We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lee Anthony's Blogs, Just When You Thought Gift Giving Was Over

A little more research and poof it appears.......

Some of Lee Anthony's old MySpace blogs have resurfaced. (oh how sweet)

I provide you, for your enjoyment, all tied up in a bow, and also, to replace that gift that just didn't do it for you.....

"Lee Anthony's MySpace Blogs" with more juicy gossip at the end.
Thursday, January 18, 2007

Waves of Change
Current mood: grateful
Category: Life
As each new wave comes crashing onto shore the tide pulls another one back. Constantly reshaping, but never faltering. Never is one wave given enough time to linger, to hold onto the shore for more than the tide will allow it. Tides of change can be unforgiving, but they are necessary. My tides of change have yielded a wide range of emotion and experiences. Some too hard to let go, and some that I can finally say I am glad to have been washed away. Sometimes the water can start out so warm and inviting, yet in the end of it all, it can prove to be cold and sickening. I'm encouraged by the skyline I see before me. I'm intrigued by the stars aligned above me. As I lay here and stare I think of all the good things now, and not the harsh memories of soured experiences. Indeed I've finally been able to let go of some of the burdens and misfortunes that seemed to plague my life recently. I've learned that you cannot let other things in this world plague your existence. You must stand up and fight for what you believe in, even if everything around you makes it seem as if you will never be victorious. You need to fight because every day has a night, and every night yearns a new day. A new day to conquer your dreams and overcome any obstacle. But you choose to fight through the day, and carry yourself through the night. Tomorrow will indeed be another day, and when I get there I will not forsake it. I will not let it pass me by. Just as important, I will not forget what it took to get me to this day. Every day, and every night before this one. I've struggled, I've bled, I've cried, I've laughed, I've loved, I've failed, and I've triumphed. I've lived.

Today I recognize how I've lived, and I take another step towards living for today.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To All of You
Current mood: grateful
Category: Friends

You can't get it off of my face. I can't stop. It's been so long...I've missed smiling. I feel so good this evening. I feel as if everything is actually starting to settle in fully now. Ups, downs...hell who am I kidding...it seems as if lately all I've been getting were the downs. A good friend of mine said something to me this weekend that means a lot. I said something to the effect of 'what else could possibly go wrong for me right now.' He replied that everything is good with my family and nothing has happened to them. I didn't pay it any mind, but did acknowledge that would not be good. Well, what Brian said has sunk in. Maybe not the way he intended it, but it has truly touched a nerve. Over the past week or so I've had so many great discussions, or encounters, with what I will say to be the most amazing group of friends that anyone could ever ask for. Casey, Mom, Dad, Nathalie, Brian, Fred, Anthony, Michelle, Sandra, Audra, Jody, Michele, Mary, Emily, Jason, Avey, Tim, Chuck, Tina, Melany, Kelly, Sara, Foyil, Amanda, Emilee, Andres, Josh, Anne, Mallory, Tibby, Tasha, Taylor, Lora, Melissa, and countless others. If I missed you there, I apologize... Every effort on your part over the past week or so has had an amazing impact on my direction and where I'm at right now. In one way or another, as small as our exchange may have been...or as involved and in depth it may have been...I cannot thank you enough for showing how much you truly care about how I'm doing. Whether it's working through my relationship drama, offering shelter during my lodging drama, offering a reference, or hell, even a job during my employment drama...my god, just offering an ear for me to vent to. It means the world to me. Sometimes in life things happen as a wake up call. I think I'm getting mine. Hell, I'm tearing up writing this right now. Sometimes when you get too high on yourself, or think everything is great...you get knocked on your ass. I've been cocky, I've been arrogant. I've taken things, situations, and sometimes people for granted. The people that I mentioned above...my family...my god I'm crying now... Thank you. I needed this today. I needed this wake up call. But I needed to smile so much more. It feels so good to finally get something that makes me feel good and that makes me smile.
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

