We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Casey Anthony: Theories Into Caylee Anthony's Paternity

This is a re-post from earlier this am. Call it a "who hit publish" edit......... :)

Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins; aka Charlie Brown, is shown as a "contact" on Casey's released cell phone records.

Casey had an affair with Mark, or at least a 'one night stand', around November 2004.
Nine months later, August 9, 2005, Caylee Marie Anthony is born.
Casey attempted to hide the pregnancy from her friends, George and Cindy, Lee, practically everyone. However, it was Casey's Uncle Rick Plesea, Cindy's brother, that noticed Casey at his wedding in June '05. Rick mentioned the pregnancy to Cindy and she denied it. This later came to light again in an eruption of emails between Cindy and Rick after Caylee's disappearance. Documentation Here

Hence, the possibility Mark Hawkins being Caylee's father.


Mark was married to "Tara"
According to Lee's blog entries:

"Tara" had an affair with Lee Anthony, became pregnant, and had an abortion. Tara broke off the affair with Lee to return to Mark in 12/2006.
(Documented in Lee's Blog Entries )

Mark Hawkins also had moving violations in Florida:

June 10, 2004- careless driving

Oct 21, 2004 - failure to pay toll

Nov 13, 2004 - failure to obey traffic control device

Orange County Court Clerk Records

Mark's court records proves he was in Florida during Caylee's conception. ( November 2004)
Caylee was born August 9, 2005.

Mark left to attend boot camp March 21, 2005.

Casey Anthony

Several variations on Casey's story of who Caylee's father is, ("He" being Caylee's father):

"He was in the military and died in Iraq".= Mark is a Marine, but clearly did not die in Iraq.

"He died in an auto accident on the way to Caylee's first birthday party."
"He died in an auto accident and left behind a wife and another child." (this seems closest to real theory, sans the death part)
"Caylee was the result of a one night stand." = possibly the only truth, (unless in Casey's mind, "one night stand" means the night she got pregnant or it was a term for the entire affair, we talking about Casey here)

Statements made by Casey:

Casey: when she said she talked to "Caylee's father's wife" - a widower- she was referring to Tara.

Casey when saying Caylee's father had a wife and another child-- 'the child' was Tara being pregnant with Lee's baby.
Cindy and/or Casey/Lee covered this all up..
. Lee Anthony

Other wild speculations are that Lee is the father. That is why he did not willingly submit to DNA samples, and had to be subpoenaed for them. Casey claims that Lee did make sexual advances toward her. However, when Casey told Cindy, Casey claims Cindy didn't believe her.
There is documentation of this in "Who's Who....."
This must have been the only time Cindy never believed Casey.
theories based on research.....and are my two cents


Michelle said...

Curiouser and curiouser!

I feel like Alice in wonderland...

spoiledmom said...



Michelle said...

I too am obsessed with this case. I just found your blog, and find it incredible. You've done lots of research.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

spoiledmom said...


Thank you for your comment and for visiting! Don't forget to bookmark my site or put into your Google or Yahoo Reader so you are sure to receive real time posts.

I try to get online for the "Pingbox" chat on the blog, at least once a day, time varies. Anytime you see that I am "Online" feel free to give me a shout.

Hope to chat with you soon.

I am also in the process of setting up a "thread" or a least a post for just comments from readers. When it is set up I will let every one know.

Thanks again for your interest!

Anonymous said...

Hi All - Very interesting, SpoiledMom. I kept wondering if Lee could be the father also especially when he wouldn't agree to a DNA test w/o being subpoenaed. As both you and Michelle said, who knows with Casey. If it isn't Lee, my bet is a one-night stand. And I'm willing to bet that Casey has had many such 'affairs.' Elly

spoiledmom said...


It is all so fascinating. The tragedy is the death of a small child is the center of this story. Excluding Caylee, the other events surrounding this case and the torrid, speculative, affairs, are better than any soap opera.
Caylee captured our hearts. I do not doubt that she was loved, but if she lived in all of this drama day in and day out, Casey should have let Cindy take her and raise her. Unfortunately, Casey is a "spiteful bitch" and only thinks of herself. She wanted to be the center of attention, now she has it, just the wrong kind. Actually, Caylee is the center of attention as far as I am concerned, Casey is just "Act 2". I hope she spends the rest of her days in prison. The irony in that is beyond belief.

Thanks for commenting, continue to do so! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so right, SpoiledMom, it is about Caylee. I remember reading somewhere that Casey would spend the night with a boyfriend and have Caylee in bed with them. Caylee would be on the one side, Casey in the middle and the boyfriend on the other side. In my world, that makes her a 'pig'. Sorry, but it just does. My biggest fear in this whole saga is that there will be that one hold-out on the jury panel and this 'bitch' will get off. On the Anthony's blog for Caylee, I have read some of the comments from people that sympathize with Casey. All it will take is for one of them to get on that jury. And from what I read, I believe on your blog, this 'dream team' of attorneys will only be able to profit from this case if she gets off. I don't think they are getting paid for it but will be able to write books, sell their story, etc., if she gets off. The fury that would cause will be equal to the OJ trial. Elly

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