We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Casey Anthony "Anything But Clothes" Doll Sold On Ebay

The Casey Anthony "Barbie"... Shows More Emotion and Beauty Than The Real Casey Anthony

A disgrace to the American Flag.

Casey Anthony: Disgrace to Mothers and Motherhood

A "Casey Anthony" doll wrapped in an America flag is being sold on the auction site eBay.
The doll is the latest in a series of items people have tried to sell related to the case.

What a concept. Can you imagine all the possibilities that sick individuals can have with this? "Killer Mom Casey Doll" complete with Sunfire Car with empty pizza box and "rotten" smell. Can you see it? Casey Barbie shopping at Target on Best Friend "Amy's" stolen checks? What fun for the kids. I could go on and on... but I choose not. I can only imagine that some sicko is already out there planning out more morbid scenarios that my mind does not want to visit.

Earlier this year, a Jacksonville company marketed a Caylee doll. That venture turned out unsuccessful after enough people and criticism caused the company to pull the doll from the market. During the same time, someone was trying to sell Casey Anthony voodoo dolls on eBay.

Here is a link to the flag-wrapped doll.

In regard to the "repainting" of this doll's face, I do have to admit, this "Casey" has more emotion and beauty than that of the real Casey Anthony.

Casey's decision to wear an American Flag for the "Anything But Clothes" party shows that she is either quite creative, or quite mental. I choose the latter. However, most murders are creative and mental, some, actually have high I.Q's. Casey's choice to wear the American Flag was a disgrace in my opinion, as Casey, herself, is a disgrace to mothers and motherhood.

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