We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Missing Hayleigh Cummings, 5-year old Florida Girl

Amber Alert for Missing Haleigh Cummings from Satsuma, Florida,in Putnam County.

An Amber Alert has been issued for a missing girls who was last seen in her bedroom early Tuesday morning.

Updates are at bottom of posting

The father of the missing Florida girl made a 911 call when he came home from work at 3:30 am to find his daughter missing. Supposedly the back door was propped open by a cinder block on the floor.

While talking to a 911 operator, the father said that if he finds who abducted his daughter before officials do, he will kill them.

Haleigh Cummings was last seen wearing pajamas, consisting of a pink t-shirt.

Haleigh is a five year old white female with dark blond/light brown hair and brown eyes.

She weighs 39 pounds and is three feet tall.

She is a resident of Satsuma, Florida - Putnam county.

Anyone having information is asked to call 1-888-FL MISSING.

Following is the transcript from MSNBC of the 911 call. Apparently the father's girlfriend was initially talking to the 911 operator. She reportedly discovered the girl missing right before the father came home.


Caller:I just woke up and my back door was all open, and I can't find my daughter.
Operator:Can't find what?
Caller:My daughter.
Operator:OK. When did you last see her?
Caller:We just like, you know, it was about 10 o'clock. She was sleeping
Operator:OK. How old is your daughter?
Caller:She's 5.
Operator:OK. What was she last seen wearing, Ma'am?
Caller:She was in her pajamas. She was sleeping.
Operator:OK. Alright, you said your back door was wide open?
Caller:Yes, with a brick. Like, there was a brick on the floor. Like, when I went to sleep, the door was not like that.
Operator:OK. Was your back door locked? Do you know?
Caller:Yes. That door always stays locked.
Father:I just got home from work. My 5-year-old daughter is gone. I need someone to be here now. I'm telling you, if I find whoever has my daughter before you all do, I'm killing him. I don't care. I'll spend the rest of my life in prison.
Operator:It's OK sir. We got them on the way

Hayleigh's father, Ron, reports that his girlfriend, Misty, met him in the driveway when he arrived home from work around 3:27 Tuesday morning. Misty had put Hayleigh and her brother to bed around 8pm Monday night. Misty reports she went to bed between 10pm and 11pm. Misty then went to the restroom around 2am and 3am. It was not until she returned to bed that she noticed that Hayleigh was missing. Both children and Misty had slept in the same bed that night.

Update Feb 11:
A press conference was just held with officials investigating the disappearance of Haleigh.

Officers are considering that this could be an abduction or that the girl wandered off.

When they were asked if any family members were suspects, an officer said that it is "not safe to say that family members are not suspects." He went on to say that everyone is a suspect right now as no one has been ruled out.

Officers have dogs on the scene as well as divers and helicopters. It was said that they have a large investigative team on the case.

It was said that all family members as well as friends are being cooperative.

Officers have many leads that they are considering. They have asked that if anyone has a lead that they call them at 386-329-0809.


Update Feb 12:
It was reported on MSNBC that officials are now treating Haleigh's disappearance as an abduction.

It was reported that Haleigh was sleeping in the same bed as Haleigh's father's girlfriend when she was abducted. It is being questioned how she could have slept through such a thing.

Officers said that there is no evidence of forced entry.

Police investigators in conjunction with the FBI are questioning the 44 known sex offenders that live within 5 miles of Haleigh's home.

Officer's are setting up a polygraph though they didn't say specifically to whom it would be administered.

They have received many leads... so many that they had to bring in additional staff to help handle the calls. Unfortunately, none of the leads are solid.

Officers say that family members and friends continue to be cooperative.


Update Feb 12 - 10:45 am EST:
Sheriff Jeff Hardy said in a news conference moments ago that evidence has been gathered in the case of Haleigh. He would not comment on what was included in the evidence. He said that the evidence is at a lab being analyzed.

Both Mr. Cummings and his girlfriend, Misty both volunteered to polygraphs. Mr. Cummings passed his polygraph "with flying colors".

Haleigh's father's girlfriend, Misty, has undergone a polygraph test as well. Hardy said he would not reveal the results of the test.

They have a dive team now involved in the case.

Hardy restated that the family has been extremely cooperative. He also said that the community has been extraordinary in helping organize and participating in voluntary search parties. They have also been opening their homes to investigators and provide them food and drinks.

text ©'09 SpoiledMom; 911 transcript courtesy MSNBC


annals said...

What is the deal with parents having the little kids in bed with their lovers?! Is this the new norm or is it just an indicator of which kids will go missing?

SpoiledMom said...

must be the "new norm"... 17 years old? a child herself...

Anonymous said...

If you have ever watched the show Lie to Me...you can tell that the step-mother and father are lying....when they talk about the missing child...they have NO stress in their foreheads which means they are lying....watch the tape with the Grandmother...her forehead shows how much grief she is feeling....the father and step mother's faces do not match their words.....they did it!

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