that can cause a K-9 to hit. We don’t know what's in the mind of the dog. The dog did what's it trained to do. We did what we have to do afterward, which is to search. Everything comes done to the human search, and we found nothing of consequence," said Putnam Sheriff's Office Major Gary Bowling. "We don’t know why the dog hit, but there's nothing there that indicates that we need to search any further."
Investigators said they did search around the same dumpster days ago, shortly after Haleigh's disappearance, but found nothing. Investigators said they never went into the dumpster until Thursday evening.
According to investigators, all of the garbage in the area in the days following Haleigh's disappearance was taken to a special part of the county's landfill and gone through piece by piece. They said there was no sign of anything relating to the disappearance of Haleigh.
The cadaver dogs are expected to return to the area on Friday to continue to search the area for clues.

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