We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Search: Geraldo at Large Saturday 2.21.09 episode

Geraldo Rivera visits Satusuma, Florida for exclusive interviews with both Crystal Sheffield, and Ronald Cummings, mother and father of missing Haleigh Cummings.

Geraldo uncovers damning allegations, mainly from Haleigh Cummings' mother's side of the family. Worth a watch.
(video below)

In an exclusive interview, Geraldo Rivera obtains allegations of verbal and physical abuse against Crystal Sheffield, mother of Haleigh, as well as Haleigh, herself, at the hands of Ronald Cummings, Haleigh's father. A photo of Haleigh is shown, where she appears to have scratches and bruises on her face. Haleigh's school states that she received the injuries as a result of a fall on the sidewalk at school. Haleigh's mother, Crystal and her family have a different theory. Also, accusations of drug use and a darker side to Ronald Cummings and his family are made.

Even though Ronald Cummings has custody of the children allegedly due to Crystal's drug use, it is Crystal's family that is throwing accusations at Ronald's drug abuse; selling and distributing drugs, and even allegations of being a drug informant. A very shady life for two small children to live in. With that said, someone in the system found it, at the time, the best interest of the children were to be with Ronald Cummings.

These are allegations and have not been proven. Ronald Cummings does have prior drug charges against him, as well as Crystal Sheffield. There is also something to be said for Ronald's choice in dating and living with a seventeen year old girl and having her act as caretaker of his minor children in his absence, while she is a minor herself.

Who is lying, who is telling the truth? Only they themselves know for now.

Although Haleigh does have Turner Syndrome, her school has stated, according to Geraldo, that Haleigh has missed 22 unexcused days of school. Out of 150 days there are 22 unexcused; 9 excused and 6 tardies.

If the school knows of her illness, and she is under a doctor's care, these absences should be excused, if they are related to the illness and the parent is providing correct physician documentation.

I am still concerned why there is not more being said regarding Haleigh's Turner Syndrome during the parent's pleas for her return. Haleigh needs medication each day. Are these parents not concerned with this, or did the abductor just happen to take the medication along with Haleigh and know the medication schedule?

Look for posts in the upcoming days concerning this case, as well as the Caylee Anthony case.

I want to personally thank each and every email (and the comments)of well wishes I have received during my absence related to my chemo. Thank you, Stacia, for holding the blog down. You did a great job, sister. Love to you.

Thank you readers, for your continued support. I will be back up to full posting in a few days....(and I have some rants in the works, as well, Amanda..heh)
Geraldo At Large 2.21.09

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

Who's Who In Haleigh Cummings' Case:

Haleigh Ann Maire Cummings: 5 year old girl missing since 2/10/09 from Satsuma, Fl

"Junior" Ronald Cummings, Jr.: Son of Ronald Cummings and Crystal Sheffield

Crystal Sheffield: Haleigh Cumming's Mother

Ronald Cummings: Haleigh Cummings' Father

Misty Croslin: Ronald Cumming's 17 year old girlfriend last to see Haleigh (also see Joe Overstreet and Jeremy Miller)

Teresa Neves: Ronald Cummings Mother

Lisa Croslin: Mother of Misty Croslin -- does not appear on camera or give interviews

Marie Griffis: Crystal Sheffield's Mother (also mother (step?) of Chad Griffis-Crystal's fiance)
Chad Griffis : Fiance of Crystal Sheffield

Marcus : Brother of Crystal Sheffield

Connie: Step Grandmother of Haleigh and Junior

Candace: cousin of Crystal Sheffield; claims to have witnessed abuse of Haleigh at the hands of Ronald Cummings.

"Teresa": Staying with Sheffield family at tent home. Resides in Florida and appeared at the crime scene when word of missing Haleigh broke. Has been at the Sheffield camp since day one. Not related to family.

Joe Overstreet-Misty Croslin's cousin from Tennessee--missing "alledged sexual offender"; last seen at home of Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin. Also of interest: is being reported that he at one time molested Misty Croslin.

Jeremy Miller: convicted 2006 of lewd and lascivious battery on a minor. Misty's name is not listed in the reports (perhaps due to juvenile (under 18 law)..but Lisa Croslin, Misty's mother, filed for an order of protection against Jeremy Miller, and signed a petition for testimony to be given by Misty Croslin concerning Jeremy Miller and these charges. Incarcerated at this time.

video courtesy: Geraldo at Large: Fox News

text: © '09 SpoiledMom

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