We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baez Lashes Out At Prosectors/Sheriff's Office Grows Anxious

Baez lashes out at investigators

On Wednesday Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez released the following statement regarding the crime scene:

“The Casey Anthony Defense Team has made numerous attempts to preserve the evidence in and around the location where the human remains of what appear to be a small child were found."

Law enforcement has been repeatedly asked to allow reasonable access by medical and scientific experts for the defense, including requests for photographs, and assistance with maintaining a secure examination scene prior to any media or general public access.

"Every effort by The Baez Law Firm to establish a level of basic cooperation and professional courtesy have all been rejected by the government. This lack of cooperation has complicated how to proceed."

Now that the scene more resembles that of an excavation site as opposed to an examinable crime scene -- attorney Jose Baez has been advised that without properly detailed photographs and all related material and documentation, the various experts on the Casey Anthony Defense Team will simply not be able to thoroughly examine the site.

"Unfortunately this matter has already become a Media Circus and something The Baez Law Firm will not contribute to, by just making a show of going to the excavation site without good reason. The Casey Anthony Defense Team is being prevented from examining the site unless and until all photographs, schematic sketches and related material and documentation are released to the defense through the discovery process.”

Law Enforcement Grows Anxious Pending Release of Crime Scene

Police have concerns about what will happen next because it is an area where people live and kids go to school.
Nieves says deputies will be out at the scene to keep watch at least for a few days.“Once this scene is released, we will maintain proper order," Nieves said.
"The Orange County Sheriff’s Office will continue to restore order. We expect everyone to act accordingly.”

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