F**k You
Current mood: irate
Category: Romance and Relationships

Was I supposed to let it go? I hear a bunch of moans and groans out there amongst the people that care about me. Is he seriously gonna go there...again?!? You know, at this point, I may have a right to. It doesn't even come down to being the bigger person or letting the shit go. It's obvious that your life has been so twisted and torn from the beginning that you've been ed up beyond repair. Imagine it, you sane people in blog land, because this shit is just bouncing right off of her naive sense of self worth, imagine going through life clinging, every second, to anything, and god knows, f**king anything that will eve f**kn remotely acknowledge you. Imagine, feeling so worthless and helpless that when someone shows you an ounce of interest, you jump on it because you cannot fathom what true self respect or self worth is. Imagine, having a husband...separating from him...finding a boyfriend that cares for you endlessly...leave the boyfriend to go back to the husband as you come to find out you're carrying the boyfriend's child...lie to the husband that the child is his and proceed to get a divorce and cut all ties...neglect the relationship with the boyfriend because you "didn't know what to say to" him, and further sabotage it because you will only speak to him "now or never." Neglect the relationship to the point of having an abortion without the boyfriend knowing any of this was even going on...then, travel to Michigan to find the next husband to be...because, remember, anyone that will love you, must be worth it. Just throw it all away, for a different situation, not even a better one...unless better means less complex. Hahahaha. Are you serious? The perfect husband and son? The perfect family? Here's some news for you 'princess', the perfect family suggests the sums of all the parts to indeed be perfect as well. And though, I've only seen the pictures you've most whorishly portrayed (yeah, a little over the top on my comments, but f**k you), he could be a great guy after you get past the snaggle tooth and dorky appearance. Here it comes, the big come back, 'Oh, dorky? At least he doesn't love Star Wars.' Well you know what bitch? At least I don't live in Michigan, last I checked they were runner up to the best school in the nation...OSU. Again, cheap shot...nothing to do with anything. Here's the point. Ever since I met you all you could do is wonder and talk about what other people thought of you. It was amusing at first, something I remember going through in...oh...well...f**king high school?!?...yeah...well...as much sense as it makes now...I didn't put two and two together at that juncture...I suppose I was still enjoying the f**king sessions during Sunday football when my friends were in the living room...or the blow jobs on the couch... Anyways...again off topic? You'll have to excuse me, I'm not as centered or focused as you seem to be these days. I mean, my current situation with work, and my apt, and even past girls (eh hem) are well documented...but seeing as how you can go through a divorce, boyfriend, abortion, and engagement all in the matter of a month and a half and still say everything in the world is fabulous...hey, I suppose deep down I envy you. Hahahahaha, wait, holy shit...that didn't go over well did it? No one believed that one did they? OK, let's try this on for size. Not only do I not envy you, I dispise you. Everything you've said or done over the past few weeks have been nothing short than to lie and manipulate yourself into the life that you've been seeking. A life, apparently showen through your actions, of denial and 'stability' which you would describe as a husband and a place to call home. Hahaha. You're a moron and undeserving of anything righteous or respectable in this world. I hold your memory as bitter as I hold an encounter with a bum on the street. You say you're happy, you say it's the perfect life, the perfect family...well help the rest of the sane world and stay there. My prayer...my prayer was once to realize what was truly taken away from me. Now, it's to never be burdened with any form of compassion for your undeserving soul, ever again.

You want closure?
How's this for closure.
F**k you Tara.
I hope you freeze to death in michigan.
Too harsh? Yeah, well, bitch deserves it.

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"If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you . . . If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you." -John 15:18-20
Let's recall Mark Hawkins. Our Marine who at one time was in California. (to whom some of us suspected Casey was going to bolt to during the "give me one more day" plea to Cindy on the 911 tapes)

It appears that Mark Hawkins' ex is the "Tara" mentioned in one of the jail visitation videos between Cindy and Casey-when Cindy asked "Do you trust Tara" and Casey says "NO! She's a psycho!"

Mark Hawkins

According to Lee's blogs and other sources, apparently, Tara was pregnant by Lee and went back to Mark and told Mark the baby was his. She then got an abortion, never told Lee, divorced Mark, and is now in Michigan with yet another man, possibly her now husband. I have also read that Casey, before all of this, had an affair with Mark which resulted in Caylee.

You can't make this family's sh*t up .........my two cents

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