We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Caylee Anthony Memorial: Leonard Padilla Not Allowed to Attend

Leonard Padilla Announces He "Is On Cindy's List" -- Not Allowed to Attend Memorial For Caylee..

On Tuesday, February 10, 2009, The First Baptist Church of Orlando, is expected to be at full seating capacity of 5,000 for the Public Memorial of Caylee Anthony. It is anticipated that mourners from Orlando, from all parts of Florida and from cities across the country will gather at the church as early as Midnight Tuesday morning, if not earlier, to ensure a seat at the church.

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Security will be tight at the church. Mourners are subject to search and metal detectors. No purses, bags, backpacks, cell phones, cameras, video cameras, and basically any type of technological device with recording capability will be banned from and/or confiscated upon entry to the church. It is also reported that Cindy has "a list" containing names of persons not to be allowed into the memorial. One person on that list, Mr. Leonard Padilla. Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter from California, who in the beginning, the public did not hold in high regards stemming from his posting Casey's bond, setting her free from her almost 30 days in jail. Padilla had mission, though, he thought he could get Casey to break and offer up the remains of her daughter, or at very least, put Padilla and his expert team of bounty hunters, on the "right track" to find Caylee. Padilla was criticized, mocked, and laughed at. He and his black cowboy hat were on all the news shows. Then, Padilla arrived in Orlando and Casey was free on bond, posted by Padilla's nephew, and partner. As the media had hoped, Padilla's plan, unfortunately, backfired in his face. But don't blame Padilla. He was acting in the best interest of Caylee, not Casey. Now, how does Cindy repay him? By black-listing him from the Memorial.

I have witnessed this burly man shed tears and have heard his voice crack when speaking about Caylee. I have also heard the anger in his voice when speaking of Casey, Cindy and the entire Anthony family. The same family in which he spent the weeks following Casey's release on bond that he helped arrange and pay for. Again, Cindy thanks him by not allowing him to attend the Memorial for the beautiful little girl he worked so diligently to find.

Thankfully, during another round of arrests against Casey, Leonard Padilla and his team were able to revoke Casey's bond, which ensured she stayed behind bars. Eventually, after a brief stint on bond a second time, she was indicted by a grand jury on first degree murder charges of her daughter Caylee.

In my opinion, Leonard can say what many can not say. He tried his damnest. He assisted this family to the best of his abilities, utilizing every resource available to him, and he did it all in the name of Caylee Anthony. He put forth more effort in the search for this precious girl than the grandparents, and especially Casey did at any time.
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We have learned through the family attorney, Brad Conway, that neither Caylee's remains, nor a casket, will be at the Memorial. However, Cindy has chosen a song, according to Cindy through Conway, that "will absolutely break our hearts".

I hope Cindy has checked her copyright laws regarding that song. Being that the memorial will be broadcast over the internet and local TV stations in Orlando, she will need to credit the writer, performer, and label unless Cindy is singing it herself...

video courtesy: WFTV Orlando

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destilando cafe said...

IMHO, that whole family is nuts. Caylee was spared a life of abuse and growing up to be yet another teenage mom. There are plenty more.

Remember Caylee

Song: "Mad World" Gary Jules "I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.. It's a mad, mad world.." Video courtesy Sean Krause '08 Sleep Well Friend, Justice for Caylee has finally begun ~SM 6.23.11

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