We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Updated min to min" *BREAKING NEWS* Remains to be Identified Momentarily (as of 7pm CST)


Clothing WAS found in the bag, as I have posted and contradictory to what LE has said. It is speculated to be a swimsuit and part of a dress. A complete, methodical search is being conducted without a time period to finish, to make sure that every bone and piece of evidence was found.

FaceBook posting to Amy Huizenga on May 26, 2008: You lost my duct tape I was so excited to have so much left. That's what I get for giving you my purse.

The search area was searched in early August and again in September and it was under water. The search was called off as to not disturb, if any, remains, that may be there.

Prosecution has been working off of one tooth at the FBI lab and at the forensics' lab.

LE is doing what they need to do and doing it slowly, thoroughly, and methodically to ensure that no stone goes unturned.

Anthony's are still under the impression that Zanny the Nanny did this. How in the hell could Zanny sneak into the Anthony home, steal a sheet, wrap the child in the sheet and put into a bag from the home and bury in a place known to Casey, a place where she buried her hamster, when she was younger.

Utility worker cannot claim reward money due to being on county payroll and is not allowed to receive gifts/funds, etc. Leonard Padilla is looking into a way around this to give the worker some reward money.

Pastor visited Casey at the jail for about 3 hours from about 9 am until about 12 noon.

The Anthony's agree that they have mis-statements (mis-truths) regarding the case, and are in the process of releasing a new statement. Their attorney is still planning on obtaining full immunity for the Anthony's.

This is private property where the remains were found and the owners have to also agree to have the defense team to enter the property. LE says they are doing everything as methodically as they can to gather every evidence that can be found. He also stated, as was stated in court yesterday, that the defense would be the first to call it shotty police work if the scene was cleared early and not thoroughly searched.

No LE press conference during Nancy Grace.

Keep tuned to your local news, if in Orlando.

For the remainder of us, check back here, or keep a watch on http://www.wesh.com/, http://www.wkmg.com/, http://www.myfoxorlando.com/, and http://www.cfn.com/, the local Orlando news stations. Or you can also keep a watch on www.cnn.com/live for upcoming LIVE press conferences 24/7.

This was a post update of pertinent information as it became available on Nancy Grace. Posting is not in its usual format due to updates. Post form wil not be changed.

Updates to follow.....

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