We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cindy and George Anthony: Evidence Accomplices?

George and Cindy Anthony

Are George and Cindy Anthony evidence accomplices? (link to video below)

The Anthony's 22 year old daughter, Casey, sits without bond in an Orlando jail, on first degree murder charges related to the death of her daughter, and the Anthony's granddaughter, Caylee Anthony.

After three search warrants since remains of their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, were found, some top lawyers are speculative that these grandparents may soon be facing charges themselves.

Resulting from an email hacking of the Anthony's computer over Thanksgiving weekend, an email surfaced raising eyebrows at the grandmother, Cindy. The email led to suspicion of obstruction after the contents referred to a hairbrush that authorities obtained from Cindy. The email, sent to Cindy's then spokesperson, Larry Garrison, stated that she gave authorities a brush that was not dedicated only to Caylee.

According to Cindy Anthony in a previous interview, she stated that she grabbed the "first brush she came to", when law enforcement requested a hairbrush containing known DNA evidence, such as hair. Cindy did not turn over Caylee's personal hairbrush. It was a brush "known to have been used on Caylee at times", and "Casey also used the hairbrush on her hair as well".

What has come to be known now as "Hairbrush-gate", is just one of many inconsistencies in the grandparents' role in the case. Many "mis-truths", as Cindy calls them, have been made by both George and Cindy. First, from the 911 tapes, Cindy describes the smell of death in Casey's car, then waves it off as "rotting pizza". George also states to FBI investigators that he knew the smell was that of decomposition. However, in media interviews and as of their last interview on Larry King: Live, the night before the remains find, George states the smell was due to "as Cindy says, pizza..", and that of garbage and food rotting in Florida 90 degree heat. Then Anthony's had to be subpoenaed to give DNA evidence earlier in the case. Both George and Cindy, as well as their son, Lee, have declined polygraph tests.

Their daughter, Casey, was originally charged on felony child neglect and providing false statements to law enforcement. Cindy countered "lying is not against the law".

We shall see how far the apple falls from the tree.

Watch the video:
Evidence Accomplices

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